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Where Did You Sleep Last Night Recap

The police secure Joshua's house after his murder, while Jillian and Tom look on. Later at home, she tells the investigating officers, Fraser and McPhillips, what happened. She claims that she just stopped by to say hello to her friend, and McPhillips points out that Jason was Tom's friend, not hers. Tom wonders if they suspect Jillian of anything, and Fraser figures that Jillian knows who the killer is. When Fraser points out that the killer didn't hurt Jillian, Tom says that they're done.

Jillian goes to the basement and finds her childhood sketch book of Jack. She then goes outside, and Ian approaches her and asks if she's okay. He suggests that they should get a neighborhood watch situation going after what happened to her, and says that he can't stand violence. Ian asks what the killer looked like, and when she says she didn't get a good look, suggests that she try lucid dreaming. Tom looks out the window, and Ian goes back to his house.

Several days later, Jason's friends and family attend his funeral. Jillian and Tom are among the mourners, and Jillian thinks that she sees someone watching from the trees. Back at the house, Tom looks at photos of him and Jason together. He then sits in the bath, and Jillian asks him if he believes in things that can't be explained. Tom says that he doesn't believe in the supernatural.

After the couple go to bed, Jillian remembers seeing Jack come out of her closet as a child. She wakes up in the morning and finds Anagi watching her. She gets dressed and drives to the home where she and her mother once lived. The woman living there, Ilda Sherman, greets her and remembers Jillian from 20 years ago. Jillian asks if she can look around, and Ilda is glad to let her look around. Ilda serves cookies and asks Jillian if Bill Hope the contractor is her father. The phone rings and Ilda goes to the next room answer the call from her daughter Pam. Once she's alone, Jillian walks up the stairs to her old room. She walks to the closet, but then Ilda calls to her and Jillian leaves.

Tom is in the park and gives Sarah's a baby boy a toy. Once he leaves, Sarah comes over, sees the toy, quickly takes it away, and then leaves with her child.

Jillian waits until Ilda takes her cat out for a mark, and then gets in using the spare key. She goes up to the bedroom and peels the wallpaper off the back of the closet. A child-sized blue door is there like the one in the basement, with a white handprint on it, and Jillian opens it. Inside is a human-shaped husk.

Later at home, Jillian and Tom have sex. Afterward, Tom assures Jillian that everything is going to be okay. He asks her why she went to Jason's house that night, but Jillian refuses to speak. Tom says that he doesn't know what to speak and walks out. As Jillian goes to the closet, Jack peers in through the door to the bathroom. Jillian hears something, looks over, screams, and runs to get Tom. He comes in with a kitchen knife and checks the bathroom, but no one is there. He glares at Jillian and walks out.

Jillian meets with Abel and says that her childhood character became real. She says that Jack came out of the door in the back of her closet, after her father left. Abel suggests that the figure feels more real to her when she's in distress, and Jillian is offended that he doesn't believe her. As Jillian snaps at him, the lights flicker and she walks out. Once she's gone, the lights steady.

Back at home, Jillian sees Ian outside and goes over to talk to him. She thanks him for being nice to her the other day and listening, and Ian asks if she tried lucid dreaming. Ian invites her in for coffee and talks about his studies. Jillian says that she has a lot going on in her head, and Ian asks if it has to do with the door. She tells him that the thing that came out of the basement killed Jason, and she thinks that she might have invited Jack in. jack appeared when she was a child and her family was going through a bad time. Ian suggests that Jack sounds like the Laughing Shadow, a guardian spirit who protects the person who summons him. Jillian admits that she was angry at Jason and then Jack killed him, and Ian asks if there's anyone else she might have gotten angry with. Jillian says that she needs to go see her therapist.

Jillian and Ian go to Abel's office, barge in, and find him with a patient. She asks if Abel is okay and then abruptly leaves.

Tom drives Vanessa Moss' home. She tells him that he crossed a boundary when he went to talk to Sarah. He asks Vanessa to talk to Sarah, and Vanessa says that she's trying to protect her family and it isn't her place to disrupt. Vanessa assures Tom that it's a safe place there and tells him to find and use the silence within him. Tom says that Sarah's child looks just like him, and Vanessa leads Tom to a room. They go in and Vanessa lights candles, tells him to find his silence, and leaves.

Vanessa goes back to her study, locks the door, and watches on the monitor as Tom strips naked. She licks her fingers and starts masturbating.

Jillian and Ian return that night and Ian suggests that they go to his house and finish their conversation. He says that he created a childhood guardian, Tall Boy, when he was a 4-year-old. Ian asks Jillian and Tom if they fight, and she says that it's part of being married. He wonders if it is, and then asks if she's an only child. He says that only children with unreliable fathers are more imaginative according to scientific studies, and Jillian figures that someone told him about Bill. Ian claims that he knew about Bill because he's still around, and Jillian tells Ian that she doesn't talk to Bill because he made his choice to leave. She talks about how Bill hid his two families from each other, and says that she should go home.

Tom removes his wedding ring and puts in a pair of earplugs. He goes into the next room, which has a large pool. Tom gets in and meditates in the water, floating.

At home, Jillian hears a call come in on Tom's laptop. It's from Sarah, and she tells him that she knows it was him at the park. She tells him to stay away from her and her family. The lights flicker as Jillian glares at the screen.

Vanessa makes tea and leaves the kitchen, unaware that Jack has grabbed a kitchen knife from the rack. In her office, Vanessa lights a joint and starts to watch Tom. She hears something moving in the house and goes out to investigate. The clown peers out of a door when Vanessa isn't looking, and then ducks back in. After a moment he comes back out, and Vanessa locks herself in her office and gets out a gun from her desk drawer. She goes back out and Jack walks down the hallway. Vanessa shoots him repeatedly, and he contorts backward and advances on her.

Jack enters the pool room where Tom is floating and looks down at him. Tom looks up and when Jack stabs at him, Tom dodges the blows and struggles with the clown. Jack grabs him and holds him under the water to drown him.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 28, 2018

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