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Love Hurts Recap

As Jack tries to drown him, Tom manages to slam the clown's head into the side of the pool and break his grip. He runs out the door and slips, and Jack grabs him and tries to stab him. The tip of the blade enters Tom's chest and he screams in pain. Vanessa is lying down the hallway, barely alive, and shoots Jack in the head. Tom runs into the house, while Jack gets back to h is feet and goes after his prey.

Tom finds his car keys and runs out to his car. He gets in and starts it, and drives out out but the clutch jams. Jack comes out and Tom manages to pull away just in time. A van h its him as he backs out into the street, and Jack staggers away as the van driver gets out to check on Tom.

Jillian is packing Tom's things when she hears the door open downstairs. She goes to investigate, and Ian comes in with Unagi. Jillian asks Ian to stay, and goes back to packing. She explains that the hospital called and said that Tom was in an accident, and she should bring his clothes. The police said that someone attacked Tom, and Jillian wonders if it was the same person who killed Jason.

Ian and Jillian go to the hospital, and Jillian tells Tom that Ian drove her. When Ian offers to stay, both Tom and Jillian say that it isn't necessary. Ian goes out in the hallway, hesitates, and then leaves.

Jillian talks to Tom about his floating meditation, and she asks why he didn't tell her he was going there. Tom admits that he should have and she asks why he felt to go there. Fraser and McPhillips come in and show Tom the video of Jack attacking him. McPhillips says that the killer was probably after Tom and wonders who else knew he was there. The detective says that the floating meditation was only advertised by word-of-mouth. Fraser points out that Vanessa's only phone contact was Sarah, and he claims that he did some work for her and Sarah might know Vanessa through that. Tom says that Jack's mask looks like the character that she drew as a child, and figures that if Jack is hiding there then he made himself up to look like her imaginary creation. The detectives why Jack tried to kill Tom but let Jillian live earlier.

The next morning, Jillian and Tom return home and Jillian says that he has to show Tom something. She says that Jack is her and takes Tom away... while Jack watches them through the window from the yard. Jack then walks through a neighbor's yard, collapses from his wounds, and crawls under the porch.

Jillian shows Tom her childhood sketch book and says that Jack was there to protect her from anything painful. She explains that she used to lie awake at night thinking of all the bad things that could happen to her family, and came up with Jack after Bill took her to the circus. When Bill left, that's when Jack became real, and walked out of a little door in the back of the closet like the door in their basement. The couple go down the stairs to the second door, and Jillian says that she eventually forgot about Jack. She brought the husk of Jack down to the room and shows it Tom. Tom figures that it was a maniac, but Jillian says that she felt an awful connection to Jack and it was comforting. Her husband wonders why Jack would want to kill him, and Jillian asks him to tell her about the kid.

Jack wakes up beneath the porch , regenerated.

Jillian says that she called Sarah and heard the baby crying in the background.

The neighbor girl watches as Jack walks off.

Tom tells Jillian that he was with Sarah until he got back together with Jillian, and he didn't find out until later that Sarah was pregnant. He explains that Sarah was married and she doesn't want her husband to know that the boy isn't his. Jillian is furious that Tom didn't tell her, and Tom says that he remembered how Bill cheated on her mother.

Jack walks through the woods to the Hodgson house.

Tom complains that Jillian always seizes on him for any his mistake, and she doesn't know how they fix it. Her husband suggests that they go away and Jillian wonders where he wants to go.

Jack walks out onto the street.

Jillian and Tom go to Abel's office and he says that he'll refer them to a trauma therapist that he knows as well as a marriage counselor. He then says imaginary friends feel real to the people who imagine them. Tom tells Abel that he kept a huge mistake from Jillian and wants to make it right, and Abel says that real love is two people showing their vulnerabilities to each other and asking the other person to cherish them. Jillian insists that Jack isn't an illusion, but Tom refuses to consider it. When she says that they're treating her like a kid, Abel starts discussing her childhood. The lights flicker and Jillian says that it's not good for any of them.

A door opens down the hall and Abel dismisses it as maintenance guys. He goes out to tell the person responsible to keep it down. Jillian insists that it's Jack, and Abel says that he's going to prove that it isn't. The doctor goes out into the hallway and then motions the Hodgsons to come out. A maintenance man is mopping the floor, but the same noise comes from Abel's office window. The shade opens and Jack climbs in, then lies on the floor. Abel goes over and tells him to leave, and Jack stands up and strangles Abel as Tom and Jillian look on.

The couple run out, and Ian pulls up and tells them to get in. Jack runs out after them and Ian drives away once the Hodgsons are inside. When they return, Ian lets them into their house and tells Jillian that she made Jack real. He says that she has a condition and he's just like her.

Inside, Ian tells the Hodgsons that the more Jillian resists, the greater the danger to everyone around her... particularly Tom. He tells Jillian to keep calm because her anger draws Jack, and explains that their fears and anxieties can become real. Ian suggests that Jack is Jillian's emotional defense system, and that Jillian was upset when Jack attacked Tom. Tom still figures that Jack is a maniac that saw her drawings. Ian figures that he and Jillian have tumors of a sort, and admits that he sought out Jillian when he could feel her. He says that Jillian can sense him as well but doesn't know it yet.

Jillian points out that Ian should have been honest with her from the beginning, and Ian apologizes, saying that he was afraid that he'd scare her off. She wonders how she kills Jack. Ian takes them to his bedroom and says that Jillian has to learn how to control Jack. He says that they can manifest other "tumors" as well but it takes something out of them, and ask them to name an animal. Tom says a werewolf, but Jillian suggests that he make another cat. Ian lies down on the bed and convulses as the lights flicker, and a door appears in the wall. He goes over and opens the door, and an actual breed, a "werewolf cat", comes out. Tom peers through the door and confirms that it's actually there, and Ian tells Jillian that she can control her power.

Back in the living room, Ian says that he can uncreate the door and eventually Jillian will learn to do that as well. He tells her that she has to be within a few hundred miles for Jack to work. If she left the country he would stand motionless and eventually fade away, and Jillian would manifest another tumor. Ian suggests that they trap Jack until Jillian can learn to control him.

They go to the Hodgson house and Jillian figures that Jack protects her from disloyalty and betrayal. Tom realizes that they intend to lure Jack to them by her expressing her feelings toward Tom. Tom doesn't want to discuss their marriage in front of Ian, but Ian says that they have to delve into the pain to summon Jack.

Jillian says that they got married too earlier, and Tom describes how he and Sarah met while he was married to Jilian. He saw her out on the lawn with her daughter and she looked good, and he knew the marriage wasn't good. Two days later, it just happened.

Jack marches up to the house.

Jillian's phone goes off and she ignores it, and Tom talks about how his son will never know who he is and he wants to be the boy's father but now another man will raise the boy.

Jack marches up the street.

Tom says that Jillian draws a border around herself and there's no room to include anyone else, even a child. He's afraid that deep down she's like Bill. Jillian says that she feels the same. Tom walks over to her and says that he loves her but she's fucked. He walks up the stairs, and Jack appears at the top.

Bill calls Jillian again. When she answers, he says that he needs to see her.

Jack runs past Tom and into the room. Jillian and Ian look at him, and Ian tells Jillian to stay calm to keep Jack calm. Jack performs his contortions for her and then stands back up, smiling at Jillian as she walks around him. Tom comes back down and watches as Jillian hugs Jack and he hugs her back.

Sarah knocks on the front door and Tom goes up to find her. She says that they need to talk.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 28, 2018

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