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Bizarre Love Triangle Recap

As a child, young Jillian makes pictures of Jack while sitting in front of her closet. Her mother comes in and Jillian says that she doesn't feel good. Her mother tells her to go to bed and turns off the light, and the girl gets under the covers. The lights flicker, and Jillian looks over to see the door in the back of her closet. She goes over and opens it, and then backs away and watches Jack roll out and take a bow. Jack performs for her and Jillian plays with him before he finally hugs her.


Jack and Jillian hug and then step away from each other. The clown lies down against the wall next to the husk of his former self, and Jillian and Ian quietly leave. Upstairs, Ian points out that Jillian tamed her emotions and has to stay calm from now on. He explains that he'd have to train Jillian to learn how to really control Jack, and then it would be safe to uncreate him. They see Tom and Sarah out on the front yard arguing, and the lights flicker as Jillian starts losing her temper.

Jack tries to get out of the basement, and Ian runs over and holds the door closed. Jillian manages to lock it, and Ian tells Jillian to calm down. She does so but they hear the basement window break and run out. Jack advances on Sarah and Tom and cuts Sarah's leg. Tom kicks Jack and runs off with Sarah, and Jack goes after them. They go off into the woods and Jillian watches them go with Jack in pursuit.

McPhillips and Fraser get the 911 call that Sarah made before she dropped her phone, and arrive at the house. They find the broken basement window, draw their guns, and move into the woods.

Jillian and Ian walk down the path and Ian says that he'll help her learn to control her power. They find a trail of white makeup leading off the path, and follow it.

Tom and Sarah run into a deserted community center and go to the basement. They argue about Tom's son, and Sarah insists that he isn't Tom's son. Tom tells her that he loves Jillian and would never cheat on her, and says that it's about Sarah shutting him out. Sarah says that she loves her family and that's why she's having another baby, and explains that she came to the house because she had the baby tested and confirmed that it's not Tom's child.

Jack enters the community center and goes to the basement, hunting for Tom and Sarah. They move through the shadows but knock over a weight, and Jack comes over. Tom tosses a ball to draw the clown away, and then the couple duck into a room. After Tom binds Sarah's wound, he tells her to wait there while he gets help. He sneaks out and gets out the door, and Jack runs at the door and slams into it. Tom barricades the stairs and runs out, and Jack finally gets through and goes after him. When he gets to the pool, Tom finds the other doors out locked. Jack comes in and tackles Tom into the pool.

Jillian and Ian run in and Jillian senses where Jack is.

Tom and Jack struggle in the water, and Jillian and Ian get to the balcony overlooking the pool. Ian tells Jillian to focus and has her concentrate on him and what he's saying. He has Jillian imagine sending her feelings to the palms of her hands. Jack grabs Tom and sinks to the bottom, dragging Tom with him. The lights flicker and Ian tells Jillian that she's holding Jack in her hands. He has her let go, and Jack lets go of Tom. Tom swims up and to the side while Jack floats inert in the water. Ian has Jillian clench her hands, crushing Jack in the process. She does so and Jack explodes.

Tom crawls out of the pool, and Sarah runs in and goes to him. Ian and Jillian collapse from the strain, and Ian tells her that they did it together. Jillian looks down at Tom as Sarah leads him away.

Later, Tom takes Sarah to the hospital. Jillian and Ian go with them, and Sarah asks Jillian to help adjust the tie on her hospital gown. She asks Ian and Tom to step out, and once they go Sarah tells Jillian that the boy isn't Tom's.

Out in the hall, Tom glares at Ian and then walks away.

Sarah says that Tom wanted the boy to be his, and Jillian points that Tom didn't tell her. As Jillian takes that in, Sarah says that Tom didn't love her and never did. She realizes that what matters to Jillian is that they lie, and says that they all lie but it doesn't mean that they don't love their partner. Sarah tells her that trust gets broken but they can rebuild it, and it's up to them whether they have it or not. Jillian wonders if she can.

Jillian goes up in the hallway and Ian says that Tom left. She says that she has to get out of there and asks Ian for a ride.

Tom brings coffee to Sarah, who tells him that her husband is on his way. She wishes him luck and Tom thanks her.

Ian is driving Jillian home, and she tells him to pull over. There's a sign on an overpass ahead for Bill's development company, and Jillian gets out and stares at it. She tells Ian that her father used to be build homes across the state, and asks Ian to show him how to control her power. Ian warns that it isn't easy, and Jillian says that she'll do what it takes. After a moment, Ian agrees. She tells Ian that she can't go home, and he says that he knows the perfect place for her to stay.

As Tom walks down the hall, McPhillips and Fraser ask where he's going.

Ian drives Jillian to his family's summer house and as she goes in, Jillian says that she feels dizzy. She throws up and Ian tells her that it's normal.

The detectives ask Tom what happened, and he claims that he doesn't know. They ask where Jillian is and ask if he's protecting her. McPhillips suggests that Jillian may have hired a killer.

Ian gets some blankets and sits down at the fire with Jillian. He tells her that what she did depletes her, but Jillian says that there's a part of her that's gone. Ian says that she killed a part of herself and once she can control her power, it will become easier. He sets her up on a couch and then leaves her alone and goes back to the fire. Jillian's phone rings and Ian sees that Bill has called repeatedly.

Tom comes home and calls to Jillian. He gets a voice message from Bill, who says that he has something important to tell his daughter about their family. Bill tells Tom where he is staying and insists that he needs to talk to Jillian.

At the motel, Bill watches TV and drinks. There's a knock at the door, and Bill finds Ian there. Ian calls him "Dad" and figures that he's not the kid Bill was expecting.

Tom leaves the house trying to call Bill, and drives off.

Ian says that Bill failed Jillian but he's not going to. Bill tells his son to do what's right, and Ian says that he eventually realized that Bill was trying to cut him off at his knees. His father says that he was trying to protect him and never said anything when the people and pets that angered Ian disappeared. Bill grabs Ian and tells him to leave his half-sister alone, and says that he's always been a bad seed. Ian taps into his power and the lights flicker, and a door appears in the wall. Tall Boy emerges from the door and Ian figures that the power comes from Bill. Bill wonders what he's talking about and turns to see Tall Boy. Tall Boy grabs Bill by the throat and pokes his eyes out.

Tall Boy tosses Bill's corpse in the bath tub. Ian tells Tall Boy that he knows what to do, and Tall Boy hugs him.

Tom pulls up to the motel and sees Ian come out with a bag. Once Ian drives off, Tom goes to the motel room and knocks the door. When he gets no answer, he breaks in but finds no sign of Bill or the door.

Ian stops at a restaurant to get food, goes back to his car, and gulps down the food to replenish his energy.

The next morning, Jillian wakes up and Ian comes in. He gives her herbal tea and confirms that she's feeling better, and says that she'll need strength for her training. Jillian thanks him for his concern and they kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 29, 2018

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