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You Belong to Me Recap

Ian takes Jillian out to the back yard behind his family's summer house and has her try to create a rabbit. She says that something feels different, and Ian tells her that it feels different because she lost a part of herself when she destroyed Jack. Ian talks about his first creation and how it did not-so-great things before he learned to control it. He explains that once they get control, they can manipulate their creations like puppets. Jillian concentrates and Ian takes her hand to help her. A door appears in the wall of a nearby playhouse and Jillian opens it to let the rabbit emerge. A flickering blood-covered rabbit comes out and dies, and Ian says that it took a bunch of tries for her to get the dog right. Jillian realizes that Ian created the dog, and he says that he created it as a parent.

Back in the house, Ian makes eggs. Jillian comes in and notices that her phone is on the floor, broken.

Tom tries to call Jillian without success He leaves a message asking her to come home.

Jillian looks at the lake behind the summer house.

Tom picks up Unagi and looks out the window, and sees an identical dog outside. It runs off, and Tom goes out after it.

Jillian hears growling and goes to investigate. The growling is coming from behind a garage.

Tom runs after the second Unagi and follows it to Ian's house. When he opens the door, the dog goes in and Tom follows it, calling to Ian.

Jillian calls to Ian but gets no response. She walks past the garage and around the house, and then goes inside. The growling is coming from a wardrobe, and Jillian opens it and finds a box with a toy Unagi inside. Ian calls from the kitchen, saying that breakfast is ready. She quickly puts the dog back and closes the wardrobe, and goes to the kitchen.

Tom looks around Ian's house and finds something red and fleshy floating in a jar in the refrigerator. He checks the work room and finds several doors in the wall. Inside the boxes are the husks of various animals.

Jillian asks Ian why he chose the particular dog, and Ian claims that he doesn't know. She says that she had a stuffed animal that looked just like it.

Tom finds more animal husks, and a box with Ian's childhood drawings of Tall Boy and Unagi.

Jillian asks Ian what his mother was like, and he wonders why she's asking.

Tom finds a photo of Ian and his parents. His father is Bill.

Ian says that his mother passed away earlier that year, and describes her as too trusting.

There are photos of Jillian as a child in the box.

Ian says that his mother saw the world the way her husband told her to see it, and she chose not to see certain things.

Tom finds a photo of Bill with Jillian and her mother.

Ian insists that his mother loved him but never understood him. He says that she deserved better than she got and gulps down his breakfast. Jillian says that she thinks she needs to go home and Ian agrees. He drives her back and says that going home might not be the best thing for her. They arrive at Ian's house and they see someone moving inside and go into investigate. Behind them, Tall Boy gets out of the back of Ian's van and sneaks around to the side.

Jillian and Ian find Tom waiting. He asks Ian why he was at the motel, and Ian claims that he was with Jillian. Jillian points out that she was asleep, and Tom says that Bill called him and he went to meet him at the motel. Ian was leaving and Bill was nowhere to be found, and Tom asks why Ian has all the photos of Jillian. Jillian looks at the photos and then Ian, and she says that she knows who he is. She remembers that Bill took them to the summer house a few times and she left the toy dog there.

Ian says that he's Jillian's half-brother, and he didn't know about Jillian until recently. His mother was the other woman and Ian didn't know. Ian figures that they both got their power from Bill, and insists that no one will understand Jillian like he does. Jillian is furious that Ian lied to him, and he says that he did something big and wants Jillian to see it. He takes them to the garage where dozens of Unagi creations are out of their cages. Bill's corpse is laying among them and they chew on his body, and Ian closes the garage door.

Jillian tells Ian to stay away from her, and he says that they can move forward with their eyes open. He asks what happens next, and she motions to Tom to give her his phone. Jillian calls Fraser and tells her that there's been a murder. Tall Boy peers out from behind the garage, and Ian covertly nods him back.

Fraser and McPhillips arrive with the officers and Ian readily confesses that he killed Bill, Jason, Vanessa, and the O'Connells who used to live there. He tells them that he did it for Jillian and she didn't know anything about it. The detectives handcuff Ian and take him away.

In their house, Jillian tells Tom that it's her fault. Her mother didn't tell her until she was older about Bill's other family. Tom tells Jillian that he wants a family with her, and she says that she's scared of herself. He asks what he can do, and she kisses him and then they go to the bedroom and make love. The lights flicker and a door appears sideways in the closet. Once they're done, Jillian says that she wasn't concentrating on anything. Tom opens it and they find a partially-formed baby inside. When Tom tries to pick it up, his fingers sink into its head. Jillian carefully picks it up and cradles it in her arms, and she asks Tom if he wants to hold it. He gasps in shock, and Jillian realizes that it's dying.

McPhillips and Fraser are taking Ian in, and the school bus ahead of them stops to pick up a passenger. Tall Boy walks up the street behind the car, picks up a pick axe from a nearby construction vehicle, jumps onto the hood of the car, and drives the pick axe into the windshield. He has a pair of hedge trimmers with him, and cuts into Fraser's arm as she shoots at him without effect. The school bus driver drives off, and Tall Boy cuts McPhillips' throat with the trimmers. Ian convulses with concentration and sends Tall Boy to kill Fraser, and then thanks his "friend" for his help.

Ian goes back to his house as the police cars drive by.

Tom wonders what to do, and Jillian tells him to go and get some air while she's with her "baby". He reluctantly leaves and Ian walks up on the yard. He says that they should go inside, and Tom tells him that he's not welcome. Tom calls to a cop securing Ian's house, and Ian calls Tall Boy out. Tall Boy kills the cop, and Ian tells Tom that whatever happens is on him. Tom turns to run inside, only to see that one of the front doors has transformed into a wooden door. It opens and one of Ian's drawings--Red Crayon--peers out. Tom smiles and greets it.

Jillian apologizes to the baby, and says that she's there for it. The baby dies and Jillian kisses it gently on the forehead and then sets it down. Jillian dresses and goes downstairs, and calls to Tom. She goes outside and realizes that the door has changed, and opens it to reveal the empty room beyond. Jillian sees the cop's dead body next door and the words "Meet me in the ghost neighborhood" written in blood on the concrete.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 29, 2018

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