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Crossing Lines Recap

In prison, Oliver stabs a guard with a shank.

Twelve Hours Earlier

Felicity points out that Watson hasn't caught Diaz. She offers her help and tells them that Diaz brought the Longbow Hunters in. Watson says that Oliver's deal doesn't make them allies, and Felicity says that the deal ruined her life. Unimpressed, the agent says that it was Oliver's choice to become Green Arrow and Felicity should go home and enjoy her freedom. Felicity tells Watson that Oliver spent six years risking everything for the people of Star City, and walks out.

In the prison mess line, Stanley and Oliver talk. Oliver points out that he didn't have any choice except to stab himself to get rid of Yorke, short of killing the guard. They sit down at a table, and Brick, Turner, and Sampson comes over. Oliver tells Brick that he did what he asked and now he wants the information on Diaz. Brick says that it wasn't what he meant but abides by their deal, and says that there's an informant at Slabside named the Demon. He handled the connection to Brick, and Brick will arrange the meeting that night after lights off.

At ARGUS, Diggle asks JJ if he ate a box of cookies, Lyla comes in and sends him to see the other agents, and tells Diggle that they're heading abroad in five minutes. Diggle wishes that he had caught Diaz, and Lyla assures him that Felicity will be fine. They talk about their honeymoon in Hawaii and how adventure always kept them strong.

Watson tells her boss that Diaz has new allies and they broke into the CDC, and says that he needs something substantial. Meanwhile, he needs Watson's focus elsewhere. Felicity and Rene are watching via a bug, and Felicity thanks Rene for his help. She plans to get into the CDC database with Federal clearance.

That night at the prison, Oliver sits in his cell and looks at his photo of Felicity and William. His cell door opens and Oliver steps out. The other cell doors open and the inmates walk out. The guards are nowhere in sight, and Stanley insists on staying with Oliver.

In Zurich, Curtis, Diggle, and Lyla are in a surveillance van outside of a bank that criminals use to launder money. Curtis has a special painting with a nano bug, and it needs to fool Peter Tietjen, the bank manager. Once they get the painting near Tietjen's computer, he'll be able to download the information they need. Diggle and Lyla go in with the painting and show Tietjen the painting. They claim that they need a safe place to store it, and Tietjen says that they can handle it. Curtis hacks Tietjen's computer while Tietjen goes to get their in-house appraiser. Once they're alone, Curtis tells the couple that he's getting external interference slowing down the transfer. Tietjen brings in the appraiser, Sofie, and Lyla asks to discuss the security of the vault with Tietjen. Curtis shuts down the comms to boost bandwidth and completes the download. Diggle and Lyla pretend to be offended and leave with the painting.

Rene and Felicity visit Dinah and Watson, and Felicity admits that she hacked Watson's office. She says that Silencer hacked the CDC database and got information on a compound against fatal diseases. Felicity figure that it's the perfect place to set a trap, and it's happening that night. If Diaz sees the police then he'll duck, so Felicity and Rene want Watson to come along and they'll do the whole operation in their regular identities. Felicity says that the FBI hasn't caught Diaz in five months and it's time to try something different. Watson agrees but says that she'll pull the plug if anything goes wrong, and Dinah agrees to go along.

Oliver and Stanley go up to the cell block where the Demon is waiting. They enter the cell but there's no one there. Turner comes in with two inmates and says that Brick wants Oliver dead. He attacks Oliver, who knocks him out. The other two inmates attack and Oliver tosses one of them over the balcony and knocks out the other. Turner renews his attack and Oliver pins him to the wall, puts Turner's shank to his neck, and demands answers.

Once Oliver ties Turner up, Turner says that Brick has a game going on in the mess hall thanks to Oliver. He tells Oliver that the only way to the Demon is through Brick, and Oliver says that he's going to force Brick to make good on his deal. Turner warns that the party is invite-only, and Oliver figures that Turner is invited.

Felicity and the others go into the CDC and claim that they're picking up some extracts. The guard lets them in and they go to the biocontaminant lab where they plan to trap Diaz. Felicity and Turner go to the hacker room and Watson says that even Diaz needs a lawyer and a fair trial.

Curtis visits Diggle at his apartment and tells him that the interference was caused by someone else duplicating the file simultaneously. He points out that the only person who could have done it is Lyla, and Diggle goes to find out why his wife lied to him.

Diaz, Red Dart, and Kodiak enter the CDC and Rene spots them. He informs Felicity and Watson as they reach the lab and go in. Felicity discovers that she can't lock the door, and they figure that Silencer is responsible. She tracks Silencer's location in the mechanical room and Dinah goes after her.

Diaz finds the substance he's looking for. Watson goes to delay them long enough for Felicity to bypass the lockout.

Dinah enters the mechanical room and Silencer attacks her.

Watson joins Rene and Felicity warns them that they can't use their guns for fear of setting off an explosion. Diaz knows Watson, and Red Dart shoots at them. Kodiak attacks Rene and Red Dart fights Watson, while Diaz continues loading up the compound.

Dinah manages to pin Silencer.

Diaz shoots at Watson and Renee, forcing them to take cover as his shots hit a tank and gas sprays out. Rene goes to help Dinah while she goes after Diaz.

Silencer breaks free and knocks a shelf over on Dinah. Rene arrives and throws a knife into her arm, and Silencer throws it back and runs. Watson loses Diaz, and Silencer gets away before Rene can stop her.

As the FBI secure the CDC building, Dinah warns felicity that Watson is in trouble. Rene has slipped away, and Watson comes over and wonders how Rene lost Silencer. Felicity thanks Watson for trying before the agent goes back to meet with her boss.

Oliver and Stanley take Turner to the mess hall. Turner describe the guards and Oliver tells Turner to talk them past the guards. The inmate says that Brick calls the shots and if he doesn't try to kill Oliver then Brick will kill him. When Oliver says that he's doing it for his family and Turner is out for himself, Turner reminds him that he brought down a terrorist and saved Lyla. Now Turner and Oliver are both in prison.

Diggle follows Lyla to a meeting with a man. Once she hands over the data and walks away, Diggle steps out and asks for the truth. Lyla says that she learned that they're up against something big and the brass stymied them, so she's going behind their bank. Diggle points out that they agreed there would be no more secrets between them, and Lyla says that she was trying to protect him. She tells her husband that sometimes they have to cross the line for the greater good and walks away.

The trio arrive at the mess hall and Oliver tells Turner to get him in. Turner tells the guards that Oliver is joining the game, and they let the trio in. There's a fight club going on and Brick announces that Sampson will be fighting Oliver. Oliver turns to leave but the inmates block his path. Sampson promises to kill Oliver and charges at him. The inmate's beating opens up Oliver's stomach wound, and he takes the fight to Sampson. Oliver breaks Sampson's arm, pins him, and tells him to yield. When Sampson refuses, Oliver breaks his other arm. Brick says that his money was on Oliver, and Oliver climbs up to put his shank to Brick's throat. Brick's prison guards on his payroll aim their guns at Oliver, but Brick tells them to stand down. He says that Oliver will never get to the Demon because the informer is on Level 2 with the worst of the worst, and that isn't Oliver. Oliver attacks the guards and stabs one guard in the arm. He then drops the shank and surrenders as more guards arrive and capture him.

The next morning, Stanley and Oliver are back in their cells. Stanley asks if Oliver has a plan, and Oliver tells him to keep his head down and worry about himself.

Watson calls Felicity in and says that she's been reassigned far away from the Diaz investigation. The agent says that she knew she was putting her career on the line and going off the books to catch Diaz was the right thing to do. Watson tells Felicity that she's a good person, and Felicity says that she's sorry to see Watson go.

That night, Diggle goes to their hotel room and apologizes to Lyla for not giving her the chance to explain herself. She says that he has to trust her, and Diggle warns that it's dangerous. Lyla tells him that she's doing it for JJ, and Diggle asks her to confide in her the next time something similar happens. His wife hugs him and promises.

Felicity and Rene go to a factory and Felicity insists that sometimes they have to cross the line. Rene isn't so sure, and gestures at the captive Silencer.

Diaz examines the compound, and Red Dart and Kodiak come in and report that they got Silencer. Their employer says that all he's felt is pain, injects himself with the compound, and says that he was patient. He punches the wall and ignores the pain, and says that his patience has rewarded him with pain.

The prison guards come for Oliver and take him to Level 2.Brick and the others watch him go, and Brick says that the only way out of Level 2 is through the morgue.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 30, 2018

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