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Witch Hunt Recap

Atom interfaces Constantine's enchanted bones into the time seismograph. Once he's done, the Legends can now detect magical threats to the timeline. Constantine comes in with his bags and claims that he thought the Legends were doomed without him. He insists that he's not a Legend but a consultant, and lays out his benefits requirements.

The seismograph goes off and shows a spike in Salem, 1692. Waverider arrives there and Constantine insists that there's nothing magical there. He refuses to go undercover, and Mick isn't interested either. Ray and Zari wonder how things are going between Nate and his father.

In DC in 2018, Nate and Henry go to a restaurant for dinner. Neither one of them want to discuss their jobs, and Nate's credit cards have all declined or expired. Nate doesn't have any current currency, and Henry picks up the check. He says that they connected over a nice dinner, and Nate points out that his father only talked about the steak. Henry accuses Nate of sitting there and judging him, and admits that he was as well. Nate insists that he doesn't need Henry's money and starts to walk out. Henry accuses him of running away, and Nate comes back to get his leftovers.

In Salem, Sara, Ray, and Zari come to a villager accusing Jane Hawthorne of being a witch. Jane swears that she has done no harm, but the town elder Reverend Parsons has her arrested and promises to have her hung if she's found guilty of witchcraft. Jane's daughter Prudence tries to go to her, but the villages hold her back. Crows fly overhead and one rips a villager's face off. The others fly down and attack the villagers, and the villagers accuse Jane of controlling them. The crows fly off as Jane is led away, and Zari figures that there is magic in Salem.

On Waverider, Constantine annoys Mick. He finally confronts his new teammate about sharing space, and the others return and tell them about the fact a witch is present. Zari figures that the crows were protecting Jane from the mob, and Gideon reports on the day that Jane was hung, the town spontaneously bursts into flame. Constantine confirms that Jane was gagged and couldn't have cast the spell, and figure that a malevolent demon has attached itself to Prudence. He agrees to deal with it but refuses to wear a costume.

At the Time Bureau HQ in DC, Ava hears someone in the office. She discovers that it's Nate, in a bathrobe and shower cap. He explains that he extended his trip to 2018 and is staying at the HQ, and he doesn't have a salary so he can't afford a hotel room. Nate wonders why she's there, and Ava says that she's presenting her budget to the Department of Justice. She admits that she isn't very good at schmoozing, and Nate says that he'll help. Ava agrees once he puts some pants on.

In Salem, the Legends follow Prudence as she goes out into the woods. They finally approach her and Constantine steps out and casts a spell around Prudence. Something laughs in the woods and fog flows out, and Constantine orders the demon to reveal its form. A fairy godmother appears and insists that she's not a monster. Constantine admits that it's new, and Prudence confirms that the Godmother protects her by hurting other people. The Godmother sings complete with accompanying music, until Mick tells her to shut up.

Constantine starts to cast a spell, but the Godmother says that she shares a bond with Prudence and if she goes to Hell, Prudence will go with them. Prudence says that she wishes the Legends would go away, and the Godmother traps them with tree roots and summons crows. Zari tells Prudence that they're there to save Jane, and prudence tells Godmother to release them.

The Legends take Prudence to Waverider, who figures that they were sent by God.

Nate, Ava, and Gary go to the DoD meeting and Nate realizes that Henry is there. He warns that he'll make it worse, and tells Gary to take his role and provide backup. Ava reluctantly agrees and Gary eagerly goes in.

Constantine confirms that the bond exists and tells Sara and Zari that Prudence will have to reject Godmother. Zari suggests that if they save Jane then Prudence won't need Godmother. Sara points out that Jane died in the original timeline, but Zari says that it's just like in her time. She's not happy that they're going to let Prudence think that they're saving Jane.

Zari goes to Salem and frees Jane, but Jane refuses to go. She says that she must forgive the villagers because they know not what they do, and figures that if she disappears than others will pay for her cowardice. Zari points out that Prudence will suffer if Jane dies, and Jane explains that she made Prudence swear that she wouldn't use her power. The Legend asks what kind of life Prudence will have and warns that her guilt will follow her for her own life. She begs Jane to go, but Jane slams the cell door shut and says that with God's love, Prudence will let go of her burdens. The guards approach and Zari has no choice but to leave.

Constantine tries to work out a way to break the bond, and hears Godmother laughing. He tells her to show herself and she appears, laughing at his efforts. Godmother says that she just wants to make the world a happy place, and insists that all of the villagers are liars and must be taught a lesson. Before Prudence, all the girls she helped just took and she got nothing but imprisonment in a hell dimension. Constantine says that it serves her right and tells her that she wants Prudence raging so that she can rain hellfire down on the villagers. Godmother admits that hellfire is a good idea and teleports away to "help" Prudence.

Ava and Gary meet with the DoD members and Henry wonders why they need money if they've dealt with the timeline anomalies. Gary says that now there is magic and explains how the Legends released mystical creatures. Henry is less than thrilled and demands proof of magic. Gary rips open his shirt and shows them his bitten nipple, and Henry says that he's shutting the Bureau down.

Sara asks Ray and Mick if they've seen Zari, and Gideon says that Zari has left the ship.

At the trial, Parsons shows the people Jane's birthmark and claims that it's the mark of the Devil. He pokes it with a pin to show that it won't bleed, and Zari secretly blasts him back and then knocks the Bible out of his hands. She levitates him into the air, and the guards knock Jane out. Zari says that Jane didn't do anything, and tells the villagers that Parsons is trying to convince them to kill their neighbors. Zari removes the air from their lungs when they try to stop her, but she sees the villagers staring in horror and stops. The guards grab her and take the Totem, and Parsons says that both "witches" must burn.

Godmother appears to be Prudence and says that the Legends promised that Jane would be safe. She summons a crystal ball and shows Sara saying earlier that they can't change the timeline. Godmother asks what Prudence would have her do. Prudence has her release her, and Godmother turns Ray and Mick into pigs when they try to intervene. Constantine prepares to cast a spell, and Godmother seals his mouth over, knocks him unconscious, and leads Prudence out.

When Ava returns, she tells Nate that Henry needs proof. Nate says that his father won't believe that he's a superhero, but Nate tells him that he's a hero and she's seen he good he can do. Nate admits that she's schmoozed her.

Gary leads Henry out and offers him a drink, but only Henry wants validation.

Nate returns to Waverider, and finds the transformed Ray. Ray "says" that the team is working on it and Mick got transformed as well. Nate picks up Ray and takes him to the Bureau.

The villagers prepare to burn Zari and Jane. Zari says that no one deserves to burn, and Parsons says that she' more dangerous than any witch they've faced and tosses the Totem onto the wood. Sara arrives and orders the guards to let Zari and Jane go or she'll kill Parsons. Parsons isn't impressed, and Sara knocks him out and then fights the guards. They manage to grab her and a villager lights the pyre.

Prudence arrives and has Godmother freeze everyone. The girl orders Godmother to free Zari and Jane from the pyre, and Jane faints. Godmother asks what they'll do about Parsons, and Prudence says that she wants him to burn. Parsons appears in the pyre as the fires rise.

Nate arrives with Ray and tells Henry that he's a time traveler. He asks for a minute and tells Ray to transform back.

Zari tells Prudence that she's a good person, not a killer. Prudence talks about all the villagers that killed other woman, and Godmother says that the villagers will continue killing. She asks Zari if the hearts of men change in her future, and Zari admits that they don't. However, Zari tells Prudence that she has to be better than the monsters. Godmother says that Prudence should be stronger and think of Jane, and Zari asks Prudence what Jane would want her to do. Prudence releases Godmother, and with her spells broken Constantine arrives with his mouth restored.

Ray transforms back into a naked man, and Nate transforms into his steel form and says that he's a superhero. Henry immediately asks Ava how much money she needs to make sure it never happens again, and Henry agrees.

Zari grabs the Totem and puts out the fire. Constantine casts a spell to bind Godmother before she can strike back.

Later, Zari meets with Jane and Prudence. Jane asks if she's free, and Zari says that she is but Jane will need a change of scenery.

Constantine takes Godmother out into the woods and says that he could be persuaded not to send her to Hell. He offers to be her new host, and Constantine knows that he's on the run and who is coming for him. Godmother would rather face Hell then piss off his pursuer, ad Constantine opens the portal to send her to Hell. She says that he's more damned than him, and he sends her away.

On Waverider, Zari tells Sara that she hates herself. Sara says that she's felt the same rage before and if Zari wants to talk to her, she's there. Zari says that she found her mother in 2018 and couldn't think of a way to save her. Sara tells her that it's okay but she can't hold the anger in, and they'll figure it out together.

Nate tells Henry everything that they've done as they show him around the Bureau. Henry is impressed that Nate has finally found a useful application for his history dinner, says that he's looking forward to working with him, and confirms that they're having dinner again. Nate high-fives Ava, who says that she could use him around there with her new income. Once she leaves, Ray comes in and opens a portal to Waverider. Nate says that he's going to stick around for a while, and they hug and Ray goes back alone.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 30, 2018

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