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afterMath Recap

Dallas, TX: Twelve Years Ago

Jace's senior partner, Dan, tells him not to get ahead of himself. Dan spots a loitering mutant outside of a convenience store and go over to check him out. He says that he's waiting for a friend and Dan demands to see his ID. When the mutant tries to pull away, Dan tasers him. When Jace objects, Dan says that his partner was killed by a mutant when they pulled him over. Jace handcuffs the mutant and puts him in the car.


John brings Lauren to the clinic, and Reed and Caitlin check on her. As Lauren's parents tend to her, John goes to get the other mutants that they brought with them. Caitlin confirms that Lauren has a mild concussion, and Lauren says that she was trying to get Andy but he wouldn't listen to her. The nurses call for help, and Reed stays with Lauren while Caitlin goes to check the other mutants. John brings in a mutant secreting acid and quickly pulls off his burning shirt. He says that there was too much going on for him to track Andy, and says that the mutant was on the same floor as the mutant that the Inner Circle took. John hopes that they can salvage something from what happened.

Jace sits in his hotel room and listens to a news report about the break out, while looking at the divorce papers that Paula filed. He receives a text of a Purifier meeting that night, and Jace texts back that he'll be there.

At the Underground base, Clarice confirms that there are roadblocks preventing them from getting the escapees out. She suggests that they turn to the Morlocks.

Lorna, Andy, and the Frost triplets watch news reports about the protests resulting from the breakout. Andy says that he hurt Lauren, and Lorna tells him that he didn't and he should be proud of what they accomplished. One of the Frosts say that they need to talk about their guest, Rebecca. She hasn't spoken since she got there, and the Triplets read her mind and see how she was medically tortured at the mental hospital.

Reed takes Lauren home and calls Caitlin to say that Lauren is fine. Caitlin says that the other mutants don't know anything about Andy, and blames herself for letting Lauren go on the mission. Reed promises that he'll tell Lauren that Caitlin is sorry. Once Caitlin hangs up, Lauren says that she needed to be there and she saw in Andy's eyes that he won't let anyone stop him... even her.

Andy watches as Lorna and two of the triplets try to get Rebecca to use her powers, asking her to show them what they can do. She refuses, and Andy walks away.

Lorna and Esme discuss Rebecca, and Esme insists that Rebecca is important to their plans. She says that Reeva is depending on them, and busy elsewhere working on their plan. Andy overhears them talking and says that they should think of Rebecca as a person rather than a weapon. He asks if he can talk to Rebecca and Esme sarcastically tells him to go ahead.

Clarice and Marcos take the mutant refugees into the Morlock tunnels. She claims that she just guessed how to get there. One mutant, Glow, offers to help and generates light balls so that they can see. Erg says that they find them and steps out with his soldiers, and Clarice tells him that she needs to talk to him about something.

Caitlin and Kelsey work on the mutant, but they can't touch him because of the acid. John, watching, asks them for the needle and he follows their instructions with his mutations resisting the acid. Once he inserts the needle, he backs away and tells Caitlin to get the mutant talking. She gives the mutant some drugs to wake him up and then tends to John's burns. John says that he keeps screwing up, and Caitlin insists that she shouldn't have demanded he go in. The mutant, Michael, wakes up and says that he served with the Marines like John. Michael says that the other mutant's name was Rebecca and they kept her locked up tighter than anyone. A psychiatrist, Dr. Taylor, didn't think that the mutants belonged there. He passes out and Caitlin warns that Michael won't be waking up for a while.

As they wait for Clarice to return, Glow asks Marcos about the mutants that released them. He explains about the Inner Circle and how they recruited his kid's mother. Glow figures that they can't be all bad since they freed them, and says that there were little things to let them keep going. She creates a light ball and says that there's always a light in the darkest place.

Erg says that they're deal didn't include taking in refugees, and Clarice angrily says that if he claims to be a savior then he should do some saving. He agrees but first he wants Clarice to help him.

Andy approaches Rebecca and sits down. He demonstrates his power on a tennis ball, starts bouncing another, and talks about how it must have sucked being alone. Andy says that with the Inner Circle they don't have to apologize for being themselves. He talks about his family and how his sister wouldn't listen, and the Inner Circle is his new family and Rebecca could be part of that. Rebecca uses her ability to flip Andy's tennis ball inside out and tells him her name.

Jace arrives at the Purifier meeting and talks with Wilson and another member, Kyle. Wilson then addresses the group, saying that thousands of people are cheering the "terrorists" on and they're going to push back the next day when they gather to protest. Jace stands up and warns that fighting protestors will make them look like victims. He suggests that they help round up the escapees and Secret Services are worried about covering their own asses. Jace suggests that they check all of the mutant-friendly hospitals, capture the escapees, turn them in, and show that the Purifiers are part of the solution.

Andy shows Rebecca around the base and Rebecca looks out the window at the sky. She says that now she's trapped there, and Andy assures her that they can go anytime they want. Andy asks if she wants to leave, and Rebecca agrees. Rebecca gets some normal clothing and they head for the elevator. Lorna comes out and Andy explains that he's taking Rebecca out. After asking to talk to Andy alone, Lorna warns that it takes time to adjust after leaving the mental hospital. Andy says that Rebecca has to have her own freedom if she's going to fight for theirs, and Lorna tells him to be careful.

Erg takes Clarice to show her something, and Erg explains that he lost his eye when racists beat him up. He discovered that he could absorb and redirect energy through his eye socked, and tells Clarice that they just want to be left alone. Erg then has Clarice to teleport them 50 feet up. She does so and they emerge into a storage room. Erg explains that they're taking food and Clarice says that they don't steal from people because it makes it harder for all mutants. When Erg says that people already hate them, Clarice asks what he's fighting for and Erg says that they're not fighting for any side.

Caitlin tells John that Michael will need surgery. John hears the Purifiers come in and warns Caitlin, and they hide the mutants in the secret room. Kyle tells the nurse to open the door and holds up his rifle. Jace tells the nurse that they need to search the clinic for fugitives. She goes for the phone and the Purifiers break into the office. Caitlin and John watch on a monitor and recognize Jace.

In the tunnels, Glow comes over to Marcos and assures him that Clarice will be back soon. She says that the tunnels aren't as bad as the mental hospital, and explains that she was I a concert, started dancing, and created her orbs. She was arrested for inciting a riot, but one juror wouldn't vote to convict so they sent her to a mental hospital. Glow admits that she was angry, but eventually she decided to either forgive them or spend the rest of her life angry. Clarice returns and says that Erg has given permission for the refugees to stay but wants to talk to everyone first.

Everyone gathers and Erg says that they are welcome to stay there on the condition that those without visible mutations who stay must take their brand. Marcos objects, but Clarice says that they don't have a choice. Glow tells Marcos that it's all right and that they'll take the brand.

Andy and Rebecca eat at a café and Rebecca gulps down her food. She demonstrates her power on a pop can, twisting it inside out. She draws on a window with ketchup and then twists the glass inside out, and Andy says that he wants her to know that they're trying to build a mutant homeland. Rebecca assures him that it isn't necessary. A police car pulls up nearby and Rebecca leads Andy over to a nearby dumpster to hide. She then twists the police car inside out from a distance. The officers call in for assistance, and Rebecca invites Andy to use his power. He finally does so, ripping the car apart and causing it to explode. Rebecca says that it's awesome, and Andy takes her back to the bae.

Kyle finds Kelsey and Jace points out that the gurney is burned with acid. Jace asks where Michael is, and Kelsey claims that he doesn't know. Kyle beats him, and John prepares to go out. Caitlin says that they can't risk exposing themselves. Michael goes into respiratory shock, and Caitlin says that John can't take him to a hospital. The acid mutant says that the mission goes first and tells John that he can hold out. Caitlin checks Michael and he tells her to tell John. she tells John that Michael is better and can make it.

Kyle questions Kelsey, kicking him. Jace tells him to stop, and they hear sirens in the distance. They quickly leave and the nurses go to Kelsey. John says that they need to take Michael to the hospital, and realizes that he's dead. Caitlin admits that she knew he wouldn't make it, and Michael knew it as well. John punches a tank in anger, and Caitlin says that if they can find Taylor then they can learn more about Rebecca.

The Morlocks prepare for the branding ceremony, and Erg sees Clarice watching. She says that they're waiting to see if anyone changes his mind, and Erg figures that nobody will because everyone wants to belong somewhere. He asks what Clarice's true name is. When she says that she blinks from place to place, Erg dubs her "Blink" and tells her to never hide who she really is because she is glorious.

Rebecca tells Andy that she had fun and he takes her hand. After a moment she kisses him. the elevator door opens and they go out to where the others are waiting. Andy tells Lorna that they had fun and Rebecca says that she's starting to feel like herself again and asks what the mission is.

Reed and Lauren watch the newscast about the protests.

Rebecca demonstrates her powers for Lorna, Andy, and the Frosts.

Marcos holds Glow's hand as the Morlocks brand her.

Jace goes through the clinic files, then calls Wilson and says that they're going to hit the mutants where they live.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 31, 2018

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