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Two of Us Recap

Tom wakes up as Tall Boy drags him into a house under construction. Ian is there and explains that there at Jillian's house. Bill left everything to her and the whole development belongs to her. He briefly flinches in pain and then says that he loves Jillian in a pure uncomplicated way because they have a fundamental connection. Ian figures that Jillian knew she had the power but ended up with Tom, and they must have formed a bond in childhood when she felt safe.

Ian flinches against and Tom runs out past him. He jumps outside, and Ian sends Tall Boy after him.

Jillian follows Ian's instructions and drives to the development as night falls. She parks and gets out, and she sees one of Ian's Crayon creations watching her from behind a crate. A security guard pulls over and asks Jillian what she's doing there. He comes over and says that he just got there, and the Crayons walk over and kill him. Another Crayon slashes Jillian's tires, and Jillian runs off. She hides as the Crayons look for her, and Jillian sees Tall Boy walk by in the distance. Jillian follows him as he searches for Tom, and Tom motions to her from the building that he's hiding in. She joins her husband and he explains that the creations hurt him. Tom tells Jillian that he loves her and kisses his wife, and Jillian says that she needs to bring back Jack so that he can help them. Her husband tells her not to worry about it now and kisses her again, but Jillian tells him that she needs to do it now and concentrates... unaware that "Tom" is one of Ian's creations.

A door starts to appear in the nearby window but then disappears. "Tom" says that it's okay and that he loves her, and says that they should just be together. When Jillian tries to object, "Tom" shushes her and kisses her. She digs her fingernails into his hand and the same white ichor from the creations leaks out. Ian sends "Tom" toward her, and she runs out as the creation chases her.

Ian gets up from where he's lying on the floor, concentrating, and clutches at the pain in his side.

Jillian runs down the street with the creation in pursuit. She grabs a post for a sign and rams it into the creation, killing it. Once it's dead, the real Tom walks up and asks Jillian if she made it or Ian did. He insists that he's real and Jillian has him say something that only the two of them would know. Tom cuts his hand to show that he bleeds blood, and asks if it makes her any happier to see him now that she knows he's real. Jillian hugs him and then Tom kicks in the creation's head before he leads Jillian off.

The next day, the Crayons continue searching for Jillian. Tom and Jillian hide and Jillian says that she's shaken up about killing her "husband". She imagined killing the real Tom, and Tom tells her that they can discuss it later once they escape. Jillian points out that Jack went after Tom, meaning that on some level she wanted Tom dead. She tells Tom to go without her and get help because Ian is the one she wants, but Tom refuses.

Tom and Jillian walk toward the exit out, but Jillian says that something feels wrong. Ian comes out and says that Jillian can sense her, and tells her that they never would have escaped. Jillian figures that creating the fake Tom took a lot out of him, but Ian says that he just needs a little to recover. Tall Boy walks up and Jillian asks Ian why he made Tom. Ian says that he did it to be with Jillian, and they're supposed to be together. Jillian explains that she couldn't bring Jack, and Ian tells her to forget Jack and they should make something new that is theirs. He sends Tall Boy after Tom, and the Hodgsons run. Ian and Tall Boy run after them, Ian clutching at his side and finally collapsing.

The couple duck into a house and Jillian peers out a window but doesn't see anything. She tells Tom that she needs to do something and he won't like it, and tells him that it's part of who she is. Tom admits that they both have a lot of stuff in their heads and Jillian's kills people. He says that he was ashamed of himself and tried to hide it from Jillian, and didn't want to hear her secrets. Tom apologizes and tells Jillian that he's the one that brought Jack out and he comes from both of them.

Ian lies on the ground, moaning in pain.

Tall Boy approaches the house, and Tom tells Jillian that he's buying her more time. Jillian asks him to come back to her and kisses him, and she goes up to the second floor, sits down, and concentrates. The door starts to appear but then fades away as Jillian hears Tall Boy enter the house. He starts to go upstairs, but Tom raps on the wall to draw the creation's attention. It goes after him and Tom circles through the house, keeping ahead of it.

Drawing on her memories of her childhood and time with Tom, Jillian concentrates and summons the door.

When he can't find Tom, Tall Boy goes upstairs and Jillian sees him. She opens the door and Jack somersaults out.

Tom realizes that Tall Boy has gone upstairs.

Ian sends Tall Boy to fight Jack. The two creations circle each other as Tom arrives, and Jack disarms Tall Boy, picks up his power tool, and cuts into his opponent's head. Ian, connected to his creation, moans in pain and then gets up and runs.

Jillian smiles at Tom, who smiles back. They go downstairs with Jack and Tom figures that even if they kill all of Ian's creations, he'd just create more. Jillian grabs a knife and figures that they need to kill Tom, and Tom tells Jack that they're on the same team. The clown smiles in agreement and they go outside. They spot Ian staggering across the development and go after him, while the Crayons follow them.

Ian goes to where "Tom" is lying and sees the sign with Bill's face on it. He eats some snacks for energy, concentrates, and heals Tall Boy's injuries. Jack and the Hodgsons arrive and Ian runs off.

Tall Boy picks up the power tool.

The trio chase Ian into a house and go inside as the Crayons arrive, closing the door behind them. They split up to search for Ian, and Jillian finds a room with a female husk on the floor: herself. She continues her search and finds Ian in a room filled with dream doors. He points to the door like Jillian's behind him and says that he likes it, and he gave it to her. Ian explains that he gave her a little push to make it, and asks Jillian to tell him if she feels their connection. Jillian admits that she feels it but says that Ian is still crazy. She asks him why he didn't come looking for her, and Jillian tells him that she hated him.

Ian says that they wasted years apart when he could have taught her how to control the things in her head. Jillian tells him that she wants to control it to protect people, not kill them, and Ian doesn't have to kill either. Ian says that she has to stop pretending to be what Tom wants her to be, and that Tom reminds her of Bill. When she says that Ian took away her only chance of forgiving Bill, Ian says that he knew there was one way it was going to end and starts strangling her.

Jack comes in, but Tall Boy arrives and drive the power tool through Jack's back. He cuts Jack vertically in half from the waist up, and Jillian stares in shock as Tom arrives. Ian sends Tall Boy to kill him, and Tom runs past him into the room and slams the door shut. Tall Boy cuts through the door, and Jillian stabs Ian in the chest with her knife. Tom grabs the knife and rams it into Ian's chest again. Tall Boy comes in and charges forward, and Jillian pulls Tom out of the way. The creation stabs Ian in the chest, driving him back into Jillian's door. Tall Boy collapses and the doors in the walls fade away as their creator dies. Jillian and Tom look at each other

Months later, Jillian and Tom lie in bed, looking at each other. Their baby cries and Jillian goes to check on it. She checks on their child and then goes back to bed, and tells Tom that their daughter has settled down. They look at each other and chuckle.

In the nursery, the baby looks at the wall as a door forms and starts to open.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 31, 2018

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