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Mint Condition Recap

October 29

At Diamond Dave's, a collector store in Salem, Ohio, the co-owner turns off the TV as it shows an upcoming horror marathon, and checks a delivery box. The owner, Stuart Blake, gasps in shock when he finds a collectible Panthro statue. His girlfriend Samantha calls and says that according to Yelp, Stuart yelled at a customer. She tells him that they need every customer that they can get so he should chill, and Stuart agrees. Samantha assures him that she's coming to game night, and Stuart hangs up.

As Stuart prepares to leave, he glances over at a life-size action Hatchet Man figure, catches his breath, and locks up. Later at his den, he's on the phone to his gamers, who are running late. The Panthro action figures drops to the floor. Stuart goes over to determine why, and it hits him in the head with its mace.

At the bunker, Dean is watching a Hatchet Man horror movie in his room and eating pizzas. Hatchet Man kills a janitor in the movie, and Sam hears the screams and comes in. Dean stares at his brother's now-clean-shaven face, and Sam asks if he's doing okay since he hasn't let his room in a week. His older brother figures that since they have nothing to do and the house is full of strangers, he's just laying in his room. Sam says that he's found a case involving a killer toy, and shows him Stuart's video blog about the toy attacking him. When Dean hears that it's Panthro, he insists on coming.

The brothers drive to the comic book store and Dean notices that Samantha looks a lot like Sam. Sam is talking to a police officer, and an employee is taking out comics. Dean sees the Hatchet Man figure and the employee, Dirk, tells him to press the button. The figure recites lines from the movies when Dean does so, and Dirk tells him that it's not for sale.

Samantha gets over to them and they claim that they're insurance agents. They've learned that Stuart's roommate kicked Stuart out over an anime argument. Samantha says that Stuart trolls everything online and is staying at his mom's house.

The Winchesters go to the house and Stuart's mother Barbara makes them apple cider. They hear Stuart screaming at his video game from the basement, and he comes up. He explains that he's playing Fortnite, and Sam asks him about the attack. Stuart claims that he lied about the whole thing, and the video was fake. When they question his story, Stuart tells them to lie and they figure that whatever happened wasn't an accident. The brothers wait until the Blakes leave so that they can check the house.

As they wait, Dean asks Sam what his deal is with Halloween. Before Sam can explain, Barbara leaves and Sam checks Stuart's bog and discovers that a lot of people left sarcastic comments. Stuart comes out the front door, bleeding and yelling for help. The Winchesters run over and Dean goes in, gun drawn. He goes into the basement and follows the blood trail. Someone throws a running chainsaw at Dean and he gets out of the way just in time.

That night at the hospital, Barbara hovers over the unconscious Stuart. The doctors have confirmed that Stuart will be all right, and Barbara thanks the brothers. They suggest that she stay there with Stuart rather than go home. Outside, Dean says that he checked the EMF and it went crazy. they figure that they have to clear the house of the ghost before Barbara goes back there. Dean stays with the Blakes while Sam checks the house.

Sam goes to the Blake basement and discovers that the lights don't work. He looks around and finds the Panthro statue, and discovers that it's giving off EMF radiation. He finds a photo of Stuart, Sam, and Dirk with another man, Jordan MacNeel.

Dean finds Dirk watching the unconscious Stuart. Dirk says that Stuart is his best friend, and Stuart lets him crash at his place when he and his dad fight. A Hatchet Man is playing on the hospital TV, and Dean and Dirk both recognize it. Dean admits that growing up it was always nice to check the Hatchet Man movies.

Sam goes to the store and asks Samantha if anyone close to Stuart has died. She says that Jordan, the previous store owner, died of cancer and left the store to Samantha and Dirk. Jordan fired Stuart twice because he kept stealing stuff, and Samantha hired Stuart back because he's her friend. As Samantha says that Jordan was cremated, the window freezes over and Sam scans the place with the EMF. He gets a high reading and tells Samantha to leave. The Hatchet Man figure knocks him unconscious and advances on Samantha.

When Sam wakes up, he finds Samantha sitting behind the counter crying. Sam tells her that ghosts are real and can possess things, and admits that he's not from an insurance company. He tells Samantha that Jordan's ghost is trying to call Stuart, and she says that the figure took her keys and left. The windows are made of shatterproof glass to prevent thieves.

At the hospital, Dean and Dirk are comparing notes on their favorite Hatchet Man scenes. Sam calls Dean and tells him that they're dealing with Jordan' ghost and he possessed the Hatchet Man figure in the shop. Dean is thrilled that Hatchet Man is coming there.

The figurine walks down the street on Halloween night and a couple of teenagers congratulate him on his costume.

Dean draws a salt circle around Stuart and tells Dirk that monsters are real. He says that Dean should stay in the salt circle no matter what and goes to find Hatchet Man.

As Sam tries to pick the lock, Samantha says that Stuart has been stealing things that he thought was cool. she's been taking money out of his checks to make up for it, but the ghost wouldn't know that. Sam asks if Samantha has cleaning supplies.

The temperature drops in Stuart's room and the lights flicker. Dirk calls for help and runs out.

Dean gets a fire axe.

A nurse sees Hatchet Man coming down the corridor and screams. Dirk sees the ghost and calls to the ghost, saying that Stuart is their friend and Hatchet Man will have to go through him. The figure advances on him and Dirk runs.

The security guards are in their station watching a Hatchet Man movie and don't see Dirk running on the security monitors. He runs by the security room, yelling for help, and calls the elevator. Hatchet Man advances on him and the elevator doors open. Dirk gets in and the doors close just in time.

Sam mixes cleaning supplies in a lunch box to make an explosive. He puts the lunch box on the door and it explodes, taking down the door.

Dirk runs to the morgue and Dean finds him. Hatchet Man gets up off one of the gurneys.

The story of Hatchet Man was created plays on a movie preview of All Saints Day III: The Reckoning.

Dean grabs an axe and tells the ghost to either walk into the light or he'll send them there. The figure attacks Dean and knocks him back.

Sam and Samantha arrive at the hospital and Sam explains about how ghosts are linked to an object. Samantha says that the key chain belonged to Jordan and Stuart had them, and Barbara brought them back after the attack.

Hatchet man throws Dean into the drawers, picks up his axe, and prepares to hack. Dirk stabs it in the bag and the figure knocks him back. Dean grabs hatchet Man from behind, but it soon gets him a choke hold. Sam and Samantha arrive and Sam yells for the key chain. Dean grabs the key chain and tries to burn it, and Samantha gets some chemicals to burn it with. When they destroy the key chain, the ghost in Action Man burns and moves on, and the inanimate figure collapses.

Dirk wonders if it's over "just like that". Dean tells them that they're all safe and Jordan is in a better place.

As the brothers drive back to the bunker, Dean thanks Sam for getting him out of his funk and giving him a win. He then figures that he went toe-to-toe with Hatchet Man and it was awesome. Sam tells Dean that he has to stop hiding out in his room, and reminds him that he did the right thing saying yes to Michael. He says that no one blames Dean for being possessed, and Dean tells him that he's not going to get over it. However, he admits that he's not doing anyone any good by staying cooped up so he'll be there to help. Dean asks why Sam hates Halloween, and Sam finally tells him that a sixth grade girl invited him to his Halloween party. They bobbed for apples and Sam threw up on the girl because he was so nervous. Sam hid out in the woods until Dean came and find him. Dean tells him that they'll do Halloween right the next year and do matching costumes.

A guard comes into the hospital morgue. The lights go out, and he looks around and finds the figure on the floor. The voice button on its chest goes off, and it tells the guard "Trick or treat".

Written by Gadfly on Nov 2, 2018

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