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Murdoc + MacGyver + Murdoc Recap

Mac arrives home and hears Murdoc whistling. He finds the killer sitting on the couch, wearing Wilt's George Washington mask, and attacks him. Murdoc finally pulls a gun on him and asks for a glass of water, and says that he's there because he needs his help. The killer explains that his son Cassian was kidnapped by the one collective member that he didn't kill, Benjamin Liu, former member of Chinese secret police. Liu wants $5 million or Cassian dies. Liu is keeping Cassian in a highly secured place, and Murdoc needs Mac to get in. Mac refuses to help, and Murdoc shows him his phone with a video of a captive Nasha.

The team arrives at the war room in response to a text from Mac, but Mac isn't there. He calls on a blocked phone number and Murdoc greets them. Mac says that he's helping Murdoc finds his son and asks them to promise not to come looking for him. Murdoc tells them that if he will keep Mac safe as long as they don't come after him, and throws the phone out the car window. The team figures that Murdoc has Nasha, and Riley tracks the phone to Long Beach. Jack wants to head out immediately, but Matty tells him to stand down. Riley confirms that someone texted Nasha pretending to be Mac and asking her to come to LA, and Matty figures that they have to recover Nasha first.

Murdoc and Mac travel to Bogota, Colombia and go to the former Russian consulate that Liu is using. Mac figures that since it's a former consulate, there should be a secret escape tunnel. Murdoc confirms that it's been plugged for decades, and notices that the guards are gone. They walk up to the front gates and discover that they're open. There's a dead man on the floor, shot. Mac smells a chemical as they find more bodies. None of the men have their guns drawn and they find the room where Cassian was held. Mac comment that Murdoc is displaying human emotion, and suggests that Liu escaped with Cassian.

Murdoc borrows Mac's knife and pries a bullet out of one corpse's head. He then uses Cassian's juice box to clean off the bullet, recognizes the caliber, and tells Mac that his wife has Cassian.

At Phoenix, Riley has checked the phone Mac used and found a video of Nasha tied up. Riley can't trace it, and wilt finds a video of Nasha leaving LAX with Murdoc. They calculate that Murdoc had 45 minutes to stash Nasha before he met with Mac. They narrow down what kind of location Murdoc would use, and Matty tells Wilt and an impatient Jack to do a grid search starting from LAX.

Murdoc confirms that his wife Amber escaped five days ago from the Serbian prison where she was being held. He advises Mac not to talk about his marriage, and warns that Amber has a temper and could slip up and go back to prison, so Cassian isn't safe. Mac identifies the chemical as muriatic acid and goes down to the basement. They find where Amber used the acid to burn through the concrete plug. Murdoc admits that amber has the kind of patience that it would take, and they follow the tunnel to the other end.

There's a bank with surveillance cameras nearby, and Mac and Murdoc come in and claim to be business partners who want to learn more about the bank. Murdoc draws a gun on the manager and Mac asks to see their security footage. The manager brings it up and Mac gets the license plate of the car that Amber used. He then tells the manager to press the silent alarm.

The police pull up and surround the bank. Murdoc and Mac steal one of their cars and drive off, and access the license plate on the computer system. As Mac calls the police, Murdoc says that he's good and invites him to join him. Mac isn't interested and asks him why he murdered Jill rather than him. Murdoc says that he was just doing his job and wants to be Mac's Mona Lisa. The dispatcher calls back with the location of the hotel where Amber and Cassian are.

The two men go to the hotel and knock on the door. Amber shoots through it, then comes out and attacks Murdoc. Murdoc grabs her, and Mac goes into the hotel room. They fight to a standstill, and Mac comes out and says that Cassian is gone. Amber tells them that she went to get some food and when she got back, Cassian was gone. There is a note saying that the abductor would contact them in two hours.

The trio sit at a café and wait for the abductor to call. Murdoc and Amber argue until Mac says that they should focus on Cassian. Amber explains that three years in prison changed her perspective on having a son, and she promised herself that she would escape, find Cassian, and start over. The kidnapper, Liu, calls and says that the price has gone up to $30 million and should call the number when they have it.

Jack and Wilt continue their search and check with Matty. Riley figures that Murdoc used a place he was already familiar with and one of his aliases is a real estate agent in LA county, and he has a piece of property with a large warehouse. She sends Jack and Wilt the address and they hid there.

As the trio drives through Bogota, Amber figures that the only way they can get the money is to steal it. The couple identify a launderer who drives around picking up money from his clients in an armored car. They intercept the armored car and Mac pumps air into the back of the armored truck and seal the vents with burning thermite. The door breaks open from the inside as the pressure builds, and Murdoc congratulates Mac.

The trio go to a warehouse and count the money, and Amber calls Liu. Murdoc tells Mac that the whole situation could be a second chance for him and Amber, and he describes how the two of them met when they went after the same target. He wonders if prison did give Amber a change of heart, and wonders if there's a future for the three of them. Mac isn't impressed, pointing out that stable families are best. He suggest that Phoenix can help keep Cassian safe. Amber gets a location for the exchange and they head out.

Jack and Wilt arrive at the warehouse and Jack shoots the lock off the door. they use Wilt's show to set off an automatic gun that Murdoc set up, and Jack uses Wilt's other shoe to draw the fire and spot the gun. Once they locate it, Jack goes up via the roof and cut the connection on the motion sensor. However, as Jack walks away, a message flashes saying that Jack shouldn't have done it. Pumps pull the air out of Nasha's room, and Jack tells Wilt to move away from the door. He then drives the car into the cell, breaking it open, and gets Nasha out.

The trio drive to Liu's location in a stolen truck and Liu and his men pull up. Once Liu has the money, he gives them the tire plant down the road where Liu is. He invites Amber to come with him, and Amber tells Murdoc that it felt like old times and goes with the kidnapper. She tells Murdoc that if he wants Cassian, the boy is his.

Once Mac and Murdoc are alone, Murdoc shoots a nearby pallet in frustration. He tells Murdoc to get Cassian, steals a nearby truck, and drives off after Liu. He comes at them from the front and rams into Liu's SUV.

Mac runs to the tire plant and gets Cassian out of the warehouse where he's being kept.

Murdoc gets out of his truck and kills Liu's guards. He orders Amber and Liu out of the SUV, then calls Mac on the radio and confirms that Cassian is safe. Murdoc kills Liu and tells Amber that she surprised him. Amber admits that she wasn't cut out for motherhood and tells Murdoc to get it over with. Murdoc says that he won't kill her because he can't tell Cassian that he killed his mother. He warns her that if she comes near Cassian then he'll kill her. Murdoc admit that he's no father but he knows what's best for their son.

When Murdoc gets to the tire plant, Cassian hugs him. Cassian asks where his mother is, and Murdoc claim that she went on a long business trip. He tells Mac that Liu is dead and he took the money back, and says that the team freed Nasha. Murdoc talks to mac privately and says that he wants what's best for his son and offers to let Phoenix protect Cassian. Mac insist that Murdoc goes into federal custody and Murdoc agrees.

Later at Phoenix, Matty and Mac talk to the captive Murdoc. They tell him that Cassian has been placed in a foster home, and Murdoc thanks them. Matty offers to let Murdoc have supervised visits with his son as long as he's cooperative. Mac tells Murdoc that he still has a shred of humanity, and figures that Murdoc let him call Phoenix so that the team could rescue Nasha. Murdoc concedes the point and suggest that they team up again sometime, and Mac refuses. As they go, Murdoc asks Mac to tell Nasha that it was nothing personal.

That night at the house, Mac meets Nasha and they hug. She assures him that everything is going to be okay.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 3, 2018

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