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Aftermath Recap

Despite the paintings in the penthouse, Fisk stares at a blank section of wall and reminds his lawyer Lee that he was supposed to have his painting Rabbit in a Snowstorm back along with all of his belongings. Lee suggests that they can use the offense to negotiate for something else, but Fisk snaps at him to get the painting. The lawyer says that there's a challenge to Fisk's ownership claim, and Fisk tells him to bring the painting to him.

Once Lee leaves, Agent Wells turns the cameras back on and gets a radio report that they have a situation. He orders Fisk inside the penthouse and leave, and Fisk goes to his bedroom suite and goes into a hidden room below his closet. Mrs. Shelby is there, and Fisk has her show him the videos of the agents discussing the situation at the Bulletin. Fisk then views news reports about how Daredevil attacked the Bulletin staff. and smiles in satisfaction.

At the chapel, a bloody Matt tells Maggie what happened at the Bulletin. He blames himself for Jasper's death, and says that he listened to Maggie and his friends almost died. Maggie says that she's the idiot for telling him to involve his friends, and admits that she made things worse. She admits that what Matt is dealing with is beyond her experience, and all she can do his stitch his wound and keep his head clear.

Matt says that he knows she was trying to help and lets her stitch his wounds. As she works, Maggie asks Matt what would happen if he took time to let heal and let other heroes go after Fisk. Matt says that Fisk is his problem, and he doesn't know if he can beat Fisk or Dex. Maggie tells him that he won't know for sure until he finds Dex, and suggests that Matt trace the copy of the Daredevil suit that Dex wore.

The next day, Ray shows Karen and Foggy video of the costumed Dex addressing Karen by name. Karen says that she's never met the man who killed the Bulletin staff, and insists that the killer wasn't Daredevil. She tells Ray that Daredevil never kills people, and asks if he has checked any of the leads that she gave him. Ray demands to know where Matt is, pointing out that Foggy was supposed to deliver him, and Karen says that "Daredevil" killed the one guy with dirt on Fisk. She says that no one is alive to tell the world that Fisk is making a fool of the FBI. When Ray continues questioning Karen, Foggy says that he's done and takes her out.

As they leave, Foggy says that he doesn't have time to consider how he almost lost his life. The staff cell phones in evidence ring as people call to see if they're okay. Karen looks at them and blames herself, and Foggy says that Fisk did it. Karen tells him that she's going to the hospital, and Foggy steps aside to take a call from Marci.

Ray calls Seema and says that he's fine, and says that he'll be home that night and that he wasn't there when the killer attacked the Bulletin. She reminds him that they're having a family dinner that night, and Ray tells her not to cancel. Warden Riggle arrives and Ray goes to meet him.

Melvin is helping his parole officer Betsy to her car and she assures him that she can take care of herself. Once she drives off. Daredevil approaches Melvin and Melvin says that Fisk made him make the suit. The vigilante says that he's outgrown what the suit stood for and doesn't want another, and Melvin admits that he burned down his workshop. However, Fisk made him a new shop and threatened Betsy. Daredevil says that people died because Melvin helped Fisk, and asks where his new shop is.

Foggy returns home and finds Marci sleeping on the bed. He quietly closes the door and sits on the couch. Marci wakes up and goes to him, asking he's all right. Foggy finally says that he's okay but tired, and kisses Marci. After a moment she pulls him down on the couch and they make love.

Ray asks Riggle how Jasper was let out of the prison. Riggle claims that it was a bureaucratic error he didn't know about, and asks for his lawyer when Ray continues questioning him. Afterward, Ray tells Tammy that Jasper was going to say that Fisk hired Jasper to fake-attack him. Tammy prepares to call the AIDC, but Ray warns that they only have hearsay. When his superior points out that Fisk is manipulating them, Ray warns that everything that they've done will be for nothing because of Fisk's tainted testimony. He asks for two days to get the facts and promises to get Fisk if the facts prove he's guilty.

After sex, Marci says that it was better than okay and Foggy says that he didn't want to die yet. He asks Marci to marry him immediately, and Marci tells him that when he does propose she wants it from his heart. Marci goes to take a shower before her deposition, and Foggy picks up his discarded brief... and stares at the papers in shock.

At the hospital, Karen stands outside Mitchell's room and hears him talking to one of the staffer's wives. Once she leaves, Karen goes in and points out that three people died because she picked a fight. Mitchell tells her that's what they're supposed to do as reporters, and says that he's going to keep fighting and printing stories about Fisk. he tells Karen to write down everything about Daredevil and his connection to Fisk. Karen insists that the person who attacked them wasn't Daredevil, and Mitchell asks if she knows who Daredevil is. When she refuses to say, Mitchell tells her that she has to tell him. Mitchell snaps at her, saying that someone attacked his people in his house. If she isn't going to tell him the she's fired.

Melvin takes Daredevil to his new workshop and explains that Fisk made him make two. He locks Daredevil in a work cage and says that he has to report to Fisk to keep Betsy safe. Daredevil breaks out and Melvin attacks him. They fight and Daredevil hears FBI agents approaching. He pins Melvin and tells him that people are coming, and Melvin says that the FBI are supposed to find Daredevil with the suit. Daredevil tells Melvin that Fisk is tricking him and once Fisk has Daredevil, he'll kill Melvin and Betsy.

The agents breach the door and toss in a flash-bang grenade. Daredevil hides while Melvin attacks them, and then Daredevil joins in the attack with Melvin. More agents come in and tell Melvin to surrender, and Daredevil hides in the shadows. Melvin surrenders and yells out that he has to get to Betsy. While the agents arrest Melvin, Daredevil walks away.

Ray goes to the hotel and Wellers confirms that as far as they know of, Fisk is in his bedroom off of the surveillance grid. Satisfied, Ray goes to talk to Fisk.

Felix tells Fisk that Melvin is in jail and Dex is laying low. Fisk tells Felix to leave Dex be for now.

Ray enters the penthouse and goes up to the bedroom. Fisk is sitting in bed reading, and Ray says that they need to talk. Ray talks about how Fisk reminds him of a man he knew growing up who helped out people on the block. However, he used them to move drugs and they were the ones arrested. Fisk asks Ray to have a little faith in him, and says that Ray has paid the price that he asked for his cooperation. Ray asks him if he let Jasper out of prison to pay him back for fake-attacking him. Fisk doesn't answer the question and dismisses Ray, and Ray walks out.

Back at the chapel, Matt cleans up and hallucinates Fisk taunting him about giving up Melvin to the FBI. "Fisk" says that Matt isn't smart enough to beat him or Dex, and Jack Murdock was too proud to lay down just like his son. Ignoring him, Matt goes upstairs.

Betsy is picking up a parolee when Daredevil approaches her and says that Melvin has been arrested. The vigilante tells her that she need to worry about Fisk because he doesn't leave loose ends, and she shouldn't worry about Melvin. Betsy tells Daredevil that he's just the same as Fisk and they'd both take advantage of Melvin. Daredevil advises her to run and leave town if she wants to live.

Marci comes home and finds Foggy going through hundreds of papers. He says that he knows what Fisk is up to.

Karen sits in her car and calls home. Her father Paxton answers and Karen tells him that she's okay after the attack. She asks if she could come home for a while, and Paxton tells her that the timing isn't great. Karen says that she was just trying to do the right thing but it went wrong, and Paxton tells her that's what she does and hangs up.

Ray drives home while trying to get footage of Fisk being shanked. He goes inside and his family throws him a surprise party for his promotion. At the table, Seema says that they're all proud of him. She then asks to talk to Ray alone for a moment. Out in the kitchen, Seema tells Ray that he lied to him about not being at the Bulletin during the attack, and worries about what the job is doing to them. Ray says that he's just trying to keep everything together and asks how he can fix it, and Seema tells him to start with the truth.

Ray goes down to the basement to get more pop and realizes that the outside door is open. The agent goes for his gun, and Daredevil subdues him and says that he's not there to fight. After a moment, Daredevil releases Ray and says that he buried his suit and the man who attacked the Bulletin resurrected it. The vigilante says that Fisk is using the FBI and he thinks that Ray knows it, and asks who Ray thinks the danger is: Daredevil or the killer. Sami calls down and Ray tells him to stay upstairs and he needs a couple of minutes. Once Sami goes, Ray asks what Daredevil has. Daredevil says that the man who attacked the Bulletin is in the FBI. Interested, Ray tells Daredevil to keep talking.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 3, 2018

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