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Upstairs/Downstairs Recap

The costumed Dex returns to his apartment, takes the knife out of the photo on the wall, and listens to his session tapes. Mercer talks about building his life on pillars of orders and a tidy living space, and Dex vacuums up his apartment.

The next morning, Ray arrives at the office with Daredevil's words about their being a mole in the FBI. He goes over the personnel files and wonders who might be working for Fisk. Ray checks the surveillance tapes and sees Dex turn off the cameras before going in to see Fisk.

Dex jogs up to Julie and asks her to hear him out. He apologizes for how things ended the other night and scaring her, and says that he saw her as compassionate and patient with other people and talks about how he needs that now. Dex asks her to talk anywhere she chooses and promises never to bother her again if she refuses.

Daredevil meets Ray in an alley, and Ray says that he's not handing Daredevil a Federal agent just for him to kill him. The vigilante says that they both understand about how they have to give up some people for the greater good, and Ray finally tells him that it's Dex.

Dex and Julie go to a coffee shop to talk and Dex says that he wasn't stalking her but just wanted to be like her. He explains that the FBI and army kept him on a path, but without them he's lost. Dex starts gasping and Julie tells him to breath, and he asks her to treat him like a hotline caller. Julie asks him what happened at the FBI, and he claims that the Bureau needed a scapegoat. Dex says that he had a therapist and she died, and Julie agrees to help him but tells him not to make her regret it. Ray texts Dex asking to meet him that night, and Dex is unaware that he's being watched by someone via the shop's surveillance camera.

Foggy goes to Karen's place and he says that he has a theory. He figures Fisk is going to step into the void of criminals that he's creating by handing them over to the FBI. When Foggy says that he has a plan, Karen warns that Fisk has already anticipated him. Foggy explains that he came across Fisk's plan from one of Marci's briefs about a corrupt IRS agent, and asks her to do one more article. He shows Karen the terms of Fisk's house incarceration and says that they can show he violated them by conspiring to commit a crime. Karen points out that Fisk killed his father, but Foggy warns that they have no one living that can confirm the story. He insists that the FBI can't ignore their claims if the Bulletin publishes them, and Karen can report Foggy making the claims when he debates Blake at the Hell's Kitchen Club. Karen admits that it might work, but Mitchell fired her for not telling him who Daredevil really is. Foggy figures that Mitchell will rehire Karen once she explains their plan to get Fisk.

Fisk watches on his monitor screens as two "painters" kill Julie

Dex arrives at the FBI office to meet with Ray. Ray takes him to a conference room where a woman, attorney Andrea Morales, is waiting. Andrea says that she can get sue the FBI over Dex's suspension, and Ray says that Dex never has to thank him after he saved Ray's life and the others.

That night, Daredevil breaks into Dex's apartment and lets Ray in. Ray warns that everything he has on Dex is circumstantial, and finds the damaged photo and the spot where Dex punched the wall. Daredevil smells the duplicate costume and opens the safe in Dex's closet. He safecracks the lock but discover that Dex has moved the suit. Ray warns that they have no evidence, and Daredevil listens to the therapy tape.

Andrea and Dex discuss Dex's case and Andrea says that they'll get Dex back on the job in six months. He wonders what he'll do, and Andrea assures him that he has a bright future in the Bureau. She steps out to take a call and Dex texts Julie. She apparently sends a message saying that she never wants to see him again and blocks his number.

Ray and Daredevil listen to the therapy tapes and how a young Dex says that he killed small animals and liked it. Daredevil hears Dex coming and says that he's going to get Dex to tell him where the suit is. Dex hears them talking and removes some crystals from a nearby lamp, and then goes in. He finds the therapy tapes on the table and the safe open.

Daredevil and Ray go to an apartment across the alleyway, and Dex sees them and opens fire. They take cover and Dex continues shooting. Daredevil tosses a newspaper up in the air to draw De's fire, and tells Ray that Dex only has three more shots and he'll draw his fire. Once Dex fires and reloads, Ray runs out and Dex goes across the alleyway and up the fire escape. Daredevil knocks him back and goes for the roof, blocking Dex's throw with a hubcap.

Ray runs down the stairwell, avoiding the police when they come to investigate the gunshots. The police find Dex and yell at him to surrender. He tells them to check his FBI ID and says that two armed suspects broke into his home.

On the roof, Daredevil plays the therapy tape he took with him and then leaves.

Karen sits outside the Bulletin and watches the protestors holding up signs against Daredevil. She finally drives off.

At the Club, Foggy calls Karen and gets her voicemail.

Karen goes to the hotel, and Lim and Wellers intercept her. They say that she can't talk to Fisk and she has to negotiate with Fisk's lawyers. Karen says that she's writing a story on Fisk's mother and invites them to call the lawyers while she waits.

Blake gives his speech accepting the Club's endorsement, and Foggy speaks up noting that Blake signed off on Fisk's deal. He insists that he's a member and one man, Gerlach, warns that Foggy is just pissing people off holding up dessert. Foggy explains that he's running his own write-in campaign to hold Blake responsible, and asks Blake if he's running away from responsibility for Fisk's parole. Blake says that Fisk's situation is under Federal jurisdiction, and Foggy asks if he can prosecute Fisk for current crimes. The lawyer says that Fisk is eliminating his competition using the government, and has the files to prove it.

Blake says that he's been prosecuting and knows that Foggy needs proof. Foggy tells the audience that he's still passionate about the law, notices that Karen's seat is empty, and walks out.

After talking to the lawyers, Wellers takes Karen to Fisk. Fisk comes down and Karen says that the opulence he's living in is offensive. He invites her to sit down and once she does, Karen says that he could write an article about his mother. Fisk brings up Ben, and Karen says that she was there when Ben talked to Fisk's mother and she said that Fisk murdered his father with a hammer. She wonders if there's any part of Fisk that isn't broken, and Fisk finally tells her that he let her in because he has a few questions of his own. Fisk asks her at what point did Karen learn about Matt's secret life. He reads Karen's reaction on her face and thanks her, and Karen asks him what it was like for Fisk when Wesley disappeared. She wonders how Fisk reacted, and says that Wesley died quickly and didn't suffer much. Karen tells Fisk that he should be worried about her because she killed Wesley.

Fisk screams in frustration, and the FBI agents come in and restrain Karen. Lim escorts Fisk upstairs, and Foggy arrives behind the FBI agents. He leaves with Karen and admits that he told the FBI agents that Karen was going to kill Fisk. Karen says that she had Fisk and Foggy ruined it, and Foggy tells her not to turn into Matt on her. She tells Foggy that she based her plan on what Foggy said, and Foggy admits that it was a good plan except for the part where Fisk kills her. He warns her that Fisk will send people after her.

The police give Ben a copy of the report for his insurance and leave. Ben throws it away and burns the tapes. There's a knock at the door. It's Felix, who tells Dex to come with him.

In his car, Ray calls his wife and claims that he's staying late to review charges against the Albanians. Once he hangs up, he bandages up the wound in his side where Dex hit him earlier. He then calls Tammy at home and says that they need to talk.

Felix takes Dex to Fisk's surveillance room at the hotel and Dex tells Fisk that Ray knows. Fisk knows and says that they'll take care of it, and tells Dex that he needs to release his rage and a primal scream is the only way to effectively release it. Dex screams in rage, and Fisk hugs him.

At the chapel, Matt ad Maggie listen to the therapy tape that he took. Matt admits that Dex's background is a lot like his, but he's nothing like the agent. He tells Maggie that he could have killed Dex but blew it, and wonders how many people will die because he let Ray handle it. Maggie goes upstairs and prays to Jack to watch over their son Matt.

Matt hears her talking and collapses to his knees.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 4, 2018

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