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Revelations Recap

Matt finds Lathom at a pool hall and asks if he knew that Maggie was Matt's father. Lathom says that he couldn't tell Matt even when he wanted to, and he hoped Maggie would tell Matt. Matt is angry that Lathom hid the one thing that could have changed everything from him. The priest admits that they let Matt believe that he was alone in the world, and says that Maggie dedicated her life to making amends.


Years ago, three initiate nuns including Maggie go to a fight ring where Jack is fighting. Jack asks Maggie to get him some water so he can take down his opponent, and figured that Maggie wouldn't drug his water since she's nun. He goes back into the ring and fights his opponent as Maggie watches, and tends to him between rounds.

Later, Maggie and Jack have sex in Jack's apartment.

Nine months later, Maggie is sitting in the apartment staring into space as a baby Matt cries. Jack comes in and comforts his son, and then asks what is wrong with Maggie.

Later, Lathom and the two nuns come to see Maggie at the apartment and take her back to the church. Jack is holding Matt and looks at Maggie as she goes.


Matt tells Lathom that all of their conversations about truth seem like lies now that he knows Maggie is his mother. He tells Lathom "Shame on you" and leaves.

Ray sits in his car and feels the blood seeping from his side wound. He then meets with Winn at Tammy's house and she lets them in. Once Tammy's daughter Allison leaves for school, the three agents sit down and Winn begins the interview. Ray says on the record that he believes Fisk is in a criminal encouragement and has manipulated the FBI into eliminating his competition, and has corrupted Dex. He reveals that Dex shot him and tells Winn that the OPR needs to start an investigation into Fisk and Dex. Ray takes responsibility for what happened under his watch and Tammy wasn't involved, and Tammy places Ray on administrative leave effective immediately., and Ray hands over his badge and gun. Tammy then uses Ray's gun to shoot Winn dead, shouts for the benefit of Winn's tape to put the gun down, then shuts off the recorder and tells Ray that he brought it into her house. She aims the gun at him and tells him to sit, and a shocked ray does so. Felix comes in, bags the gun with Ray's prints on it, and asks if Ray understands the situation. Ray tells Tammy that he does, and she says that Fisk his boss and gives him his badge back.

At Karen's apartment, Karen prepares to run after Fisk's people come after her. Foggy advises her to make herself public like she did, but Karen refuses and says that she betrayed Matt. She explains that Fisk knows that Matt is Daredevil because of her, and Foggy gives her some money to run with. They hug and Foggy says that they'll get through it somehow.

Maggie talks to an orphan, Marcus, about his adoptive family and assures him that he'll be a part of the church's family as well. Lathom comes in and tells her that Matt knows, and she goes to the basement. Matt is gone, having left his crucifix behind, and Maggie breaks into tears clutching at his bed.

Matt breaks into the closed Fogwell's Gym and imagines Jack there talking to him. Matt says that knowing his mother doesn't change a thing.

At home, Ray takes a shower and feels his wound. Seema knocks on the door and says that Ray has a visitor from work. He dresses and finds Dex showing Sami how to throw a curve ball. Ray sends Sami to his room to get ready for school, and Seema assures Dex that he's always welcome there after saving Ray's life. The two men go out on the porch and Dex says Fisk wants Ray alive and Daredevil brought to him. Ray says that he doesn't know where Daredevil is or who he is, but Dex doesn't believe him and tells him to change his shirt while he covers with Seema.

At Marci's place, Foggy is working on the sink when Marci comes in. He says that he's not going to quit and Marci talks about how successful his campaign for DA is. Marci has a video of Foggy at the Club and says that it's had 100,000 views in the last 24 hours but Blake hasn't responded. Foggy realizes that he could actually win, and Marci tells him that he can then make nailing Fisk his priority.

At the office, Ray calls Daredevil and says that Fisk is doing something and he'll call when he has specifics. Once he hangs up, he tells Dex that it's done.

"Jack" admits that it's a shitty way for Matt to find out, and says that it was Maggie's choice not tell Matt after he died. Matt accuses Jack of letting him down because he chose his ego over his son. Jack insists that he lived up to a code of being a man, and accuses Matt of doing the same thing. Matt denies it, but Jack says that there's something wrong with both of them. His son insists that he doesn't throw fights and lets other people suffer because of a code, and tells Jack that he's going to kill Fisk.

Maggie takes the orphans outside the church, and Karen approaches her. The nun says that Matt is gone and won't be back, and explains that Matt learned the truth that she's his mother. Maggie says that she was a danger to Matt when she gave him up due to her post partum depression, and at the time she believed that she was betraying God. She thought she had sinned so sinned again by abandoning her child. Maggie explains that eventually she realized that she was a coward for not telling Matt, and God sent him to her to show her what had become of her child... and she failed to make things right. She tells Karen that when she finds Matt, he'll need a friend. Karen says that Fisk knows about Matt and she wanted to warn him before she ran, and Maggie offers to help her hide and find a safer place for Matt.

Tammy tells all of the agents that Dex has been reinstated. Dex thanks them and says that he'll pay Ray back someday for everything he did.

At Nelson Meats, the Nelson family watches Foggy's video. Theo comes out and asks to talk to Foggy privately. Once they're alone, Theo tells him to take back everything that Foggy said about Fisk. He admits that some of his suppliers stopped taking their money and Red Lion Bank called to help them out. The old suppliers came back, and Felix talked to Theo. Unless Theo could convince Foggy to take back what he said, Red Lion would take back the loan. Theo and their parents will go to jail if anyone examines the loan application.

Tammy takes Ray to a conference room where McMurdy and five other agents in Fisk's pay are waiting. One of the rules is that they only refer to Fisk by his codename: Kingpin. Tammy hands out assignments for them to hit Fisk's rival organizations. Soon, the FBI arrest more men and Ben beats one of the men, John Hammer, before taking him away. The FBI make other arrests as well, including Everett Starr and Rosalie Carbone.

Back at the hotel, Dex tells the surveillance team on Fisk that their shift is over early on Hartley's orders. Ray and Tammy go up in the elevator and Ray asks Tammy what Fisk has on her. Tammy says that she killed Winn to save Ray's life, and insists that there's no way out for any of them. She explains that Fisk manipulated Ray's medical situation with his sister-in-law to make sure that Ray ended up in his control. Ray tells her to get her family to somewhere safe.

The two agents meet with Fisk, who greets Ray. Fisk has Ray remove his monitor bracelet and they leave. They go to the parking garage where the other FBI agents are waiting, and Dex is at the wheel of a SUV. They get in and Dex drives off.

Matt is punching a bag when Ray calls and tells him that Fisk has left the apartment and Dex is taking him to meet with other crime bosses. He texts Matt the meeting address and hangs up, and goes inside. Fisk tells Dex to be ready because Daredevil will come even though he knows that it's a trap.

When Matt gets the address, "Jack" warns Matt that Ray is a traitor. He warns Matt that he's too mad to think straight, and points out that Maggie left them both because they're cursed. Jack tells Matt that he puts on the mask because it lets him let the Devil out. "Fisk" replaces him and says that Matt is nothing, and Matt beats him and then breaks his neck before walking out.

The crime bosses meet at the restaurant, including the ones that the FBI arrested earlier, and Rosalie figures that the Feds want something. Fisk comes in and says that it's an opportunity.

Matt enters the hotel restaurant through the kitchen.

Fisk sits down at the table and offers the bosses his protection from investigations from the Federal government in return for 20% of everything they take in. Starr figures that Fisk wants to get their confession on tape so he can get more leverage with the FBI. Dex-as-Daredevil kills Starr and Fisk says that the "tax" is now 25%. The other bosses quickly give in.

Matt goes to the hotel's electrical room and shuts off the power.

Dex signals to Fisk that there's no sign of Daredevil, and accuses Ray of tipping the vigilante off. Ray insists that he said exactly what he was told to say, and Fisk orders them to leave with him.

Daredevil goes up the stairs and hides as the FBI agents go past him. He gets to Fisk's penthouse and finds the secret door to the surveillance room. Daredevil enters it and finds Mrs. Shelby there. She asks if he's going to kill her, and Daredevil says that he isn't going to kill her. Shelby thanks god and says that Fisk will be back in a few minutes. The power comes back on and Fisk's orders come in by radio saying for the FBI to keep the NYPD clear of the church, and Shelby tells Daredevil that Fisk wants Karen killed.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 4, 2018

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