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Ahimsa Recap

Supergirl is unconscious in Lena's protective exo-suit, and Brainiac-5 warns that Supergirl's pulse is erratic. Alex tells Brainiac-5 and Lena to work together to get the atmosphere cleaned of Kryptonite. James wants to go out as Guardian, but Lena warns him that he'll be arrested and Alex agrees. Alex goes out after Hank, who says that Supergirl came to him for help and he turned her down. He wonders if he made a mistake refusing to fight and tells Alex that he almost lost his temper at the anti-alien rally. Hank asks Alex how she's managing as DEO director, and she assures him that she's good. She suggests that Hank search for Otis and Mercy telepathically.

At a DEO desert facility, Otis goes in and bypasses the security using Jensen's codes. He finds a container with a parasite and removes it.

Supergirl wakes up and panics, and Alex tells her that she's fine. Alex explains what happened and that the suit is keeping Supergirl alive. After a moment, Supergirl gets control of herself and asks what happened.

Mercy, Robert, and Jensen take out the DEO's alien prisoners Kopy and Hellgrammite with the help of a guard. He tells Mercy to make it look convincing when she wounds him, and she shoots him dead to eliminate any loose ends.

After Alex explains the situation, Supergirl wants to get out of the suit but her foster sister warns her that the suit only has enough energy to filter out the kryptonite in her system and she can't fight. An agent calls Alex out and says that there's been an incident at the desert site and one turned agent is dead.

Hank returns home and Manchester Black emerges from the shadows and asks how Hank knows Fiona. He says that he's Fiona's fiancé and wonders what Hank's interest is in her. He grabs Hank, who warns Manchester not to push him. Hank's eye flare red and Manchester realizes that he's an alien. Hank gives him the name of Petrocelli, the officer that Fiona was looking into him. Manchester says that he'll check out Petrocelli and has some tricks of his own.

Agent Liberty has Kopy and Hellgrammite strung up and works with an alien parasite. When the aliens call him a coward in a mask, Agent Liberty removes his mask and says that the mask signifies that he's just a part of something much greater. He removes the parasite from the container and says that it will restore the planet to its rightful inhabitants. Agent Liberty uses the parasite, placed in a device, to take control of their minds.

Alex sits in the locker room and centers herself. She then goes out and tells the agents that two of their agents have turned and says that if the others should waver, they should remember why they signed up.

Manchester finds Petrocelli at a bar and says that he lost a job to an alien. Petrocelli agrees that it's disgusting and they share a toast.

Hank is in his apartment meditating and confesses that he feels his anger when he tries to reach out telepathically. He asks his father to show him what he seeks, and he sees an image of Fiona.

Manchester and Petrocelli go out and Petrocelli says that something major is happening tonight at an address and Mercy is involved. Petrocelli passes out and Hank arrives. Manchester tells him that Petrocelli mentioned Mercy's name, and Hank figures that Mercy is holding Fiona captive. Hank explains that he's a telepath and Mercy is reaching out to him and they go to the address.

Hank calls Alex and gives her the address. Supergirl insists on going with her, saying that Alex needs her help. Alex tells her to do what she says and walks off.

A group of mind-controlled Kopy duplicates take over a police station at the address. The DEO arrives and attacks the men, and Supergirl flies in despite Alex's orders. The copies take Supergirl down, but Hank arrives and knocks them away after they damage Supergirl's suit. Manchester joins the fight and takes down ne copy, putting power-dampening bracelets and taking him to Hank. The alien mutters the word "Ahmisa" and a shocked Manchester realizes that it's Fiona and runs after the alien as he escapes.

At CatCo, James and Nia watch a news report about the attack on the station.

Braianiac-5 tells Alex that Supergirl is fine but thirty more seconds and her suit would have stopped filtering the Kryptonite. Manchester introduces himself to Alex, and he explains that Mercy and Otis are using Fiona to control the Kopies. President Baker calls Alex and complains about Alex's incompetence. He says that Supergirl doesn't leave the DEO unless he gives the order, and tells Alex that her job is to make the public feel safe. An aide whispers something to him, and Baker abruptly tells Alex that will be all.

The next day at the DEO, Brainiac-5 tells Lena that they're wasting their time filtering the Kryptonite out of the atmosphere. He snaps at Lena, who realizes that he's crying. Brainiac-5 is shocked to discover that he is and says that he has feelings, and Lena assures him that she's feeling intense rage because her technology were stolen and are being used to hurt people. Braianic-5 wonders how she deals with the emotions, and Lena tells him how to box his rage away so they can clean the atmosphere. After a moment, Brainiac-5 says that he's done it and comes up with a way to reprogram nanite to filter the Kryptonite out of the air.

Alex tells Supergirl that she's supposed to stay at the DEO, and says that now that she's the director everything that happens is on her. Supergirl refuses to use her own judgment, and Alex tells her to obey orders if she wants to continue working there.

Mercy tells Ben that they'll kill Supergirl. He says that their plans are small and they need to make people fear for their children.

Alex tells her agents to find Fiona, and Braniac-5 explains about their plan.

Manchester tells Hank that "ahmisa" is a Hindu word for non-violence. He explains that he was a football hooligan when he met Fiona, and she showed Manchester non-violent ways: ahmisa. When the gang found out that Fiona was an alien, Manchester told her to go to the states so she'd be safe. Hank sees a ring that Manchester is wearing and remembers it from his telepathic scan. Manchester explains that Fiona has a matching one, and Hank says that he can use it to establish a link with her.

Nia finds James out on the balcony and says that what they do is important. She advises him not to go out as Guardian and feels that something bad will happen if he does. James tells her that heroes go out even when they know something bad will happen.

The next day, Hank uses the rings to establish a telepathic link with Fiona. Manchester is with him and talks to her. Hank remembers telling Supergirl that he can't fight, disrupting the connection. Fiona explains that they're using a parasite to control her telepathy to control other aliens, and they have her near some kind of a crowd. She describes sweets and music, and then Hank loses the telepathic connection.

At the DEO, Hank tells Alex what happened and how he always loses his telepathy when he remembers turning his back on Supergirl. Alex says that everything is her fault since she's become director, and Hank says that he trusted his gut and she needs to do the same. She assures him that he's exactly who his father saw he would be. Hank wonders how they reconcile who they are with who they want to be, and Alex says that they forgive herself. She tells Hank that he has to learn how to fight without raising a sword, and promises to find Fiona and the people who took her.

Brainiac-5 cross-references the information Hank provides and determines that Fiona is at the National City Fair. As the agents mobilize, Alex asks Brainiac-5 what the odds are of them winning without Supergirl. Brainiac-5 says that Supergirl can win if she can handle the fight, but warns that the atmosphere isn't clear of Kryptonite.

Alex goes to Supergirl and tells her that she needs Supergirl out there with her. She admits that she was scared of letting everybody down so she tried to stick to the rules. Alex figures that she has to trust her instincts and Supergirl's, and warns that it's a risk. Supergirl agrees but says that she can handle it.

At the fair, Mercy and Otis enter the Fair and Jensen tells them over the radio that the aliens are in position. As Alex, Hank, and Manchester arrive, Hellgrammite confronts a child.

In his office, James hears a report about the Fair, looks at Nia, and walks out.

Supergirl arrives and tells Hellgrammite to drop the child. He attacks Supergirl and she knocks him down. Alex and Guardian attack the Kopy duplicates, and Brainiac-5 and Lena tells Supergirl to back off because the air isn't clear. Hellgrammite leaps onto a Ferris wheel and Supergirl goes after him.

Manchester and Hank find the van where Jensen is holding Fiona. Jensen sees them and starts to drive off.

Hellgrammite throws quills into Supergirl's suit and she collapses as her power is diverted to life support. Alex shoots the suit with her energy gun, recharging it, and Supergirl knocks Hellgrammite unconscious. The suit locks down as the suit's power systems fail. Mercy and Otis see her go down and go after her.

Jensen removes the parasite from the system controlling Fiona.

Otis threatens to shoot Supergirl, and Mercy asks Alex why she's protecting aliens. Mercy insists that they have to sell fear to people. Brainiac-5 confirms that the atmosphere is cleared and reroutes power from the suit's life support. Hellgrammite kills Mercy and Otis, and Supergirl removes her helmet.

Manchester frees the dying Fiona. Hank says that he can take away her pain and Manchester tells him to do it. Fiona makes Manchester promise not to be angry and says that she loves him. Manchester promises that he'll look after her and she dies. Manchester takes her ring and looks at Hank.

Back at the DEO, the agents all congratulates Alex on the job that she did. Alex says that they won because of them, just as Colonel Lauren Haley arrives. Haley says that Baker sent her to oversee Alex given how she disobeyed orders, and says that she'll be there as long as it takes.

Lena meets with James, who says that there have been no charges and the cops might deputize guardian. Nia comes in and tells him that he's trending in a bad way. The news is portraying him as a Guardian of Liberty, crushing the aliens.

Kara buys pies from the pie and shares them with Alex. They discuss Haley and how she wouldn't be there if she hadn't gone out. Alex says that they followed their instincts and did the right thing, and Kara assures her that she's got Alex's back.

Manchester buys a lot of weapons from a dealer.

Once they're sure that the atmosphere is clear of Kryptonite, a Kasnian soldier frees the Supergirl doppelganger from her protective cell and she goes back to training.

Jensen tells Ben that Mercy and Otis are dead and Supergirl is back. Ben tells him that the only things that mattes is the cause. He then puts a parasite on Jensen and it crawls into his ear.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 5, 2018

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