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Karen Recap


At a college party, Karen is dancing with her shirt off and pours alcohol into an ice sculpture for another girl to shoot. They then eat a cracker and kiss as everyone cheers, and an emo senior motions Karen over. They go to a bedroom and senior complains that his professor called his thesis dull. Karen sniffs coke and collects his money for her writing his thesis. Once he leaves, another student comes in looking to buy coke. When Karen demands $100, the student grabs the coke from her hand and shoves her on the bed. Karen punches him and as the student prepares to hit her back, Karen's boyfriend Todd Neiman comes in and pins the student to the wall. He forces the student to hand the coke back and apologize to Karen, and then leaves with her.

Later at their trailer, Karen counts out their money and they kiss and fall on the bed.

The next morning, Karen's phone rings. It's her employer, and Karen says that she overslept. She gets dressed and drives to the diner, Penny's Place, in the small town of Fagan Corners. Karen checks herself in the rearview mirror and goes in, then joins her brother Kevin in the kitchen. Kevin tells her to claim that she was picking up pastries. Their father Paxton comes in and Karen claims she was picking up pastries. Paxton tells her to get the diner prepped for the day.

Chief Bernie Cohen arrives at the door to get his morning breakfast, and Karen gives Karen the order. He says that Paxton is out getting the delivery, but Karen points out that it already came for the week. She goes out and discovers that Paxton has bought a new grill and it's being delivered. Paxton says that he doesn't need her permission, and Karen points out that they don’t have the money. She tells the driver, Jake, that they have to send it back but Paxton refuses and signs the papers. Paxton assures Karen that they'll figure something out and Karen goes back inside.

Karen takes Bernie his food, and he complains about the service. He points out that her nose is bleeding into his eggs, and asks if she's okay. Karen goes back in the kitchen to get fresh eggs, and Kevin suggests that she sober up. She snaps at him and walks out.

Later, Karen takes out the garbage and Kevin approaches her. She figures that Kevin is riding her and sarcastically says that he's saved her. Kevin shows her a letter saying that he deferred so that Karen could get out of Fagan Corners and go to college.

That night at the trailer, Todd and Karen shoot at rocks and Todd asks her if she's going to go. He says that Paxton should stop buying stuff and putting expenses on her, and suggests she let the diner go under. Karen points out that it's all Paxton has of his wife, and suggests that she work for him full time and they'd have enough money to go anywhere they want.

Paxton calls Karen and asks her to come to the diner. When she gets there, she finds Kevin there. Paxton says that he just wanted her there for dinner and says that they're celebrating her going to college. When Paxton goes back in the kitchen, Kevin tells Karen that she's going to Georgetown. Paxton joins them and Karen tells him that she can't go because she's letting her boredom affect her work and she runs around with Todd. Karen angrily tells him that she's the one keeping the diner afloat, and her mother Penny hated the place but stayed because she loved Paxton. She goes over to wall where a framed unused lottery ticket that Penny bought is hanging, takes it down, and scratches it off to confirm that it's a loser.

Karen goes out in the parking lot and drinks. Todd pulls up they hug. Kevin comes out and says that Karen can't leave, and Todd tells him that he shouldn't have sent the college letter. When Kevin threatens to tell Bernie that Todd sells, Todd shoves him until Karen breaks it up. She tells Kevin to go inside and leaves with Todd. They park outside of town and Todd sets up some line of coke, and Karen uses it and drinks. Todd tells her to take it easy but Karen keeps drinking.

They drive to the trailer and find it on fire. Kevin is thee and yells at Todd to get away from Karen. Todd punches him and shoves Karen away when she tries to intervene. He grabs a tire iron and beats Kevin, and Karen tries to stop him. Todd slaps her away and Karen gets his gun and fires a warning shot in the air. When Todd doesn't stop, Karen shoots him in the arm and she gets into Kevin's truck with her brother. They drive off and Karen yells at Kevin, saying that he ruined everything. Kevin tells her that he had already lost Penny and wasn't going to lose her. Distracted, Karen crashes the truck. When she wakes up, she realizes that Kevin is dead.

Later, Bernie secures the crash scene and Paxton arrives. He convinces the chief to say that only Kevin was there. The next morning at the diner, Paxton tells Karen what he did and tells her to leave town because he doesn't want her there.


At the church basement, Karen goes through her things and finds her family photo. She hears someone coming and hides, and Lathom arrives with food for her. He says that Maggie called and would have some options for Karen by the end of the day. Lathom invites Karen to come up for Mass, realizing that he's a troubled soul. He sits down and tells Karen about how Matt came to see him about how he hid who Matt's mother was. The priest says that he believes that anyone can be redeemed and repeats his invitation.

Dex and Fisk receive word that Karen is at the church, and the order goes out to Fisk's FBI agents to keep the NYPD away. Fisk says that he let Wesley get close to him and Dex is like him in many ways, and Karen murdered him. Now Fisk wants Dex to kill Karen and Dex tells him to consider it done.

Shelby tells Daredevil that Fisk wants Karen dead.

Lathom greets the congregation for Mass, while Karen out in the hallway.

Shelby sees Fisk and his men arrive in the parking lot via the surveillance cameras, and warns Daredevil that he'll never have another chance to kill Fisk.

Ray drives Dex-as-Daredevil to the church. They pull up outside and Dex goes inside.

Daredevil tells Shelby to do what she has to and leaves.

Karen goes upstairs and listens to Lathom talking about how they stronger because they won't accept that they're weak. He says that he's grateful to them for accepting him as one of their own, and Dex calls Karen out. Dex takes out several men and the other parishioners try to get out but discover the doors are locked. Karen steps out and announces herself, and Daredevil arrives and attacks Dex. They fight, Daredevil trying to stay close to negate Dex's range advantage.

Dex knocks Daredevil out and turns back to Karen. He throws at a baton at Karen, and Lathom steps in the way. Daredevil recovers and throws Dex to the floor, and Lathom whispers Matt's name, asking him to forgive them as he dies. Dex knocks the distracted Daredevil away and they fight, and Karen whispers that she can get everyone out if he keeps Dex away from the nave. Daredevil hears her and knocks Dex away, and Dex throws candles and hymnals at him.

Karen starts to get the parishioners out, and Dex grabs a statue shard and prepares to throw it at her. Daredevil kicks him into a confessional, and Karen tells the parishioners to leave once she distracts Dex. She runs out and Dex throws a hymnal at her, and Daredevil knocks his aim off just in time. The parishioners get out and Dex beats Daredevil until Karen yells at him. Dex throws rosary beads at her and Karen takes cover before running into the back.

The former reporter runs up to the balcony and hides. Dex comes up and calls to her, and Daredevil arrives and attacks him. Dex takes the weakened vigilante down and beats him, and Karen knocks him off the balcony with a crozier. Dex crashes on the floor below and Karen goes to Daredevil. When she looks over the balcony, she discovers that Dex is gone and cradles Daredevil in her arms.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 5, 2018

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