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Level Two Recap

On Level 2, Oliver sits alone as the lights flicker and a high-pitched tone fills the air. They stop, and psychiatrist Dr. Jarrett Parker comes in and introduces himself. He apologizes for the discomfort but says that he has to determine Oliver's mental state and is there to conduct his psychiatric evaluation.

Parker starts by asking Oliver his name. Oliver says that he doesn't belong there and explains that Diaz tried to kill his family and someone on Level 2 has a connection to him. Parker asks what Oliver plans to do with that person, and says that he's trying to prevent Oliver from hurting anyone else. He reminds Oliver of all the people that he's hurt and murdered, and asks if he has violent tendencies. Oliver says that he's trying to protect his family. Parker hands Oliver a family of Felicity and William and says that they'll unpack it more later.

Felicity asks Silencer where Diaz is, but Silencer refuses to say and warns Felicity that she doesn't know what's coming. Rene talks to Felicity privately and she says that she'll do whatever is necessary to find out Diaz's location. He warns that he was discharged from the Navy for what he did to a prisoner, and he still has nightmares of what he did. Rene says that torture is evil, and Felicity warns that Diaz won't stop until they're all dead. His cell phone alarm goes off, and he says he has a town hall meeting with Dinah and they'll talk about it later.


Roy and William arrive in Star City and the GPS coordinates on the tracker change. They figure that Felicity is responsible and follow the new coordinates.


Rene and Zoe arrive at the community center for the meeting, and Zoe goes into a room to study for a test.

In a nearby room, a man rigs several bombs and puts them into the air vent.

Dinah and Rene listen as the people complain about how Green Arrow is more responsive than the police. They insist that Star City was better off with the vigilantes.

The bomber tells another man that they're set and lights the fuse on the bombs.

Smoke drifts into the back of the community room, and Dinah and Rene evacuate everyone. Rene goes to get Zoe and finds her on the floor. Green Arrow drops in, grabs the unconscious Zoe, and takes her out. Rene finds her outside and everyone looks up to see Green Arrow departing across the rooftops.

The next morning, Mayor Pollard says that the police suspect Green Arrow was involved. At the hospital, ARGUS, Diggle and Curtis watch the newscast with Rene. Rene says that Green Arrow is a hero, and explains that Schwartz is holding Zoe there for observation. Outside, Diggle wonders who started the fire. Dinah arrives and says that the perp used the same accelerants used in other fires, including one on the night of the CDC break-in. Diggle and Curtis go to handle an ARGUS crisis, and Dinah tells Rene that they'll find the arsonist and Green Arrow. He figures that Pollard wants to lock up Green Arrow to improve her public image, and offers to help Dinah find the arsonist. Dinah promises that she'll find the arsonist but needs to restore the public's faith in the SCPD. She asks Rene to have faith in her and he agrees.

Parker returns to Oliver's cell and Oliver refuses to answer any of his questions. A guard injects Oliver with a drug and Parker tells him that he doesn't have to fight. He asks when Oliver went from a playboy millionaire to Green Arrow. Oliver hallucinates being with his father Robert and Hackett in the lifeboat after the Gambit went down, and Robert killing himself. Parker asks what became of Hackett, and Oliver says that Robert killed Hackett to make sure that there was enough food for Oliver. The psychiatrist says that Robert was a killer and condemned Oliver to the same vicious cycle paying for his crimes.

Felicity comes to see Laurel and says that she has a case. She asks if Laurel would be interested in seeing justice done for Silencer, and Dinah admits that Felicity is more interesting than she thought.

Rene brings Zoe some fruit, and she wonders why he's not out looking for the arsonist. There's a fire at the lofts and Zoe tells him that he has to go. Rene arrives and finds Green Arrow there, and the vigilante says that Jon Cortez got away. Dinah arrives, aiming her gun at Green Arrow, and Rene gets in her way and tells the vigilante to go. She arrests Rene for tampering with her investigation.

Parker visits Oliver and finds him meditating. After the guards give Oliver an injection, Oliver says that Robert had to make an impossible choice, and Parker asks him how William would feel about that. He points out that the children of offenders are more likely to end up in prison, and asks if William has a good life. The psychiatrist wonders if Oliver worries that William will become a killer like him, and says that Oliver's promise to Robert has tainted him and William. He tells Oliver that he has to let go of the past, and Oliver tells him to go to hell. Parker tells the guards to prepare the machine.

Felicity takes Dinah to the factory where she's been holding Silencer, and Dinah questions the prisoner. Silencer says that she's in way over her head, and Dinah tells her that Diaz only knows loyalty to himself and will kill Silencer if she gets in her way. The prisoner doesn't believe her and Dinah uses her sonic scream on her.

Diggle visits Dinah and says that Rene called him. She tells him that Rene broke the law and says that there circumstances have changed and they can't violate the FBI's immunity deal. Diggle wonders if there's something more, and says that family helps them through. Dinah talks about how she had to move on and be a different kind of hero for Star City. Diggle suggests that sometimes they need vigilantes and law enforcement working together, and points out that Quentin worked with vigilantes. Dinah refuses to trust a stranger, and Diggle gives her a file on Cortez that Rene asked her to put together and leaves.


Roy and William arrive at the abandoned Smoak Tech and William wonders why Felicity doesn't contact him directly. He activates a screen and brings up a system schematic, and activates it. As a compartment opens, policemen come in and ask why they're there. A hooded woman attacks the men and takes them out, and then reveals that she's Dinah and says that Roy shouldn't have come back there.

Dinah goes to Rene's cell and tells him that his intel was good and asks him to work with her temporarily. She says that the SCPD can't get justice for the Glades on I own, and says that Cortez has been receiving regular payment from Patbane Holdings. It's a shell company that has been buying the torched-up properties, and they need to find out who owns Patbane.

Laurel tells Felicity that Silencer isn't cooperating and if Laurel keeps trying, she'll kill Silencer and they'll have nothing. Felicity prepares to torture Silencer, and Laurel says that Diaz aught her patient. Laurel warns that if Felicity crosses that line, it'll be hard to go back. She goes for Silencer, and Laurel stops her and says that she took revenge when she lost her Quentin and Oliver and the darkness swallowed her. Felicity admits that she doesn't know what to do, and Laurel tells her that they need to play the long game.


Dinah takes Roy and William through the sewers to her base, and explains that the police would have killed Roy because he was a former vigilante just like they would have killed her. She says that it's been a long time since she was a captain. Dinah tells them that the Glades rose up and built a wall, and the SCPD are hired guns that protect the Glades from everything outside the wall. William shows them a Rubik cube that he got from Felicity's compartment.


Parker has Oliver strapped into a machine and explains that it's electrical therapy that targets the sections of the brain that contain the greatest fears. He turns up the voltage and tells Oliver not to fight it. Oliver remembers Robert telling him to survive the ordeal so he can go back to Star City and avenge him. Oliver imagines William on the boat with him, and Parker asks Oliver what he would have told Oliver if William had been on the rat. Oliver imagines telling William that he's going to have an amazing life, and making him promise to forget about Oliver and live his life.

Parker hears Oliver say that he loves William, and tells him to end Robert's cycle for the good of his son.

Police cyber untangle the Patbane holdings and learn that the owner is Marcus Fish, a real estate investor. Cortez has been paid in two installments, before and after each fire. There's an odd payment earlier that day, meaning that there's a fire that night. Rene has heard that someone is trying to buy an old movie theater but the owner won't sell.

Dinah and Renee go to the theater, and one of Cortez's men is in the audience and spots them. Rene finds one arsonist behind the screen working on more fire bombs and orders him at gunpoint to surrender. One of Cortez's men prepares to shoot Rene in the back, and Green Arrow and takes him down. Cortez throws a bomb and then attacks Rene, and Renee drops him.

As the patrons run from the fire, Dinah finds another one of Cortez men and takes her down. Cortez throws a fire bomb, knocking her out, and moves in to finish her off. Dinah wakes up and knocks him down, aims her gun at the other man planting the bomb, and shoots him. He lights the fuse before he drops, and Dinah sets off the fire alarm while Rene and Green Arrow arrive. The sprinklers are jammed, and Green Arrow climbs to the roof and knocks the sprinkler pipe loose, dousing the fire with water. He goes down and is trapped in a scaffold, and Rene helps him, yelling for Dinah to help. After a moment she joins in and together they get the new vigilante out. She tells them both to get out. Once they leave, the police arrive and Dinah flashes her badge.

Later, Dinah visits Renee at his apartment. She thanks Renee for his help and says that she would thank Green Arrow as well. She gives Zoe a canary pin.

Parker visits Oliver and asks if he's come to any conclusions. Oliver says that his name is Inmate 4587.

Felicity confronts Silencer and says that Diaz and took everything from her. Laurel orders Felicity upstairs, and Felicity drops the screwdriver she was going to use on Silencer. Upstairs, she tells Laurel that she's using her brain. Silencer uses the screwdriver to break free and escapes, and Felicity tells Laurel that the RFID chip she planted on Silencer will lead them to Diaz. Laurel says on her earth, Felicity owns her own empire and is ruthless, and asks Felicity if she's prepared to be ruthless because they'll have to kill Diaz.


William makes Felicity's favorite pattern on the cube. A hologram of a map appears and an adult Zoe comes in and says that it's the Glade. She explains that she's with the Vigilante Resistance, fighting to save what's left of Star City. Zoe tells them that Rene wouldn't be caught dead in Star City. The map shows secret routes in and out of Star City. When William says that Felicity led them to the cube, Dinah tells him that Felicity is dead.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 6, 2018

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