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Dancing Queen Recap

In London 1977, the Queen checks on the Crown Jewels. She tells her aide that she will wear them so that the people can see her and adore their ruler. The Queen goes to a club where a grunge band, The Smell, is playing. She throws herself into the mosh pit as the dances throw the crown around the room.

At the Time Bureau HQ, Sara arrives and reads a newspaper of the period about the Queen's exploits. Nate tells Sara and Ava that the Queen gets institutionalized and England is sent into chaos. The magic-detecting device has detected a massive spike in the time period, and Nate tells Sara that Ava asked him to stick around and launch the magic operations there. He assures Sara that when everything is up and running, he'll come back to Waverider.

On Waverider, Ray gives Zari a bracelet for the air totem since the old setting was destroyed in Salem. He thanks Zari for listening to him about the Nora situation. They arrive on the bridge and Sara explains their mission. She says that the Queen's favorite new band is The Smell, and they didn't exist in the original time line. They rose to popularity on the basis of their anti-establishment pranks with a magical signature. Constantine spots a band member, Declan, and says that he's a leprechaun. Sara says that their job is to get close to the band and it should be easy because they're all punks except Ray.

The Legends arrive in 1977 and they go to where The Smell is performing. Ray stays in the van while the others go in as the band takes a break. Constantine offers to go back with them, but Mick grabs him and says that he's not going. when Constantine sets Mick's foot on fire, Mick hits him on the head with a bottle and a fight breaks out.

Ray is busy listening to soft rock when the band members jump in and tell him to drive off before the police arrive. They direct Ray to their hideout and the lead singer, Charlie, figures that Ray is a punk because he drove on the wrong side of the road. The band goes inside and Ray reports his position to Sara and heads back to Waverider. Sara tells him that he's their man on the inside and he should stay with the band. Constantine tells him how to unmask a leprechaun by dropping rice in front of him and the leprechaun is forced to count it. Mick disagrees, and he and Constantine argue until Sara tell them to stop. Constantine goes out to enjoy the sites, and Mick tells Sara that Constantine is going to get them killed. She says that Zari will follow Constantine while they help Ray.

Ava and Gary bring Nate more protocol manuals and Ava explains that his job is to update them for magic. Once she leaves, Nate tells Gary that he didn't know the Time Bureau was so protocol-centric. Gary tells him that the Bureau isn't all protocol and takes Nate to Taco Monday. A woman, Mona, arrives with a tray of tacos. She sees the Time Bureau logo and wonders what it is, and Gary tells her that they're in charge of time zones. He takes two tacos instead of one and laughs conspiratorially with Mona.

Ray goes up to the hideout door and asks Charlie if he can hang with them. He says that his name is "Rayge" and Charlie invites him in. Ray complains about disco music and the Queen, and Charlie invites him to rage. ray says that it'll happen and asks them what makes them tick. Declan says that they're The Smell, and Charlie insists that they're more than that. Ray "accidentally" knocks over a bowl of rice, and Declan doesn't react to it. He recognizes the leprechaun test and says that they have to plan Operation Mum's Bun. Ray offers to drive and Charlie says that there's one way to find out if they can trust Ray.

Gary spots a blip on the magic detector in the Pleistocene period. He wants to write a report, and Nate suggests that they handle it without approval. Nate explains that he can't optimize the Bureau if he was to wait three days for approval, and tells Gary that they can be time bros. Gary eagerly seizes on the opportunity once Nate assures him that they'll reheat the tacos later.

Charlie and Declan have Ray drive them to St. James' Park. The Queen's dog walker and two guards be walking her corgis, and they'll steal the dogs and expose her hypocrisy. Sara warns Ray via the earbud that the dogs will be guarded, and Charlie tells him to deal with it. Ray goes over and Sara tells him that they have to figure out which band member is a leprechaun. Mick talks Ray through stealing the corgis and Sara knocks out one of the guards. The other one goes over and Sara takes him out as well.

Mick tells Ray to go over and ask the walker for a corgi. The walker sees Sara holding the two guards behind Ray, and eagerly tells him to take a dog.

Ray runs back to the van with the corgi, and with the police in pursuit. He gets in and the band drives off just in time. Back at their hideout, they watch a news report about the dognapping and how the corgi, Sparky, was found at an Animal Rescue for Dogs. The band members cheer Ray and smash the TV, and insists on tattooing him after his first prank. Charlie insists that it's a statement, and says that they have to do bad things for good reason. She asks if Ray is in, and he says that he's in. They give him the tattoo and Charlie says that they're going to make the Queen hand over her jewels. She tells Ray that she'll work her magic.

Constantine goes to a bar in Liverpool and drinks. Zari comes over and says that Sara had her install a tracker in his comm. Constantine explains that the bartender who is flirting with him, Mary Anne, is his mother.

In the Pleistocene Period, Gary tells Nate that Constantine dumped him, and thinks that Amaya dumped Nate. Nate insists that they broke up to save the timeline, but has second thoughts. A saber tooth tiger walks out, and Nate and Gary hide. Gary's watch beeps and he opens a portal so they can get back to the office just in time as the tiger jumps at them.

Ray joins Mick in the park and says that Charlie is their magical fugitive. Mick wants to send her back to Hell, but Ray points out that she hasn't done anything yet. His teammate gives him until Constantine comes back to get intel, and Ray walks off.

Constantine says that Mary Anne died in childbirth and his father called him "Killer". Constantine's father Tommy is flirting with the bartender, and Zari realizes that Constantine deliberately picked the bar. He says that he's going to give his father a back-alley vasectomy by kicking him in the ball. Constantine bounces back, and Zari explains that it's a back-kick paradox since he can't eliminate his own birth. Tommy starts punching Constantine, and Mary Anne tells Constantine to get out. Outside, Constantine complains about the reunion to Zari. Zari says that they can't mess with their past, and Constantine tells her that there are others that he's hurt and his past is coming for him. He tells Zari to forget what he said and heads back to Waverider

Ray returns to the hideout and the band say that his cove is blown: they've found a magazine showing ray and the Legends infiltrating the New York disco scene. Declan figures that Ray is a narc, but Charlie says that they all have things they'd rather forget about their pasts like the fact that she was locked up. She doesn't care who Ray was before because what he wants to be now is what mattes.

The next day, Nate arrives at the Bureau and Ava says that she was impressed that Nate and Gary wrapped up their mission. Once she leaves, Gary tells Nate that the blip disappeared and gives him a plant that he found to celebrate their first mission.

Charlie gives Ray a tape of punk music, and Ray says that his name is just Ray. He says that his old team is breaking up and they lost Amaya, their moral compass. Ray asks how long Charlie was locked up, and she says long enough to know she's never going back. Charlie tells him that small-minded people got scared and turned to law and order to make themselves feel big, and magically transforms her shape into first the Queen and then Declan. She says that she has to hold tight to what she believes or she'd lose herself, and wishes that the people that imprisoned her felt the way Ray does.

Ray moves off and tells Sara that Charlie is a shapeshifter. He suggests that he just ask Charlie to stop impersonating the Queen, but Constantine warns that shapeshifter kill and create world wars. Mick tells them that it's too late and Ray already has a tattoo, and cuts Ray off. He warns the others that Ray is in too deep, and Constantine agrees with him. Sara asks Zari for her opinion, and Zari reluctantly admits that they're right.

Ray sees his teammates approaching and tells Charlie that they have to go because his friends don't trust him. As Ray gets Charlie out the back, he tells Charlie who he really is and says that he's going to shock his own teammates. He dons his Atom armor and tells Charlie that he's a punk. Atom then attacks Sara and Mick, knocking them out.

At the Bureau, Mona brings lunch for Gary and Nate. She suggests that they should have time zones go sideways. Gary says that she's a genius and then wipes her memory and hands out the sandwiches to him and Ray. He realizes that Nate is still in a funk over Amaya and encourages him to cry it out. The plant on the desk eats Gary's sandwich and runs out, and Nate realizes that it's the magical blip. They grab staplers and go after it.

Zari and Constantine search the hideout and Atom opens fire on them. They take cover and then run.

Ray wakes up and realizes that Charlie decked him. He finds the unconscious Sara and Mick, and realize that Charlie is using his armor. He runs out and asks Charlie not to hurt his friends. When Charlie refuses, Ray orders the armor to automatically disassemble. Charlie reverts to her normal form, and Zari pins Charlie to the wall. Constantine prepares to send Charlie back to Hell, and ray says that they would have done the same thing in Charlie's position. Charlie says that she'll show them what a real monster is, and turns into each of them saying that they'd send an innocent to Hell. She takes the form of Amaya and asks if they can send Amaya to Hell.

Zari refuses to throw Charlie into the portal, and Sara says that they'll work it out on Waverider. Before they go, Constantine locks Charlie in her current Amaya form. Back at the ship, the team lock Charlie in a force field and go to the bridge. Ray admits that he helped Nora escape to show that Sara doesn't know everything about him, and points out that everyone else on the second ship has had a second chance. Mick tells Constantine to end the spell, and Constantine says that he can't reverse it.

Nate and Gary finally subdue the plant. Sara arrives and Gary tells her that Nate showed the plant who is boss. Gary insists on high-fiving and bro handshaking with Nate before he goes. Sara tells Nate that he needs her input, and Nate says that he took the job to avoid Waverider because it reminded him of Amaya. Nate insists that he's over Amaya, and Sara wisely chooses not to tell him about Charlie-as-Amaya. Ava comes in and wonders what happened, and Nate quickly leaves. Ava wonders how Sara keeps the Legends on a leash, and she says that she gives them a loose leash to pull them in the right direction as she leads ava to the bedroom.

Zari gives Constantine a surveillance photo that she took of him and Mary Anne. He thanks her for not making a big deal out of what happened. Once she leaves, he looks at the photo.

Mick and Ray look at the captive Charlie and Mick says that they almost became cops but didn't because of Ray. Charlie asks for a pint and Mick admits that he likes her.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 6, 2018

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