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Nightmare Logic Recap

In the forest outside Claremore, Oklahoma, Maggie walks down a path alone. She enters a cemetery and looks around, comes to the mausoleum that she's looking for, and records herself via body-. Maggie says that she figures the ghoul came from the mausoleum, draws her blade, and goes in. As she looks around, a ghoul attacks her.

At the bunker, Sam tells the refugee Hunters to do their homework. Dean comes in and Sam tells the Hunter to go to work. Once they leave, Dean sarcastically congratulates Sam on his camo-counsellor vibe. A check-in alert goes off on Sam's phone, and Dean asks if Sam has gotten any rest. Sam points out that he has sixteen Hunter groups and they all need tips and backup, and tells Dean that he's good. Maggie misses check-in, and Sam looks up the video from Maggie's body-cam. They see the ghoul jump her, and Dean points out that ghouls are scavenges and if they go there, they have a shot at bringing Maggie home.

The brothers drive to Oklahoma and go to the private cemetery. Sam explains that Maggie was working a case where kids were studying online and claimed that they were attacked by zombies. The Winchesters enter the mausoleum and see drag marks on the floor but no blood. Dean suggests that the ghoul took Maggie somewhere to feed on her later, just as a man calls to them from outside. It's a nearby groundskeeper, Don, who says that it's privately property, and Sam and Dean claim that there for the historic society to evaluate the property.

Don takes them to the house where they meet with Neil. Neil says that two other people from the society got there before them. It's Bobby and Mary, and the two teams wonder why the other is there. Bobby says that they don't need permission to check out houses, and Mary talks to Sam privately. Neil tells Dean that he's not the owner, but the nurse to the owner, Patrick Rawling.

Mary tells Sam that she and Bobby were giving Maggie pointed when Maggie stopped texting. Patrick is hooked up to respirators and looks just like the ghoul in the video.

Maggie is chained up with transfusion tubes hooked up to her, and begs anyone who can hear her for help.

Neil tries to wake Patrick up and tells the Hunters that Patrick had a stroke and Don found him. Patrick's daughter Sasha arrives with groceries, They talk to her and she came there to get things in order before her father died. Sasha says that she can't cope with it and tells them to leave. Outside, Bobby says that he checked Patrick and he isn't a ghoul. Bobby complains that Sam let Maggie come there when she wasn't ready, and a real leader wouldn't have done it. Mary cuts him off and says that they need to focus on the job, and tells Sam to go with her while Dean and Bobby work together.

As Sam and Mary go through the forest, Sam wonders if Bobby is right. Mary tells her son that it's what he was born to do, and Bobby has been missing other things. Sam point out that Mary and Bobby seem close, and she says that things have changed since they got back. Bobby won't take a break from Hunting, and she doesn't know if she can break down Bobby's walls again.

As they walk through the forest, Dean tells Bobby that Sam is killing himself over running the Hunters.

Sam admits that their Bobby wasn't the most open person, either, after he had to kill his demon-possessed wife. He warns that whatever the other Bobby has that made him put up walls isn't pretty, but tells Mary that she should try to get through the walls. Mary spots an old campfire on the ground.

Dean and Bobby find an old shed and look inside. Someone walks through the forest and Bobby goes to investigate while Dean enters the shed and looks around.

May finds old ID cards in the fire belonging to a Hunter.

Dean finds the Hunter beneath a blanket, apparently dead. When Dean calls to Bobby and gets no answers, Patrick attacks him. Dean stabs him with a blade on the table and Patrick explodes into dust. When he goes outside, Dean finds Bobby coming back and asks him what happened.

Sasha is in her father's room working on papers and hears something moving in the attic. She goes to look and finds the open door to the attic. A vampire-like creature snarls at her and Sasha, turns, runs, and trips. She looks back but there's no one there.

When the group returns to the house that night, Sasha tell them what happened. They tell Sasha and Neil that they're Hunter, and Dean comes in and says that he found a dead guy in the shed. They show him the IDs that they found and Dean confirms that it's the man he found at the shed. Bobby is missing, and Mary goes to look for him while Dean explains that a clone of Patrick attacked him. Sasha confirms that Don let hour ago, and Sam suggests that what they're dealing with aren't monster at all but some kind of manifestation by a psychokinetic like Fred Jones.

Sam suspects that Patrick is responsible, but Sasha says that her father can't be psychic. They have Sasha confirm that she was going to the attic but the vampire scared her away. Sam goes to investigate while Dean guards Sasha and Neil.

Mary goes to the truck where Bobby was Dean last saw him and calls, but gets no answer.

Dean sharpens his blade until Sasha snaps at him to stop and takes some pills. She complains about her father, saying that he was gone all the time working for them. Sasha's mother suffered from depression and Sasha was the one who found her body when she was 12. Patrick never said that he was sorry, and Sasha says that she worshipped her father when she was a kid. Dean advises her to let it go and there's nothing she can do about the past so it's just baggage. Sasha asks him if that's what he does, and Dean admits that he tries.

Sam enters the attic and finds Maggie chained up. She wakes up and says that it's here, and a creature grabs him. when Sam stabs it, is disintegrates into dust. Maggie says that she didn't mean to get caught, and Sam assures her that she did nothing wrong as he works at her chains.

The man Bobby saw earlier--his son Daniel--steps out of the shadows and clubs Bobby down. Bobby insists that Daniel can't be there, but Daniel continues beating him and then jams a knife into Bobby's shoulder, pinning him to a tree. Daniel tells Bobby that they crucified him piece to piece. Mary arrives and shoots Daniel, but Daniel keeps coming and knocks her down. He strangles her, and Bobby manages to pull the knife out and collapses to the ground. Bobby then tackles Daniel, says that he's sorry, and stabs him... and "Daniel" disintegrates into dust.

Sasha and Dean go to Patrick's room where Neil is tending to the man. Dean notices that Neil is giving Patrick transfusions, and Neil claims that it keeps up his iron. Glancing at Sasha, Dean asks Sasha to make him a sandwich. She realizes that something is wrong and leaves, and Dean draws his gun on Neil and says that he's seen the same rig before when he was hooked up to it. He realizes that Neil is a djinn and is taking Patrick's blood. The djinn's eyes glow blue and he says that he's going after Hunters because Dean told him to.

Dean realizes that Neil thinks that he's Michael and that he had a bargain with the archangel to kill as many Hunters as he could and in return Michael would give him an upgrade. Neil talks about how Michael gave him the power to touch people and read their fears, and bring their nightmares into the world. Patrick's worst nightmare is dying alone and unloved, and Maggie and Bobby's nightmares are much more interesting. Neil is unimpressed by Dean's gun, and Dean shoos him in the knee. The djinn attacks him and reads dean's nightmares. Screaming in pain, Neil backs away and stares at Dean in shock. Dean knocks him down and beats his head in with a bookend. Neil tells him that Michael made dozens of "traps", all out there waiting for Dean and his family. Dean tells the djinn that he doesn't know his family, beats him unconscious, and then shoots him repeatedly.

The next morning, Dean removes the transfusion from Patrick's hand and tells Sasha that Neil was using his djinn poison to keep the old man unconscious. Sasha admits that she might not get her apology but she can't change the past. Dean leaves and Sasha tells her father that she's there as she takes his hand.

Sam and Dean drive back to the bunker with Maggie, and everyone hugs her. Dean tells Sam that he got her home.

Mary tends to Bobby's wounds, and Bobby says that he saw the Daniel manifestation and wanted to check it out on his own. He tells Mary that his wife died unnaturally, and he and Daniel buried her together. Afterward, Hunting got them through and then the angel war started. Daniel was in the platoon that Bobby commanded, and they got separated. Mary tells Bobby that it wasn't his fault, but Bobby says that he was the one who sent Daniel to die. The angels took him and they never found the body. Bobby says that Daniel was the best thing in his life, and after the angel war he's been looking for the other ways to get himself killed. Mary tells him that he's not allowed to give up on her, and Bobby admits that he doesn't know any other way to live. She says that they'll find one.

Dean finds Sam working and tells her that Maggie wants to get back to Hunting. Mary and Bobby come in and Mary says that they need to talk. Once they do so, Sam calls Donna and sets it up so Bobby and Mary can say there. Bobby tells Sam that he's sorry for what he said earlier and assures Sam that he's a good commander even if he never was. Meanwhile, Dean tells Mary to go and be happy. Once they leave, Sam and Dean call other Hunters, explain about the super-charged monsters, set up a buddy system, and say that they have to keep in touch. Dean blames himself, and tells Sam that he's tried to move on from what Michael did but every time there's a new reminder. Sam insists that they're going to find Michael and somehow kill him, and Dean hopes that he's right before walking out.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 9, 2018

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