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Reunion Recap

Sister Maggie walks down the street and sees parishioners running down the street. Dex, disguised as Daredevil, staggers out of the church and gets into an alley as the police arrive on the street. Two workers come out and see Dex, and he casually kills them and then limps to the car where Ray is waiting. Dex tells Ray that he needs to assume command of the scene from the NYPD and Daredevil is a federal fugitive. Furious, Ray asks him what he's done and Dex tells him that they're not done.

In the church, Karen manages to wake Daredevil up and he realizes that Lathom is dead. He explains who Dex is, and he and Ray work for Fisk and if they find her, they'll kill her.

Maggie tends to the injured, and one of them says that Daredevil killed Lathom. Dex and Ray approach Captain Streiber, introduce themselves, and say that Daredevil is their suspect and their assuming command. Maggie comes over and says that she saw Daredevil leaving the church just before the police arrive. Streiber confirms that they have two DOAs in that direction, and Dex says that he saw Daredevil come back to the church. Ray tells Streiber that they're looking for Daredevil, his two accomplices, and Karen.

Karen leads Matt down to the cellar and he locks the gate behind him. He asks why she didn't run, and says that the police will soon be down there. Karen tells Matt that she should have taken the baton instead of Lathom, and she came to warn Matt that Fisk knows that he's Daredevil. Matt says that he had Fisk and gave it up to save her. Before he tells her what he's going to do, Matt hears Dex and Ray upstairs.

Ray and Dex come in and Ray asks Dex what he's going to do when he gets them. He says that he didn't sign up for what happened, and Dex tells him that he did. Maggie comes in and crosses herself when she sees Lathom's body, and then prays to God to welcome the priest into his embrace and not punish him for her sin. Dex and Ray come over and say that they need her help.

Maggie unlocks the gate to the basement, and when she deliberately fumbles the key the ESU officers cut through the lock. They search the basement but find nothing, and Maggie sees Matt's blood on a tomb. She leads Ray and Dex off to the roof exit, and Matt inside of the tomb tells Karen that they're gone. They open the lid and get out, and Matt confirms that the agents are gone. As they wait, Karen explains that she went to see Fisk and provoke him into attacking her in front of the FBI. She admits that it was a stupid plan, but Matt tells her that she was brave. Karen describes how she told Fisk that she killed Wesley and that's why Fisk sent Dex after her. Matt wonders why Karen didn't tell her, and Karen says that Matt always treated her like she was innocent and it was nice that he thought of her like that. She wonders what Matt was going to do to Fisk, and Matt admits that he was going to kill him and invites Karen to judge her. Matt insists that it had to be done, and Karen tells him about the car crash and she killed Kevin when she was high and drunk. She says that there's no atoning for that, and Matt suggests that killing is the way back for him. Matt tells Karen that he can't let Fisk go, and Karen says that Matt killing Fisk will change everything about himself.

Fisk comes down out of the penthouse with two of his FBI agents and goes outside with Benjamin and Nicholas. Benjamin announces that the second court of appeals overturned Fisk's conviction and the DoJ is dropping all charges. The crowd boos, and Fisk takes the podium and says that they've been manipulated into believing the media's fake story that he's a criminal. He tells the people that he tried to make the city a better place and the people in power tried to tear him down with false allegations, and sent Daredevil to frame him. Fisk says that Daredevil is showing his true face by attacking a newspaper and a church, and that Daredevil is their true public enemy.

Outside the church, Mahoney tells Ray that he's taking over the murder investigation on the NYPD side. He says that a number of witnesses say that "Daredevil" tried to kill Karen, but the FBI are claiming that Karen is Daredevil's accomplice. Ray thanks Mahoney for bringing it to his attention and abruptly dismisses him.

Arinori tells Dex that they need to tell Fisk that they failed. Dex takes offense that Arinori is apparently blaming him. Ray comes over and tells Dex that their targets have escaped. Dex orders him to have the NYPD canvass the area, and when Ray hesitates, Dex says that he should call Fisk and tell him that he's the one who ended the search. Ray gives him a few more hours, and goes over to where Maggie is tending to the wounded. She says that she and Karen are acquainted and Ray asks where Karen might have gone. Maggie points out that the FBI is claiming that Karen is still in the church, and Ray quickly corrects himself. The nun asks if Ray considers himself a moral person, and Ray says that he is. Maggie tells him that Karen died trying to protect Lathom, and asks if he really wants to help Dex find her.

In the basement, Matt wraps Karen's wound and hears Maggie coming. The nun runs in and warns that it's not safe for them to come out. She gets them fresh clothes and Karen apologizes for coming there. Maggie says that it's not her fault and none of them get what they deserve. Matt tells her that the FBI are employing search dogs and they're not safe.

When Dex and the NYPD officers with search dogs come in, Maggie has a young nun tell them that she Daredevil next door to the orphanage. Matt hears them taking the dogs next door, and Karen sees the scars on his chest as he changes his clothes. Karen admits that she knows Maggie is Matt's mother, and asks if that's why Matt pushes people away. When Matt says that it's not the time to talk about it, Karen tells Matt that she and Foggy aren't giving up on Matt. Matt tells her that using Foggy could work.

Theo tells Foggy that Fisk's people told him to tell Foggy to call a press conference and read the statement he gives him. The statement says that Foggy was acting under duress when he accused Fisk of criminal activities, with Daredevil threatening his family. Foggy refuses to say it, and Theo tells him that it's bullshit that the family is caught up in the situation. His brother tells him that he knew it was fraud when he signed the loan, and Theo insists that everything happened because Foggy wanted to a big-time lawyer. Now they'll pay for it if Foggy doesn't read the statement. Theo tells Foggy to do the right thing for his family, and Matt calls Foggy.

Tammy removes the GPC bracelet from Fisk's ankle and says that the FBI will still protect him. Fisk dismisses her and asks Benjamin where Vanessa is. The lawyer says that she's coming, and Nicholas tells him that the owner won't sell the rabbit painting at any price. Fisk says that he'll have to make her a more compelling argument.

Foggy arrives outside the church as Daredevil climbs to the window and up to the roof. The officer on guard, Minelli, recognizes Foggy and Foggy says that he's there to talk to Mahoney. Minelli lets Foggy into the church, and Foggy sees Maggie. Ray recognizes Foggy and asks why he's there, and Foggy finally says that he's killing time. Maggie signals Foggy, and then Karen come in. Foggy tells Ray that he's there to represent his client, and he's surrendering her to the NYPD.

Mahoney and his men come in and Mahoney arrests Karen. When Dex objects, Mahoney says that the FBI can file a writ and they can talk to her later. Daredevil listens as Dex says that he won't let Mahoney take Karen. Ray intervenes and asks to talk to Mahoney privately. The agent says that if the FBI take Karen in then she'll be dead before they get to their HQ, and tells Mahoney to get Karen away from them. Ray whispers to Dex that he can't kill Karen there, and Dex tells him that he messed up.

Fisk goes to the home of the painting's current owner, Esther Falb. She knows who Fisk is and lets him in to look at the painting. Esther says that the painting is home, and says that more money wouldn't change her mind. She explains that a government took it from her family in 1934, and Fisk explains that Vanessa gave him the painting and it's bound up in his love for her. Esther talks about how she hasn't had much love and when it was offered to her, she was too afraid to accept it. She tells Fisk that the painting was not Vanessa's to give, and the Gestapo took the painting and everything else her family had, shooting down her father when he protested. The painting is Esther's connection to the five family members that she lost being marched across Germany, and says that people like Fisk took away her family, her ability to love, and almost her life. Fisk tells Esther that Vanessa would want her to keep the painting, says that it matters to him even if it doesn't matter to Esther, and walks out.

Dex goes back to the basement and sees the open tomb and the blood on the edge. He goes outside gets into an ambulance, closes the doors, and screams in primal release.

Daredevil goes across the rooftops until he reaches a street. Mahoney takes Karen and Foggy to the same street and removes Karen's handcuffs. The detective congratulates Foggy on taking down Blake, and assures them that they're not alone. He says if they can find a way to bring Fisk down, every cop in the city will have their backs. Karen and Foggy go up to the roof and meet with Matt, and Matt admits that he was wrong to push them away. He tells them that they deserved better, but says that he can't have them be accomplices to his killing Fisk. Foggy believes that the system will put Fisk away for good, but Matt says that some people are too powerful and above the law. His friend says that they'll build a case that Blake can't refuse, and says that they work together. Karen suggests that they find another witness against Fisk and keep him alive, and Matt realizes who they can talk to.

Fisk and his entourage drive across town, and Wellers tells Fisk that Ray handed Karen over to the NYPD. After a moment, Fisk asks Wellers for his jacket. The agent hands it over and Fisk wraps it around Wellers' head and then beats him to death. He tells the driver to pull over and get rid of the body.

Ray drives home and goes inside, finds a shattered vase on the floor, and calls to Seema. He finds his wife and son in the bathroom, and hugs them in relief, and Sami says that he knocked the vase over. Ray tells them that they have to leave immediately while he stays behind and works. As Ray helps them pack, he tells Seema that they have to get somewhere safe. He draws his gun and leads them to the front door, and sees an armed man go by outside. Another man comes in and Ray shoots him dead. He sends Seema and Sami upstairs to hide in the bathtub, and another man comes in. The outside man fires from the window, and Ray runs upstairs and realizes that he's about out of ammo.

As one of the gunmen comes up the stairs, Daredevil arrives and takes him out. The third man comes in and Daredevil knocks him out. One of the men wakes up and aims his gun at Daredevil's head. Daredevil already knows that he's out of bullets, and Ray knocks the man unconscious and aims his gun at Daredevil. Daredevil raises his hands and says that he's there to help him. Ray points out that he sold him out to Fisk, and Daredevil tells him that he knows that he didn't want to. Unconvinced, Ray wonders if Daredevil wants to kill him before Fisk does. Daredevil says that if they're going to get Ray's family safe, Ray will have to trust him. The vigilantes removes his mask as a gesture of trust, saying that he owes him one for saving Karen's life.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 10, 2018

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