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One Last Shot Recap

Fisk waits at a helipad for an arriving chopper. Agent Johnson tells him that Ray escaped and Fisk orders his men to find them. Vanessa gets off the chopper and Fisk goes to greet her, and they embrace.

Matt walks down the street and goes to the home of Mahoney's mother. He stands guard as Foggy reports on his phone that no one is watching. Ray arrives with his family and Mahoney, and the mother lets them inside. Mahoney takes them to the guest room and assures them that no one knows that they're there. Once they're alone, Seema tells Ray that he said he'd never lie to her again. She explains that she believed in her soul that she married him because he was a good man. Ray says that he will fix it and make them safe, but Seema says that their son deserves one person in his life that he can trust and it will never be Ray.

Matt stands watch outside, and Foggy joins him and insists that his plan to bring Fisk to justice will work. Ray joins them and Matt tells him that he's going to testify against Fisk after he hires Nelson & Murdock to represent him.

Fisk and his entourage drive to the hotel gala and Fisk says that he bought it for Vanessa. He boasts of the view and Vanessa says that it's everything he wanted. Inside, Dex tries to tell Fisk what happened but Fisk says not to do it now. In the penthouse, Vanessa looks at the paintings and says that everything he's done for her is incredible. She pleads fatigue and says that all she wants is a hot bath and bed. Vanessa goes up to the master suite on her own.

The next morning at the new office--the gym--Matt brings Ray there and says that he'll be safe there. Karen is waiting and Ray admits to her that he should have listened. She doesn't want to his apologies for what happened at the church. They try to work out how Ray can get out of the country away from Fisk, and Karen tells him that just because he hurt people doesn't mean it has to define him. Ray goes to the locker room to change clothes, and Matt tells Karen that her mistakes don't have to define her. He figures that she can handle herself but tells her to be careful, and Karen nods and leaves.

Mahoney pulls Blake over and says that someone needs to talk to him. Foggy gets into Blake's car and says that in return for an hour of his time he'll drop out of the election. Blake demands to know what it's about, and Foggy says that it's about Fisk and Fisk is threatening his family. He admits that he's dropping out rather than let Fisk control the DA's office, and says that he'll endorse Blake in return for his cooperation.

At the gym, Matt warns Ray that testifying won't be easy. Ray says that he loves his job and wants to be on the right side of the line, and explains that Fisk uses his sister's health issues to corrupt him. Matt finally asks why he didn't blow the whistle when Tammy killed Winn, or when he watched Dex kill Lathom. Ray admits that he wanted Sami to see him as just an average federal employee, and Matt tells him that if he tells the DA that then they have a chance.

Foggy and Blake arrive and Matt spells out Jay's demands for immunity. Ray says that he trusts them, and Matt spells out what Fisk has done and that Ray has seen him. Blake asks why Ray is coming forward now, and Ray says that his pride hurt people and he needs to make it right. The DA accepts the immunity terms and has Ray tell him everything.

Dex brings Fisk coffee and apologizes about Karen. He says that Karen would be dead if Ray hadn't interfered, and promises to find and kill her. Fisk says someone else will handle the matter and he put too big a burden on Dex's shoulders. Disappointed, Dex walks out.

Ray finishes his testimony and Blake says that he can convene a special grand jury later that day. He points out that Ray just confessed to being an accessory to dozens of murder, and Matt asks if Blake had would done the same thing in Ray's position. Blake wants Ray to serve five years for each murder, and Ray says that he'll serve the time and keep his family safe. He assures Matt and Foggy that he's good with it, and Blake says that he'll make a call.

After Blake leaves, Ray calls Sami and says that his son might hear people say that he did right things. The agent admits that he didn't stop them and that's just as bad. Matt listens as Ray talks to Sami, saying that all that matters is that Sami and Seema are safe. Foggy asks Matt if it feels good working together, and that he misses it. He says that they should do it again, and Matt warns that he's not there yet.

At the penthouse, Wilson is making omelets when Vanessa comes down. He finally asks what is bothering her, and Vanessa says that she has been alone and lonely, and still is even when she's with Fisk. Fisk says that he'll do anything, and Felix comes in and says that he has a matter that can't wait. After a moment Fisk excuses himself to Vanessa and talks to Felix privately. Felix says that they haven't located Ray yet but the state's grand jury is being held late and courthouse security has been dramatically increased. They both figure that Ray is going to testify, and Felix says that Daredevil interfered with the men he sent to kill Ray. He offers his resignation, and Fisk says that Felix kept Vanessa safe for two years and he wants him to finish the job and call their "friends" if he needs assistance.

Mitchell is ordering hot dogs from a street vendor when Karen joins him. He hugs her in relief and she tells him that Dex attacked the Bulletin and is now working for Fisk. Karen says that Ray is going to turn state witness and says that its bigger than their newspaper. She asks Mitchell to call a press conference and tell everyone that she wants to make a statement.

Dex oversees the return of the rabbit painting in the penthouse. Vanessa comes down and Dex says that it's from Fisk. He introduces himself and tells Vanessa to think of him as new the new Wesley. They talk about Fisk putting beautiful things on display, and Dex says that he "convinced" Esther to give up the painting. Vanessa notices a trace of blood on the frame and thanks Dex for his efforts.

Matt and Ray leave the gym and get into a disguised police van. As they go to the courthouse, Ray asks Matt how he deals with stepping on and off the path all of his life. Matt says that he almost got his friends killed, and Ray tells him that he doesn't know if his wife is going to come back. He wonders how Matt holds onto his friends, and Matt says that it's them.

The van is caught in traffic and Matt hears guns cocking. He pulls Ray down as the gunmen open fire on the van, and Matt realizes that the driver is dead. He tells Ray where to fire through the wall, but then Ray goes outside. Another gunman opens the side door and Matt knocks him out. He jumps through the windshield and takes out another gunman, and tells Ray to do what he says. Using his senses, Matt has Ray fire on the hiding gunman and hears the keys in an abandoned car. They fight their way to a bus and then Matt acts as a decoy to draw another gunman in. Ray attacks the man and more gunmen arrive and attack Matt. Matt takes out his opponents and then knocks out Ray's attacker. They discover that the car is a cab and drive off.

Karen meets Foggy at the courthouse and tells him that there's been an attack. As Blake joins them, Matt and Ray arrive and tell them about the attack. As they go in, Karen tells Ray that his family is on their way to stay with a relative overseas. Ray goes into the grand jury room, and Karen confirms that Mitchell called the press conference before she goes.

Ray begins his testimony.

Karen leaves the courthouse and Mitchell takes her over to where the reporters are waiting. She says that they've all been manipulated by Fisk, and says that the man wearing the Daredevil suit isn't the real Daredevil. Dex and Arinori are watching the broadcast.

Blake and Ray meet Matt and Foggy outside and Blake says that Ray was very convincing. Once the DA leaves, Matt assures Ray that he did good and says that he heard a man standing up to Fisk and Sami will know as well. As Foggy talks to Ray, Matt hears one terrified juror telling the others that Fisk knows where they all live. Matt tells Foggy and Ray that Fisk go to the jurors.

Later, Blake announces that the grand jury has decided not to pursue the case against Fisk but his office will follow every lead. Fisk is watching and smiles in satisfaction.

Mitchell leads Karen away and tells the reporters that Karen told the truth.

In the restroom, Foggy insists that they're not done. Matt says that he's going to find Blake and make sure that he impanels a new grand jury. Once he leaves, Ray tells Foggy that his family will never be safe. He punches Foggy unconscious and runs out.

At the penthouse, Vanessa tells Fisk that Dex brought the painting. Fisk says that he intended for the painting to remain with Esther, and Vanessa asks if Dex is the new Wesley. Her lover says that Dex is useful and she shouldn't concern himself with how dangerous Dex is. Vanessa says that it's time to talk honestly and tells him that if all they have is his criminal career then she's still lonely. She asks Fisk to share his life with her fully, and Fisk takes her with him.

Ray takes a taxi home and goes into his house past the police line tape. He looks at the photos of his family, and then records a message on his phone for them. He says that he loves her more than life itself, and tells Sami that he made his life better and to do the same for Seema.

Fisk shows Vanessa his surveillance room and tells Felix that he can speak freely in front of Vanessa. Felix reports that they have located Ray and they should weight the benefits of keeping him alive. Fisk tells him to force Ray to stand trial for killing Winn, but Vanessa suggests that it would be safer to remove Ray as a threat to both of them. She tells Fisk to have Dex help them with the problem, and Felix says that he'll let Dex know.

Ray sits in his backyard drinking, and Dex joins him. Dex invites Ray in to talk, but Ray says that he knows Dex just wants to kill him privately. Ray warns him that Fisk will bury Dex as well when he's done with him, but Dex insists that he's fine. When Ray offers to help Dex cut a deal with Blake, Dex says that he feels more himself and Fisk gave him that. He aims his gun at Ray and tells him to come with him, and Ray says that he's not going anywhere with him and tells him to do it there. Ray goes for his gun and Dex shoots him dead and then walks away.

When he learns of Ray's death, Mahoney calls Foggy and tells him. Matt says that they tried it Foggy's way and walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2018

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