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A New Napkin Recap

Daredevil stands on a rooftop.

In the penthouse, Fisk prepares for his wedding to Vanessa and briefly imagines facing his younger, bloodier self after he killed his father.

Daredevil pulls the hood off of the captive Felix and asks what Fisk is planning.

Vanessa comes in wearing her wedding dress.

Felix tells Daredevil that Fisk has been preparing the ceremony for months to charm the city.

Fisk sits Vanessa down and says that he didn't think that there would be someone until he would care for more than his own life, and he wondered if his feelings were a self-deception. He admits that he might be broken, and Vanessa says that they're all broken and the trick is to find someone whose broken pieces match their own.

Daredevil asks where anyone is who can stop him, and Felix says that he'll never get to Fisk because the hotel is a fortress. The vigilante tosses him over the edge of the building and a rope brings Felix up shorter. Felix says that he witnessed Vanessa order Ray's murder and knows about Julie's death.

Vanessa strokes Fisk's shoulder, checks the rose on his lapel, and he turns to check himself in the mirror.

The next morning, Mahoney and his men find Felix dangling off the building. Felix claims that he tripped and they take him to the hospital. Foggy arrives and Mahoney complains that instead of locking up Fisk, he had tell Seema that Ray is dead. The lawyer says that as an officer of the court he believes that someone is going to try and murder Fisk. He warns that if Fisk dies then the FBI agents on his payroll will disappear, and says that Mahoney should focus on the people that they can put away if Fisk stays alive. Foggy warns that the killer is angry but will do the same thing if he can slow him down, and Mahoney agrees to increase the security around the hotel but with lesser officers.

Tammy holds a press conference announcing that Ray killed Winn and Ray was shot resisting arrest. At the gym, Karen watches the broadcast. Foggy returns and Karen says that the FBI called her mentally unstable. Ray's grand jury testimony is sealed, and Karen tells Foggy that he shouldn't have warned Mahoney. She wonders if killing Fisk is the only way, and Foggy insists that it was a good day because the real Matt acme back to them and eventually he'll come to his senses. He warns that if Matt kills Fisk then he'll never forgive himself or come back to them. The FBI call Foggy and ask him to come in. Foggy and Karen figure that it's Fisk, and he doesn't want to become a wanted fugitive.

Foggy arrives at the FBI HQ and Dex greets him. Dex admits that he bet the other agents that Foggy wouldn't come, and Foggy takes a selfie with Dex and says that hundreds of police officer know that he's there. The agent says that Foggy is in no danger and will be of great help when he becomes the next DA, and takes Foggy to a conference room. Seema and Tammy are there, and Seema says that she came to apologize and to help the FBI however she can. Dex assures her that she's still part of the FBI family, and Tammy and Dex step outside. Dex tells Tammy to suck it up, and she says that she's only doing it because she has to.

Seema tells Foggy that Sami is with her sister, and writes down on a pad that the FBI is listening. She writes that she came in to save Sami and it was Ray's idea based on the video he left her. Seema circles the word "video", and Foggy says that he'll do whatever he can to help her and Sami get through it... and pockets Ray's phone.

Daredevil calls Dex via Felix's phone and says that he's coming for him and his suit. Dex suggests that they meet up, and Daredevil asks if Dex enjoyed killing the birds as a child. He asks what Mercer would think of Dex now, and asks if he's heard from Julie now and tells Dex that Fisk had Julie killed so he could replace Dex as his "north star". Dex doesn't believe him, and Daredevil says that Julie wouldn't approve of Dex killing people. He gives Dex an address to check out and hangs up.

At the gym, Foggy and Karen watch Ray's video. He testifies that he's guilty of a number of criminal acts, and Fisk coerced him and other FBI agents into a criminal conspiracy. Ray names the agents and warns that there may be others, and says that he witnessed Tammy murdering Winn in his kitchen using his handgun and then blackmailed Ray into cooperating with Fisk. He then testifies that he drove Dex to the church disguised as Daredevil and let it happen, making him guilty of aiding and abetting Lantom's murder. Ray then tells Seema to give the video to his lawyers and pretend to the FBI that she's cooperating.

Karen suggests that they put the video out to discredit Fisk, and Foggy points out that a dying declaration is admissible in court. They agree that the world--and Matt--have to know.

That night, Dex goes to the address as Daredevil listens from the rooftop above. It's an abandoned restaurant, and he finds three bodies in the walk-in freezer. They're the men that killed Julie, and the third one is Julie's. Dex screams in shock and horror, and Daredevil calls him and says that Fisk killed her and turned Dex into a murderer. The vigilante says that Fisk is going to get married and doesn't deserve a happy life., and Dex collapses sobbing.

Matt goes to the hotel and stands across the street, listening. The crime lords are there at Fisk's invitation, Fisk having summoned them.

Karen meets Ellison at the Bulletin and shows him Ray's video.

Dex, disguised as Daredevil, pulls into the hotel parking garage. When Lim stops him, Dex points out that he has Julie's frozen corpse in the car next to him. Dex then tells Lim to walk away. Matt hears Dex attack Lim.

The wedding ceremony proceeds, and Fisk and Vanessa are married.

Daredevil enters the parking garage and finds Lim on the ground, bleeding. Julie is in the car but there's no sign of Dex.

Fisk and Vanessa go to the reception ballroom and everyone applauds. They go to the floor for their first dance, and Ray's video starts playing on the guests' cameras. Fisk realizes that something is wrong and takes a phone, and drops the phone on the floor. Vanessa assures Fisk that he'll handle it and should show them that none of it matters.

Daredevil follows the trail of wounded agents to the ballroom.

The disguised Dex gets on the stage and says that he and Julie wish Fisk the best. He throws the microphone at Fisk, and Daredevil arrives and blocks it with a serving platter. The remaining FBI agents open fire, and Daredevil takes cover while Dex attacks them. Daredevil wraps a tablecloth around Dex's head.

At the penthouse, Fisk tells Vanessa that he'll handle it. She says that they need to be smart and run.

Daredevil runs out while Daredevil kills the remaining agents. When Tammy tries to get to her gun, Dex shoots her. His gun runs out of bullets when he tries to fire the killing shot, and he throws the gun to knock Tammy out.

Karen arrives as the reporters on the scene say that there are rumors that Daredevil is inside. Foggy meets her and hopes that it isn't Matt.

Daredevil fights his way to the surveillance room, knocks out the guards, and tells Shelby to shut down the elevators so no one stops him. He then goes to the penthouse and tells Fisk that it's over. Fisk has Vanessa run and both men scream in fury and Daredevil charges Fisk. They smash through the walls, and when Vanessa tries to run out comes to Dex. Daredevil attacks him, and when Dex knocks him out Fisk attacks his former henchman.

Fisk tosses Dex across the room, Daredevil attacks Fisk. Dex knocks a chandelier down on them, and then grabs the shards and starts throwing them. Fisk takes one to the shoulder, and Daredevil grabs two staff-like shards and uses them to deflect the rest. Fisk gives Vanessa his coat, leads her out, and says that he'll meet her outside.

Dex throws Daredevil through a window and throws the shards into Fisk. Daredevil renews his attack, and Dex sees Vanessa and throws an ashtray at him. Daredevil blocks it, and Fisk slams Dex to the floor. Fisk then attacks Daredevil and the two men exchange blows. Vanessa watches as Daredevil beats Fisk to a pulp, and screams at him to stop. The vigilante can't bring himself to break Fisk's neck, and drops to his knees screaming. Fisk says that he won't stop hunting Karen and Foggy, and will tell the world who Daredevil really is. Daredevil figures that Fisk wants him to kill him, and says that Fisk won't destroy who he is and he'll go back to prison and live the rest of his life in a cage knowing that the city rejected him and Daredevil beat him. Matt removes his mask and tells Fisk that he'll keep his secret and harm no one else or he'll go after Vanessa and prove she ordered Ray's murder and then she'll go to prison as well.

Fisk tells Vanessa that he failed her, and says that it was the happiest day of his life. She says that all she wanted was him, and Fisk tells Daredevil that he agrees to his demands as long as his wife remains free. Daredevil agrees and offers his hand, and Fisk shakes it and says that they have a deal. Mahoney and his men arrive, and Daredevil slips away. They find Dex on the floor, his back broken, and Mahoney says that he isn't the real Daredevil and points out the real one leaving.

Foggy and Karen watch as the police take Fisk, Vanessa, and the corrupt FBI agents away. Fisk begs Mahoney for a chance to say goodbye to his wife, but Mahoney refuses. Daredevil watches from overhead.

The next day at the church, Matt finds Maggie in the basement standing over Lantom's tomb. Matt explains that the last time he talked to Lantom, he was angry and would change it if he could. He says that Lantom's last words were "forgiveness", and told Matt years ago that humans only get a hint of God's true plan. Matt admits that he's made bad choices recently, and many people lived because he became Daredevil. Maggie tells Matt that he has a generous heart to see the good in so much pain, and Matt says that he could use someone else to take Lantom's place in his life. Maggie admits that helping is what she was called to do.

People gather for Lantom's funeral in the church, and Matt performs the eulogy. He says that Lantom expected them to do good in the community, and always thought of Hell's Kitchen and the people in it. Matt talks about how Lantom's enemy was fear, and he got Matt to face his own fears. Now it's up to all of them to live up to Lantom's legacy.

As everyone leaves, Karen tells Matt that what he said was nice. Matt says that she helped him see the truth about himself, and thanks Karen for telling him about Wesley and Kevin. He assures her that she's done more good than harm. Foggy tells Marci that he's not sure he's going back to the firm, and Marci isn't surprised. Blake is giving a statement about how Fisk won't manipulate the system again, and Foggy goes over and announces that he's dropping out of the DA race and will vote for Blake.

At the deli, everyone welcomes Matt for the wake. Foggy's parents say they're moving to Florida and leaving the deli to Theo. Foggy tells Theo that Blake isn't going to prosecute their parents and if Theo pays back the loan, the DA won't press criminal charges against him. As they share a beer, Karen joins Matt and Foggy comes over. She says that Tammy flipped and corroborated Ray's declaration, and Matt figures that Fisk will keep his word as long as Vanessa is free. He then says that he's going to move into h is old apartment, and Karen and Foggy jokingly say that he's a semi-good lawyer and a mooch. Foggy writes down the name of their new law firm: Nelson, Murdock & Page. Matt says that he was thinking the same thing, and they assure Karen that she's a great investigator. Foggy figures that Theo will let them work out of the deli, and Karen and Matt agree.

Doctors operate on Dex's spine and warn that he might be permanently paralyzed. The lead doctor, Oyama, works to reinforce the spine with cadaver material and Cogmium steel, and tells his associate that Dex knew the risks and they'll continue as Dex opens his eyes.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2018

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