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You Can Go Home Now Recap

Bill wakes up in the morning and gets ready for his morning.

The nurse tends to the comatose Brady, brushing his teeth.

Bill sees Jerome working on Ida's gazebo and goes out to feed his turtle.

In his mind, Brady is working on the monitors when he sees his younger brother Gerald playing with his toy fire truck by the tombstones. Gerald asks where their mom is, and Brady says that she's not there. Brady makes a life-size fire truck appear and plays on it with his younger self. Gerald asks Brady killed Mom as well, and Brady tells him to just play with the fire truck.

Bill goes over to Jerome and confirms that he doesn't know what he's doing. He joins in and helps the teenager, and asks how school is going. Bill figures that something is going on at Harvard, but Jerome insists that everything is fine. Realizing that he's not going to get anything else, Bill says that he's going to see a man about a horse.

At home, Cora gives Felix a note with a list of names for the baby. She tells her husband to focus on Brady and their growing family, and asks about Brady. She reminds Felix that their Chinese investors are curious, and Felix says that there's been no change since Brady came out of his coma.

At the hospital, Bill talks to Maggie and says that he saw something glinting in Sadie's hand when he visited Brady. Maggie insists that Sadie is a lamb, and Bill admits that he doesn't where the objet went. They search Brady's room and Bill finds the discarded scalpel under a monitor. Maggie still doesn't believe it and says that Sadie works the swing shift and is probably home in bed.

Bill goes to the office and refuses to tell Holly where he went. She wants to focus on the De La Cruz bounty, but Bill would rather focus on something else. Holly says that she wants to focus on the bounty, and Bill points out that if they find De La Cruz then he could get killed. She asks if Bill let De La Cruz go, and realizes that he did. Holly is angry that Bill lied to him about De La Cruz and Brady, and Bill says that he's finding it harder to stomach the cases Holly is taking on. He asks her if that's what she wants her life to count for, and Holly accuses him of focusing only on Brady. Bill insists that he isn't and says that it's shit to focus on people down on their luck. Holly says that she's an equal partner and needs to be treated like one, and Bill agrees and then asks for her help.

Bill and Holly drive to Sadie's house, and Holly wonders who is paying them. Her partner admits that no one is and explains that Sadie lives there with her mother and tried to stab him with a scalpel when he visited Brad7y. Sadie comes out and is arguing with her boyfriend, Matthew Miller. He insists that she say it, but Sadie ignores him and drives off and Bill has Holly follow Sadie.

Lou shows her girlfriend Steph Richardson the tattoo that she got. Steph points out that Lou heard a rumor Brady is awake and got the tattoo, and asks what Lou's shrink says about it. She says that she knows Lou isn't seeing her therapist, and Lou says that she needs to see Brady face-to-face and show him that she survived so she can move on. Steph tells Lou to see her therapist and then won't stand in Lou's way of seeing Brady, and they kiss.

Bill and Holly follow Sadie to a Christian shop and Bill watches as she buys a necklace and then comes out. Sadie drives away and Bill motions to Holly to follow the nurse. He goes in and confirms that Sadie bought a St. Anne's medallion. The clerk explains that it's sells with women because men can't get pregnant. As Bill leaves, Holly calls and says that Sadie has gone to a herbalist/chiropractor/acupuncturist, Dr. Chen. Sadie notices Holly and gets into her car, and Bill tells Holly to go in and find what she can about the doctor.

Lou meets with her therapist, Dr. Jacoby, who says that the pain Lou has been feeling her old life is old. The therapist says that Lou hasn't unpacked all of the pain in her life, and warns that if Lou confronts Brady then she could suffer a considerable setback and even a breakdown. Lou tells Jacoby to fuck off and says that she's not worth Jacoby trying to help her until she takes her life back from Brady.

When Bill returns to the office, he finds Jerome helping Holly with their accounting system. Holly reports that Chen specializes in homeopathic treatment of epilepsy for people who want to get off of their conventional medicine. She notes that going off meds sometimes causes a psychotic state. As Holly goes to the bathroom, Bill asks Jerome what's wrong at Harvard. Jerome says that it's not what he expected and the people there speak a code he doesn't know. Bill talks about a girl he dated in high school and how he was always afraid he'd do something wrong. He tells Jerome that he's the one who made him feel that he didn't belong, and eventually they broke up, and assures Jerome that he'll get less lonely.

Holly drives to Matthew's house where Sadie is staying to continue surveillance and calls Bill. She realizes that he's there and he flashes his lights from down the street where he's watching the house. Bill has Holly park behind him and he tells her that it's important she learn field work. Holly worries that he's sick, and Bill tells her to switch cars with him and he has things to tend to while Holly watches Sadie.

Bill goes to Sadie's house and checks the front window. Mrs. McDonald opens the front door and asks Bill if she can help him, and Bill realizes that she has a car. Bill says that he's investigating malpractice at the hospital and shows Mrs. McDonald his badge, and asks if he can talk to Sadie. Mrs. McDonald says that she's calling the police and closes the door.

Lou goes to the hospital and makes her way to Brady's room. When the nurses aren't looking, she goes in and talks to Brady, saying that she had to come see him. Lou stares into his eyes and says that he's nothing. Brady sits up and stabs her with a knife... and Lou wakes up from her nightmare. Steph assures her that it's okay, and Lou rolls over.

Bill drives to Donna's house, braces himself, and finally rings the doorbell. Donna wonders why he's there, and Bill claims that he was just driving by. His ex invites him in and pours wine, He admits that he's baffled about Sadie trying to kill him, and Donna says that she doesn't know why he's there. Bill tells Donna that he misses her, and he couldn't think of anyone else that he wanted to see. Donna claims that she wasn't flirting with him earlier, and they both agree that they're not drunk. Bill asks what they're doing, and Donna admits that she doesn't know. She says that when she was at the bar, it felt good to be with someone that she didn't have to explain herself with. Bill takes her hand and says that he can work with that.

Brady and Gerald sit on the fire truck and eat cereal, and Gerald tells Brady that it's time to finish what he started and burn it all down.

The next morning, Bill and Donna lie in bed together. Donna admits that she didn't see that morning coming and they laugh, and she asks about Sadie and her mother. Bill explains that Sadie is a nurse who tried to cut her throat before she was interrupted, and he has no idea why. He finally says that Sadie is one of Brady's nurses, and Donna tells him that he pulls in the darkness and violence. Bill denies it, and Donna says that she loves that he's talking about it to her and kisses him. She suggests that he just turn his back on the whole thing and choose the sun, but Bill insists that Sadie could be dangerous to herself and her patients. As Donna goes downstairs, she suggests that Bill take a trip after it's over. Bill wonders where they would go, and Donna says that she didn't say her.

Bill calls Holly and asks what has happened, and Holly reports that Sadie just came back from a run..

Brady cleans the blood off of the Mercedes in his mind basement.

Sadie tells Maggie that she's transferring because the stress is giving her headaches, and Maggie tells her to wash up Brady until the transfer comes through.

In his room, Brady stares off into space.

As Maggie gets her equipment, Matthew calls and Sadie assures him that she put in the transfer request. After she hangs up, Sadie braces herself and goes into Brady's room. Brady watches her via his monitors and hears her thinking about transferring. Furious, he says that she's a liability, and Sadie stares at the monitor and goes into an epileptic trance. Brady takes control of her and sends her to have some "fun". He "follows" her to the pharmacy and has her take out twice the prescribed opiates for a patient, Wallace Conlon. When the system asks for the authorization, Sadie enters Felix's name. Sadie goes to Conlon's room and she injects the opiate into his IV. Brady has her give him the second dose, but Maggie comes in and wonders what Sadie is doing. Sadie says that she'll put the bracelet back herself, gets her purse, and puts the second opiate packet vial before she leaves.

Maggie calls Bill and says that Sadie almost killed Conlon and still has one of the opiate vials. She tells Bill that she'll meet him in her smoking spot outside. Bill is in the parking lot and sees Sadie come out. Under Brady's control, she gets into her car. Maggie comes out and goes to her spot, and Sadie drives over. Bill knocks on the window and tells Sadie to park the car and get out. Brady has Sadie do it, and she says that she was on a break. He accuses her of stealing medicine, and Sadie swears at Bill and reminds him that he's retired. Brady has her say that she has a rape whistle and will use it to summon the police, but he takes out the vial and hands it to Maggie. Sadie says that she was going to take it back and walks away. Maggie tells Bill that she's never seen Sadie like that.

Brady tells Sadie that she's a dead weight and asks if she's retarded. Sadie walk up the stairs under Bill's control.

Maggie insists that Sadie isn't a bad person.

Sadie walks up to the roof and her phone rings. Matthew texts her and Brady has her ignore it and keep walking to the roof. Brady says that she isn't worth it and love isn't what she thought it was.

Maggie insists that Sadie wouldn't use drugs.

Sadie walks to the edge of the roof and gets a call from Matthew. She puts it on an AC unit and then walks to the edge. Brady tells her that death is liberation, and Sadie removes her medallion and stares at it for a moment. She holds it in her hand and walks off the edge, slamming down on the sidewalk a few yards away from Bill and Maggie.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2018

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