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no Mercy Recap

Chicago, IL: Eight Years Ago

At a community action center, Benazir is leading a gathering of mutants and says that they need to let the human arrivals know that they don’t belong. Reeva is there and warns that people are scared of them. She says that there has to be another way, but Benazir disagrees. As they leave, Benazir approaches Reeva outside and warns that they need a place that is theirs and their living a lie. Three men approach them and knock Reeva aside when she tries to interfere. Benazir attacks the first man with her mutant powers, but another one stabs her and all three run off as Reeva goes to her dead friend.

Present Day

Reeva tells the team that when they get to Creed Financial, they'll neutralize the mutant detection system, Lorna will disable communications, Reeva and the Frosts will gather the employees, and Rebecca will get into the vault with Andy providing protection. She tells them to get some rest for the heist the next day. Rebecca hangs behind to look at the schematics of the bank, and tells Andy that the vault is different than the one in the training room. Andy assures her that she can handle it and promises that he'll have her back, and she hugs him. In the observation bay, Reeva ells Sage to make sure everything is ready for her date that night.

At the Mutant Underground HQ, Reed cowers in a corner and tries to control his power. He disintegrates everything that he touches, and Caitlin and Lauren come in. He tells them to stay away, and says that they need to get him to a hospital. Caitlin warns that most of the hospitals don’t treat mutants and Reed will end up in a prison hospital. Reed figures that if he stays there the he'll give away their location, but Caitlin refuses to abandon her husband and goes to talk to the others.

Caitlin meets with John, Marcos, and Clarice and suggests that they move Reed. Clarice suggests that they put him with the Morlocks but Caitlin refuses to have him join a mutant separatist group. She suggests that they take Reed to the clinic since the Purifiers just attacked it and won't suspect that they'd go there.

At the Purifier HQ, Jace tries to get Paula's lawyer to put her in touch with hi. The lawyer warns that it's not a good idea and that Paula has instructed him not to let Jace talk to her. Ted comes in and Jace hangs up on the lawyer, and Ted says that one of their top-level supporters wants to talk to Jace after his success with the raid. When Ted says that Jace has to be tested for the X-Gene, Jace is surprised but agrees.

Reeva meets with the bank manager, Quinton. They have dinner and he asks why she asked him to keep it off his social calendar. Reeva claims that the VPs at her bank can't know, and Quinton agrees. He talks about how he lost his wife Sandy and never thought he'd meet another woman as strong. Quinton shows her a drawing that his youngest son Kai made, showing Quinton smiling for the first time in two years. Reeva looks at it and says that it's sweet, and Quinton takes her hand and thanks him. They leave and Reeva takes Quinton to a black SUV. The Frosts walk up and Reeva apologies to Quinton as the triplets take control of him.

The next day, Reeva interrogates Quinton in a cell. She tells him that he should go into the bank and turn off the mutant detection system, and they'll take care of him afterward. When Quinton wonders what happens if he doesn't, Reeva tells him to think of his boys. He says that he doesn't hate mutants, but Reeva says that he works for a company that hurts people. Quinton agrees as long as they don't hurt his children, and Reeva assures him that they'll be fine. As she leaves, Reeva asks if it was a lie between them. She tells him that it would have been easier if it was.

Lorna tells Esme that they need to change the plans. She wants Esme to stay behind and watch Dawn in case something happens to her, and reminds Esme that she said she would do anything to protect the baby. Esme warns that Reeva won't like it.

At a junkyard, John, Marcos, and Clarice reinforce a van to transport Reed. John goes to get more metal plating for the clinic, and Marcos asks Clarice why she thinks the Morlocks are the solution to every problem. He asks where her loyalties are, and Clarice points out that he's run out on the Underground twice and points out that they're not doing so well and could use some allies.

Ted takes Jace to an old barbershop. TV host Benedict Ryan is inside and introduces himself. He says that the Purifiers need more men like Jace to lead the organization, and says that he has a plan to help the people take back America. However, Benedict needs Jace's help to do it.

At the Underground HQ, Reed hesitantly picks up a photo of his family. His power triggers, destroying the photo. Lauren comes in and says that the van is ready and they need to go. Reed tells her that she shouldn't ride with him, but Lauren says that she'll protect him. Her father says that it's his job to protect her, and Lauren tells him that their family is in it together and they need to act that way. Caitlin arrives and says that they have to go.

Reeva tells Quinton that it's time, and gives him the flash drive to put in his computer to deactivate the detection system. He says that he'd go with her if they walk out together, and Reeva tells him that he'll go home safe to his family because she cares for him. Reeva says that she's not a monster unless she needs to be and tells him not to test her.

Andy goes to get Rebecca, and assures her that he believes in her. Lorna comes in, groans at them hugging, and gives Dawn to Esme. Esme assures her that Dawn will be fine, and Lorna leaves with the others.

The mutants arrive at Creed Financial and Quinn goes in. He plugs in the flash drive and deactivates the detection system, and Esme and Sage confirm the system is down and tells the others. The mutants go in and the Frosts immobilize the guards. Lorna magnetically blows out the computers and surveillance cameras, and stops the guards' bullets. Reeva immobilizes the bank staff with her sonic powers, and Lorna takes their guns.

Benedict tells Jace that he needs him to come on his show and tell the truth: that Sentinel Services covered up what happened in Atlanta and lied to the American public. Jace says that there are good folks at SS, and Benedict tells him that the country has serious problems and they need Jace to stand up. When Jace says that he can't sell out his former friends, Benedict tells him that they need someone to sell the public on the fact that real change is necessary. Jace tells him that he's not that guy.

The mutants take the bank employees into a room and Quinton comforts one crying woman. The bank manager says that the vault is made of adamantium and impenetrable, and the only people who know the combination are two states away. Reeva says that he will say that the bank was built on the suffering of mutants. The Frosts take control of the manager and have him declare Creed Financial's crimes.

Rebecca, Lorna, and Andy go to the vault and Rebecca wonders if they're going to let the humans just go home. Lorna tells her to stick to the plan and magnetically opens the elevator doors.

John and the others go to the abandoned clinic, and Marcos asks John what's wrong. The mutant leader says that he was thinking about Michael, and Marcos tells him that he did everything that he could. John isn't convinced and says that everything that they've worked for is dying. All of the Underground stations are talking about the mutant uprising, and Marcos says that he's worried about Clarice's loyalties and suggests that John talk to her. John says that Marcos had better have proof, and Marcos says that he's just warning her and advises John to ask. Clarice and the others come in and Reed gets into the metal-lined cocoon that they've prepared for him.

Lorna, Rebecca, and Andy reach the vault and Rebecca uses her powers to turn it inside out. She says that it's too much, and Andy tells her to channel the anger she felt at the hospital. Rebecca remembers the doctors torturing her, concentrates, and twists the vault inside-out. The resulting backlash knocks them all down, but Rebecca smiles in satisfaction and Andy hugs her before they go to work.

Jace and Ted leave the barber shop, and Jace insists that it's not his thing. Ted is furious with him and tells him that the Purifiers are all that Jace has. He says that if Jace wants to show his wife that he's not stuck in the past, he has to change the future.

Reeva takes Quinton to the vault via the elevator. He tells her that innocent people will lose everything, and Reeva says that it's almost over and if he's smart, he'll get through it. They arrive at the vault and Lorna tells Quinton to log in.

The manager finishes his statement as the Frosts video tape it and send it out. They release their mental hold and telepathically make everyone sit down.

Esme tries to comfort Dawn while sage confirms that the others are into the bank system. The data comes through via the computer.

Caitlin tries to find the information in Otto's old papers, and discovers that his lab assistant Madeline Risman oversaw Otto's experiments. There's a Madeline Garber at a nearby university, and Caitlin figures that it's Risman. Caitlin blames herself for not noticing that Reed was suffering, and wonders if their family is cursed. Lauren reminds her mother of what the Von Strucker twins did, and says that when she and Andy used their powers in Atlanta she felt free and powerful. Caitlin tells her that she was doing the opposite of what the twins did, but Lauren isn't convinced. Reed says that the pain isn't so bad, and Caitlin sets a cup of water nearby and shows Reed what she's found.

John, Marcos, and Clarice check out the clinic, and Marcos goes to unload the rest of the metal. Once they're alone, John asks Clarice if there's anything he should know about her and Erg. Clarice wonders what they're doing and if they have a plan, and says that she helped Erg steal some food and gave him some information about the Underground. She tells John that the Underground is doing more than they are, and she did it for all of them. John and the Underground are falling apart and needed help, and helping Erg was the only way to get it.

Reed tells Caitlin that her research looks promising but isn't convinced that Madeline can help. Madeline's research institute is hours away in Charlotte, but Caitlin warns that the real risk is doing nothing. She takes Reed's hands and nothing happens. Reed agrees to go the charlotte.

Reeva calls Esme, who says that they put the video out and have drained over $100,000,000 in finances. Quinton logs off the system and asks what happens to him and the others. Reeva says that she's going to keep her promises, and tells Quinton that one day he will be a hero to a nation of mutants. They take the elevator up and Reeva says that soon the entire world will know her name.

Jace goes to Benedict's studio and says that he'll attack the system but not anyone specific. Ryan's assistant says that an attack has happened on Creed Financial, and Benedict tells Jace that they need him more than ever.

The Frosts tell Reeva that the police will be there in two minutes. They go to the back office and the manager says that they're terrorists and will burn in hell. Rebecca tells the others that they can't just let the humans go. Reeva tells her that they're done there, but Rebecca uses her powers and twists everyone in the office inside-out before Andy can stop her. Reeva stares at Rebecca in horror, and Rebecca smiles. The police arrive and the mutants run out.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 14, 2018

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