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The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem Recap

Peter visits an Asian merchant and buys fruit. He drives off in his SUV, and a van pulls up to him and the men inside open fire. Peter quickly accelerates and the shooters pursue him. Peter' SUV is bulletproof but the bullets start penetrating. The van goes off the road and explodes. The people in the neighborhood come over and tape the burning SUV while the shooters drive off.

Anissa goes to the clinic and offers her serves as a volunteer to Holt. He admits that they haven't had many volunteers since the bomb scare, but they refuse to call their doors. Holt tells her that it isn't an easy job, and asks how Jeff is doing since he resigned as principal. Anissa assures him that Jeff is doing fine and goes to work.

Jennifer is in her room working on her home-schooling calculus test, and Khalil sends her a text.

Several nights previous, Jennifer meets with Khalil at Garfield and he wonders why she contacted him after weeks of ghosting him. Jennifer says that she misses the school and her friends, and Khalil apologizes, figuring that her parents are being overly protective after he attacked the school. He admits that Tobias has him on a lot of science stuff and Jennifer says that she understands. Jennifer then says that she has to go and Khalil thanks her for calling.

Anissa meets with a young pregnant couple and checks the girl Anaya's blood pressure. The boy Deacon glances out the window and then snaps at Anissa to do her job so they can leave. Anaya apologizes, saying that Deacon is over-protective, and Anissa confirms that Anaya is okay. The teenager wonders if she's not built to be a mother, and Anissa assures her that all great parents worry that they'll screw up.

Tobias is in his penthouse listening to blues music when his men bring in Councilman Kwame Parker. Parker says that it's kidnapping, and Tobias shoots pool and says that if players make the wrong the choice then they end up in a hole. Tobias asks Parker how his constituents would react if they knew Parker took campaign contributions from Parker. He says that he got a briefcase with all of Parker's dirt, tosses him a rack, and tells Parker to rack the balls because now he works for him.

Bill comes to see Jeff and finally says that Peter was attacked and killed. They go inside and the Anissa joins them, and Bill says that the eyewitnesses confirmed that no one got out of the SUV before it exploded. Bill tells Jeff to let him handle it for the time being, offers his condolences, and leaves. Once they're alone, Jeff tells Anissa that they'll protect Peter like he always protected them. Anissa says that they should go to the sanctum and get their suits. Jeff figures that Peter is still alive until he can see it with his own eyes.

At the ASA lab, Jace finds Lynn's equations for the cure and says that they should start trials. Lynn says that they're not starting trials because over half the Green Light children died in the simulations. She refuses to give them the serum until she's sure that she can save them now.

Anissa goes to Jennifer's bedroom and tells her that gunmen killed Peter. Jennifer breaks into tears and her sister hugs her.

Jennifer goes to Grace's apartment and tells her that her uncle died unexpectedly. She realized that there was only one person beside her family that she wanted to spend her last day with: Grace. Grace wonders what to say, and Anissa tells her not to say anything and kisses her and then they make love.

Lynn gets into bed with Jeff and holds him.

The next morning, Anissa wakes up in bed next to Grace and asks what she was thinking. Grace says that the two of them together was a mistake, and explains that she's not Anissa's handbag. Anissa insists that she's not there to have sex and then disappear, and Grace tells her that her family weren't around and she learned to depend on herself. She let Anissa in, and tells Anissa to stay away from her if she can't accept that she needs to be there. Anissa doesn't say anything, and Grace walks out. In the other room, the tattoos on Grace's arms move, and Grace takes some pills. After a moment the tattoos stop moving and fade away.

At Peter's apartment, Lynn tells Jennifer that she's going to get a ceremony together to honor Peter, and Jeff will agree once he accepts the man's death. Khalil texts Jennifer asking if they can talk, and she ignores him. Lynn finds Peter's old pocket watch.

Parker gives a press conference saying that an anonymous donor has offered to pay for the clinic to move to a safer area, and finance more staff and better equipment. A reporter asks if his donor is Tobias, and Parker doesn't confirm or deny.

Jeff is watching a newscast about Green Light babies when Jennifer and Lynn come back. Jennifer kisses her father and says that she appreciates him. Once she goes to her room, Jeff tells Lynn that he's fine. Lynn shows him the pocket watch, and Jeff says that it's Peter's and Lynn has no right to take it. He takes it and goes to Peter's home to return the watch.

That night, Jeff goes to a bar and drinks. Two-Bits joins him and offers his condolences on Peter's death. Jeff says that he's waiting for Bill, and Two-bits tells him to let him know if he needs anything. One patron slaps a waitress on the butt and then grabs her. Jeff goes over and intervenes, and the man shoves him away. Recovering, Jeff knocks him down and punches him, and the man's friends pull him away. Bill arrives and Jeff joins him, and Jeff tells him of giving everything for the city and it just takes and takes and takes.

Khalil meets with Tobias as he watches the press conference. Tobias confirms that Khalil paid the reporter to ask Parker if Tobias was the donor, and then says that he pulled Syonide out of the orphanage twenty years ago and the meal before him was planned to celebrate their familial anniversary. He says that Khalil had one job and failed, and Khalil is the only family that he has left. Tobias relates a story that his father told him about a stronger brother's duty to put a weaker brother out of his misery if he couldn’t survive on his own. He asks Khalil if he understands, and Khalil nods in agreement. Tobias tells him not to disappoint him again and sends him away.

An injured Deacon--dozens of punctures in his face--arrives at the clinic and Anissa calls for help. Deacon tells her that Anaya knows and Anissa has to save the baby, and dies.

Jace tells Lynn that she was right and may have found a way to save all of the Green Light babies. She suggests that if they treat the kids as a group, they may reach a gestalt with cell stabilization for the entire organism.

Black Lightning enters the bar and takes out the lights, and asks Two-Bits what he heard about the hit. Two-Bits says that the government probably launched the attack, and confirms that nobody saw Peter get out of the SUV. When the lights come back up, Black Lightning is gone.

Bill and his men arrive at the clinic and secure the crime scene. Anissa tells Bill that Deacon and Anaya were in the day before, and she doesn't know what Deacon meant. Silver liquid drips out of deacon's face wounds, and Anissa scoops it up and puts it in a jar. She takes it to the sanctum and checks the CCTVs for Deacon's location before he reached the clinic. Anissa determines that Deacon took a train from South Freeland.

In her room, Jennifer is looking at photos of Peter when Khalil climbs up to her window and knocks. He says that he heard about Peter and wanted to make sure that Jennifer was okay. Jennifer tells him that he has to go and Khalil says that she can call him if she needs anything.

Jeff goes to the shop and sees the flowers on the step outside. He goes in and breaks into tears.

In the sanctum, a motion sensor informs Anissa that Jeff is upstairs.

Jeff takes out the pocket watch and looks at the picture of Peter and a young Jeff inside. Anissa comes up and watches as Jeff cries and puts the watch into a coffer. Jeff finally notices his daughter, who asks for a hug and says that Peter told her that raising Jeff and helping him as Black Lightning was the best thing he ever did. Anissa says that she came there because it reminds her of Peter, and tells Jeff to home and get some rest.

Lynn and Jace begin the procedure and the Green Light babies start dying. Jace tells Lynn that fourteen of the babies will die and she lied to Lynn. Lynn slaps Jace and tells security to take her out.

Anissa drives to South Freeland, and Sheriff Clark pulls her over. He says that wherever she's going is closed, and it doesn't matter where she's going. Anissa says that she there's to check on Anaya, and Clark tells her to step out of the car. Something runs past Anissa's jeep, and she drives off while Clark calmly watches her.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 14, 2018