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Love, Exciting and New Recap

In the booth, Les is interviewing Colleen Camp who is there to promote her new movie, They All Laughed. Les starts questioning her about the movie's sex and violent when he learns that it's a Peter Bogdanovich film. Andy and Bailey come in and apologize to Colleen, and Andy talks to Les privately about how Les grilled Colleen. Les insists that he plays hardball, and tells Andy that he's doing stuff wrong as well. He finally says that Andy is dating Mama Carlson. Andy dismisses him and then chuckles nervously with Venus, who heard the whole thing.

Once they get control of themselves, Andy explains that it was just business. Venus wonders if it was just business to Lillian, and Johnny comes in. After Venus tells Johnny that Andy is dating Lillian, Andy says that he's trying to get money for a new transmitter. He asks them not to let it get around the station. Jennifer comes in and tells Andy that Lillian is on the phone, and he abruptly says that he'd be glad to take her call. he insists that Johnny and Venus listen to prove that he has nothing to hide. She asks to meet with Andy at her house to discuss the transmitter, and tells them not to let it get around the station. Herb comes in and asks Andy if he's insane.

Arthur is on the phone talking to Lillian. Once he hangs up, Arthur tells Jennifer that his mother was nice to him and she must be dying. Jennifer figures that Lillian is in love, and Andy comes in, hears her, and chokes on his gum. Arthur figures that he should visit his mother and talk about a new transmitter because she's in a good mood, and Andy says that he'll go with him in Arthur's car.

Andy and Arthur arrive at the house and Hirsch tells them that Lillian is in the game room. the butler says that it's nice to see Andy so soon again, and Andy nervously asks what he means. In the game room, Lillian cheerfully greets Andy and not so cheerfully greets her son. She sends Hirsch to get lemonade, after Hirsch asks Andy if he wants his usual. Arthur plays a game of billiard, explaining that he was never let in there as a child. Lillian asks Andy privately why he didn't come alone, and tells him to come back alone that evening. She hints that recreation and business go hand-in-hand and asks Andy if he gets the message. Andy and Lillian join Arthur playing billiards, and she makes it clear she always wins. Lillian scratches and Arthur tells her to go again.

Later back at the station, Andy tries to get Jennifer and Bailey's opinion about dating a superior. The y have no idea what he's talking about, and Andy finally admits that he went out with Lillian. He insists that nothing happened, and Arthur has overheard him in the hallway and comes in and asks why he didn't tell him.

Later, Arthur calls Lillian in and she says that she likes to chat with Andy. Jennifer laughs nervously and excuses herself, and Arthur asks Lillian how she's been. Herb is listening at the door, and Andy comes in and tells him they're not going to have any sexual harassment at the station anymore. Once Herb leaves, Andy tells Jennifer that he should be in there because it's his problem. He thinks that he hears Lillian coming and runs out.

Lillian tells Arthur that she doesn't go chasing after young men and it's all in Andy's head... mostly. She tells Arthur that it's nice to have a personable young man on her arm when she goes places. Lillian says that there's no point in being charge if she can't use Andy, and Andy has been using her to get a transmitter. Arthur figures that it's innocent and goes to tell Andy, but Lillian says that she wants some "fun" and will tell Andy in her own way. Johnny and Venus come in as Lillian leaves, and she tells Johnny to turn around for her. He does so and Lillian asks if he has all of his teeth, then tells Arthur to wrap Johnny up and send him over.

That night, Hirsch escorts Andy to the game room and gives him a very strong drink. The butler says that Lillian told him to get lose, wishes Andy luck, and departs. Andy takes a shot and spills his drink on the table, and tries to wipe it up with his jacket. Lillian comes in and sees Andy with his coat off, up on the table, and offers him a drink. He admits that he spilled his drink on her table and wishes he could make it up to her, and Lillian suggests that they think of something. Andy tries to avoid her and Lillian says that she wouldn't use her position as an employer to force a relationship, but she has feelings for him. Andy finally admits that he dated he to get a transmitter, and says that she's intriguing company. Lillian finally suggests that they run away together to LA, and Andy panics. He realizes that she's kidding him, but Lillian says that she isn't. He suggests that they play some pool and knocks over the rack, and Lillian suggests that they sit down and talk. Andy gratefully agrees.

The next day, Arthur lectures Les about spreading rumors. Andy comes in and says that Les can stay, and asks why Arthur didn't tell him what Lillian was up to. He says that things went well and after a couple of martinis it got romantic. Arthur figures that Andy is pulling his leg, but Andy just smiles and says that they can go to ball games together and he won't even have to call him Dad. Les quickly runs out, Andy says that Lillian told him that he had nice hair and then sent him home. With that, Andy leaves and Arthur admits that he does have nice hair.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 16, 2018

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