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Andale Recap

Brady "rides" with Al and they sit in Al's car down the street from Bill's house. Ida comes out of her house and the two men watch her go.

Bill tells Jerome that Sadie used the word "communicating" to describe how someone was talking in her head. Jerome isn't convinced, and Bill admits that it doesn't make a sense but it feels right. The college student points out that Sadie was pregnant and arguing with her boyfriend, but Bill doesn't think she was suicidal. Jerome says that people wake up, go about their day, and then kill themselves. Bill realizes that Jerome is talking about his mother, and Jerome says that she was mostly happy until she killed herself He wonders if a part of Bill wants the case to go on, and Bill admits that the whole thing sounds nut be he can't shake it.

In his mind-basement, Brady tells Al that they've got things to do and has him drive off. Holly sees him drive away but dismisses it as nothing, gets into her car, and then texts Silas from the group sessions. She invites him to have a drink with her later that day.

At school, Barbara is outside playing the Zappit game. Grace is vaping and suggests that they do something. Al pulls up in the parking lot and smiles at Grace, who draws Barbara's attention to him. Brady watches Barbara and has Al wiggle a finger at her before driving off.

In the school, another volunteer teacher, Elliot Lee, complains to Ida about how all of the students are playing the game.

Montez meets with Felix, who says that Brady's cerebral cortex is apparently undamaged but he's still comatose. The detective says that he's going to be the DA but he needs a case and Brady is it. Montez says that he backed off in the hope that Felix could revive Brady, and warns that he'll look for another doctor who can get results. He tells Felix to make his medical "bullshit" happen and walks out. Brady, watching, gets an idea.

Holly meets with Silas at a coffee bar and Silas talks about group. He explains that he lost tenure after he published an article on mind control, and Holly says that she liked it even if she didn't believe it. Silas is impressed that she read it twice and Holly asks him how people persuade other people to do things for them. Her date talks about non-verbal location, and Holly asks if a mute immobile psychopath could get into someone's brain and make them kill herself. Silas says that he knows that it's possible and talks about "entanglement" and certain people who can manipulate psychic energy.

Bill finds Jerome working on the gazebo and stares at him, and Jerome points out that he has the "you down to break the law" look. After a moment, Bill suggests that they go into the hospital and confirm if they're getting the whole truth about Brady. Jerome warns that it's criminal and Bill admits that he's right and tells him to forget it. Jerome warns that he's obsessing and Holly was right, and asks what's wrong with him. Bill tells him that he doesn't know and says that everything goes to shit, and Jerome advises him to follow his heart. He suggests that they go back to work and Bill walks away.

Felix and Cora go to the obstetrician to have her check their ten-week-old fetus. Once the doctor leaves, Cora asks her husband what's up. He tells her how Montez threatened him if he didn't show progress with Brady. Felix insists that he'll figure it out, and Cora says that she just saw a prototype eye-brain thing that could do it.

Brady has Al break into Montez's home after his wife and two children leave. The dog lunges at him, and Al goes back to the car and gets the game.

Jerome calls Bill and says that he hacked into the hospital computers. He saw Brady's file and if he's alive, it's only in the most technical sense. Jerome couldn't get into Felix's personal files because they're on a private server. Bill goes to the hospital and finds Maggie on her cigarette breaks, and asks if she knew Sadie thought Brady was talking to him. Maggie warns that Felix is on her, and then says that Brady's EKG jumped when Bill visited him and later when Sadie jumped. Bill asks for a physical copy of the files, warning that Felix has made scapegoat plans and they probably involve Maggie. She agrees to try and find something and goes back inside.

Maggie goes to Felix's office and starts to open the door. Felix comes out of another room and asks what she's doing.

Al enters Montez's house, gets meat from the refrigerator, and goes outside.

Montez arrives at Bill's house and says that Maggie got caught trying to break into Felix's office. He knows that Bill has been making illegal visits to Brady's room with Maggie's help. Montez says that Pettimore is willing to give him the hospital footage to confirm Bill was there, and then the hospital will pull Maggie's nursing certification. The detective will go through Bill's investigator's license and make sure he's shut down. Montez insists that it's his case and tells Bill to stay away from the hospital, and Bill wonders if it concerns more that Bill cares or if he doesn't.

Lou meets with Dr. Jacoby for therapy and says that Lou is a textbook psychopath who can never feel what Lou has gone through. She advises Lou that looking at it in terms of winning and losing won't help her. Dr. Jacoby asks what she would say to Brady if she could. At home, Lou practices talking to Brady in the mirror and tells him "Fuck you".

Brady has Al use the meat as a lure to get the dog closer,,

Lou says that Brady is too pathetic to hurt her.

Al kills the dog with the knife, and then goes inside and wrecks the house.

Lou screams in rage.

Al finds a gun locked away and opens it case. Brady tells his mother's tombstone that he's found a new toy.

Lou "tells" Brady that he'll never hurt her again.

Bill approaches Mrs. McDonald as she returns from her daughter's memorial and says that Sadie was arguing with Matthew about the baby., and she had stopped taking her medication. Mrs. McDonald wonders how she'll carry the grief and loss, and reminds Bill that he said he would give her answers. Bill admits that he did, and Mrs. McDonald says that she needed the ones that she wanted and goes inside. Bill leaves Sadie's phone on the step and leaves.

Montez arrives home and sees the blood stains on the drive. He goes back to his car and gets his gun from the glove compartment, then follows the blood to the dog's corpse.

At the hospital, Felix has Nurse Scapelli set up a keyboard that Brady can use. Cora texts Felix to ask if he's had any results, and he dismisses Scapelli. Felix then tells Brady that he'll testify that Brady was born the way he was and couldn't control his actions. Brady, watching, says that the murders were h is masterpiece. Felix offers to get him into a psychiatric hospital, but Brady isn't impressed. He says that he heard Felix talking to Montez about putting him in the chair, but says that he'll play ball.

Al snaps out of his trance as he makes meat at home, and discovers that he's covered in blood. He takes off his bloody clothes and crouches in a corner, saying that he doesn't understand.

Bill tells Donna that he crushed Mrs. McDonald's hope, and Donna wonders if they weren't honesty enough in their marriage. She tells Bill that the job always fucked him up, and now he's taking Jerome and Holly with him. Bill admits that he probably doesn't know what he's doing, but says that something doesn't smell right about the whole thing and he thinks that Brady is still conscious.

Brady tells Al to bag the clothes and burn them.

Bill tells Holly that he might have fucked up already by digging around on Brady, and Montez threatened to pull their licenses. Holly says that he's a selfish jerk, and admits that she set out to be like Bill. She tells him that she did some independent research and that it is possible that Brady is faking his condition. Bill warns her that she's going down his "skunk hole" and congratulates her on taking it well. Holly thanks him but says that she still haven't forgiven him, and details the legal case that will show that Bill's actions had nothing to do with the agency. Bill agrees and Holly walks out Montez sends a text to Bill asking for a meeting at the bar.

Lou sits in her apartment considers lighting up, and then goes to PT. She blows through the exercises and her therapist Rosa congratulates her on how well she's doing. Afterward, Lou looks at herself in the mirror and smiles.

Al burns his blood-soaked clothing as Brady watches in satisfaction.

Montez meets Bill at the bar and orders a double. He explains that someone broke into his house, ransacked it, stole his gun, and killed his dog. Bill says that he doesn't care, and Montez tells him that if Bill helps him then he'll forget what they discussed the day before. He figures that it involves Brady because when he squeezed Brady's balls, he said something but he was alone. The person who broke into his house wrote it on the fence in blood, and no one could have heard it except for Brady. Bill orders whiskey for his ginger ale and Mendez orders another double.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 18, 2018

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