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June 13th Part Two Recap

In her press statement, Quentin arrives as Erica tells the press that Evos were responsible for the explosion that decimated the summit. He goes to the desk and asks about his sister Phoebe, and the nurse directs him to the ER.

Outside, a reporter says that he FBI has a tape from Mohinder taking credit for the explosion. Erica says that he was an Evo and may have murdered his research team in the Arctic. She then goes inside and tells Harris that she's heading back to Primatech and he should look for Claire. The news runs the video that Mohinder supposedly, while past-Noah spots his future self heading to the parking garage. He heads there, while Quentin ducks into the stairwell.

Past-Noah follows Noah and sees him prepare to shoot Erica. He runs forward, yelling at him to stop, and tackles his past self. Noah hits Erica in the leg and she stares at both of them. Quentin opens the door behind Erica and pulls her to safety, while the two Noahs hear security coming and duck into a room. Noah explains that he came back to fix things.

In the stairwell, Quentin asks Erica where Phoebe is. She says that if he doesn't help her then he'll never see Phoebe again. Quentin doesn't believe her, but Erica points out that he doesn't have a choice.

Noah admits that killing Erica was unplanned. Past-Noah realizes that Hiro brought Noah back and asks where he is.

In 1999, Hiro arrives in Odessa with Angela and the twins. He insists that they should have gone to her chateau and Switzerland, and is unable to teleport. Angela realizes that it's the baby, and figures that the boy Nathan can drain powers. He absorbed Claire's powers so she died in childbirth despite her regeneration power. Angela says that they have to keep Nathan away from Malina so he doesn't take her power. The children will have to be raised separately, and Angela keeps Malina while telling Hiro that he's on his own with Nathan.

A military board reviews Carlos' fight with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Lt. Naran--Farah--has reported that Carlos went in separately, and two American died as a result. Carlos glances over at Farah, who refuses to look at him.

Past-Noah finds Casper and Molly, and Noah explains that Claire died. Past-Noah insists that Noah has to return to his own time and they wonder where Hiro is. Molly tries to find Hiro and confirms that his power is in Odessa. Noah tells Past-Noah that he has to forget everything that happened, and tells him to use Casper. He leaves with Molly, unware that Harris is watching them and creating another clone.

Past-Noah tells Casper to take his memories at the summit so it will seem like concussion-induced amnesia. As they leave, Harris pistol-whips Casper unconscious.

At the summit ruins, Joanne and Luke put up Dennis' photo on a bulletin board. One worker tells them to put the photo on the board for Evos, and Luke insists that their son is normal. They find Dennis' corpse among the dead.

Harris ties past-Noah up and waits. Matt Parkman comes in and past-Noah realizes that he's working for Renautas. Parkman admits that he finally got smart and sold his abilities to Erica, and insists that Erica is their best hope. The Evo uses his telepathy and confirms that Claire died in St. Jude when her power stopped. As Harris tells Parkman to find out where the baby is, a penny rolls in and past-Noah steps on it, and Parkman discovers that Noah's memories are gone. Harris prepares to shoot him, and Casper comes in and knocks him unconscious. Parkman draws his gun and considers shooting Noah, but then tells Casper to get his former partner out.

After the hearing, Carlos meets Farah at her motel room. She makes sure that he wasn't followed, and he realizes that she's leaving. Farah explains that she took a new assignment with a company that she used to work for. Carlos says that they gave him a medal... for what she did. Farah says that she kept her end and Carlos isn't getting court-martialed, and he admits that he just hid behind a wall while she saved their fellow soldiers. She warns that they'd lock her up if it was revealed that she was an Evo. Carlos suggests that they face it together and tries to kiss her, and Farah slaps him. She tells Carlos to live up to the medal and orders him out.

At Hachiro's apartment in Japan, the man calls Erica. She says that Hiro is one of the terrorists, but he says that Hiro is in the game. He wonders why she's now saying that Evos are evil, and Erica tells him that his part in the plan is over. At the hospital, Harris confirms that Hiro is still trapped in the game. They figure that Hiro time-travelled to the summit, and brought Noah with him. Harris says that he'll take care of Hiro, and Erica orders him to find the baby's location.

Hachiro hacks into the game through a backdoor and creates a hero to save Hiro. He creates Katana Girl and then transfers her in the real world. She attacks him until he tells her to stop, and says that he's her father. Katana Girl bows in forgiveness, and Hachiro says that she must repair his mistake.

Molly guides Noah to Hiro's location, and insists that Mohinder didn't plant the bombs. She tells Noah that Erica deserves a bullet. They arrive at a suburban home and an older Hiro greets them. He escorts them inside and Noah admits that he tried to kill Erica. Hiro warns that Noah has changed the future, and explains that Molly tracked Nathan after he absorbed Hiro's power. Nathan can only hold one power at a time, and he's absorbed no other power since they separate him from his sister.

Tommy/Nathan and Anne come in, and Hiro introduces Tommy to his grandfather. They hug and Tommy says that he's been waiting for him. Noah recognizes Anne as the nurse at the hospital, and she wonders why Nah has shown up a year early. Tommy insists that he's ready to save the world, but Noah says that he has to keep Tommy safe for another year. Harris bursts in and grabs Tommy, putting a gun to his head. Nathan teleports Harris across the room and Noah shoots him. He realizes that Renautas is onto them a year early and Tommy agrees to take him to Angela.

Hachiro shows Katana Girl the photos of him and his real daughter, and says that she was in an accident and lost her memories. The living avatar feels hungry, and Hachiro says that she needs to eat.

At their motel, Joanne and Luke watch the news. There's a knock at their door, and Luke answers it. It's Mick, who wants to thank Luke for saving his life. Joanne recognizes him from the summit and Mick says that Luke is a hero. She's furious that Luke saved Mick instead of Dennis, and insists that their boy is more important than a freak. Luke admits that he failed Dennis, and Joanne slaps Mick. He knocks her down and when Luke attacks him, freezes his throat. Joanne stabs him in the back with a pair of scissors, and then stabs him repeatedly in the head. Luke says that she had to do it to defend him, and Joanne smiles and says that she's fine.

Casper takes Noah to the summit ruins and leaves him there without his memories of what happened. An EMT tells Noah that the Evos destroyed the place, and he calls out to Claire. A volunteer finds him and leads him away.

Malina is practicing her powers outside at a convent. Noah and Tommy arrive and Angela greets her great-grandson. She warns Tommy that he can't get too close to Malina yet, and Noah explains that he undid his past-selves precautions. Angela says that she's been plagued with dreams of fire raining down and the twins saving the world under a clock tower in Odessa at 11:53. She warns that when the magnetic poles shift, animal migration patterns will change and the Northern Lights will appear further south. Angela knows about Erica's plan, and figures that Tommy and Malina have given them another way. Tommy comes over and says that they will save humanity, and Angela says that she'll make sure Malina finds her way to Tommy. She takes a phot of Tommy before he goes.

Quentin comes to see Erica and reminds her that they had a deal. Erica says that she helped Phoebe realize her full potential, and Quentin knows that she used a shapeshifter to impersonate Mohinder and Phoebe to generate the eclipse. Erica assures Quentin that she will keep her word, and that he will see Phoebe.

Angela is praying when an invisible Farah sneaks up on her. She points out Malina and says that she's half of mankind's greatest hope... and admits that she hasn't told Malina something.

Hachiro is making supper with Katana Girl/Miko when Harris knocks at his door. The Evo goes back and tells Miko that he has a small errand to run. He thanks her for bringing a smile to his face and warns that the world is a dangerous place. Hachiro tells her to use the disciplines he has taught her, and Miko realizes that he isn't coming back. The hug and Hachiro says that they both have a destiny, and he has to make things right. Afterward, they will find each other. Hachiro says the sword is the key and tells Miko that he loves her, and then goes out to join Harris.

In an Odessa suburb, Phoebe and Quentin are reunited in Phoebe's cell. Phoebe says that Erica gave her a purpose and will save people, and it's the only way.

Casper finds Noah and says that Erica is onto the past-Noah. Noah insists that Claire's children must remain hidden at all costs, and Casper promises to watch over Tommy. When Noah asks her to monitor Tommy and Malina remotely, she assures him that she'd rather die than lose her powers to Molly's plan. She then has Tommy teleport her to India to tell Mohinder's mother the truth about him. Once he teleports her away, Tommy teleports Noah to his own time.

A car pulls up out front and Hiro confirms that it's more Harris clones. He tells Tommy to escape with Casper and Anne, and gives him a 9th World comic to guide him. Tommy refuses to do it, and Hiro says that he's saying goodbye. He tells Tommy and Anne that living with them is more than he could have hoped for, and Anne hugs him. Hiro then takes down his sword and yells at Tommy to go. Tommy teleports away with Casper and Anne, and the Harris clones break into the house. Hiro steps out and charges them.

Tommy and the others arrive down the street, and Anne says that he can't. Anne asks Casper to stop Tommy, and he warns that he'll have to take everything. He flips a penny to Tommy, who instinctively catches it... and forgets. Anne says that they have to go and leads Tommy away.

Noah arrives in Midian in the present, and Quentin comes over and wonders what happened. He realizes that their plan worked, and demands to know the full truth. Noah tells him about the twins and he has to get them to Odessa. Quentin calls and tells Erica what he's learned, and that there are two babies... and Noah will take them to the twins.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 6, 2015

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