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Fell on Black Days Recap

Donna comes out of Bill's bedroom and leaves.

Brady works out in his mind-basement.

The doctors takes Brady to the ER.

Bill brushes his teeth.

Donna finds her coffee cup in Bill's cupboard.

The doctor prepare Brady for his craniotomy and then drill into his skull.

Cora and the Chinese representatives watch from the galaxy, and Liang tells Cora that the procedure had better work.

Holly enters the kitchen and finds Donna there, and Donna says that the floor is warped rather than the table. Bill comes in and Holly quickly excuses herself. Once she's gone, Donna and Bill kiss and Donna brings up that Bill is obsessing about Brady. Bill feigns ignorance, and Donna says that he'd better not bring Brady to Ireland when they go. The two of them leave and Donna greets Ida, who is watering her bushes. Once Donna drives to work, Ida tells Bill that Donna is looking great.

In the basement, a beam of light shines down as Felix opens up Brady's skull. Brady checks the monitors and sees them working, and clutches at his head in pain. Felix talks about how they'll establish the neural connections and introduce visual stimulation, encouraging Brady to speak. Scapelli shows Brady a picture of his ice cream truck, and he resists talking. The nurse shows him a photo of the Mercedes, the clown mask, and finally Deborah. Brady's EKG readings show that he's reacting to the stimuli. Liang asks why the MRI shows that Brady is apparently conscious but still non-verbal, and complains that they came there to see results but there aren't any. He complains to Cora that he's getting excuses and leaves with his people, and Cora shares glances with Felix before going after them.

Felix sends the OR staff out and then tells Brady that he can make him do anything that he wants. He inserts a probe into Brady's brain, saying that he can turn him into a puppy dog. All Brady has to do is say "stop". Brady says that he's coming for Felix and might open his skull.

At the station, an officer from the canine unit sarcastically insults Al as Reggie leads him out.

Bill and Montez by tacos from a vendor and the DA confirms that Bill got the text. Bill figures that Felix and Cora sent it, and Montez assures him that they'll get Brady taken off the drugs and shipped to Crestmore for observation.

As Reggie drives his brother home, Al looks for his Zappit. He tells Reggie to stop the car, gets out, and insists that he didn't kill a dog. Reggie says that killing a dog is a misdemeanor, but the burglary is a felony with a maximum of three years in prison. Al insists that he didn't kill a dog, but Reggie tells his brother that they have on tape and have the bloody clothes as evidence. His brother says that he doesn't remember his days and something is slipping in his brain. Al remembers a trail of slime and nothing else, breaks into tear, and asks Reggie for help. Reggie says that he'll get Al help and the two of them will get through it together.

Bill arrives at Finders Keepers and Holly points out that he left the coffee maker on. She asks about Ireland and the last time that he went back, and Bill says that he's never gone back. Holly suggests that she might go back home and show her mother how much she's grown, and Bill wonders who will feed Fred.

Felix goes to Lou's place and introduces himself to her. He says that he knows Brady is conscious and Lou agrees, and says that she asked Brady why he spared her life. Felix suggests that Brady cared about her, and doesn't think that her denying it is healthy. He asks her to help get Brady to show that he's conscious, and suggests that Brady is manipulating the computers in his room. Lou says that she could find Brady's cyber fingerprint, and Felix asks her to tell them Brady's triggers so they can bring Brady out of his shell. She shows him an eviction notice and tells him that he'll have to pay her a lot to get her to help, and Felix agrees to talk numbers.

When Al and Reggie get home, Al discovers that the Zappit is dead. He finds the charger and plugs the game in, and then goes over to eat with Reggie. Reggie talks about how a dog bit Al when he was 8, and everyone thought the dog should be put down except Al. Al's brother insists that Al would never harm an animal and Al agrees, and Reggie asks him about what Al said about the slime trail in his brain. Al suggests that there's a door in his head, and someone comes in through it and makes the real Al go far away. Reggie realizes that Al knows who it is, and Al finally tells him that it's Brady and he'll come back again. His brother suggests that they should get out of town and take some time off, and Al says that they have to leave immediately or he'll die. Reggie finally agrees and they go to pack.

At home, Cora is packing and tells Felix that the Jiankang representatives want her on a flight to Beijing, and she'll stay until the union between the Chinese and Vitalta is secure. Felix says that he needs her there and they can wait, and Cora tells her that they can't. He picks up her passport and wonders if they're setting him up as a fall guy. Felix asks Cora to stay, and offers to talk to Cora's superior. She refuses and Felix asks her for the truth, and his wife says that is. Felix threatens to rip her passport if she doesn't tell him the truth about Vitalta telling her to go to China. Cora finally says that they didn't, and Felix takes her by the throat... and finally kisses Cora. He tells her that they're not in it together anymore and walks out.

Al and Reggie pack for a fishing trip at their cabin, and Al goes in to get the Zappit. He picks it up and walks away, and Reggie wonders what's keeping him. Reggie finally goes in and Al tells him that things are ready for Reggie's handcuffs. Brady controls Al and has him give Reggie a haircut. Once Reggie is sitting down, Brady has him asks if there's any rifles or money at the cabin, and then cut Reggie's throat and shove him to the floor."Al" says that he's Brady, not Al. Brady has Al get the gun he took from Montez's house and leave.

Bill meets Donna and he shows her the plane tickets that he bought from his travel agent. He talks about how they'll avoid his father's family and go to Clonakilty. Donna wonders if they're ready for it, and Bill tells her that there's one way to find out. She heads to her law office for a deposition.

Al breaks into Bill's house, makes a hamburger, and eats at the table.

Bill and Montez meet with Pettimore at the bar and say that they want to get Brady transferred. Pettimore says that Felix performed a craniotomy earlier that day, and Montez threatens to get the hospital bad publicity if Pettimore doesn't cooperate. The administrator says that the walk-in business at the hospital has increased since they brought Brady there, and wonders what they're so terrified of. Bill says that Brady is a pestilence and they need to get him as far away as possible, and walks away. Montez tells Pettimore that he asked, pays his bill, says that Bill ain't wrong, and leaves.

Under Brady's control, Al breaks one of Bill's records.

Brady works out in his mind-basement as footage of his "greatest hits" play on the wall. He tapes a picture of Bill to a punching bag.

Holly returns to Bill's house and finds the dirty hamburger plate on the table. She cleans up after who she assumes is Bill, and finds the coffee maker on. She figures that Bill left the one at the office on, goes to her car, and Al sees her through the window. Once Holly leaves, Al finds a Finders Keepers business card and pockets it before walking out.

Donning a boxing robe, Brady approaches the punching bag as a project crowd cheers him.

Holly arrives at Finders Keepers and turns off the coffee maker that Bill left on.

Bill returns home and sees Ida sitting on her porch. He goes over and he invites her over for some coffee or tea. Elliot comes out and asks where a corkscrew is, and Ida introduces him and Bill. Ida says that she has a date, not a boyfriend, and Bill wishes her goodnight before going inside. He realizes that someone is in the house, looks around, and draws his gun as he sees the broken record.

Holly goes to her desk, and there's a knock at the door. She answers it and finds a delivery woman there with a package for Holly. Holly takes it, goes back inside, and opens it to find her office supplies.

Donna arrives home and takes a photo of a book on Ireland that she bought, and sends it to Bill. Bill glances it as briefly and then continues his search. Donna calls Bill just as Al attacks him, knocking the gun and the phone out of his hands.

Brady beats on the punching bag with a 2x4.

Al hits Bill with a 2x4, knocking him down. He starts beating Bill, and Ida arrives and sets off a key alarm. Distracted, Al hesitates and Bill grabs his gun and shoots Al in the chest, and then shoots him in the head.

In the mind-basement, Brady's monitors explode, sending him flying back.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 18, 2018

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