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Call to Action Recap

As an alien couple walks through the park, they discuss Thanksgiving. Masked men confront them and the man trips, knocking out his image inducer. Manchester arrives and attacks the men while the alien couple run. One of the men is Petrocelli, and Manchester recognizes him. Two more of the Children of Liberty attack him. Supergirl arrives and one man and his dog run off, while the other one threatens to break Manchester's neck. Supergirl disarms him and Manchester knocks him out. She asks what he's doing there, and he says that he was out for a walk and saw the Children harassing the alien couple. Flyers titled "Twilight's Last Gleaming" fall from the sky proclaiming that everyone must resist the alien scourge. Supergirl questions the man, asking who Agent Liberty is, and he saw that they all are.

At her lab, Lena is monitoring the haranel treatment on cancer when Eve comes in and apologizes for running late. Lena hopes that James will denounce them on television later that date, and she's booked him on Sean Chiu's V show The Counterpart Daily. The alarms go off and the test heart "dies", and Lena confirms that the tumors were still growing. She destroys the sample and Eve points out that they still have two protocols left.

Supergirl and Alex show the Children of Liberty mask to Haley, and Haley says that the FBI will deal with it. Alex points out that it could be dangerous because similar leaflets were used to promote uprisings. The colonel points out that it's not the DEO's purview, and asks if Supergirl was asked to patrol the park. She tells her to join the NCPD if she wants to investigate muggings, and tells Alex to reallocate their resources. As they go, Haley says that she brought pie and it's in the cafeteria. Outside, Alex tells Supergirl that they're still investigating it and figure the pie is poisoned. Braniac-5 is eating pie and says that he located the drones that dropped the flyers. They're not traceable, and Alex winks and tells him about Haley's orders. Brainiac-5 takes her literally, and Supergirl explains that they want him to keep looking into it. He loudly announces that he'll continue his investigation in complete secrecy. As she goes, Supergirl tells Alex that Eliza wants her to get the cranberry sauce for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Ben returns home and tells his people via the phone to lie low until the sun goes down. He then goes in and Lydia tells him that they should be able to make their mortgage payment. As they kiss, George calls them in to see a news report about Ben talking about humanity being the downtrodden.

Lena comes to James' office with a suit, and he puts on the jacket. She tells him that she booked him on the show and explains that he should disavow the Children of Liberty. James wishes that she had checked with him first, and explains that he reached out to Ben and he got connected with actual Children and is meeting with them that day. He hopes to eventually get an interview with Agent Liberty. Lena objects, saying that they might resort to violence now that they have a "human poster boy". James figures that she doesn't think that he can handle it, and Lena point out that he has no details about the meeting. He insists that he can handle it and says that it's work. Lena tells him that she's his boss and booked a major TV appearance for him, and tells him to figure it out.

Hank visits Manchester and points out that he didn't respond to his invitation for Thanksgiving dinner. Manchester says that he's not in the mood but assures Hank that it doesn't have to do with the leaflets. Hank gives him Kara's address in case Manchester changes his mind, and Manchester thanks him for thinking of him. Once he's alone, Manchester goes to the bathroom where he has the imprisoned Petrocelli tied up, and takes out a pair of pliers.

At CatCo, Kira gives James her article about the attack. He explains that Lena booked him on the show and wants him to denounce the Children of Liberty. Kara says that Lena protects the ones she loves and that she's right most of the time. She offers to do the roundtable and have Nia help her, and James points out that Nia is asleep at her desk. They go over and Nia jerks awake, and ask them not to fire her. Nia says that she has narcolepsy and she hasn't found a doctor in National City yet.

Alex asks Brainiac-5 if he's found anything. He has found thousands of supposed codes. Haley comes over and asks for a briefing on their current work. Brainiac-5 "confesses" that her pie was delicious and he's been searching for a recipe of his own to make. Haley tells them to get back to work and leaves, and Brainiac-5 says that he's learned "covering on the spot". Alex warns him that it was close and tells him to keep a low profile.

James goes to the rendezvous spot and a van arrives. A man, Tom, gets out and confirms who James is, and says that it's an honor to meet him because his work as Guardian has inspired so many of them. When they open the back, James finds a dog in the back.

At the lab, Lena and Eve confirm that the test hearts keep dying even though the haranel radiation should be killing the tumors. She tells Eve to incinerate the heart and go home to her family. The heart doesn't burn up and Lena figures that the haranel made the heart invincible.

At the TV studio, Nia rehearses questions with Kara. She doses off and Kara suggests that she come to her place and meet with Eliza, who knows all of the top doctors. A PA comes in and says that they're ready for Kara, and Nia assures Kara that she'll do great. In the studio, Kara finds Ben there as her counterpoint.

Tom takes James to a suburban street and gets a grocery list from his wife. He says that they're all "Agents of Liberty", and says that he was told to tell James what they do and answer James' question. When he calls aliens "roaches", James objects and Tom points out that he's seen Guardian fight against a lot of aliens. Another call comes in from Tom's wife, and he has James hold the dog while he steps aside to take the call.

Manchester questions Petrocelli, who says that he was given the mask and told to patrol the streets. After beating him, Manchester says that he might be able to get into Petrocelli's mind and takes out the slip with Kara's address where Hank is.

Once the show goes on the air, Kara says that most aliens want to live peacefully and are making extraordinary contributions. Ben wonders where they are, and talks about human exceptionalism. He asks why James hasn't renounced the Children and might be meeting with them. Kara says that there's a difference between having something to say and hate speech, and the manifesto will incite fear. She talks about what Thanksgiving represents, and Ben points out that the indigenous people were wiped out after inviting them to Thanksgiving. Some in the audience applaud his statement.

Later at the apartment, Kara tells the others that she's still queasy after the audience applauded Ben. Brainiac-5 arrives with flowers and Nia greets him. He says that the flowers are for Kara, and Manchester arrives and introduces himself to Kara. Kara offers his condolences for his loss and gives her a bottle of whiskey that they brought. Eliza introduces herself to Manchester, who then talks to Hank. Meanwhile, Eliza asks Nia about her narcolepsy and says that she knows an expert on sleep disorders in National City. Nia says that she already has a doctor and give several fake names that Eliza doesn't recognize.

Hank says that he would never use his mental powers except in defense, and Manchester asks him if he would perform mind reading He says that he's thinking about Fiona and what she would do if she saw things were getting bad. James arrives and Lena greets him, and he says that he still met with the children. They sit down, and James explains that he met with Tom and he feels inferior. Lena suggests that they could make humans super, and they could level the playing field. She says that evil people wouldn't get powers, and Alex wonder who would decide who gets powers.

Everyone sits down for dinner and James apologizes to Kara to putting her on Counterpoint Daily at the last minute. Kara mentions that the man Supergirl fought had a dog, and James points out that Tom's dog kept barking at houses and then he'd text them. Manchester points out that the masks have vision tech in them, and Brainiac-5 takes out the Children of Liberty mask they recovered and finds an infrared scanner inside. Alex uses it to confirm that buildings are marked throughout the ceiling, and since "Twilight's Last Gleaming" is the title of the manifesto, the Children will strike at sunset. Manchester leaves, and Alex asks Kara for a ride to the DEO while she destroys as many markers as possible.

James goes to find Tom and see if he can talk some sense into him. Lena warns them that it's not a plan and they won't listen to him, and James angrily says that he can handle himself. He points out that the DA dropped the charges against him, and Lena says that she traded information about Bruno and the DA dropped the charges. James is shocked that she lied to him, and says that if she thinks love is then he might not want a part of that.

Ben has Thanksgiving with his family and says grace.

Throughout the city, the Children go out to attack the alien homes.

Ben says that his family has made him think that they can fight again.

Supergirl flies over the city, destroying the markers that she finds.

James goes to Tom's home and tells him not to do it. Tom says that his family has to come first and attacks James when he won't get out of his way. When James pins him to the ground, Tom tells him that he's protecting his family and James would do the same.

Brainiac-5 contacts Supergirl and says that he's on the streets removing markers. Several Children come over and ask what he's doing, and Brainiac-5 tells them to go home or he'll have to beat them up with physics. They attack him and he easily dodges their attacks, calculating their strikes. The Children manage to knock each other out.

As the sun goes down, the Children find one home and call the owner to come out. Manchester comes out wearing the mask, removes it, and draws a gun. The children runs off, and Manchester says sorry to Fi as he opens fire.

The aliens burst into another home and beat the father. The daughter Alana hides behind her dollhouse as the Children beat her father. She asks her pet iguana to do something, and it turns into a giant dragon and roars. The Children run out, and Spike flies out and breathes fire on the nearby cars. Supergirl flies down and gets the Children out of the way, and Alex arrives on her motorcycle. It charges at her, but Supergirl grabs its tail and pulls it back. She flies off into the sky and the dragon pursues her. They fight and the dragon breathes fire on Supergirl. She counters with her ice breath but it blasts her to a rooftop. Alana runs over and asks Alex not to hurt her pet. Alex tells Supergirl what the situation is, and Supergirl tells Spike that he did his job and everyone is safe. He calms down and shrinks back to his Gila monster form.

Supergirl and Alex return to the DEO, and Haley points out that they disobeyed her direct orders. However, she admits that the Children's actions are stirring the alien residents to defend themselves, and they will consider the Children a priority for the DEO. However, she tells Alex that she's knew of Alex's rogue investigation and gave her enough rope to hang herself. Fortunately, she was right. Alex says that she will continue following her instincts and if that makes Haley court-martial her then so be it.

Ben is watching the news report about Supergirl stopping the attack. Sean calls and offers him his own show, and he says that he would love to do it.

At the apartment, Alex tells Hank that Eliza had to get to a conference. She tells Kara that Nia said she already had a doctor, and Kara wonders why she would like about it. Hank points out that they got Haley to put the Children of Liberty on the DEO agenda. Kara wonders how she can win the fight against the hate rhetoric, and Hank says that he's seen from the past that things can get ugly.

James meets Tom in a parking garage and Tom says that all the people he was supposed to meet went missing. He tells James that he can connect James with people who have access to Agent Liberty, but they're dangerous. Lena calls James but he ignores her, and the children arrive to take James to Tom's people.

Eve returns to the lab and Lena tells her that they're on the verge of a civil war with the aliens. She says that the people they love will need protection and she'll need a human subject for new haranel experiments.

Petrocelli tells Manchester that he takes his orders from Caldwell. Manchester takes out a gun and closes the bathroom door.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 19, 2018

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