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Due Process Recap

The taped-up Anatoly tells Diaz that he killed all of his brothers, and Diaz reminds him that he betrayed him. He puts an axe to Anatoly's neck and says that the Arrow team is all gone. He lights up a blowtorch and tells Anatoly that he picked the losing side. Anatoly tells Diaz to kill him, and Diaz says that he's going to help him destroy Oliver as he burns him.

In Slabside, Oliver tells Stanley what happened on Level 2. Oliver notices the increased security and Stanley says that he's glad that they're there because otherwise Brick would have come after him. Dunbar drops Brick's food on the floor, and Stanley tells Oliver that Dunbar isn't on Brick's payroll anymore since the fight club fiasco. Dunbar orders Oliver up, and Oliver asks if his meal privileges have been revoked. The guard grabs him by the shirt and repeats his order, and Oliver gets up. Dunbar tells him that he has a visitor and leads Oliver off.

Laurel is waiting in visitation and Laurel tells him that she had to file an emergency motion to see him. She takes a photo of him with his injuries and says that she got the Level Two records that he smuggled out. Laurel explains that she's working with Felicity to get Oliver out, and Oliver figures that Laurel would only help him if there was something in it for her. He points out that Diaz got away because of her, and tells her that she can pretend to be his Laurel as long as she wants but she never will be. Oliver tells her to stay away from Felicity and walks away.

The Future

William takes in the news that Felicity is dead. Dinah explains that Felicity was murdered a couple of weeks ago, and they wanted Felicity to join them but she went underground and called herself Calculator. She made enemies and one of them caught up to her. William still wants to know why Felicity sent her the signal, and he brings up the map of the city. There's a color variation and William figures that Felicity was trying to lead them there and he's not stopping.


Laurel returns to her office and Felicity reports that Silencer's flight arrived in Star City and she hasn't met with Diaz yet. Felicity has learned the entire Bratva was murdered two nights ago. Laurel tells Felicity that Olive thinks that she's a monster and doesn't want her help, and Felicity says that Oliver doesn't know the new Laurel. She refuses to change their strategy and figures that a prosecutor defending him is the best move they have. Facial recognition picks up Diaz and the Longbow Hunters at a munitions plant and Laurel says that they have to move before they change locations.

Felicity and Laurel go to the plant and Rene arrives in response to their invitation. He assures them that he's in and they go in after Silencer. Everything goes silent and the trio open a crate to reveal Anatoly inside. Dinah and Diggle arrive with their men, and Felicity turns off the sound dampener. Rene spots a bomb inside, and everyone gets out. They run outside just as the bomb goes off.

Back at ARGUS, Diggle says that ARGUS has been tracking Diaz eve since he slaughtered the Bratva, and SCPD were responding to a break-in report. Felicity explains that they planted a tracker on Silencer's belt and Diaz must have found it. Dinah wonders how they managed it, and Rene admits that he and Felicity captured Silencer, and Laurel says that she convinced Felicity not to torture their prisoner. Curtis interrupts to say that they should communicate a little more, and Diggle says that they're not working with the new Green Arrow or Laurel. Laurel points out that Anatoly gets to stay and she has to leave, and Laurel walks out. Felicity goes after her and insist that she needs the DA to help Oliver. She says that it's her only chance to get her husband back, and Laurel reluctantly agrees. Felicity promises that when they capture Diaz she'll call Laurel and they'll finish it as they planned.

The Future

As the group goes to the source of the signal, Zoe tells William that it's good seeing her and she tried to keep in touch after everything that happened. Roy tells Dinah that he never thought that he'd come back, and he found the mark of four inside of Oliver's bow. They don't know who put it there, and Roy says that they should keep it a secret. Dinah worries that William is Oliver's son.


As Oliver sits in his cell, a new guard Xxx and his men come to get Stanley and tells him that Dunbar is dead and Stanley was the last one who saw him. Oliver goes to Brick, Ben, and Sampson and demands to know what happened. Brick isn't interested in helping, and Oliver tells him that he'll find out if anyone in Brick's crew were involved then he'll find out.

Pyotr Roslov, a former KGB agent, was an associate with Anatoly. Diaz had Anatoly call Pyotr to buy a weapon so that he can use it to destroy Star City. Felicity tells Anatoly that he'll help them, and Anatoly points out that Diaz killed the Bratva as punishment. He refuses and Felicity threatens to put him on Homeland's watch list. She says that he gets into Pyotr's office and downloads the information from his computer. Anatoly says that Felicity isn't the one he remembers, and Felicity says that maybe the new one can catch Diaz.

Anatoly meets with Pyotr, who offers his condolences about the Bratva and invites Anatoly in to drink in their memory. As they go in, Pyotr says that his dealings with Diaz were profitable. They walk past a computer and Anatoly suggests that they sit down at the desk. Pyotr gets out a bottle and two glasses, and Anatoly asks for ice. Once Pyotr leaves, Anatoly puts the flash drive in the computer.

In the surveillance van, Diggle spots incoming and figures that Anatoly has been compromised. Felicity says that they need a minute and tells Anatoly over the earbud that there's no threat. When Pyotr comes back, Anatoly asks Pyotr to forgive him but Pyotr doesn't believe him. Anatoly grabs the flash drive, and Pyotr and his men beat him.

Gunshots ring out and Diggle arrives and takes out Pyotr's men. Pyotr prepares to shoot Anatoly, but Diggle shoots him at the same time. Felicity, watching via Diggle's helmet cam, realizes that Anatoly has the flash drive.

Back at ARGUS, Diggle tells Felicity that Anatoly is fine but he wouldn't have been if they'd gotten there a few minutes later. He points out that Felicity coerced Anatoly into taking the risk, and says that she pushed him out and risked innocent lives. Felicity tells Diggle that she's willing to do whatever it takes to stop Diaz, and Diggle hopes that when the war is over she comes out a hero.

Oliver slips away from the guards and goes to Stanley's cell in solitary. Stanley says that the guards beat him for killing Dunbar and haven't found the murder weapon. Oliver says that he won't let Stanley go down for Dunbar's murder, and Stanley figures that Oliver can find out if anyone can. Oliver goes to the cellar where Dunbar was killed and searches for the murder weapon. He finds a secret compartment with the shank inside and recognizes it.

Laurel goes to federal court and tells the judge that she's there as an officer of the court. She shows the judge the photo of the beaten Oliver and says that he's been psychologically and physically harmed. Dinah comes in as Laurel says that the FBI failed to hold up their end of the deal with Oliver, and Diaz almost succeeded in killing Felicity and William. She tells the judge that Oliver has chosen the hard road for the last six months, and he deserves to be a free man. The judge agrees that a federal investigation into Slabside should be ordered but denies Laurel's appeal.

Curtis and Felicity decode the flash drive data and show Diggle a file on BEAB-500, a high-powered aerial bomb. Diaz has two of them, and Diggle goes to prepare a mass evac of Star City.

Oliver goes back to the mess room and asks Ben why he killed Dunbar. Wen Ben denies it, Oliver says that the guards found prints on it. The guards come over to get Ben, and Ben says that they got the wrong guy.

Felicity visits Anatoly and asks how he's doing. She apologizes for not getting him out sooner, and he figure that she isn't as ruthless as she has to be to capture Diaz. Anatoly tells her that she has to embrace demons if she wants to kill Oliver. Oliver did what need to be done when he worked with Anatoly in Russia. Felicity asks what Oliver would have done, and Anatoly says that he would have killed Diaz and not cared about the cost.

Dinah spots Laurel preparing to attack the judge as she leaves the courthouse. The police chief tells Laurel that the easiest path is to be a criminal. As the judge drives off, Dinah says that she believed Laurel has changed for the first time based on what she said in court, and tells her not to throw away what she's achieved.

The Future

The group arrive in a room and the door seals. The computer says that they have to provide access protocols in 30 seconds or they'll be terminated. There are arrows in a rack, and Roy uses Oliver's bow to shoot the sensors on the wall. William brings up the last file she accessed, which show structural plans of buildings throughout Star City. There are also schematic to build explosives and money to fund it. They realize that it's a plan to level all of Star City outside of the Glades.


Felicity tells Diggle and Curtis that Diaz wants to make a statement worthy of the Dragon. The new model can be attached to a gas pipe, and figures that he's targeting a gas plant. If the bomb goes off then the gas pipes throughout the city will explode. Diggle tells Curtis to call the entire team.

Anatoly goes to the gas plant with Dinah and Felicity, and Felicity confirms that the bombs are linked so they can't disarm one without setting off the other. Curtis, Diggle, and Rene go to the other bomb on the main pipeline, while the first group find the second bomb. Felicity realizes that the bombs were activated manually, meaning Diaz is still there.

Diaz prepares for exfil so he can watch the explosion from above.

Curtis warns that he'll need more time, and Anatoly wonders when they can run. Felicity tells him that they're not running. Curtis realizes that his bomb has a cell phone transmitter for a backup detonator, and once Diaz realizes that they've disarmed the timers, he'll make the call. Rene and Diggle go to find Diaz.

Diggle confronts Diaz as Silencer's sound-negation field kick in. Diggle uses his flamethrower, and Dinah just dodges Kodiak's shield throw. Silencer and Red Dart attack her as well, and Rene tackles Silencer. Diggle knocks the phone out of Diaz's hand, but Kodiak grabs Rene as he tries to grab it.

Curtis and Felicity enter the disarming codes together.

Silencer gets the phone and tosses it to Diaz.

Once the bombs are disarmed, Felicity, Curtis, and Anatoly run.

As Diaz tells the team that it's pointless, Green Arrow shoots the cell phone out of his hand and drops to the ground. He and Diaz fight, and Diggle joins in and knocks Diaz out. The Longbow Hunters walk off, detonating a gas tank to cover their escape

Later, Channel 52 is reporting about Diaz's capture. The team watches at the police station as Bethany Snow notes that people are reconsidering the anti-vigilante laws. Curtis says that they managed to capture Diaz by working together. Rene, Curtis, and Dinah go off to get a drink, and Diggle asks Felicity how it feels. She says that there could be nothing better than Diaz behind bars.

Laurel meets with Oliver and gives him a copy of the court ruling. Oliver reads the part about the federal investigation and says that it will help a lot of prisoners, and thanks Laurel. Laurel tells him that she doesn't want his thanks because she did it for her, not him, and says that she's not his Laurel and he can't put people in boxes. As she goes, Laurel gets a text from the government.

Felicity finds Anatoly outside the station drinking vodka. She gives him a passport to the island paradise of his choice, and Anatoly tells her that she's a strong person. He gives her a gun and tells her not to look back.

The Future

William wonders why Felicity brought them there if she planned to blow up the city. Zoe warns that it will make them a target, and Dinah says that following the lead has a risk. William says that finding out what happened is worth the risk, and determines that she last called someone named Blackstar.


Felicity goes to the interrogation room where Diaz is locked up and points out that the surveillance camera is off. She says that Diaz destroyed her life and Diaz asks what she's going to do about it. Felicity takes out the gun and aims it at him, and he jumps, startling her. Diaz says that she doesn't have the guts, and Felicity tells him that he made her into the person. The prisoner opens his jacket and invites him to shoot. Laurel comes in and tells Felicity that she doesn't want to do it because they need him to help Oliver. She explains that she's trading Diaz for Olive, and if Oliver agrees to assist them with their case against Diaz then he'll be a free man.

In prison, Stanley is released and asks how Oliver did it. When he says that it was Ben's blade, Oliver asks how he knew when he was in solitary. Stanley claimed that he must have heard it somewhere and eats Oliver's food.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 20, 2018

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