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The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi Recap

A woman, Looker, tells three men that there is something out there out of her body but not under her control. One man, Jake, say that he doesn't know what it means. Looker tells Jake that he should and pointed out that it's been five years since he's been with her. She points out that she made them free of the drugs they were addicted to her and they owe her. Jake objects, saying that she's worse than the Perdi. Looker grabs him by the throat and pulls silver strands of liquid out of Jake's face. he dies, a desiccated corpse, and Looker tells the other two men to use the senses she gave them and find the Element and determine what it is.

Peter is torturing one of his shooters, who is surprised that he's there. The shooter man says that Peter is very unprofessional, and Peter asks who hired him to kill him. When the shooter says that he doesn't know and was paid in Bitcoin, and Peter takes a gun and kills the shooter, then walks out.

Jeff goes into the bedroom and finds Lynn sitting in the dark. She says that Jace lied to her and they lost fourteen pod kids. All Lynn could do was stand there and watch them die.

At Freeland United, Kwame tells Holt that the person he represents is offering to cover all the expenses of relocating the clinic. Holt figures that Kwame man is representing Tobias and says that he's going to pray for Kwame. The reverend explains that he knew that Tobias and The 100 tried to kill him. He tells Kwame that he can tell Tobias to keep his money and kiss his ass.

Kwame goes back to Tobias and tells him that Holt turned down the offer. The representative suggests that Tobias buy his own clinic, and Tobias tells Khalil to kill Kwame. When Khalil objects, Tobias says that the clinic is the only building on the block that he doesn't own. He tells Khalil to kill Holt and several of his people in the church, and that he failed to kill Holt the first time. Khalil realizes that Tobias was behind the attack on the march, and says that his mother goes to Holt's church. Tobias doesn't care and tells him to kill Holt no matter how he does it.

Lynn meets with the community to tell them that fourteen of the pod kids died. One man asks if his daughter is alive, demanding answers from Lyn. The father comes at Lyn, and the ADA agents escort her out. Jeff is watching and joins her outside, and asks if she's okay. Lynn says that she still has work to do and Jeff should go home while she finishes up.

As Peter cleans up, he remember show he escaped through a hidden panel in his SUV and then remote-detonated it. An alarm triggers as Anissa leaves her SUV. She goes into South Freeland on four, and a group surround her with guns drawn. Anissa says that she's looking for Anaya. They take her to a house in the woods and the leader signs out his questions for a translator. She says that she and the man are Anaya's parents . They ring in Anaya and the translator, Batina, asks how Anissa knows Anaya. Anissa says that Anaya is in danger and tells her that Deacon is dead. Deacon gasps in shock and goes into labor, and Anissa says that they need to get her to a bed.

Lynn stops at a light and a SV hits the back of her car. The father asks if his daughter is alive, and Lynn says that she doesn't know and drives off.

Jennifer sits outside her window with Khalil and finally asks what's wrong. He explains that Tobias was behind Holt getting shot at and his being paralyzed, and now Tobias wants him to kill Holt. Jennifer wonders why Khalil is staying with Tobias, and Khalil says that he has nowhere else to go. She assures him that they'll figure it out together, and he wonders why she's giving him the time of day. Jennifer tells him that the Painkiller thing isn't Khalil, and she doesn't want him to make any more mistakes. Khalil says that he also made some good decisions and kisses her hand.

Anissa helps Anaya deliver, and the girl gives birth to one son. Then she starts to give birth to a twin.

Jeff goes to the sanctum looking for Anissa, and sees the tracker flashing on a monitor.

Lynn is at home drinking, and Jennifer finds her. Her mother snaps at her and says that people look at her as a sellout. Jennifer says that students at school thought of her the same way and maybe Lynn should ignore the people saying the same of her.

Anissa tells Batina that the twin is breech and needs her to apply pressure.

Jeff discovers that Anissa's costume is still in the sanctum.

Jennifer tells Lynn that she and Jeff always told their daughters to take responsibility for their actions. She tells Lynn that it was Lynn's responsibility to keep the pod kids safe but it wasn't her fault that they died. Lynn thanks her for her honesty and walks out.

Anaya gives birth to her second child… who is white. She gives it to Anaya, who holds her son and glance over at a nervous Batina. Batina and Anissa then show the child to Anaya's father. Another man, Joshua, refuses to hold it. Batina goes after him and asks what he did, and he's furious that Anaya chose Deacon over him. As he walks away, Batina says that he started a war. As Batina goes back in, Anissa lays the children down and their eyes turn silver.

Jennifer finds Lynn in the bathroom, throwing up after drinking too much. After a moment, Jennifer gives her a damp washcloth. Lynn says that she could never have let half of the pod kids die, and when she looks at them she sees her daughters. She insists that if they found a way to save the fourteen who lived, they could have saved the others.

Holt goes out to his car, and Khalil grabs him and tells him to leave Freeland or he dies. The reverend says that that it ain't Khalil and he should let him go. When Holt refuses, Khalil starts to choke him but then throws him away and walks off. Holt shouts after him, saying that he's walking down the wrong path and what he's doing would tear his mother apart. Khalil says that it's too late for him, and Holt tells him that it's never too late for Jesus.

Anaya holds her son and wishes that Deacon could have seen their sons, and she knew it was too dangerous for them to be together. She explains that the Sange are white people with powers who terrorize South Freeland. They call the black people who live in the woods the Perdi. The blacks and whites lived on opposite sides of South Freeland since the end of slavery. Looker came to town about 30 years ago and has what she calls Element to turn the white folks into Sange. Anaya says that he father thinks that having a baby by a Sange is the worst thing that she could do, and he hates the Sange. The two sides have hated each other, and now her father will never forgive her.

Tobias is reading books on war when Khalil comes back and tells him that there were too many people around for him to kill Holt. The crime lord talks about military cohesion theory, and how social cohesion is how members of a group get along. If one element is out of whack then the group fails, and says that the fact that he's fond of Khalil has kept him from disciplining Khalil the way he should. He promises that it won't happen, and Khalil attacks him. the two men fight and Tobias laughs off Khalil's blows. He finally knocks Khalil down and beats him, and tells him to kill Holt and his mother or he'll kill him.

Anaya tells Anissa that Looker would feel the same way as her father, and the two sides merging would destroy her control. She figures that Looker will come after the babies, and Anissa tells her to get some rest. Anissa then goes out and tells the parents that they need to get Anaya and the babies somewhere safe. She says that Anaya is still their daughter and the babies are their grandchildren, and there won't be any issues to work out if they all die. When they ask why Anissa cares what happened to their family, Anissa says that she was raised that way.

The Sange approach the house and Looker sees the place through the Sange's eyes.

The Perdi move out and Batista tells them that they'll split up and each group is responsible for getting one of the babies to Freeland. The Sange speed around them and finally come to a stop, and Black Lightning arrives. He blasts the Sange as they charge at him.

Peter is eating in his motel room when an alarm goes off on his tablet. He watches video of the fight from a surveillance drone.

The Perdi run for their trucks, fighting the Sange who get in their way. Looker continues to manipulate the men under her control, attacking whatever Perdi that they can find.

Peter has his drone open fire on the Perde. Meanwhile, Anissa attacks several of them using her powers. Anaya's parents gets into one truck and drives off with the black baby. Black Lightning manages to sense two of the Sange coming after him and shocks two of them, while another Perde destroys Peter's drone.

Anissa arrives at the rendezvous and discovers that Anaya is there with the white baby... but her parents never made it there.

In the woods, Black Lightning checks the bodies of the Perdi that were defeated. Anissa calls and says that they're heading for Freeland, and Black Lightning says that he's found the ruins of the truck but no signs of the baby or his grandparents. Silver fluid oozes out of one corpse and moves off, and Anissa explains about Looker and how the Element is part of her and she can use it to control the Sange. Black Lightning figures that she's one of the kids affected by the original vaccine, and Anissa says that the Element always returns to Looker and he should be able to follow it to the baby. He tells Anissa that she did good and assures her that she'll be careful.

Khalil comes to the Pierce house but stays on the ground and calls her. She tells him to come up, and he finally does so. Anissa realizes that he's been beaten and was trying to hide it from her, and he says that Holt won't leave Freeland and he's not a killer like Tobias. Khalil talks like he's not going to see Jennifer again, and she hugs him.

The Sange take the baby to Looker and she realizes that she can't reach it with her Element. She asks where Deacon is, and Sheriff Clark explains that one of the Perdi killed Deacon and tried to make it look like the Sange were responsible. Looker says that those who lie down with the Perdi die with the Perdi. she realizes that there's another baby and tells the Sange to find it.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 21, 2018

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