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Clear and Wesen Danger Recap

Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.

At an office, CEO Beau Childs is going over the company financial statements. There are a number of transfers that don't add up, and he goes to the company account, Paul Wemlinger. Childs says that almost a half million dollars in reinvested dividends is missing, and tells Paul to bring in a forensic accountant so that they can find the guilty party. He goes back to his office to call the Portland police, and Paul comes in and interrupts to say that he knows who is responsible. Childs hangs up without completing the call and Paul gives him a file... and then woges and kills him. Once he's done, Paul woges back, calls 911, and reports intruders killing Childs.

At the hospital, Adalnd holds Kelly and sleeps. Nick is sitting in the room, watching over her. Rosalee calls Nick out and he meets with the others. Nick tells them that Adalind and the child are fine, but Chavez is dead. He shows them the chess piece that belonged to Trubel, and he plans on going back to the factory to figure out who is responsible. Rosalee stays behind to keep an eye on the baby, and Nick says that he's named Kelly.

At the factory, the four men go inside and discover that the bodies and the blood are gone. Nick takes out Chavez's phone and explains how someone called and told him to keep it, and Wu takes it to check the numbers. They go to where the truck drove away with the one surviving killer, and there are no CCTVs. Nick figures that Chavez's people cleaned up the crime scene, and notices a section of wall where the mark he saw earlier was painted over. Hank wipes away the paint, revealing the four claw-like marks, and Nick says that they won't bring Renard in until they figure out what's going on. As they leave, Chavez's assistant watches them from the shadows.

Adalind jerks awake and realizes that Kelly is gone. Rosalee is there and assures her that the nurse took Kelly to the nursery so that she could get some sleep. Nick returns from the nursery and suggests that Rosalee leave Adalind. Outside, he tells her what happened and Rosalee says that the doctor has recommended that Adalind can leave. Nick figures that he has to let Adalind and Kelly stay at his home, and Rosalee promises to come over and get things ready.

At the station, Hank tells Renard about the baby. As Hank goes, Renard tells him that he's going to partner him up with Pogue until Nick gets back. He orders Hank to make it work despite the fact Pogue knows nothing about the Wesen. Pogue comes in and says that they have a body. Hank and Pogue arrive at the office, where Wu has already secured the crime scene. Wu tells the detectives Paul's story that two men broke in, killed Childs, and escaped. Hank and Wu figure that a Wesen is responsible, but can't discuss it in front of Pogue. Hank notices the blood on the phone and they talk to Paul. He says that he heard screams and saw two men running out of Childs' office. He tries to stop the bleeding but failed, and then called 911. Paul says that he washed his hands and then called Childs' assistant, Betty Frame. He suggests that they talk to Betty, who knew a great deal about Childs' personal life. As they go, Pogue points out that Paul doesn't look like someone who could rip out a man's throat.

Next, Hank and Pogue talk to Betty in the lobby. She's worked for Childs for 17 years, and says that Childs and Paul had a professional relationship. Wu comes down and talks privately to Hank. The cameras show no one coming in or out of the building except for Betty and the police. They figure that it's a Wesen killer

The next day at Nick's house, Rosalee and Monroe set the baby mobile up. Rosalee looks longingly at the mobile and tells Monroe that someday it will be them. Nick and Adalind arrive with Kelly, and Adalind thanks the couple for their work. Rosalee shows Adalind around and Monroe tells Nick that he has a bad feeling about the house after all of the death and destruction. Rosalee comes back and leaves with Monroe, and Nick directs Adalind to the guest room upstairs. He brings Kelly up and Adalind remembers the last time she was in the room with Diana. Nick tells Adalind that Juliette is dead, and Adalind thanks him for everything that he's done.

Nick goes to the master bedroom and takes out one of her dresses from the closet. After a moment, he puts it back.

At the station, Pogue confirms that Paul's background is clean. Hank wants to bring him in, pointing out that there's no blood trail and nothing on the cameras. Pogue points out that there's no sign of a murder weapon, and doesn't figure that Paul killed Childs with his bare hands. However, he agrees to bring Paul in and sweat him a little.

Nick is making lunch when Adalind comes down and says that she couldn't sleep. He offers her a sandwich and says that he's considering selling the house and finding some place safer. Adalind hesitantly agrees and says that the sandwich is good. As they talk, Hank calls Nick and asks him to come in and confirm if he has a Wesen killer. Adalind says that she'll be fine, and Nick agrees. As Nick leaves, Kelly starts crying and Adalind goes up to check on him.

At the station, Pogue shows Hank the ME report on Childs. It suggests that Childs was killed by an animal, and Pogue doesn't figure Paul as an animal. Nick comes in and slips into the observation room, while Wu approaches Hank and Pogue. He has a hit on the prints from the office, and they identify Paul as Simon Kincaid, a convicted embezzler.

In the interrogation room, Paul says that he was working on quarterly reports. Nick watches through the one-way mirror as Hank asks if there's any money missing from the company. Paul claims that there isn't, and the detectives ask him about Simon Kincaid. Hank accuses him of stealing money and killing Childs, and Hank slams him up against the mirror. He whispers that he knows Paul is a Wesen, and Paul woges as Nick watches. Paul denies it and demands a lawyer, and Hank goes to the observation room. Nick confirms Hank's suspicion and identifies Paul as a Quijada Vil. Pogue comes in and is surprised to see Nick, and takes offense that Hank called him in. He says that two U.S. Marshals came in to get Paul.

Hank and Pogue meet with the two marshals, Dan Reeves and Ray Durant. They have an outstanding warrant out on Paul for the embezzlement in California, and their warrant overrides the murder charge. As Pogue takes them to Paul, Nick comes in and says that he has to warn the marshals. As the marshals take Paul to their car, Nick tells them that Paul isn't what he seems. However, he can't tell them the truth. Paul woges briefly but only Nick can see him do so.

Back inside, Nick says that he's going to follow the marshals to California. Renard sees Nick and Hank explains why he's there. The captain calls them into the office and warns that Nick could lose his job if he interferes with the Feds again. Renard agrees to call the marshal's office and say that they have a death threat against Paul so that they beef up their security. He then tells Nick to go home and not come back until he tells him. Once Nick leaves, Hank tells Renard that it's a tough enough job without being unable to do anything about it.

Rosalee comes by to check on Adalind and Kelly. Adalind worries that Nick's feelings about her and Kelly will change, and Rosalee assures her that Nick won't walk away from them. The former Hexenbiest says that she doesn't want to be a Hexenbiest again because of what it will do to Kelly... or Nick. Adalind is sure that it will come back eventually, and she just wants a normal life like what Adalind and Monroe have. There's a knock at the door and Rosalee goes to answer it. There are two FBI agents, who flash their badges.

That night, Reeves and Durant stop at a gas station and Paul asks to use the bathroom. Durant takes him to a stall and steps away, and Paul kills him. Meanwhile, Reeves gets a call from his office and goes to check on his partner. He finds Durant, his throat torn out, and Paul kills him as well.

At the station, Pogue tells Renard that they have to connect Paul to the murder. Wu comes in and tells them that the two marshals are dead and Paul has disappeared.

Nick returns home and finds the two FBI agents waiting for him. Adalind and Rosalee take Kelly upstairs, and the agents say that Chavez has disappeared after Nick argued with her. Nick claims that Chavez thought he was involved with Weston's death, and says that he was at the hospital with his newborn. Before they leave, they warn that if Nick had anything to do with Chavez's disappearance then they'll connect him to it.

Hank and Pogue drive to the gas station and Franco takes them to the corpses. The restroom floor is covered in blood, and the same four-line claw mark is on the mirror in blood.

After the agents leave, Adalind comes down and asks Nick if everything is okay. He claims the FBI were checking an old case, but Adalind starts to panic at what will happen to her if Nick is taken away. Nick holds her and Adalind apologizes, saying that she doesn't expect anything from him.Hank calls and tells Nick what happened, and describes the mark. They figure Paul is tried to what Chavez was investigating, and Nick suggests that they track the money because it will lead to Paul. He heads to the investment firm to meet Hank there.

At the office, the forensic account says that most of the money was wired to offshore banks. He can't get the names and SSNs of the accounts, but he can identify the origin of the transfers. Every time a transfer was made, a phone call was also made to a Portland office. They send the number to Wu and meet him. He traces it and confirms that it goes to a PO Box. The calls went to a cell phone, and Wu has translated the location to Betty's address. They figure that Paul and Betty were working together, and Paul might be there.

The officers go to Betty's apartment and Nick hears someone inside. They break down the door and find Paul working with several banks of computers. Betty comes in and Paul takes her hostage, woging. He promises to rip out Betty's throat if they don’t let him go, moves into the next room, and kicks the door shut. He ducks out the fire escape and Nick goes after him while Hank takes the stairs with Wu.

Hank goes after Paul and traces him to an alley. Nick meets him on the other side of a fence, and Paul attacks Hank. The Grimm jumps the fence and he and Hank attack the Wesen. Paul breaks free and runs off. Wu cuts him off and is forced to shoot him when he doesn't stop. While Wu calls it in, Nick and Hank go back to Betty's apartment. She deletes the files, including one with a photo of Renard, before Nick can stop her. Betty tells them that even a Grimm can't stop what is coming, yells a foreign phrase, woges, and jumps out the window to her death rather than risk capture.

At the spice shop, Monroe looks up the phrase and tells the others that it means to free the hidden. They figure it's the slogan of the group who left the symbol, and they go back to researching what the symbol means.

At the station, Pogue tries to work out how Betty and Paul died. Hank explains that they were working together, and claims that Betty killed herself once Paul died. Pogue makes the assumption Hank wants, that Betty and Paul were sleeping together.

At Nick's house, Nick checks on Kelly and a sleeping Adalind.

At the secret base, Chavez' assistant emerges from a cell containing one of the berserk prisoners. He wipes the blood from his face and tells the guard that it went better.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 7, 2015

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