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Turkeys Away Recap

Arthur comes in as Jennifer assures a caller that there's no reason to bother Arthur with the matter. She assures him that it's nothing he needs to know about and gives him the "unimportant" mail. Herb comes in and Arthur asks how things have been going in Sales since the format change. The salesman says that everything is fine, and previous management had thing screwed up. Arthur asks Les how thing are going, and Les assures him that everything is going fine. He goes out to check the troops, and tells Jennifer where he'll be if anything big comes up.

When he goes to the booth, Arthur finds Johnny apparently sleeping while the records play. When Arthur checks a record, Johnny tells him not to touch it and says that he's giving it all that he's got.

Arthur goes to his office and plays with a pencil. Andy comes in response to Arthur's summons and Arthur has him sit down in his chair and asks for the big picture. Andy says that everything's fine, but Arthur says that it's too quiet. He asks how he's doing, and Andy assures him that he's doing just fine. Arthur wonders what he's doing good at, and Andy tells him that he's the boss and does... "boss stuff". He says that knowing Arthur is at the helm gives them a lot of confidence, and Arthur tells him that's not good enough and he wants to be involved. Arthur wants to personally approve everything that goes on in the station, and insists that he's the "Big Guy".

Later, Johnny visits Andy and tells him that he has to do something about Arthur because he's in everything. Les comes in and tells Andy the same thing, and insists that he works alone. Herb comes in and says that Arthur blew a deal by claiming that the pipe shop was a place for selling drug paraphernalia. As Johnny perks up, Venus and Bailey come in to complain. Andy tells them that nothing is wrong with Arthur, just as Arthur comes in and says that he's concluded a deal that is going to make radio history. Herb immediately agrees even though he doesn't know what Arthur is talking about, and Arthur says that he, Herb, and Les were there before the younger staff members. He wants Herb and Les' cooperation... and twenty live turkeys.

Later, Arthur calls, Herb, Les, and Andy in and says that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Andy asks for detail, but Arthur refuses to risk a leak. He calls Jennifer in and says that Johnny is on the air telling the world about the greatest event in gobbler history. Arthur tries to dictate a press release, but Jennifer reminds him that she doesn't do dictation or makes coffee. Satisfied, Arthur thanks her and sends her back to her desk. Les confirms that he has remote lines and a big banner with "WKRP" on it. He says that the promotion is big new. Andy reports that the newspapers aren't coming because they don't think that giving away turkeys is news, and Arthur tells him to take care of everything at the station. Les and Andy leave, and Herb tells Arthur that he can count on him. Arthur says that Herb will be right there at his side, and Herb tells everyone that he's like a son to Arthur.

The next day, Venus and Johnny are in the booth ready to go on the air. Andy and Bailey join them, and Les goes on the air from the crowd at the Pinedale Shopping Mall. No one knows where Arthur is. Johnny puts Les on the air, and he reports that the excitement is mounting. The store owner complains that Les is blocking his store and he should move on. Once Les does so, he reports that a helicopter with a WKRP banner is arriving. Les says that live turkeys have started dropping from the helicopter, and then describes the chaos as the turkeys slam into cars. Everyone runs inside, and Les loses contact with the radio. Johnny reports that the mall has just been bombed with live turkeys.

Later, the staff is on the phones in the lobby, dealing with the fallout. Arthur and Herb arrive, covered in turkey feathers, and Arthur insists that it should have worked. Jennifer offers to get Arthur a cup of coffee, but he points out that they have an agreement. Andy tells Arthur that there's never been anything like the promotion idea. Arthur agrees, and says that he had everything planned to the last detail. A shell-shocked Les comes in, saying that a man and his two children tried to kill him. He explains that Arthur landed in the parking lot and turned the rest of the turkeys loose, and it got strange like that.' Les explains that the turkeys mounted a counterattack. As Arthur goes into his office, he swears that he thought turkeys could fly.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 24, 2018

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