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Asylum Recap

Adamson sits in the bathroom of the safehouse.

After Dick returns, Rachel tells him and the others that he needs to talk to Adamson alone. Dick doesn't think that it's a good idea but finally agrees, She goes into the bathroom and Adamson assures her that there's nothing to be afraid of. Adamson says that they've waited a long time for this moment, and they want to help her. He tells Rachel that she was placed on Earth to heal, not hurt, and then asks her to save him and uses a broken tub thermometer to cut his own throat. Rachel puts her hands on his throat and the wound heals. As Rachel stares at her hands in shock, Adamson smiles and says that she will heal the world.

Later, Dick and Kory question Adamson. The doctor says that he knows everything about Rachel and insists that she will purify the world. Kory tells him that there's an interpretation that Rachel will destroy the world, Adamson dismisses it as based on fear. Dick grabs him and asks what Adamson's people want with Rachel, and he says that they want to reunite her with her father. Adamson insists that he doesn't know who Rachel's father is or where he is, and warns that Melissa and Angela couldn't keep Rachel from him. Kory asks who Angela is, and Adamson says that Angela is Rachel's birth mother.

After further questioning, Kory and Dick go back to Rachel and Gar. They tell Rachel that her birth mother is still alive and the organization is holding her in an asylum. The organization is determined to keep Rachel and her father apart, and Rachel says that they have to go. Dick warns that it could be a trap and they have to do recon first, and Kory agrees with him. Gar agrees with them as well, and Rachel walks off.

Gar goes after Rachel and she's furious that he's on their side. He admits that he'd do anything to get his mother back, and they left him alone when he agreed with. Gar agrees to go with her and they go in style.

Dick and Kory check the public records and discover that the asylum where Angela is being held is supposedly abandoned. The exits are monitored and there's security personnel inside and patrolling the grounds. Dick figures that they can use the outbuilding tunnels to get past the ground patrols. He goes to find Rachel and discovers that she and Gar are gone.

Gar and Rachel use Kory's Uber account to get to the asylum. When Rachel wonders how long the organization had Angela, Gar suggests that's why she never came looking for Rachel. As night falls, they go in on foot and the guards taser them unconscious.

Later, Dick and Kory drive up and figure that the others already got caught. They enter tunnels via an outbuilding and find an unconscious Gar in a wheelchair. The doctor and her guards move in on them from either side and the doctor says that she has Rachel and they'll kill both of them if Dick and Kory make a move. Kory prepares to blast them, but Dick warns that there are gas lines in the tunnel and she'll burn them all up. The doctor orders her men to take them.

Once the orderlies strap Dick to a chair in a chamber, the doctor addresses him by name over the intercom and insists that they're there to help. Two orderlies come in and give Dick an injection, and he passes out.

Kory paces around her cell and tries to blast her way out without success. She soon runs out of solar charge and then the tech pumps in knockout gas.

Gar is locked up in a cage, and a doctor his him with an electrical prod and tells him to show them what he is.

Rachel wakes up to find Adamson pouring her tea. She's in his office, and asks where Gar is. Adamson warns her that if she uses her abilities to escape, she'll place Gar, Dick, and Kory in danger. He says that they're undergoing evaluation, and says that they are servants tasked with finding Rachel so that she and her father can be reunited. Adamson confirms that Angela is there and alive, and Rachel demands to see her. He refuses, saying that Angela tried to keep Rachel from her father. Adamson admits that they thought Angela could lead them to Rachel, but they found Rachel without her.

Kory wakes up strapped to a table, and they cut open her abdomen with a laser scalpel. More cutting tools rest on a table nearby.

Dick wakes up in his Robin costume, and the doctor tells him that it's useless to deny who he is. He insists that it isn't who he, but the doctor says that his actions will be judged. The doctor and her tech monitor Robin, and are surprised that the drugs have barely affected his brain. She tells the tech to increase Robin's dosage 200% despite the risk of stopping his heart. The orderlies go in and drug Dick further, and he goes into cardiac arrest. Robin is faking it, and knocks one orderly out, and tells the tech to open the door or he'll break the orderly's neck. The door opens and Robin injects the drug into the orderly and staggers out.

Robin makes his way down the corridor. The doctor asks over the intercom who he's running from, and a man appears down the corridor. Robin approaches him and discovers that it's his younger self. Young Dick beats Robin with his staff. Dick collapse and finds himself in the manor. There's an envelope addresses to him on the table, and Young Dick appears and says that he hates Robin and what he did to him. He shoves Robin out the window, and Robin lands in the Batcave. He calls to Bruce, and Young Dick arrives and beats him. Young Dick says that Robin was going to fix everything, but Robin ruined it. He blamed Zucco and Bruce, but it was Dick all along making himself into a monster.

The real Dick sits strapped in his chair, unconscious from the drugs.

Adamson tells Rachel that they she should convince her friends to join them. He says that the entire world is going to change and she'll want people she cares about at her side. Adamson shows her video monitors with her three teammates on them, and says that their suffering can stop if she calls to her father. Raven's demon form appears and says that she doesn't want Adamson to be healed, and the wound on Adamson's throat reappears. Adamson collapses dead and Rachel reverts to normal. She checks Adamson's computer, brings up the asylum plans, and walks out with Adamson's security key card. Rachel avoids the guards and makes her way to the secure ward.

The doctor goes to Adamson's office and finds his corpse, and alerts the guards.

Rachel enters Angela's cell and asks the woman if she's Angela. Angela asks who she is, and Rachel says that she's her daughter. The woman insists that it's not possible and it won't work, and Rachel reveals the raven birthmark on her back. Angela realizes that it really is Rachel and they embrace. She then says that they can't find Rachel there, and Rachel agrees but refuses to abandon her friends.

Gar is naked and alone in his cage, Rachel and Angela find him, and Rachel opens the cage door and gives him his clothes. A doctor comes in and Angela grabs him. He knocks her unconscious, grabs his electric prod, and advances on Rachel. Gar turns into a tiger and mauls him as Rachel and Angela watch. He then reverts to human form and stares at the corpse in shock. Rachel comes over and says that they have to get Dick and Kory.

The trio go to Dick's chamber and free him, but he just stares off into space. Angela warns that they may have broken him, and Rachel tells Dick that he's stronger than anyone she's ever met and they need him to get out. She reminds him of his promise to never leave her again, and Dick wakes up and agrees.

The doctors note that Kory can heal quickly, and they prepare to amputate one finger to test her regenerative abilities. Dick and the others burst in and Dick takes out the doctors. They free Kory and she goes with them as the alarms go off. The group heads down the tunnel and two guards confront them. Dick grabs a heavy wrench and takes them out, and he attacks more guards as they arrive, crippling them. He tells the others to get out, but then tells Kory that all they need is a spark.

The doctor arrives, sees them, and runs back the way she came. Dick tells Kory that it all has to end, and he goes after the others while Kory summons her remaining power.

Rachel, Gar, and Angela get out of the asylum. It explodes in flames, and Kory walks out the front door to join them.

Dick looks at his burning costume on the lawn. The others find him and Kory asks if he's ready to go.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 24, 2018

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