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The Slabside Redemption Recap

Oliver lies on his bunk, gets up, and Felton tells him that he will be released from Slabside in six hours.

A security van brings Diaz to Slabside, and a guard tells him that Oliver is getting out. Diaz says that the guard told him in return for being paid off, and the guard shoots them, and says that he has a score to settle.

In the mess hall, Stanley says that he's happy for Oliver. He hopes that Oliver will ask Laurel to help with his appeal. Oliver says that he's not going to help him because Slabside is exactly where Stanley belongs. He tells Stanley that he killed Dunbar and manipulated Oliver into blaming Ben. Stanley denies it, insisting that they're best friends, and Oliver says that they were never friends. The inmate says that he was only doing what Green Arrow does: hurt bad guys. He points out that Oliver hurt the guards to get sent to Level Two, and Oliver promises him that when he gets out Stanley will face justice for what he did. Stanley says that if Oliver does that then he'll spend the rest of his life in prison, and Oliver tells him that's what he deserves and walks out.

In the yard, Brick and Sampson tells Oliver that ben wasn't as lucky as Ben is. Brick warns that he wouldn't be surprised if Oliver is back. Oliver goes to Ben's cell and says that he made a mistake and is going to make it right for Ben by talking to Lyla and see if they can make some deal. Ben doesn't believe him, figuring that Oliver will leave him behind bars because he's a criminal. Olive says that Ben once saved Lyla's life and deserves the chance to prove that he's a hero, promises to make it right, and leaves.

Oliver goes back to his cell and sits reading. Felton tells him that he has a visitor and takes him to where Diaz is waiting on the other side of the glass. Oliver sits down and takes the phone on his side, and Diaz glances over at a family nearby and says that if Oliver doesn't listen to him innocent people will die. Diaz says that it felt like his last chance of payback was getting away because Olive was getting out, and explains that he's going to come after Oliver and knows how to handle the guards. He figures that Oliver is just a number to them, and Oliver promises that he's going to end him. Diaz tells Oliver that he's going to die and he's going to be the one to do it, but before that he's going to make him suffer. When he's done with Oliver, he's going to visit Felicity and William and make sure that he finishes the job. Oliver slams his phone on the glass, starting to shatter it, and the guards tase him unconscious as Diaz walks into the prison.

The guards toss Oliver into his cell and Felton tells him that as long as he's there, he'll follow the rules. When Oliver says that Diaz is in the prison, Felton tells him that they have it covered and don't need Oliver's help. Oliver warns him that they can't handle it, and Felton leaves. In the next cell, Stanley asks what they're going to do. Oliver takes out a soap container from beneath his bunk breaks it open to reveal an electronic part, and combines it with an aerosol can to blow open the lock. Stanley begs Oliver to take him with him, and Oliver tells him to stay out of it. Felton arrives and tells Oliver to stand down, and Oliver says that he doesn't want to get in his way. The guard draws his baton and attacks Oliver along with the other guards. Oliver takes them down and runs as more guards arrive, and Oliver leaps across the walkway and runs. Felton initiates lockdown procedure and manage to get out past the closing gate.

Brick and Sampson are among the prisoners in the yard being held on their knees. Diaz comes out and tells the inmates that they're cowering before men who are weak, and he knows how it feels to be treated like an animal. A guard comes over and tells Diaz to shut up, and Diaz cuts his throat and kills the other guards. Diaz tells the inmates to stand up and says that they disrespected and taunted them. The inmates cheer, and Diaz tells them to make them pay.

The guards search for Oliver, and he takes one group out. Sampson and Brick arrive and Oliver warns them that Diaz will not think about killing two of them. Brick says that Diaz won't think twice about killing Diaz, and insists that he's working for himself. The two men attack Oliver, blind him with pepper spray, and attack him. Ben arrives, stabs Sampson in the shoulder, slides his blade to Oliver, and fights Brick. Oliver stabs Sampson in the leg and tells him that he has five minutes before he bleeds out, and Sampson heads to the infirmary.

Oliver walks out past Ben, thanks him for his help, and says that he has better things to do then deal with Brick and Sampson. Brick runs off, and Oliver and Ben go to a locker room. Oliver searches for a gun and radio, and tells Ben what Diaz's plan is. Diaz comes on the radio and says that the Longbow Hunter jammed the signal, and figures that Oliver is trying to save the day by calling out for help. He puts a beaten guard on the radio, and the guard tells Oliver not to do anything Diaz tells him to do. Diaz puts a knife to the guard's throat, and the guard tells Oliver that he has failed the city. When Oliver tells Diaz to let the guard go, Diaz says that Oliver isn't calling the shots and kills the guard. He asks Oliver how it feels when someone else plays God, and tells Oliver that he wants him to spend his last hours knowing that all of the men died because of Oliver. Oliver says that he's coming for Diaz, and Diaz asks him what it will be like going against the entire prison. He unlocks the cell doors and the inmates charge out and attack the remaining guards.

As Oliver and Ben leave, Oliver figure that Diaz is watching them via the cameras in the mess hall. Ben refuses to go with him, but Oliver points out that Diaz is killing hostages. He tells Ben to prove that he was wrong about him, and Ben says that the only way through the mess hall is through the prison block. The two men see the inmates beating the prisoners, and Oliver refuses to let innocent people die. Oliver attacks the inmates and Ben joins him. They fight their way through the block taking out everyone in their path, and free two captive guards. Felton is one of them, and thanks Oliver. He says that some of the inmates went to the panic room and some are in the mess hall, and warns that Diaz is killing the guards for sport. He warns that there are thirty inmates in the mess hall, and tells Ben to take the guards to the panic room while he finds weapons.

Oliver finds a storage room, and Stanley injects him with a sedative. When Oliver wakes up, he finds himself tied up. Oliver asks Stanley for his help to deal with Diaz, and Stanley can be his sidekick. Stanley tells him that he already has a plan to escape through the morgue. Oliver refuses to leave everyone to die, and Stanley accuses Oliver of abandoning him. He insists that he didn't do anything wrong, and figures that Oliver was going to attack him because he's a bad guy. Stanley rants about how everything thinks he's a killer, and he insists that all the people had it coming. He tells Oliver that what they do isn't so different and they'd make a great team. Oliver kicks him down, breaks the ropes, kicks Stanley unconscious, and locks him in the storage room.

When he catches up with Ben in another storage room, Ben says that he can't believe he's working with Green Arrow. Oliver admits that prison may have compromised his judgment of people. Ben tells him that Green Arrow only saw the world in terms of black and white, but Oliver has learned that there are shades of gray. When Ben notices that Oliver has brought a can of soda, he asks if Oliver thinks he can take Diaz out with it.

In the mess hall, the inmates beat the strung-up guards. Sampson and Brick watch, and Brick finds Diaz putting a timing device on a control panel. Oliver walks in and calls to Diaz, telling him to let the guards go. Diaz comes down and says that he only wants to see Oliver suffer before he dies. Oliver tells him that he's not going to get what he wants, and Diaz punches him in the face. Getting back to his feet, Oliver tells him to get his shots in while he can because he's going to send him to prison for good.

Ben drops a bag with the soda can inside, and Oliver uses it as a whip. While Oliver fights the inmates, Ben takes out Brick, straps a line around him and drops the other end to Oliver. Oliver lets the weight pull himself up and goes to check the timing device, while Sampson attacks Ben.

Diaz calls up to Oliver saying that the entire place is going to burn up. He slams together two power cords, overloading the computer systems. The place bursts into flames and Ben knocks Sampson back into them, setting him on fire. The inmates run and Ben and Oliver get the guards out. Oliver tells Ben to get the guards to the courtyard while he goes after Oliver, and Ben gives him his shank and tells him to finish Diaz off.

Oliver walks through the hallways and Diaz comes at him. He slashes Oliver in the leg and then the arm, and Oliver disarms him. They continue fighting, and Diaz knocks Olive over the balcony. Oliver lands on the floor below, and Diaz jumps down and says that he's stronger since the last time they fought. When Olive reaches for a shank, Diaz grabs it and stabs him in the shoulder, then kicks him repeatedly. He tells Oliver to get up, and Oliver pulls himself to his feet. Diaz continues beating him and then shoves him into his cell. Diaz says that Felicity tried to kill him and tears up Oliver's photo of her, and Oliver doesn't believe him. He charges Diaz, stabs him in the chest, and head-butts him repeatedly. Diaz collapses to the floor, and Oliver picks up the photo scraps, walks out of the cell, and closes the door behind him.

Brick is preparing to leave via the morgue when Stanley. When Brick prepares to climb down the chute, Stanley stabs him in the back. He tells the dying Brick that he shouldn't have been so mean to him and leaves.

The guards secure the prisoners and Ben goes to Oliver's cell and finds his book: The Count of Monte Cristo. Felton comes over and thanks him for his help, saying that without him they would all be dead.

Oliver walks out of Slabside and finds Diggle and Felicity waiting for him. Felicity goes to her husband and they kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 27, 2018

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