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Tender is the Nate Recap

At the Time Bureau HQ, Mona arrives and Ava tells her that she's late. Ava explains that she's not firing her and says that she can't bring anything into the containment unit that could be used as a weapon. She tells Mona that her job is to feed their magical detainees, and takes her to the room where the Kaupe is confined. Ava explains that each cell is encoded with the prisoners' genetic structure so that food can be passed through the force field. When Mona suggests how to decorate the cell, Ava says that they're prisoners and takes Mona to Nora. Mona asks if she has any dietary restrictions, and hands her a romance novel. Nora tells Mona that she can get her some peace and quiet, and Ava tells Mona that she just learned not to fraternize with the prisoners.

Later, Ava is in her office when Sara comes in. She undresses, revealing lingerie underneath her coat, and wishes Ava a happy birthday. Sara tells Ava to close her eyes and when Ava does so, Sara starts kissing her. Hank comes in and Sara hides, and Ava claims that she's meditating. Unimpressed, Hank tosses an expense file on her desk and says that the Legends are expensive. As Sara sneaks behind Ava's desk, Hank recites the Legends' expenses, and wonders if Sara is screwing with Ava. Hank warns that the Pentagon isn't going to be happy. Once he leaves, Sara tells Ava that she'll talk to the Legends.

Hank complains to Nate about the deficit that the Legends are running. Nate says that he'll set up a ride-along so his father can see where the money is going, and Hank insists on a surprise inspection immediately.

As Sara and Ava leave Ava's office, they see Hank and Nate couriering to Waverider and Sara tries to run for the door. It closes before she can get there, and she calls the Legends to warn them that Hank is aboard the ship. Sara warns them that they can't let Hank see Charlie, and she's on her way.

Nate shows Hank the bridge and Hank wonders why they need a crew of six. Ray arrives and Gideon appears, and Gideon explains that she's an AI program. Hank figures that they don't need any person on their ship, just as Zari runs in and suggest that they take Hank to the library. Nate leaves Hank off, and Ray and Zari go to look for Charlie.

In the library, Consantine is execising nude when Nate and Hank arrive. Zari and Ray arrive and suggests that Constantine put clothes on, and Nate leads his father arrive. Sara shows and Mick show up and the others loudly tell Sara that Hank hasn't seen the lab where Charlie is. When they get there, they see Charlie and Nate assume that she's Amaya. He goes in and hugs her, and Charlie punches him. Mick, Constantine, and Zari lead Hank out, and Nate realizes that "Amaya" has changed.

Sara, Ray, and Zari come in and Sara explains who Charlie is and how she's trapped in Amaya's form. Nate points out that their undermining his explanation to Hank about how they spend their money, and Sara suggests that Charlie fake that she's Amaya for one mission so Hank doesn't catch on that their harboring a fugitive. They quickly go to find Hank before the others get him in trouble.

In the library, Mick is busy drinking when the others come in and say that they got a hit on the magic-o-meter for Paris in the 1920s. Hank points out that it sounds inefficient to have eight people doing it, and Sara has the group split into two with Zari, Constantine, Ray, and "Amaya" on the ship quarterbacking while the others head out into the field. Hank smugly says that he's never been coldcocked by a girl, and Sara not-so-subtly threatens to hit him.

Nate, Hank, Sara, and Mick go to the Café du Dome and Mick needs a drink. Sara hastily adds that it's a recon mission, while Nate spots Salvador Dali. Hank sees Ernest Hemingway, his personal idol, and originally says that they should talk to the original man of action. He goes over while Dali says that he saw a monstrous figure in the Catacombs. Nate asks for more details and has him draw him a picture.

Ray and Zari has Charlie rehearse Amaya's American accent, and Charlie finally has enough and says that she's quitting. Zari figures that they're extraneous and Constantine tells Ray that he could leave and no one would notice. Ray agrees to test that theory and takes the jumpship to the Time Bureau HQ. Ava refuses to let him see Ava. Once Ava leaves, Mona overhears them and comes over, and says that there's always time for love. She introduces herself and says that she can help Ray sneak in a love letter.

Hemingway is regaling Hank with bullfighting stories when Nate tells Hank that they have to go. Sara comes over and tells Mick to keep Hemingway busy. Mick says that he's an author and Hemingway invites him to have a drink. Nate has the drawing that Dali made, and says that they need to take it to the ship and find it in Waverider's library. Hank figures that they should go out in the field, and Sara regretfully sides with him. Nate figure that his father is at his happiest when he's telling Nate what he's doing wrong. Sara tells Nate to go to the library while she watches the others. Hemingway and Hank are ready to go after the monster, and Hank says that he's finally starting to learn what the Legends do.

In the catacombs, Hemingway hands out rifles and they hear something growling in the distance. Sara warns that they don't know what they're facing, but Hemingway insists on going after it and Hank agrees.

Mona finds Nora reading the novel she left and promptly spoils the ending. She gives Nora the love letter from Roy and insists that their love is one no bars can contain. Nora doesn't want to read it and tells Mona to take the letter back. She hits he hand on the force field, setting off the alarms. Ava goes in and finds the letter, and asks Nora if Mona delivered it to her. Neither of them say anything, and Nora instinctively blasts Ava unconscious, smashing the force field controls. The intercom is broken as well, and Mona points out that at least they're all stuck together.

Nate tries to find the Catacombs, and Charlie approaches him. When he snaps at her, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald come over and jokingly say that they're the most quarrelsome couple in Paris. The Fitzgeralds invite Nate and Charlie for a drink and warn that the monster is on the loose.

In the Catacombs, the snarling gets closer. The creature--the Minotaur--steps out of the shadows.

Nate shows the Fitzgeralds Dali's sketch, and Charlie explains that the mythology she heard that the Minotaur hid in the maze after his father rejected him. Nate says that he's going to find the Minotaur and shows Hank that he's a man of action.

The Minotaur deflects Hemingway's shot, and Sara runs over and attacks the creature. Hank and Hemingway are unable to get a clear shot, and the Minotaur hacks Nate's rifle in half, hitting him in the arm. The group is forced to retreat, with Mick providing cover fire.

Back on Waverider, Sara takes Hank to the medbay. Nate arrives and Hank starts speaking like Hemingway about how he locked eyes with the beast. As Gideon scans Hank, Sara tells Nate that they need a Plan B. Hank insists that he's going to finish the fight but then passes out from Gideon's sedative.

Ava is unable to find a way out, and Nora says that the only reason she was able to escape is because Ray gave her a Time Stone. Mona wants to hear about their shipping, and offers to let Ava hunt her first. Ava says that she's not going to eat her but she's considering firing her. Ava gives her the Happy Birthday cake that Sara had delivered for her, starts singing, but realizes that she isn't helping. She figures that she's lost her chance at doing the one thing she's good at, and tells Ava that it's her dream job and her mother wants her to be a lawyer. Nora tells Mona that she can't do what her parents want, and Ava disagrees. They argue about who had the worst childhood, and Mona wants to hear both their life stories or at least have a drink.

Sara, Nate, and Charlie go into the library where Constantine is mixing the artificial scent of a female Minotaur. He plans to use it as a lure to bring in the Minotaur. Nate finds the Magical Treatise of Solomon on the shelves, and it talks about lulling the Minotaur to sleep with Daedalus' harp.

As they drink rose, Nora and Ava share their life stories. Nora says that Ava is lucky and wishes her past was made up, and that her current life isn't that much different from Ava's. Mona points out that Ava runs the Time Bureau and Nora is a witch who escaped a cult. She says that they're the two coolest women that she has ever met. Ava tells Mona that she's a gm and tells her to get the birthday cake.

Hank is using the Legends' D&D miniatures to plot out strategy when the others arrive. Nate has a lute and explains that they can use it to subdue the Minotaur. Gideon reports that there's a change in the timeline and an attack on Café is imminent with no survivors. Constantine realizes that the Minotaur has Hemingway's scent. Hank tells Nate to stand down, and Nate tells Hank that he just wants to be better like him. He insists that he's not like Hank and is a grown-ass superhero, Hank turns to Sara, but she agrees with Nate and says that he's a Legend no matter where he is. She tells Hank that he'll get to see a Legends mission and if it goes wrong, Hank can fire all of them.

At the Café, Hemingway is telling everyone about the hunt. The Minotaur comes in and Constantine swings the female Minotaur musk. Nate starts playing the lute, and the Minotaur drops to its knees. Hemingway prepares to shoot it with his pistol, and Sara kicks it out of his hand. The Minotaur slams Nate and Constantine away, and Hank calls to his son.

Mona serves birthday cake and Ava gives Nora the letter. Nora says that the only way to survive being locked up is to shut down, and not look forward to any future. Ava says that someday Nora may be able to get out without having to escape, and Nora admits that the cake is good. She finally opens the letter and finds a miniaturized Atom stuck to the glue.

The Minotaur tears the Café up and the Legends attack it. Hank tells the Minotaur to attack it, and Nate grabs a tablecloth and attracts the Minotaur to him.

Enlarging, Ray says that he wanted to see Nora and got stuck in the glue. Ava tells Ray to get them out of the room, and Ray prepares to blast the door.

Nate armors up and fights the Minotaur hand-to-hand. Hank grabs a guitar and sings, lulling the Minotaur into a peaceful state. Nate tells Hank that he's got it, and the Minotaur finally dozes off. Hank tells Nate that he learned it from him and they shake hands.

The next morning, Mona delivers food to the confined creatures and arrives in Nora's cell. She tells Nora that she told he parents that she doesn't want to be a lawyer, and Nora asks her to deliver the letter that she wrote to Ray. As Mona leaves, Ava comes over and Mona hides the letter. Ava tells her that she realized that there is some room for a little humanity in the bureau. She shows Ava the Kaupe and its cell, which she's decorated, and tells Mona to deliver the letter.

On Waverider, Hank says that he's finally seen the value of the Legends. He heads back, and Nate hangs back to tell Sara that it was good to come back. Nate has realized that at some point, he moved on. Sara sympathizes and Nate tells her that he belongs at the Time Bureau. She says that she's proud of him and says that they'll see him around, and they share a hug. But first they have a pizza party. Nate suggests ideas for get-togethers, and Nate assures Ray that he'll always be around in his heart. He then says that thanks to them, being with them has turned him into the man he needs to be. Nate tells them to enjoy the ride while it lasts and they share a toast. He goes over to Charlie and tells her that she'll find her place there eventually.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 27, 2018

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