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the dreaM Recap

As the Inner Circle members drive away, Lorna says that slaughtering 30 people wasn't part of the plan. Rebecca doesn't see the problem, and Andy says that Rebecca lost control. Lorna tells her that she doesn't belong there. As they come to a stoplight, Rebecca agrees with Lorna, tells Andy that he's awesome, kisses him on the cheek, and gets out. Lorna has no choice but to continue driving as the police close in.

Caitlin and Lauren drive Reed to the university, and Lauren hesitantly wakes her father up. He insists that he's fine and says that he should go in alone. Lauren refuses, saying that he might need them to get him out.

John, Clarice, and Marcos are watching a newscast about outbreaks of anti-mutant violence. Clarice tells John that they can't check out the robbery because people will be expecting them, but John tells her that it's just recon and the other Underground stations are losing faith. He tells Marcos to reach out to the other stations and let them know that they're on it, and then heads out. Clarice goes with him to keep an eye on it.

The Struckers go in and Reed asks the security guard to let him talk to Madeline. Madeline is passing by, recognizes Reed, and comes over. He says that he needs her help, and she sees his arm glow. Madeline takes the Struckers to her office and says that all of her work with Otto started with Reed. She figures that he needs treatment, and takes them to her lab. She explains that some people with the X-Genes have "disabilities" and they try to help them there with genetically-tailored treatments. Madeline shows them a girl who uncontrollably absorbs and releases energy, and explains that the treatment is much like an insulin pump. Madeline then shows them a girl tending to plants, Shawna, and explains that she has Downs' syndrome and can promote plant growth. The doctor gave Shawna a job ending to their plants. She explains that she'll use Lauren's stabilized genes to figure out what's wrong with Reed, and stabilize him as well.

Sage tells Esme and Andy that mutants are being attacked, and Reeva will find Rebecca. She hasn't found anything on Rebecca on the city CCVs. Esme goes to call in Bulk and Fade, and tells Andy that what they do with Rebecca after they find her is up to Reeva.

John and Clarice go to the bank, avoiding the protestors, and John picks up Rebecca's trail.

Lorna asks Esme if they've gotten Rebecca back, and says that she can't have Dawn around Rebecca. They look out the window at the fires that the protestors have set, and Lorna tells Esme that it's Rebecca's fault for killing the bank employees. She asks Esme if she can keep Dawn safe, and Esme says nothing. Lorna walks off and remembers the past.

Smithville, Missouri: Twelve Years Ago

A young Lorna is in a field practicing pulling nails out of fence and magnetically throwing them into a tree. Her Aunt Dane arrives and warns Lorna that she can't be using her powers in public. Lorna says that it doesn't matter because everyone in school hates her, and it doesn't matter if everyone knows that she's a mutant. Ms. Dane says that it's for her safety and they should go home. and Lorna goes with her. When they arrive home, Lorna finds a present for her on the porch. There's a note in it that says that Lorna is his "north star", and a bracelet. Lorna quickly hides the present so that her aunt doesn't see it, and tears the note up and throws it away.

Later when Lorna and Marcos are together, Lorna tells Marcos what happened. he asks about her father, and she shows him the present: a red meal disk. She tells Marcos that it's worth than nothing, and she grew up knowing her father was out there and how the news said he was a monster. all Lorna could think was that she hated her father more than the world did.


In the training room, Lorna is practicing her powers and has brought Dawn in with her. Esme comes in and agrees that Dawn isn't safe there. She says that the fires are at the mutant foster care facility in Georgetown, and the humans set it on fire. They're still looking for survivors, and Esme tells Lorna that she's found a safe and hidden school for mutant children in the Swiss Alps where they can send Dawn. When Lorna objects, Esme agrees and admits that she's become attached to Dawn, but it's best for the baby's safety. She asks Lorna to think about it and leaves.

Madeline synthesizes a new batch of the medication to stop Reed's attacks, and says that the pain he felt as a child won't be as bad but it will still be uncomfortable. Reed convulses and his hands and arms glow. His heartbeat accelerates and then slows, and the glow fades away.

Noah, Madeline's medical assistant, tells Lauren that he'll be doing her genetic rundown. He assures Lauren that Madeline is the best and saved his life, and explains that his X-Gene causes him to give off harmonic vibrations. When he was a kid, he almost brought his house down and killed his little brother. Madeline gave him a pump to administer the medication and give him a normal life. Noah offers to show Lauren around the campus later and she says that she'd like that.

John and Clarice follow Rebecca's trail and he admits that the trail doesn't make sense. Clarice wavers and says that the energy she uses to portal is twisted, and figures that something bad happened there. John checks the trail and realizes that it's Rebecca and she used her powers there. They look around and find a corpse of the driver that Rebecca killed, twisting his limbs around.

Six Years Ago

Lorna is drinking at a bar in town, and a man, Max, comes over and addresses her by name. He and his friends have heard about her father, and the man asks Lorna to show him a magnetic trick in return for a drink. Lorna has Max point out his car in the lot outside, and she magnetically levitates it into the air, flips it upside down, and drops it on the street.

The police arrest Lorna, and her aunt bails her out. She points out that Lorna has been arrested four times recently and is fighting with the psychiatrists. Lorna says that she's a crazy bitch, and asks how she got out of the cell. Aunt Dane admits that she made a call, and warns Lorna not to ask questions. Lorna demands to know who her father is, and Aunt Dane says that it's her brother and he loved Lorna until the day that he died. Angry, Lorna gets into the car with her aunt.


Brad is busy calling the Underground stations and trying to get them to help. someone knocks on the door and then the lights licker, and Marcos goes to the door. Lorna is there with Dawn, and Lorna asks if she can come in.

At home, Madeline is watching newscasts about the protests. She serves dinner to the Struckers and tells them that she's a doctor and just wants to help. When Reed says that Otto experimented on him, Madeline says that the Strucker twins had a power that fed off on each other, and they even shared their dreams. Reed figures that he would have been better off knowing about his family. Madeline gives him a music box that belonged to Andrea and starts it playing. She explains that Otto gave it to her because he couldn't bear to have a reminder of what the twins had become, and she gives it to Reed. Madeline says that she hopes that she can succeed where Otto failed.

Lorna tells Marcos that she's found a school for Marcos where their child will be safe. He insists that he can take care of the baby, and Lorna tells him that he can't laser-blast the world. Marcos angrily says that the Inner Circle set the world on fire and now Lorna is worried that Dawn might be burned. Lorna says that she came to say goodbye, and Marcos points out that they promised each other that they wouldn't be like their fathers. Lorna tells him that she'd rather have Dawn grow up hating her than not grow up at all, and asks if he wants to say goodbye to his daughter. Marcos wonders how he can say goodbye when he doesn't even know her.

The Past

Marcos and Lorna talk about their unborn child, and he hopes that it'll be a girl. He explains that when his father kicked him out and he lived on the streets, he hung out near a church where the priests left him food. At a first communion, Marcos saw a 7-year-old girl dancing with her father and thought that he wanted that one day.


Marcos holds a sleeping Dawn, and Lorna finally says that it's time. He wonders who will hold Dawn and tell her that she's special, and Lorna just tells him that they have to go. Marcos tells Dawn that he loves her and hands the baby over, and he says that Dawn deserves to be with her family. Lorna just looks at Marcos for a moment and then leaves, crying. He knocks over a table and screams in anguish, and Lorna hears him.

The next day at the college, Reed tells Madeline that he's feeling better. She says that they discovered Lauren's X-Gene is similar to Reed's and they should be able to come up with a new version of the treatment that will stop the attacks permanently. Reed points out that the old medication seems to be working, but Madeline warns that it will eventually fail and he'll die.

Noah shows Lauren around the campus, and she says that she could never have a normal life. Noah tells her that she's more than her X-Gene, but Lauren says that it hangs over everything that she does. When she wonders how she could throw Frisbee with a friend, Noah grabs a Frisbee from a student and tells Lauren that now she has a Frisbee and a friend.

John and Clarice continue their pursuit, and suddenly Rebecca uses her powers to twist them around. She steps out and tells them to stop following them, and John says that they just need information on the Inner Circle. Rebecca finally says that they were looking for information on "Regimen", and she doesn't know what it is. She advises them to go, warns that they have no idea what they're up against, and twists through a fence.

Lorna takes Dawn to the Dane home and asks her aunt to take her baby. She explains that their building a place for mutants but until then, she needs Dawn to be somewhere safe. Aunt Dane reminds her that she hated living there, and Lorna says that she hated being stuck in a small town where she was different. She takes out the disk and says that she thought her aunt was hiding her from her birth father. Lorna finally understands that her aunt was hiding her for him. Her aunt says that he just wanted Lorna to be safe, and Lorna admits that she hated him for not coming for her. She apologizes for taking that out on her aunt, and asks her to do the same thing that she did for her father. Aunt Dane agrees, and Lorna gives her the rattle that Marcos made for Dawn. Lorna kisses her daughter and says that she'll come back for her someday, asks her aunt to tell Dawn that she's special, and leaves.

When they return, John tells Clarice that Regimen is a tech company with offices in DC. Clarice says that what happened with Rebecca scared he, and says that he's picking a fight they can't win because he thinks that he can't die. She tells him to stop acting like he's immortal, and John walks away.

Noah tells Lauren that Madeline needs him to draw more of her birth. He says that if Madeline completes her research, she could suppress the X-Gene in everyone. Noah explains that Madeline's brother Matthew founded the Purifiers, and she hated him for hating the mutants for something they can't change. The young man tells Lauren that she's going to change the world.

Andy feels the pain of Noah taking blood from Lauren.

A man grabs Rebecca where she's hiding and says that if she tries to use her power then he'll kill her.

Lorna looks at the token, and magnetically pulls it over to her.

Marcos gets a photo of Dawn via his phone.

Lorna magnetically stretches out the token.

Clarice finds John working at his computer, then leaves without a word.

Caitlin and Reed come to see Lauren.

Lorna twists the token into a helmet like her father's, dons it, and looks at herself in the mirror.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2018

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