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The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange Recap

Black Lighting follows the Element through the forest and calls Anissa. He comes to Perdi bodies strung up from trees, and ignores Anissa's request for him to come back and signs off. Black Lightning continues on and goes into camouflage mode as two Sange guards approach. A third Sange runs up and tells one of the men that Looker needs to talk to him. The two remaining guards hear something and move forward, and Black Lightning takes one out, imprisons the other in a force field, and asks where the baby is. When Black Lightning runs out of power, the other guard recovers and knocks him out from behind.

Jennifer meets with Perenna in her mental hair salon, and Perenna asks if it's about Khalil. She tells Jennifer to have the conversation with her parents, and Jennifer figures that her parents are so busy trying to protect her from life that they're not letting her live her life. Perenna says that they love her, and advises Jennifer to be safe and use condoms if she has sex with Khalil. Jennifer says that's not the kind of advice she needs, and wonders if she shocks Khalil to death when she's with him. She also worries that she's going to spend her life not normal, and figures no one understands what it's like to be her. Jennifer misses the way her life used to be.

Peter is in his hotel room working on a sketch of a motorcycle and listening to the government comms. The people on it talk about Jeff.

Jeff wakes up and finds himself stripped out of his costume and tied to a chair. Looker comes in and says that she's known of him for years, and they both want drugs off the streets and fight for their people. She says that she's a proud White American, and Jeff points out the Confederate flag on the wall and figures that she's racist. Looker insists that she's just showing pride in her own race, and insists that no one is innocent in South Freeland. Jeff tells her that he'll look forward to taking her town, glance over at a light bulb, and chuckles.

Anissa calls Lynn to the old mall where she's hiding with Anaya, to examine Anaya's baby daughter. She tends to the baby, and the piece of silver liquid in the vial falls out and starts to crawl to the baby. Lynn puts it in her bag and asks if she can take a blood sample, and Anissa assures Anaya that Lynn is a doctor. Anissa and Lynn step away and confirm what happened, and Anissa explains that the father was a Sange but not a meta.

Looker has her men hook Jeff up to an electric grid, wakes him up, and says that she need to know where the other baby is. When he refuses to talk, they shock him. Looker senses what the baby is sensing, realizes where it's at, tells her Sange to leave the electricity on until Jeff dies, and leaves.

Peter's computer picks up surveillance video of Anissa with Anaya and her baby. He examines it and goes back to sketching.

The Sange on guard figure that Jeff is dead and turn off the power. Jeff hears a baby crying, stops feigning death, thanks them for the charge, breaks loose, and takes the guards out. He puts on his discarded suit and goes upstairs following the baby's cries. He finds the second baby in Looker's parlor, picks it up, and knocks out a guard when he runs in. Black Lightning then goes to find Anaya.

Jennifer is sitting on the school track when Khalil joins her. He asks her if she likes caviar, and says that she deserves someone who can give her things like that. Jennifer wonders what he's talking about, and Tobias calls Khalil. Khalil ignores the call and tells Jennifer that either he has to kill Holt like Tobias wants, or Tobias will kill him. Jennifer tells him that they're going to focus and figure out a solution together. She says that Khalil has to get Holt to leave and then he'll leave. Khalil wonders how he can afford it, and Jennifer tells him that they'll figure out the rest together. She assures Khalil that she's got him and takes his hand.

Black Lightning walks through the forest with the baby, talking to it as it cries. He sees a flashing light in the brush and realizes what it is, and picks up Peter's transmitter that the tailor had on Anissa. Black Lightning then contacts Lynn and Anissa, and says that he has the baby. They say where they are, and Black Lightning warns that Looker is heading there. he tells them to be careful and then flies off.

At the church, Holt is cleaning up when Khalil approaches him. Holt draws a gun on him, and Khalil says that Tobias wants him dead and he has to leave. The reverend isn't impressed, and Khalil explains that Tobias is the one who want Holt dead and he's there to warn him. Holt lowers the gun and says that he's not afraid of Tobias, and whatever happens is in God's hands. He tells Khalil to let himself out.

Khalil walks down the street and Tobias pulls up and offers him a ride. Khalil runs off, and Tobias makes a phone call. when he gets to an alley, Khalil hides and then calls Jennifer and says that Holt isn't going anywhere and Tobias found him and will find him again. He tells Jennifer to leave him alone, but Jennifer says that Khalil would never leave her alone and neither is she.

Lynn tells Anaya and Anissa to wait in a restroom until she or Black Lightning tell them to come out. They reluctantly agree and leave.

Black Lightning goes to Bill's house and asks him to watch the baby, gives it to him, and flies off.

Tobias' men follow a tracking unit to the alley, but energy surges. The tracker goes dead, and the lights continue blowing out. Jennifer calls to Khalil from the darkness, telling him to follow her voice. He leaps up a nearby fire escape and goes inside, and Jennifer generates a ball of energy to provide light so that Khalil can see her.

Looker and the Sange enter the mall and find Thunder waiting for them. She attacks them and knocks the Sange down. Looker calmly walks forward and extends silver claws, then slashes at Thunder at superspeed. Thunder manages to hold her off and the two women fight. Looker finally leaps off into the shadows and then comes at Thunder again, and the Sange recover and help Looker subdue Thunder. Black Lighting arrive and stuns the Sange, and Thunder grabs Looker and throws her onto a support hook. Impaled, the Element flows out of her and the Sange are released from her control. Thunder tells Black Lighting that Looker was controlling the Sange with theta waves, and stars explaining the theory until Black Lighting tells her to stop. They wonder what to do with Looker, and Black Lighting figures that they have to give her to the ASA even though they experiment on metas.

Later, Anaya's father buries his wife and mourns. The Pierces arrive with Anaya, who wonders what the Perdi think of her. She figures that she's crossed a line, but Anissa tells her that they need her more than her fear lets her see. Anissa holds the babies while Anaya goes over and signs to her father. He and the others turn their backs on her, and Anissa and Lynn bring over the babies. After a moment, Anaya's father accepts them and Anaya helps him.

Back home, Anissa goes to Grace's place. They watch TV together and Anissa asks Grace if she's okay. Grace goes to the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror, things moving beneath her skin. takes her medication and the movement stops.

Jeff goes to Peter's hotel room and when peter realizes who it is, he lets Jeff in. They stare at each other, and then Peter reluctantly lets him in. Jeff gives Peter his transmitter, and Peter explains that someone tried to assassinate him and it's safer for the Pierces if he stays dead. Angry, Jeff tells Peter that he is his family and hugs him.

Lynn returns home and goes to Jennifer's room, and discovers that her daughter isn't there. She calls Jennifer's phone and leaves a voice mail asking where she is. Jeff and Lynn go to Perenna, who says that she can't betray Jennifer's confidence. Perenna finally says that she doesn't know exactly, but figures that she's with Khalil. She tells the Pierces that Jennifer's powers are beyond anything any of them have seen, and cautions them that if they push Jennifer away and she retreats with no guidance, there will be consequences for them all.

Jennifer and Khalil hole up, and Khalil admits that he feels great because Jennifer saved his life. He tells her that everyone gave up on him except her, and Jennifer says that she knows the real him and now he knows the real her. Khalil explains that his mother didn't understand that things stopped being normal for him when he was shot. Jennifer understands about being a freak, and Khalil assures her that she's beautiful. He says that her parents don't understand her because they're not like her, and wonders if they are. Jennifer dodges the question and Khalil asks what she can do. They kiss and Jennifer releases a brief burst of energy. He jokingly tells her to do it again, and starts talking about their kids. Jennifer tells him to slow his roll, and Khalil agrees and says that he's glad to just be with her. They go out to their car and drive into Freeland.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2018

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