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Unhuman Nature Recap

Nick says that he knows that he has issues, but says that he has to do it even though he has to stop. He tells the priest that he hates that the feelings afterward feel so gone. Nick apologizes for taking up too much of his time, and tells the priest that he really should have helped him. The priest, crucified between two poles, is silent. Nick tells him that the peace he's looking for may lay in the power of prayer like the priest said, and figures that they can't fight the Devil.

At the bunker, Castiel sits at Jack's bedside and tries to heal him. Jack wakes up, coughing.

Sam and Dean stand out in the hall and wonders what is taking so long. Castiel comes out and tells them that he doesn't know what's wrong with Jack. They hear Jack collapse on the floor and run in to find him convulsing. The brothers drive him to the nearby hospital and the receptionist takes Jack's basic information. They give him date of birth and the receptionist asks for family medical history. The Winchesters try to lie, and Castiel blurts out that Jack's father was stabbed and he exploded. In the middle of the conversation, Jack collapses.

The doctors take Jack to an ER and escort the trio out. They watch from the door as the doctors work on Jack, and wait.

A woman, Diane Fargo, enters a diner and goes over to where Nick is waiting for her. She says that she's working at the newspaper in Wilmington, and remembers speaking to Nick the morning after his family was slaughtered. Nick says that he left town to rebuild, and talks about how Arty was killed a few weeks ago and claims that it brought back bad memories. Diane wonders what Nick wants to know, and Nick describes the case and points out that Diane dropped the story. She says that she had no leads and the cops were equally clueless, and gave it up. Nick asks who was assigned to his neighborhood that night, and Diane remembers that it was Frank Kellogg. Frank is now doing private security in Montauk.

Jack is taken to ICU and the trio ask the doctor what is happening to Jack. All of the test results came back negative and they don't know what they're up against. Right now Jack is in total systemic failure. After the doctor leaves, Sam and Dean figure that they should break Jack out and take him back to the bunker. Sam admit that he already called Rowena.

The doctor comes back and finds the trio helping Jack getting dressed. When she objects, they say that they're getting a second opinion and Jack agrees. The doctor warns that she can't be held responsible and they agree.

Back at the bunker, Rowena arrives and takes out the Book of the Damned. Sam told her that Dean was sick, and finally admits that he lied and it was Jack, and Jack is Lucifer's son. Rowena figures the world will be better off without Jack in the world. Jack comes in and admits that she might be right, and introduces himself. He says that he's trying hard not to be like Lucifer, and explains that Sam and Dean told him that she saved them from Apocalypse World. Jack thanks Rowena and then has a fit of coughing, and Rowena agrees to help.

Once they take Jack to his room, Rowena tries to heal Jack magically. She then tells the others that when Jack's grace was taken from him, his being fell into chaos and his cells are eating off of each other. Castiel offers his grace, but Rowena says that Jack needs an archangel's grace. Dean wavers briefly as Rowena talks.

Nick parks on a street and watches a prostitute, Madelyn, on the phone. He tells himself not to do it, but then goes over and points out that she's alone and it's kind of dangerous. Nick admits that it sounds kind of weird and Madelyn starts to go in, and then asks if he wants to come in. He draws a knife behind his back and says that it's too loud inside the club, but Madelyn insists that it'll be fun. after a moment, Nick tells at her to get away from him and yells at her to go. She goes inside and Nick walks away.

Dean goes to Jack's room and finds him packing to leave. Jack says that he is going to Las Vegas or Tahiti. He talks about how he only has a couple of weeks and he's done being special, and he wants to live his life before it's over and die when it's over. Dean agrees with him.

Sam and Rowena are on the aid trying to find magical help. Dean comes in and Castiel explains that they've found nothing that will help Jack. Sam says that Ketch has a lead on a shaman. Dean's vision wavers again, and Castiel says that he'll meet with the shaman, Sergei. Jack comes out and tells the others that he's heading out with Dean in the Impala, and Dean says that it's a good idea.

Dean takes Jack to a burger barn, gives him the car keys, and tells him to drive even though Jack never has before. Jack gets behind the wheel and talks him through starting it up. He goes very slowly and then stops, and Dean assures him that he's doing fine. Jack goes faster and dean turns on the radio, and says that it's like being Dean. Dean tells him that it isn't and asks if it feels good, and Jack puts his arm out the radio. They get to a clear stretch of road and Dean tells Jack to open it up.

At the bunker, Sam asks Castiel if he wants to handle it alone. The angel says that he feels the need to do something, and points out that Dean is taking it particularly hard. Sam points out that Dean was hard on Jack in the beginning and has never forgiven himself, and it feels different to losing. Castiel admit that Jack is like a son to him and leaves.

Dean and Jack park to eat their food, and Jack happily says that he's a driver. He has an idea of what they should do next,

Nick goes to Frank's house and tells the man that he wants to talk to Frank about the night he came to his house, nine years ago. Nick explains that his wife and child were alone until Frank showed up. Frank tries to slam the door shut, and Nick knocks it open and grabs Frank by the throat.

Dean and Jack go fishing, and Jack points out that Dean told him that when Dean and John did it, it was his happies memory. Jack says that if he dies, the things he'd miss wouldn't be things like Tahiti but he'd miss more time with Dean. He realizes that the little things are what matter, and says that he had a good life.

Castiel drives to a trailer in the woods and calls to Sergei. He gets no response and when he steps forward, a circle of holy oil lights up around him. Sergei comes out with a shotgun and asks who else is there, and Castiel assures him that he's alone. The shaman douses the fire and invites Castiel in, serves tea, and says that he's studied dozens of witches and warlocks to answer the unanswerable and know the knowable. Sergei explains that he is first and foremost a healer, and warns that Jack's condition is dire. He explains that Jack can be shocked out of his condition with a suitable release of energy, and takes out a vial of archangel grace from Gabriel. Sergei warns that it must be administered along with precise recitation of a spell. Castiel asks what it will cost, and Sergei says that he wants the Winchesters to owe him in return for his help.

Nick beats a tied-up Frank, and then explains that Arty changed his mind about seeing someone come ou of his wife on the night of the murders. Arty finally told Nick that he saw a cop come out of the house, and then the police told him to keep his mouth shut. Diane confirmed that frank left town after the murders. Frank says that Nick's wife called the precinct and claimed that she heard a prowler. When Frank arrived, he found a guy there who said his name was Abraxas. Frank blacked out and find himself back in his patrol car covered in blood. Nick recognizes the name from what Lucifer knew, and Frank insists that he wouldn't have killed anyone. His captor explains that he was possessed and the whole thing isn't Frank's fault, but then says that even if it wasn't Frank, it was still Frank and he can't let that slide. He picks up his hammer, apologizes to Frank, and hit him in the head. As Frank lie twitching on the floo, Nick beats him to death. He finally drops the hammer and clutches at his head.

Castiel returns to the bunker and tells the others of the cure he acquired. Rowena asks Jack if he's ready, and he says that he is. Jack takes the grace and Rowena casts the spell. The lights flicker and Jack opens his eyes. They glow with angelic light, and then Jack gets up and says that it's a definite improvement. He then coughs and collapses. Castiel calls Sergei and tells him that Jack is worse, and says that he has to come. Sergei says that he can't because of his harmonics, but says that it's a process of trial and error. Castiel promises to find Sergei if Jack dies, and Sergei tells him that he can try and hangs up.

Nick prays to Lucifer and says that he lied about being free of the darkness and rage once he found who killed his family. He admits that he likes doing the things he does and doesn't want to stop.

In the darkness, a figure emerge from the blackness

Nick says that he wants the feeling of no consequences and lack of remorse back, and breaks into tears.

The figure opens his glowing red eyes.

Dean blames himself for taking Jack, and Sam and Castiel tell him that he made Jack happy and that was more then they could do. Rowena tells them that there's nothing they can do but watch over Jack as he dies.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 30, 2018

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