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Donna Troy Recap

The Past

Young Dick Grayson walks into his room and irritably throws a razorang across the room. Donna Troy is there, and says that she came with Diana and thought the two of them could get into trouble together. Dick says that he went there with Bruce and a lot of people died, and they couldn't save them. He feels like quitting, and Donna asks if Joker will quit as well. She points out that Joker will never stop, and assures Dick that he and Bruce will stop Joker. She says that she'll always be there if he needs to talk, and says that sidekicks always have to stick together.


In Chicago at the safehouse, Gar comes out and startles Rachel as she's making breakfast. He starts making coffee and they discuss Dick and Kory sleeping together. Angela comes out and Rachel greets her mother, and then shows her the breakfast she made. Distracted, Angela looks out at the cityscape and talks about how she hasn't seen it in five years. Rachel sits with her and Angela asks if she can put her arm around her. Her daughter agrees and Angela tells Gar that she knows he cares about Rachel and asks if he wants a hug. She invites Gar to join them at the window, and he does so but remains standing.

Kory wakes up next to Dick and tells him that she can't stop thinking about the asylum. He admits that he couldn't understand anything that she said in the sleep, and Kory notices that Dick has packed his bags. Dick figures that Rachel is safe and has her mother back, and maybe she can try and have a normal life. He explains that either being Robin or not being Robin doesn't help, and he needs help that he can't get there. Kory says that once she remembers who she is, Dick will figure out who he's going to be and then maybe they can try it again together.

Everyone gathers for breakfast and Angela compliments Rachel for making the pancakes. She says that she has a house in Ohio where they can stay at, and invites them all there as long as they want. Gar suggests that it could be there secret base, and Rachel notices that Robin looks nervous.

Outside, Dick tells the others that he's leaving but he'll see them all again sometime. Kory tells him that she'll get them all to Angela's house and then she'll find out who she is. They say goodbye and Dick starts to walk off. Rachel runs over and hugs him, and says that she'll be okay. Dick gets into his SUV and drives off.

Dick goes to an old building and knocks on the door. Donna comes out and Dick tells her that he quit. She smiles and says that she's late, and asks Dick if he's coming. They walk and Dick tells Donna that he couldn't get a handle on the violence and it's getting wrong. Dick explains that he burned his suit and wonders how Donna quit. Donna tells him that she just stopped and when Dick wonders how that's different, she says that he'll figure it out but it will take time. He asks if he can sleep on her couch, and Donna says that he can stay as long as he wants as long as he's still got game. She runs into an alley and jumps over a dump truck, and Dick follows her. Donna invites him to come to her photo showing and Dick agrees.

Kory, Dick, Gar, Rachel, and Angela take a train and Kory has a memory of flash of sitting in the cockpit of a moving vehicle. She goes over to the bar and a man, Jerry Ridley, eyes her. Kory goes back to her table and tells Gar that Rachel and Angela need some time alone. He agrees and invites her to play a game, and Kory tells him to play with his phone. Kory glances over and sees Jerry still at the bar watching her.

That night, Donna takes Dick to her the photo gallery where her work is mounted. She tells him to practice mingling and half-jokingly says that he's confrontational, and advises him to enjoy himself. Dick glances around and tells himself that he's got it.

Rachel and Angela sit across from each other, and Rachel stares at her mother. Angela asks Rachel if she looks like what Rachel imagined, and talks about how she refused to let the nurses take Rachel away after she was born. She says that Rachel never cried and just looked at her, and they lost so much time when they were separated. Rachel asks who Melissa was, and Angela says that Melissa was her good friend and she knew the Organization would never stop. She asked Melissa to take Rachel and disappear, and made her swear never to tell Rachel about Angela. Rachel apologizes, and Angela tells her that she has nothing to apologize for. Crying, she says that she just wanted Angela to have a mother.

Rachel asks about her father, and Angela says that he was very charismatic and wanted to exploit Rachel's powers while building up a cult of personality. When Rachel asks about her powers, Angela says that they came from him and he's long gone, and he can't hurt Rachel anymore. She takes Rachel's hands and says that the hope of being reunited with Rachel kept her alive. Rachel looks at her demon self in the window reflection and turns away.

Gar asks Kory if she thinks Rachel is mad at him. He talks about how he killed the doctor at the museum, and Kory asks him how it felt. Gar says that it felt weird and Kory tells him to never be ashamed of defending himself. He talks about how the tiger has control of him, and Kory tells him that he and Rachel both are learning to control their powers and that makes a connection. Kory figures that Gar wants to make out with Rachel and assures him that it's perfectly naturally. Gar doesn't want to talk about it, and takes Kory's drink and gulps it down.

Jerry disappears from the bar and Kory notices. She goes down the next car and confronts him, grabs him by the tie and drags him between cars, and then slams him into the wall and demands to know who he is. Kory figures that he's with the Organization and asks where the others are. She holds him higher, and then after a moment lets him go and tells him to get out.

At the photo gallery, a man named Paul comes over to where Robin is looking at one of Donna's photos. Dick talks about how he was there when Donna got her first camera, and starts rambling about analog cameras. Paul quickly excuses himself, and Dick wonders what Penguin is doing.

Donna gets a text with an address and texts back that she'll be there. She asks Dick how he's doing, and then says that she has to deal with something and tells Dick to relax and have some fun there. Dick asks if she wants company and Donna refuses as she leaves.

As the conductor looks on, Jerry calls the FBI, identifies himself as a US Marshal, and says that the woman posted for attacking cops in Illinois is on the train.

Donna goes to the address and a van pulls up. The men inside put a head on her, pull her in, and drag off. Dick is watching from his car.

Gar wonders if he's supposed to fell number after one drink. The conductor announces that there's an obstruction on the track and they have to stop, and Kory looks around briefly.

The men take Donna to an underpass where Graham Norris is waiting. Graham greets her and says that his contact told him she could be trusted. He tells her that she can photograph what they're doing but can't capture his image, and says that he's giving a man some unwanted publicity. Graham shows her a truck filled with animal skins and says that he shot most of them himself, and tells Donna that it's worth almost a half million. He talks about how he's bringing them into the country, and flirts with her. Graham then reveals that they have a bear in another truck and explains that some Chinese will pay for the privilege to hunt the bear and harvest its organs. He hands her a rifle and invites her to have a shot, and Donna refuses.

The truck with the bear drives off, and Dick drops down and attacks Graham and his lieutenant. Once they're down, Donna asks Dick why he's there and she says that she's doing her job. When Graham recovers and charges at her, Donna casually slams him away and tells Dick that her photos would have shut down the entire poaching operation. Dick says that he'll help her go after the ones who escaped, and Donna takes him to take out his phone and take a picture of her feigning unconsciousness next to the unconscious Graham. Once Dick does so, Donna tells him that they have to talk and leads him off.

Back at Donna's place, Donna asks why Dick jumped in when he knew that she had it under control. Dick insists that he was concerned about her, and Donna says that Diana took her in and showed her how to replace her family's loss with a new family. Bruce filled Dick's life with rage and violence. Donna says that they're not Wonder Woman or Batman, and she realized she could do more good being herself. She tells him that he lost his chance to be a civilian when he became Robin, but then Robin became an echo chamber for Bruce and for himself. Donna tells Dick to go out and make sure none of the poachers gets away. When he refuses, she tells him to be something else to someone else. Dick agrees and Donna gets the photos from his camera. She notices the photos Dick took of Kory's papers, and asks why Dick has photos of an offshoot alphabet of Sumerian. Donna says that she has some books that will let her translate it.

Kory notices that they're in a train yard and tells Gar that they have to find Rachel. They find Angela, who says that Rachel went to the bathroom. Kory tells Gar to get Angela off the train, and continues on. Two FBI agents in the next car spot Kory, and she uses her powers to fuse the door shut. Cops gather outside, and Kory tries to retreat but more FBI agents open fire on her. She blasts them and they drop back.

Gar finds Rachel and gets her and Angela off the train to meet Kory down the road. He transforms into a tiger and frightens a rail worker away from his truck, and they drive and pick up Kory.

The next day, the group arrives at Angela's house in Killdeer, Ohio. It's old and abandoned, and Angela finds the hidden key and opens the door. Kory has more memory-flashes of being on a spaceship and hesitates. Rachel asks if she's okay, and Kory says that there's something wrong with her. Rachel offers to heal her brain and figures there's only one way to find out. Inside, Rachel touches Kory's head.

As they drive, Donna tells Dick that the message refers to Kory as "Starfire". It says that her mission is to secure the Raven, which could mean to take control of or kill.

Kory's memories of the spaceship become clearer. She then stares at Rachel.

Donna tells Dick that Kory is there to kill Rachel.

Kory grabs Rachel and strangles her.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 1, 2018

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