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Nobody Puts Brady in a Crestmore Recap

As Bill checks the house, Al attacks him. Donna is on the other end and hears Al promise to fuck Bill up, and then hears gunshots.

Ida goes to Bill and checks on him, and he sits up and says that Al was waiting for him when he got home. She says that she'll testify that Al was trying to kill Bill, and confirms that Holly isn't there. Bill refuses to give her his gun, saying that it's evidence now. Elliot comes in and Bill tells them what happened. As Elliot goes out to wait for the ambulance, Bill tells Ida that Al called him "Kermit". Donna arrives and looks at Bill.

Brady wakes up in inside of his mind basement and looks at the ruins around him. Gerald is on the stairs and greets him, and asks if their mother is there. Brady picks him up and takes him to watch TV.

Nurse Ruth tells Felix that Brady's brain patterns have spiked for several hours. Brady's fingers twitched and Felix notices, and he tells Brady that he can't hide anymore and his public awaits.

The police secure Bill's house and the EMT tells him that he's showing symptoms of post-concussive trauma. The investigating detective tells Bill that he should have gone for the head shot first, and Bill tells him to fuck off. Donna and Ida give their statements, of what happened. The detective tells Bill that all of the statements called and that Donna called 911 when she heard the incident over the phone. He says that it seems pretty clear-cut, and he's going over to check on Al's brother. The EMTs take Bill to the hospital and Donna gets into the ambulance with her ex-husband.

Holly is leaving Finder's Keepers when she gets a phone call. It's Ida, who tells her what happened.

Barbara tells Jerome to take her over to her friend. When Jerome tells her to stop stressing out, Barbara says that Lawrence cut her allowance in half and they've stopped eating out. When Jerome offers to give her a ride, a disgusted Barbara tells him that she'll walk. Jerome goes to Lawrence's desk and checks his files, and finds delinquent bills. Ida calls and tells him what happened, and Jerome says that he'll be there.

Jerome and Holly arrive at the hospital and meet with Ida. Donna comes in and tells them that Bill has a concussion, cracked ribs, and torn ligaments, but he's essentially okay. Ida says that Bill shot his attacker dead.

Antonio tells Bill that Al's brother is dead and Al cut his throat. They agree that it doesn't make any sense, but Antonio assures Bill that it's a slam dunk. Bill says that the guy he talked to earlier wasn't the same one who attacked him, and earlier Al told him that he had memory lapses, and before he died Al seemed to wake up from a nightmare. Antonio wonders who Al was before that, and Bill says that it's Brady and there's no rational explanation for it. He warns that people are dying because Brady is being kept alive, and Antonio tells him that Brady is breathing up in his room. Antonio says that he'll talk to Pettimore and convince him that Brady being there is bad publicity. They agree that what they're thinking is insane, but Antonio promises to put an end to it.

Holly comes out from behind the curtain and Bill realizes that she heard the whole thing. She agrees that Brady can't keep hurting people she knows and they have to prove that they're giving Brady illegal drugs. Bill assures her that Brady didn't kill her, but Holly says that she can't hold the world without Bill to help her. Crying, Holly wishes that she could tell Bill what he means to her and how it frightens her, and Bill admits that it goes both ways. He says that caring for people is scary. Maggie comes over and says that they're moving Bill upstairs.

Antonio confronts Felix and says that their deal was to run everything about Brady past him. He threatens to move Brady to Crestmore, and walks out despite Felix's protests that he can get Brady walking in a month. The doctor says that regulations stymie progress in the U.S. and it's his responsibility to save lives. Antonio tells him that it isn't his risk and leaves.

As Maggie takes Bill up in a wheelchair, Bill tells her that Al killed a dog and his brother, and then killed him. Donna watches from the window as Maggie puts Bill to bed.

Brady and Gerald watch TV and eat apples, and Brady says that he's sick of the show.

Everyone gathers in Bill's room, and Maggie tells him that they'll release him in the morning. Once she leaves, the others say that they're stay a little longer. Bill tells them to go home, and Holly lectures him on avoiding staph infection before she goes. Donna stays behind and takes his hand, and then kisses him on the forehead and tells him to rest.

In the waiting room, Ida is reading a tablet article about the impact of electronic devices on adolescent development. Donna tries to get some food for a vending machine and starts pounding on it when it jams. Ida comes over to reassure her and Donna wonders when it ends. Donna says that Bill killed a man and no one cares, and says that she hates it. Ida tells her that Bill is who he is, and Donna bends over sobbing. Ida gets her some food from the machine.

Holly comes back into the hospital and grabs a roll of tape from a cart.

Ida finds Jerome sleeping on a couch and wakes him up to ask where Holly is. He doesn't know.

Holly goes into Brady's room and tells him that he doesn't get to win. She replaces the IV tape with the tape that she grabbed, then takes the original tape with his hair on it.

Antonio meets with Pettimore and reminds him that Al went insane. Pettimore says that he's comfortable transferring Brady out, and Antonio promises that he won't forget it

At Cora's office, Felix tells Cora what's going on, and she says that her higher-ups are terminating the project. The Chinese can use their findings to eliminate the side effects. Felix wants her to help them stopping Brady's transfer, but Cora tells him that his part in it is done because he's too unstable. She reminds her husband that he threatened her, and says "fuck you" to him. Felix reminds her of their discussion about moving out of town after becoming famous, and Cora points out there have been two deaths on his watch and no progress. She notes that they have stock options, and tells her husband that he's not in it anymore. Felix asks about them, and Cora says that she's in it for the long haul and she has nowhere to go because he has her passport. Once she leaves, Felix makes a call.

Donna drives Bill home and helps him into the house.

Jerome returns home with groceries and tells Lawrence that he's going to start helping out. Lawrence asks him if he thought it was appropriate to get into his business and "help him out". He starts throwing the eggs in the sink, furious at Jerome, and tells him that Jerome can pay for him when he's on his own and has a six-figure job. Until then, he tells Jerome that he'll do his job and no one will take it from him.

Antonio's boss Dunford calls him in. Felix is there and Dunford says that Felix told him that Antonio is having Brady moved to Crestmore. He figures that Felix will revive Brady so that the man can stand trial, and he'll try the case himself. Antonio warns that there's a lot Dunford doesn't know about what's going into the hospital, and Dunford says that he's talked to the hospital owner and made arrangements for Brady to stay.

When he goes to Bill's house, Antonio tells Bill that Brady is staying at the hospital. Once he leaves, Donna tells Bill not to let it affect him. Bill insists that Brady has to be stopped, and Donna tells him that it isn't his job. He wonders whose job it is, and tells Donna that he loves her. Donna says that she's always loved him and always will, and Bill tries to explain. She says that she knows, and confirms that she let Allie know that Bill is all right. Donna suggests that she go to Seattle to visit her, and Bill agrees. Bill tells his ex to tell their daughter that he loves her.

Holly gives Brady's hair sample to Silas and swears him to secrecy. She then gives him a list of drugs and asks Silas' contact to see if she can find any foreign compounds in the hair. Once Silas agrees, Holly asks if the chemist is Silas' girlfriend. Silas insists that she isn't, and Holly smiles and says good. Holly then says that she'll allow Silas to take her out to discuss the results, and a surprised Silas agrees.

At the hospital, Brady waits until he's alone and then manages to move his feet.

In his mind basement, Brady sees his mother moving through the ruins. She steps out , wearing a clown mask, and he dances with her, smiling.

Jerome sits on his bed and looks at a photo of his family before his mother died.

Holly feeds her goldfish.

Gerard tells Brady that it's time to go. His mother disappears, and Gerard walks up the stairs into the light. Brady hesitantly follows him, smiling as he reaches the top.

Bill is dozing on his couch when Brady appears in his ice cream uniform and calls "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free". Bill wakes up but there's no one there except Holly, who is dozing in her chair. He gets up and drives to the hospital.

Felix comes into Brady's room and discovers that the orderlies are unfastening the machines from Brady. He says that there's been a mistake and Pettimore knows about it, and tells the orderlies to hook Brady back up.

Bill arrives at Brady's office a few minutes later and discovers that Brady's bed is empty. Felix comes in, surprised that Brady isn't there, and Bill tells him to call security.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 1, 2018

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