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Walk Like a Man Recap

Brady walks along the highway, wearing a doctor's coat, and comes to a car.

The police arrive at the hospital and go in and evacuate the staff and patients. More police go in, guns ready, and search the place for Brady. In Brady's room, Felix tells Bill and Antonio that Brady might have just walked out. Felix takes offense at Bill's involvement, and Antonio tells them both to shut up. He says that their lives are in danger as long as Brady is out there. An officer brings in the security footage showing Brady walking out disguised as a doctor. '

Antonio asks Felix what he was treating Brady with, and Felix demands a lawyer. Antonio refuses and Bill asks for a moment alone with Felix and Antonio agrees. Once Antonio agrees, Bill takes out his "happy slapper" and tells Felix to sit down before he kills him. Once Felix does so, Bill tells him that he has nothing to lose and hits him in the arm when the doctor tries to get up. Bill points out that Felix is in deep shit and needs to talk about how he treated Brady, and says that if Felix doesn't then he'll break both of his hands.

Brady goes to a clothing store and picks out scarves. A clerk, Wanda, asks if he's found everything that he leads and gets a mirror for him to check himself. Brady plays along, and notices TVs playing reports about his escape. He quickly excuses himself as photos of himself come up on the news reports.

Felix tells Bill about the Chinese drugs he's been administering to Brady, and says that Brady walking out defies logic. The doctor suggests that Brady is more conscious than they imagined, and admits that he doesn't understand what happened.

Bill tells Antonio what he found out and asks for protection for his friends. Antonio warns that he doesn't have the resources to protect them all and warns that his career is on the line because he helped keep Brady at the hospital.

Felix returns home and finds Cora watching the news. She says that Brady's escape is all over the news, and Felix tells her that his life and career is over. Cora says that they'll be saying that he changed the course of modern medicine, and Felix tells his wife that he's looking at prison time. She assures him that he's a hero because his motives were pure, and it's the best possible outcome. Cora says that the people in China are ecstatic and they have stock options, and they're set for life. Felix tells her that she's set for life and he'll be in a cell, and Cora assures him that the rich and famous don't end up in air.

Brady comes in holding a taser and says that he's having a day, and tells the Babineaus to sit down. He asks what Felix what he did to him because he feels changed, and Felix says that he saved his life. He assures him that he only relieved some cranial pressure, but Brady says that mentally he feels different. He feels regret for the things that he's done and doesn't like it because it's a weakness. Felix suggests that he gave him a consciousness, and Brady demands to know if he altered his brain. The doctor insists that he didn't, and Brady takes offense when Cora stares at him. She says that he's a miracle, and Brady trails the taser down her body and says that she remembers her flirting with him when he was comatose.

Bill tells Holly, Ida, and Jerome that he's closing Finder's Keepers and they should find other accommodations. Ida refuses to move, saying that she's accustomed to where she lives and was always courteous to Brady when she bought ice cream from him. Bill points out that Brady goes after people he cares about, and Jerome suggests that Felix had Brady moved. Bill snaps at him and says that have to be vigilant and Holly can't live with him because of the risk. As they leave, Bill tells Ida that Donna is safe in Seattle. Jerome points out that there's a net over the entire town, but Bill isn't convinced and they all leave.

Brady tells the Babineaus that if he dies then Felix's public image goes down, so they all have a vested interest in his good health. The couple hastily agree, and Brady asks what the prognosis is. Felix says that they have to get him back to the hospital and warns that the effects of the drug are temporary, and Brady will need another dose in three days or he'll most likely die. The doctor says that there are also side effects, and Cora describes the brain tumors that occurred in lab animals. Felix explains that the drug is mostly in China, and Brady figures that they're a team. He says that it appeals to him and it wouldn't have appealed to him before, tasers Felix, and says that it's time for them to go for a drive in their car.

At his house, Bill is loading his guns when Holly comes in. She figures that she'd be safer there, but Bill refuses to discuss it. He says that he's done discussing things with people that he already knows. Bill admits that he'll shoot Brady if he shows up there, Holly points out that she tried to kill Brady as well and doesn't have a lecture for Bill. She talks about how she went home that night, she found pieces of Brady's brain on her clothes and when she washed them away, the world felt cleaner and she liked that feeling. Holly says that she doesn't want Bill to get hurt, and he says that he won't.

Felix and Cora drive Brady to the police station and park outside. Brady figures that they won't know who he is until he takes off his sunglasses, and tells Cora to get into the backseat. Once she does so, Brady ask her to let him kiss her. He explains that his freedom is over and he's never been with an attractive woman before, and he wants to know the feeling before he's imprisoned. Brady assures Cora that he's not going to hurt her and she agrees. Once she kisses him gently, Brady says that he wants a real kiss that will last the rest of his life, and says that it will sell a lot of books for her. Cora kisses him hard as Felix watches in the rearview mirror. Once they're done, Brady says that now he gets it and cries. He tells her not to put it into the book, has the Babineaus take him into the station, and he surrenders to the police. The officers draw their guns and order Brady down on the ground, and he readily obliges.

Bill and Holly go to Lou's place, and she says that Brady was becoming code and his mind was fusing with computers. She insists that he was in the monitors and the handheld devices, including Al's Zappit. Bill suggests that she go somewhere safe, and Lou offers to get a gun and kill him. She admits that she considered it in the hospital but didn't have it in her, and points out that she didn't think Brady had it in him but he did. Holly sees a news report about Brady turning himself in after voluntarily turning himself in.

Antonio and Detective Daniel Marks meet with Brady in an interrogation room. Brady says that Antonio squeezed his testicles while he was in the hospital, and doesn't know why he did it.

As Bill and Holly drive, Holly asks why Bill is still upset. She figures that Brady in custody is a good thing, and wonders if Bill is upset that he didn't get Brady. Bill doesn't respond, and Holly stages a conversation with herself about how they don't have to close Finder's Keepers. When Bill ignores her, Holly suggests that they have a party. Bill finally says that he doesn't trust it and figures that Brady has a plan.

Brady tells Marks that he turned himself in because he's guilty and he should be locked up. He claims that Felix did something to him and now he feels regret about what he did. Brady then says that he waives his rights and will tell them whatever they want, and describes how his father beats him and he killed his brother Gerald. Antonio suggests that they talk about the job fair, and Brady says that he doesn't recognize that person anymore and the person he used to be snapped. He insists that the person he is would never do it, and talks about how Bill tried to kill him by pinching off his oxygen supply. Antonio says that it isn't about Bill and Brady agrees, and says that he's guilty and won't contest the death penalty. However, on his death he wants his brain sent to Boston Hospital where they do post-mortem studies on the brain.

Later, Bill, Holly, and Ida watch Cora on a talk show. She says that the drug they gave Brady could cure Alzheimer's, and explains that they need to test it on serial killers because they're a net loss to humanity. The trio concede that Cora is good, and Cora says that Brady should be locked up in a medical facility so he can continue getting the drug and be studied. Bill figures that Brady turned himself in so he'll get the drug and live.

Antonio arrives and talks to Bill outside. He asks if Bill tried to kill Brady in the hospital, and warns him that he may be facing charges. Antonio insists that he's on Bill's side and tells him to answer any questions truthfully and it will all go away. As he walks away, he warns Bill that they're all in the hot seat and if they play ball, it'll all go away.

Felix and Cora go to bed, and Cora tells her husband to call a press conference to add to the story. She points out that they took Brady to the police and they're the good guys. Felix asks her what it was like to kiss Brady, and Cora says that Brady didn't seem like a monster to him at that moment. She asks if the surgery could have changed Brady, and Felix admits that it's possible.

The next day, Bill drives to the police station driving and listens to a radio report about Brady's situation. When he gets there, Antonio warns Bill that Marks is a ball-buster if you're on the wrong side of him. Bill wants to see Brady, and Antonio tells him that they have to deal with Marks first. In the interrogation room, Marks confirms that Bill admits that he pinched Brady's line. Bill says that he does and doesn't have any regrets, and Marks says that Brady has hired Merrill D. Shields to defend him and Shields puts law enforcement on trial. Bill points out that Brady mowed down dozens and tried to blow up thousands, and Marks says that Bill may be the weak link in the chain. He points out that Bill harassed Sadie and Al, and withheld material evidence from the police about Marks which contributed to Janie's death. He notes that Peter had enough evidence to charge Bill with obstruction of charges, but Peter turned up dead in Bill's kitchen. When Bill angrily objects, Marks says that loose ends make him nervous and asks Bill if he thought that he was shooting Brady when he shot Al. Bill says that he kept Peter in the loop but there's no evidence of that, and Marks brings up Bill questioning Felix the night before. He warns that Bill might be a material witness, and Bill asks if he's free to go. Marks tells him not to leave the jurisdiction, and asks if Bill was inebriated when he pulled a gun on the teenager that climbed over his fence a year ago.

Bill walks out and leaves a message for Donna saying that he'll need legal assistance. Antonio calls him and says that he's going to be charged, and advises him to get a lawyer. Back at home, Bill and Holly watch Fred eat and then go back inside. Holly wonders why Marks didn't arrest Bill, and Bill figures that Marks is toying with him and plans to use him as a scapegoat. Holly figures that the world is upside down and Bill agrees.

Felix holds a press conference saying that healing is important. Lou watches, a gun on the table in front of her.

The police arrest Bill as Holly and Ida look on.

Felix says that they can learn from Brady, and explains that Brady now represents hope for all of them.

The officers put Bill in a cell... next to Brady.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2018

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