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Fade to Blue Recap

In the cells, Brady says that it's surreal that they're in jail together. Marks and Antonio are watching on the monitors and Antonio figures that Bill will get the real Brady to show up. Meanwhile, Brady apologizes for being the kind of person that would kill people, and says that he's better now. Bill asks if Brady plans to claim in court that he's better, and Brady tells Bill that he's partly to blame for the murders. The retired detective accused him of fucking his mother and it hit a nerve, and wonders if Janie would be alive if Bill hadn't provoked the old Brady.

Marks warns Antonio that he doesn't like the situation.

Brady tells Bill that he's denounced the person he was, and now he and Bill are on the same side. He offers his hand through the bars, and figures that Bill would rather kill him but that would make him lawless and he isn't. Brady pulls back his hand and says that his old self would have delighted in bringing Bill down to his level. Bill points out that he's talking in the present tense, and Brady quickly corrects himself. He says that he doesn't blame Bill for wanting him dead, and has a chance now to kill him. Brady figures that it could be win-win for them both, and admits that he wishes Bill would do it. However, he says that it isn't who Bill is, and Bill agrees and then grabs him by the throat.

Antonio, Marks, and the officers run into the cell and Bill releases Brady and says that he was dislodging Brady's throat trachea pipe. Antonio quickly agrees with him.

Later, Antonio releases Bill and says that for now he's getting Bill out. Donna arrives and tells Bill that he's processed, and Antonio tells Bill not to speak to the press and informs him when the arraignment will be. Bill and Donna leave, and Donna warns him that Brady could still sue him in civil court. Bill says that he had an epiphany and says that he'll tell her the next day.

The next day, protestors gather outside of the courthouse demanding that Brady be brought to justice. Bill and Holly go inside and a reporter asks Bill and Holly for a statement. They refuse and continue in.

In the courtroom, the trial begins and Brady is brought in. The reporters take photos of him until the bailiff tells them to stop. Shields introduces himself and enters a plea of not guilty. Antonio is the prosecutor and asks says that they request that bail be denied, and Shields agrees. Shields then says that he isn't defending the old Brady. A man stands up and says that they also don't see his daughter and granddaughter. Judge Helfrick tells the man to sit down, and Shields requests a petition to determine Brady's competency to stand trial. Antonio says that there is no mental deficit, and Shields says that Brady has been cured and therefore his client isn't there. He explains that the old Brady and the new Brady are two different people: "Mr. Mercedes" and Brady. Mr. Mercedes no longer exists and can't contribute to his defense. Since Brady is cured, he's not competent to stand trial. Shields reminds the court that Brady didn't consent to be experimented on, and there's no connection between Brady and Mr. Mercedes.

Brady asks to be heard and Helfrick allows it. He says that Mr. Mercedes is him physically and that person should be locked up or put to death. Once he sits down, Shields says that Mr. Mercedes is no longer among them.

Later, Bill, Holly, and Jerome watch the newscast at Finder's Keeper. The reporter says that Brady meets the legal definition of incompetence. Bill turns off the TV and says that it's a brilliant ploy. Antonio comes in and tells Bill that they need to go for a bar. They go to a bar and Antonio says that the whole thing is grotesque. He tells Bill that Brady could go free years down the line if he's declared a different person. Felix is meeting in Sweden to get a Nobel Prize and then goes to China, and medical schools are advocating that Brady be studied. The Chinese pharmaceutical company is funding Brady's defense, and all the experts have to do is suggest the possibility that Brady is a different man. Antonio is considering plea-bargaining to send Brady to jail. Bill insists that Brady is faking it, and Antonio points out that everyone who knew Brady before is dead. When Bill suggests that Antonio call him as a witness, Antonio explains that Shields will point out Bill's obsession with Brady. Bill suggests Lou.

The next day, Antonio and Bill meet with Lou and explain their plan. She wonders who she is to judge Brady's sanity, and Antonio explains that it's about competency, not sanity. Lou realizes that Antonio could avoid going to trial and they might have to set him free. Bill tells her that it'll never come to that, but Lou doesn't believe him and Antonio says that they need Lou to put Brady in prison. Antonio points out that she's the only one in any position to say that Mr. Mercedes is still there. Lou wonders if she can do it without being in the same room as Brady, and Bill admits that she can't.

Later, Bill meets Donna for dinner and talks about the case. Donna points out that Death Row inmates are medicated to make sure they're competent to be executed, and suggests that Mr. Mercedes is no more and the new one has no culpable intent or culpable-intent resemblance. She wonders how they punish Mr. Mercedes. Donna then asks what Bill's epiphany was, and he finally says that he got agitated when Brady turn himself in. After that he felt better when he realized that he was right about Brady gaming the system. He figured out that Brady was caught and it was finally over. Bill thought of being home and painting, and he tells Donna that Brady is it. He was looking to fixing the job, and figures that there's hope for him. Donna suggests that he was hoping to have sex with her again, and Bill admits that was part of it. He says that there won't be another Brady.

The next day, the protestors gather outside the courthouse. Doctors testify that the drug has changed Brady, and Cora says that it saved Brady and can save others. Bill returns to Finder's Keepers and tells Holly that he couldn't take any more of it. Holly figures that Helfrick won't fall for it, and says that Ida calls and wants to have a gazebo-warming party. She figures that they should go and Bill agrees, and then says that it comes down to Lou. Holly warns that Lou isn't doing very well at all, and Bill tells her that she'll have to handhold Lou. Holly wonders if Brady was Mr. Mercedes when Bill was in jail with him, and Bill figures that he was somewhat different but similar enough.

In court, Antonio asks Helfrick for permission to let Lou meet with Brady. Shields objects, but Helfrick objects, saying that she's going to consider every piece of evidence that she can. Antonio brings in Lou, and Bill and Holly are with her. They explain the security precautions, and Holly assures Lou that she can do it. Bill says that they just want Lou to talk to Brady and see where it goes.

Lou goes into Brady's room and sits down across the table from him. She can't look at him, and Brady suggests that they make eye contact. Lou tells him that she doesn't want to look at him, and Brady apologizes. She finally looks up and confirms that he remembers, and Brady says that remembers seeing it and doing it but insists that his hands belonged to a different person. Lou accuses him of scamming the system, and Brady tells her that he doesn't really care. He talks about the conversations they had and how they goofed on Robi.

Brady says that it's hard to imagine him hurting her. Lou says that she killed him and Brady was the only one who knew her. He stabbed her and killed her forever, and asks why. Brady says that Mr. Mercedes was finishing a masterpiece and he thought she would turn him in, and it was the only time he felt when he killed other then when he killed Deborah. Brady says that when he thinks of Deborah, he thinks of Lou. He asks Lou to tell them that there's still a part of Mr. Mercedes in him, and he just wants Lou to forgive him.

That night, Bill and Antonio go to the bar and Antonio admits that he's still going to have to call Lou in. He tells Bill that the Federal government is drafting a habeas petition to have Brady transferred to Springfield, MO, to be studied. Antonio admits that he thought the case would make him and his career would skyrocket, and instead it's destroying him. When Antonio points out that Brady killed his dog, Bill says that Brady killed his girlfriend.

The next day, Bill, Jerome, and Holly meet with Ida at the gazebo. Jerome offers a toast to Bill, saying that he thought he was crazy when he first came to him, but he figures the world is crazy rather than Bill. Bill offers a toast, saying that however it ends he loves all of them.

Lou arrives at the courthouse to testify and passes through the metal detector. When Bill and Holly show up, Bill tells her that she just has to answer the lawyers' questions and doesn't have to look at Bill. Holly tells her that she's already been in a room alone with Brady, but Lou can do it. In court, Lou says that Brady is mostly the same person and the Brady she knew. She describes how they talked about their friendship and says that Brady was her best friend, and Brady admitted that he was the man who stabbed her. Lou describes that Brady took ownership of what he did, and that he said that he felt for her but not the people that he killed. She says that Brady seemed more human but is the Brady that she knew. Antonio asks if she thinks Brady has changed, and Lou says that he's changed some but he's still the same sociopath who stabbed her. She tells the court that Brady understands what is going on and is the most intelligent person she's ever known.

Shields cross-examines and has Lou state that Brady cried in their meeting, and she's never seen him do it before. He confirms that Lou questioned that Mr. Mercedes has a conscious, and suggests that Brady is fundamentally different. Lou says that they have all changed and none of them will be the same because of what was done to them. Shields asks if Lou saw the struggle between Brady and the man he was, and Lou says that she saw the struggle. Antonio declines to redirect, and Helfrick dismisses Lou.

Lou leaves the stand and walks up to Brady. She then leans over and says that she doesn't forgive him, takes out a 3d gun, and shoots him in the head. As she vomits, the photographers take photos and an officer handcuffs her. He pushes her to the table, and she stares at Brady as he lies twitching and blood puddles from his wound. Bill stares at Lou as the officers take her away. On the table, Brady smiles.

That night, Bill and the others watch a newscast about Brady being declared dead and he taught her how to make the printable gun. The anchor says that the news that Mr. Mercedes is dead has made a lot of people happy.

The next day, Bill is sitting on his lawn painting. Donna comes out and notes that he's painting Fred. She wonders why Bill doesn't paint her, and Bill half-jokingly says that he can't capture her radiance. He says that he'll see Donna leaving, and she invites him to come with her to Seattle to see Allie. Donna says that it was Allie's idea, and Bill agrees. She goes to her car and leaves as an ice cream truck parks down the street. The kids in the street are playing street hockey, and one of them knocks the ball into Bill's yard. The kids go over to the ice cream truck, and Bill remembers the ball that Brady sent him. After a moment, he paints the sun in the painting into a smiley ball.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2018

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