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Bunker Hill Recap

Nia wakes up in her apartment and goes to turn off the TV. She turns and sees Agent Liberty, and a man pointing a gun at a woman and shooting her. Nia wakes up and her roommate says that she looked weird, and Nia complains that her roommate wasn't supposed to let her go to sleep again.

Kara and Hank go to Manchester's and look for something that Hank can pick up a psychic link from. He confirms that Hank had someone prisoner in the bathtub, and apologizes for convincing her to give Manchester a chance. Kara says that it's not over yet, but Hank says that he saw no light remaining in Manchester's mind. They find Manchester's brass knuckles beneath the couch.

At CatCo, Kara and Nia catch up to James in the elevator. They notice that Nia has a lot of coffee. Kara asks how things are going, and James says that he and Lena will work things out. As Kara clarifies that she was asking about the article, the elevator doors open and Nia hallucinates Agent Liberty there, aiming a gun at her. She drops her coffee and Kara helps her pick it up as an article about agent Liberty plays on one of the TVs. Kara then says that she knows something is going on with Nia because of the different stories she has been giving people about her narcolepsy. Nia says that the TV feature reminded her of a nightmare she had about Agent Liberty. When Kara offers her help, Nia insists that she doesn't need it.

Haley questions Frank, who insists that he's Agent Liberty. She says that they know that he isn't, but his background has been erased and she figures that he can tell her who is Agent Liberty. Alex and Brainiac-5 watch on the monitor, and Alex points out that all of the COLs have said the same thing. Supergirl arrives and says that there are no leads from CatCo but they're getting close. When she mentions that Nia saw a picture of Agent Liberty and freaked out, Brainiac-5 hesitates to tell them what's going on for fear of changing the future. He tells them that Nia might be able to lead them to Agent Liberty and they should meet with her. Supergirl says that she'll break the ice with Nia, and Alex says that she's meeting with Baker.

In the conference room, Haley and Alex Skype with Baker. He complains that his polls have taken a hit, and aley says that his numbers will be back to normal once they find Agent Liberty.

Ben is in his car and reassures one of his people, Thack, that he's turning the tide against Supergirl and his kind and suggests that they put Agent Liberty aside for a bit. Ben drives home and Lydia says that his friend Manchester is there from the university.

In his apartment, Hank focuses on the brass knuckles and tries to psychically locate Manchester.

Manchester has tea with the Lockwoods and mentions a gift. Lydia wonders what he's talking about, and Manchester says that Ben gave him and his fiancée knives for their engagement. Hank briefly makes telepathic contact with Manchester and asks where he is, but Manchester ignores him. Ben walks Manchester out and as they go, Manchester draws a knife on her and tells him to play nice for Lydia's sake. Ben asks Lydia that Manchester is staying a bit longer, and warns that if Ben says anything then Lydia dies screaming.

Kara goes to Nia's apartment and says that they can help each other. Nia lets Kara in and says that her family is from a planet named Naltor. She explains that once in a generation, some of the women get genetic oneiormancy: they can dream the future. Nia can't control what she sees or doesn't know what they mean, and when she does, it's terrifying. She explains that she dreamed Agent Liberty about to recognize a woman, but has no idea who or when. Kara says that she knows someone who can help. When Nia agrees, Kara calls Brainiac-5 in.

Brainiac-5 tells Nia that she can master her abilities with exploration and interpretation, and calls her "Nura" by mistake. He hastily denies that he did so and drops his holographic disguise, and hypnotizes Nia into having another dream. She sees a loading hook swing by and remembers it from her previous dream. A vibrating woman appears wearing a jacket with Collinwood printed on the back, and Nia describes her, and she slows the vibration down. The woman is telling someone to put the gun down, and Agent Liberty appears and aims a gun at the woman. Brainiac-5 brings Nia out of her trance, and Nia says that she knows where they need to go.

The trio drive to the suburb of Collinwood, and down the street a man in an Agent Liberty mask walks a dog.

Lydia shows Manchester around their house and Manchester notices some weapons that Ben's descendent forged for the revolution. Manchester takes a bayonet out of the case and Ben says that it's from Bunker Hill. He explains that it came from a time when the British thought that they had won. Manchester finally calls Ben "Agent Liberty", and Ben denies it. Hank makes mental contact with Manchester again, and Manchester tells Hank to get out of his head. the Martian says that he will hold Manchester to his promise and telepathically inflicts his pain on him. Manchester cuts his hand with the bayonet, driving Hank away. Ben jumps Manchester, who knocks him away. Lydia insists that her husband isn't Agent Liberty, but Manchester says that the mask is somewhere in the house and tells Ben to show it to him.

The trio walk down the street trying to figure out Nia's dream. Brianiac-5 says that his research showed Collinwood is an early center for alien-activity. Kara talks to him privately and says that there are tree people with an alien-sniffing dog and they've been following them. She figures that they're COLs and has x-rayed them to determine that they have weapons and a mask. Kara suggests that they find the guy who is Agent Liberty, and the three COLs can lead them to him. Once Brainiac-5 takes Nia away, Kara approaches the three COLs and claims that her real name is Kara Liberty and she's there searching for her birth dad. Their dog barks at her, and a van pulls up. They grab Kara and shoves her in the van. Nia sees them and runs over with Brainiac-5, and one of them draws a gun on them.

The COLs handcuff the trio and take them to a factory.Brainiac-5 figures that their plan is working and points out the weapons scattered throughout. Kara listens to the COLs saying that they should kill them. Nia has a vision of one man shooting her seconds before it happens, and she deflects the bullet with her manacles and knocks it into a nearby gas tank. Steam pours out, and Kara and Brainiac-5 take the COLs out under cover of the gas.

Ben takes Manchester and Lydia to his Agent Liberty costume in the cellar. Manchester tells Lydia that Ben killed Fiona, and Ben cries and says that he's sorry. He says that he was going to stop, and Manchester tells him to put the suit on so Ben can die doing what he loves. Lydia begs him to stop, but Manchester orders him to do it.

Nia explains what she experienced, and Kara finds a sign for "Lockwood Family Steel". They figure that Ben is Agent Liberty, and Brainiac-5 confirms that it went bankrupt shortly after the terraforming events that destroyed the factory and killed Ben's father. Kara calls Alex and tells her what happened, and that Ben could be Agent Liberty. Alex goes to Frank and tells him that they don't need cooperation that they know who Ben is. Frank claims that he doesn't know, but when Alex says that he can change his mind and give her a call, he quickly changes his story. Alex then calls Kara and tells her that Ben is Agent Liberty.

After Ben dons the costume, Manchester beats him and draws his gun on him. He says that he'll kill Lydia in return for Agent Liberty killing Fiona. Hank makes telepathic contact with Manchester and says that he leaves him no choice. He overwhelms Manchester telepathically, and Manchester says that he'll never stop unless Hank kills him. Hank refuses, and Manchester asks why he's there. Meanwhile, Agent Liberty draws a knife and stabs Manchester in the shoulder. Manchester shoves him back, pulls the knife out, and goes after Agent Liberty. Agent Liberty runs out the cellar door and across the yard, and Manchester follows.

Agent Liberty runs to the family and Manchester shoots at him but misses.

Supegirl arrives at hhe Lockwood house and checks out the cellar. Hank calls her and says that Manchester was there, and Supergirl tells Hank that she'll find him.

Agent Liberty enters the factory.

Brainiac-5 looks around the factory, and Nia goes with him. They find traces of Nth metal and Brainiac-5 explains that there's traces of it in his ring. Nia realizes that it's the place from her dreams and it's all going to happen, and Brainiac-5 tells her that she can stop it . Nia has a vision of Manchester shooting the woman and tells brainiac-5 hat they have to g outside.

Agent Liberty attacks Manchester, who easily subdues him. Supergirl flies in and knocks Manchester away, and Manchester uses a moondust grenade against her to weaken her. She says that they have to be better than the COL, and asks Manchester to let her take Agent Liberty to prison and show people who he is. Manchester uses an alien blaster to drop liquefied Nth metal on Supergirl, and suggest that she join forces with him. Supergirl refuses, and Manchester realizes that Agent Liberty has run off. He goes after her, leaving Supergirl trapped in the hardened Nth metal.

Brainiac-5 and Nia reach the place in Nia's vision.

Lydia arrives holding a gun, and Ben arrives saying that she can't be there. Manchester arrives and prepares to shoot her, but Nia finds the control for the loading hook and slams it into Manchester.

Ben prepares to take his wife out, but then takes her control and prepares to shoot the unconscious Manchester. Lydia tells him to stop, and Supergirl flies upward, lifting the entire building with her and then dropping it. The Nth metal shatters, and Lydia falls over the balcony. Supergirl rescues her and congratulates Nia.

Later, the police take Manchester and Ben away. Supergirl tells Brainiac-5 and Nia that it's a start, and Nia wonders where Kara is. The reporters question Ben, who says that he wore the mask to protect him and his family from aliens. He asks who Supergirl is as the police put him in a squad car.

Manchester sits in a cell, and Hank passe sthrough the wall to see him. The prisoner suggests that part of Hank wanted Manchester to do what he couldn't so he let him get away. Hank poitns out that Manchester had the same reflex a few weeks ago, and figures that Manchester's soul is still up for grabs... and Manchester thinks the same.

In his office, James figures that it will be harder for Ben to pass himself off now that people know that he's a psycho in a mask.

Supergirl flies to the DEO and finds Baker there with Haley and Alex. Baker reads a magazine article describing Ben as a human rights activist, and says that a lot of his donors are wondering how they can do it to people. Supergirl points out that aliens are people, too, and Baker says that they need to serve all of the people they protect. He says that they need to know Supergirl's secret identity. Alex says that they can't, and Baker points out that keeping the secret gives the people more reason to distrust Supergirl and the government. When Supergirl says that her secret identity protects her loved ones, Baker says that his people are under Secret Service protection and they need to put country first. Supergirl refuses and he tells her that she's dismissed from the DEO. Alex tells Supergirl to give her some time, and Supergirl says that she should protect the DEO and what it stands for.

Nia goes to bed and sleeps.

James watches newscasts about protestors outside of Ben's jail.

Manchester looks at the protestors outside his cell window.

The police bring Ben to the jail, and Lydia is standing in the crowd. As Ben sees her, Supergirl flies overhead and looks down on him. Lydia starts chanting "Liberty" and the others join in, and Ben whispers that he'll see her soon.

On Earth-90, dozens of heroes' bodies lie scattered around. Flash crawls to a book, but a caped figure picks it up and tells Flash that he failed. Flash asks why the figure is doing it, and the figure says that he did it to himself and now all of them will perish. He opens the book, and Flash speeds away.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 3, 2018

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