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Twin Streaks Recap

At a lab at the Intellagen Corporation, businessman Ted Whitcomb and scientist Jason Brassell are testing a runner on a treadmill. As they watch, their subject accelerates to superhuman speeds. Brassell tells their subject to go even faster and then dissolves into nothing. Whitcomb suggests that they shut down the project, warning that they're short of money and time, but Brassell insists on continuing. He insists that their subject was a clone that he grew from a genetic sample, and reminds his partner that what they're doing is illegal. Whitcomb insists on facing the fact that their process is flawed but Brassell refuses to quit when they're so close. He concludes that normal human tissue can't with strand the strain so they need to find a human who can withstand hyperspeed... and shows Whitcomb an article about the Flash.

At STAR Labs, Tina times Barry as he performs a speed test, sorting and shelving her books. When he's done, she tells Barry that he's 20% slower than three months ago. Tina confirms that his heart rate is faster and that he made three errors. Barry dismisses it as a bad day but Tina warns him that his body chemistry is off because of fatigue. She tells Barry that he's running on sheer willpower but he insists that he's not like other men. Tina doesn't believe it and tells him that he'll die if he doesn't slow down. Barry interrupts her to listen to a 911 call about a lunatic who has planted a bomb in a locker at the train station. He races off before Tina can say another word.

At the station, the Flash searches the lockers without success and realizes that it's a false alarm. A toy robot glides down the floor and when the hero kneels to examine it, it cuts his hand with a blade. The Flash takes it with him as the bomb squad arrives, leaving a bit of his blood on the floor. Brassell comes in and collects a sample and then strolls away.

Back at the lab, Brassell and Whitcomb make a new clone from the blood. Thanks to Brassell's treatment, it reaches adulthood in ninety minutes... and looks exactly like Barry.

The next day, Tina bandages Barry's cut and confirms that the blade wasn't poisoned. She points out that he's not healing as quickly as he usually does and warns her that it's another sign of his stress. Barry refuses to discuss it and Tina suggests that the attack may have been test for a more dangerous attack later.

At the lab, the Barry clone is absorbing knowledge at vast speeds because of his accelerated metabolism. Whitcomb warns that the clone is a superbeing without any sense of morality, but Brassell says that now they can create an army of synthetic beings and sell them to the highest bidders. Whitcomb objects but Brassell ignores him and suggests they call the clone Pollux in honor of the legendary Roman twin. He has Pollux stack blocks as fast as he can. The clone gets frustrated and starts throwing them at superspeed as the scientists take cover. Pollux eventually calms down and Whitcomb convinces him to assemble the blocks into a wall. The clone asks for food and Whitcomb feeds him. Brassell tells his partner that they'll tell their investors that the project failed, shut down, and then start up the project secretly at another location. Pollux spills food everywhere and complains that he's hurting, and the scientists confirm that he's burning up from the exertion. Brassell realizes that they need to build Pollux a protective suit in honor of his real father.

Garfield is in the lab complaining to Julio when Barry and Tina comes in. The lieutenant complains that Barry retired some active files and Barry argues back. Julio tries to step in but Barry loses his temper and Tina just manages to calm him down. Once Barry leaves, Garfield asks Tina what the problem is and she says that she's treating him for stress. Outside, Tina warns Barry that his loss of temper is another sign of stress. He admits that he as out of line

Brassell creates a blue version of the Flash costume with the Intellagen logo on the chest. He tells Whitcomb that they'll take Pollux out that night to test his abilities, but Pollux insists on going immediately. Brassell tells him to go back to his lessons and Whitcomb complains that they're teaching the clone to kill. His partner warns him not to become a problem and they realize that Pollux has left the lab on his own.

Pollux walks outside and goes to a park. He asks to play with one child on a playground carousel and the boy runs away. Pollux spins the carousel at superspeed, generating a wind that blows away everyone in sight. Barry and Tina notice and Barry changes into costume and tries to stop the carousel. He's thrown clear, out of breath from his efforts. As Tina runs to him, Pollux says hello. He grabs Tina and says that he wants to play, and she pulls away. Brassell and Whitcomb arrive and call Pollux away, and the clone tells Tina that they'll play again sometime and speeds away. The Flash is too tired to pursue them and Tina gets him away. Meanwhile, Pollux tells the scientists that he doesn't want to go and Brassell shoots him with a tranquilizer dart.

Back at STAR Labs, Tina and Barry listen to radio reports about the incident. Tina realizes that the clone has the mind of a child from his behavior and Barry says they have to find him before someone gets hurt.

At Intellagen, Pollux continue to learn at an accelerated rate. Whitcomb warns Brassell that the clone frightens him and suggests that they destroy it. Brassell refuses, vowing to sell Pollux and use the money to manufacture an assembly line to produce thousands more. Pollux comes over and insists on knowing who his parents are. He doesn't remember anything about growing up and Brassell irritably tells him that he's who and what he is right now. Whitcomb warns him not to talk to the clone that way, and Pollux demands answers. Brassell tells Pollux that he's nothing, a random mass of cells. Pollux insists that everyone is someone and walks away. When Brassell asks where he's going, the clone says that he's going to find out the truth and shoves the scientist away. Whitcomb grabs the tranquilizer gun and Pollux shoves him away at superspeed, killing him. Realizing what he's done, Pollux advances on Brassell and then leaves.

Tina confirms that the symbol on Pollux's chest belongs to Intellagen and tells Barry. As he leaves, Tina wonders if he can stop him given what happens in the park, but Barry worries about finding it first.

Pollux walks down the street and sees some hip clothing in a store window. He steals one set and continues on down the street. Pollux sits on a bench and spots a newspaper with an article on Whitcomb's death. The newspaper also has an article with a photo of Tina and an advertisement for flowers.

Barry goes to Intellagen and finds workers removing the equipment. He talks to Brassell, who recognizes him and mistakes him for Pollux until Barry shows his badge. The scientist insists that Whitcomb died in an accident and he doesn't know anything else, and explains that Intellagen did perform genetic research. With Whitcomb's death, they have no financing and the company is shutting down. Brassell walks away and Barry notices a bag full of shredded files. He takes the bag home and assembles the shreds at superspeed into their original pages.

Pollux superspeeds into STAR Labs with flowers for Tina. She bursts into laughter at his clothing and the clone tells her not to laugh at him. Tina realizes that she's dealing with the duplicate and thanks him for the flowers, and Pollux apologizes for scaring her. He introduces himself and Tina says that she'd like to introduce him to a friend. Pollux agrees and Tina calls Barry and tells him that the clone is at the lab. He goes there and the clone realizes that they're identical. Tina has Barry show Pollux his identification and explain that he's a policeman, and the clone says that it's his life. Barry objects and Tina whispers to him not to spook Pollux. He tells Tina about the cloning project and that Pollux is dangerous, just as the clone knocks him out from behind. Pollux insists that he's Barry Allan and speeds away.

At the station, Julio is at work when Pollux comes in. Julio mistakes him for Barry and compliments him on his new clothing. Garfield comes in to get the files from earlier and Pollux shows him Barry's badge. He gives Garfield all of the files in the office and the lieutenant puts him on report. Pollux grabs his hand and twists it, and Julio convinces Garfield to let him handle it. Once Garfield leaves, Pollux snarls that he doesn't like mean people and Julio suggests that he go home and get some rest.

Tina goes over Brassell's files and realizes that he planned to make hundreds of superpowered clones. Barry figures that they have to stop Pollux first even though Tina says that the clone is an abused child. She suggests that Barry's morality may be genetically coded into the clone and they could reach it. Barry disagrees, warning that Pollux is a bomb waiting to go off, and Tina agrees with him.

Pollux goes to Barry's apartment and plays with Earl. It senses that he's not Barry and runs off. The clone goes through Barry's belongings and puts on his bathrobe, and then goes through Barry's family album. The phone rings and Pollux answers it. It's Tina, confirming Barry's suspicion that the clone would go to his apartment. She wants to call the police, warning Barry that his performance level is down. When he insists, Tina convinces him to take her with him. However, when they get there they discover that Pollux has left. They figure that he's going to Intellagen.

Brassell is packing up when Pollux comes in wearing his protective suit. The scientist claims that he was looking for him and warns that the police don't believe his story that Whitcomb's death was an accident. Pollux realizes that everything will come out and Brassell tries to shoot him. The clone catches the bullet and throws it into his creator's chest, mortally wounding him. Tina and the Flash arrive and ask him to come with them. Pollux refuses to be locked up again, insisting that he's a human being, and Barry says that he faced the same thing. The clone doesn't believe him and figures that Barry wants him dead because he's a freak. He promises to learn how to control his powers and starts to leave. Barry says that he has to stop him and Pollux says that he understands.

The two men fight at superspeed and Pollux gets the upper hand on his exhausted opponent. However, the dying Brassell shoots at Barry and Pollux leaps in the way, taking the bullet. Barry goes to his clone, which asks him to unmask. Pollux removes his mask as well and says that he wanted to see his own face one last time. The clone then dissolves as his metabolism burns itself out, leaving Barry to embrace an empty suit.

Later, Tina and Barry destroy Brassell's files. Barry admits that watching the clone die taught him that he does have limits and that he's just a man. Tina tells him to guard his life well.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 3, 2018

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