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Hell No, Dolly! Recap

At a hotel in Louisiana, Constantine sits at a bar and drinks. The bartender gets him a drink, and they end up in bed.

Charlie wakes Constantine up and calls him a lying geezer, and reveals that she can shift her face. She figures that Constantine's spell is reversible, but he says that he can't and tells her to get used to disappointment. Charlie says that she survived in a prison dimension by trading favors. She figures Constantine will need something from her eventually and then they'll talk. As Charlie leaves, Constantine looks at Dez's necklace.

Sara and Ava are walking down the Waverider corridor and come to Garima. Ava realizes that Mick is still using Brigid's diary, and Sara says that it keeps him happy. They go into the mess room and ray reveals that he has a mustache. He explains that he read in one of Nora's letters that she likes men with mustaches, and had Gideon stimulate his facial hair. Zari and Ray are eating Big-Easy-Os that taste like beignets, and there's a quiz on the back about the most prolific serial killer. The quiz says that the answer is Marie Laveau of New Orleans. Marie has never heard of her, and Gideon confirms that a fugitive is on the loose in 1836 New Orleans and the serial killer could walk through walls.

At the Time Bureau HQ, Mona bicycles into the parking lot. A man opens his car door and Mona bumps into it, and the driver tells Mona to pay for. She reluctantly agrees and the man goes inside. Gary is waiting for Mona and tries to flirt with him. Mona shrugs him off and goes on her way, and Nate overhears Gary and tells him that isn't flirting. He advises Gary to be cool and ask Mona out, and Gary suggests that Nate ask Mona out for him. Nate refuses but says that he'll do some recon.

As the team head to 1836, Sara briefs the team. All of the victims were rich blonde women stabbed in their locked rooms. The cops pinned it on Marie Laveau, a voodoo priestess and the only women of color with power living in New Orleans in 1836. Mick complains that Constantine stole Brigid's diary, and Ava says that she did it and Garima will be in Mick's imagination where she belongs. Sara tells everyone to focus on the case and says that Ray and Mick will protect the first victim, Miss Didi Charbonnet. She's hosting a party that afternoon. Ava notes that the serial killer's MO matches that of famed killer Mike the Spike. Constantine will talk to Laveau, and Charlie is eager to go with him. Sara sends Zari along as well.

When Waverider arrives in 1836, the teams split up and go into the town. Charlie says that she's been there before, and Constantine realizes that they're near the bar where he met Dez in the future. A funeral band comes down the street and a man greets Constantine by name and asks him to come with him. When Constantine refuses, the man blows dust in Constantine's face, drugging him unconscious.

Constantine wakes up in a coffin and breaks his way out. He's in a room, and Laveau is waiting for him to emerge. She casts a spell to immobilize him and says that she has something of his. Laveau takes the necklace and says that the medallion on it represents Saint Marron, the patron saint of runaway slaves. The priestess wonders what he knows about runaway slaves, and casts a spell to see Constantine's memories of Dez.

Constantine makes breakfast for Dez. Later, he tells Dez that he has to leave town because there's a powerful demon after him. Dez gives him the necklace and says that it has a protection spell on it, and agrees to leave town.

Laveau says that Dez is her great-great grandson, and asks if Constantine loved him. Constantine just stares at her.

Sara, Ray, Mick, and Ava go to the party and spot Didi. Mick is still unhappy that Ava took the diary, and Sara tells him that the diary is not a toy. She asks Mick to be nice to Ava for her sake. there's a man at the door watching Didi, and Ray follows him upstairs.

Charlie and Zari contact Gideon and says that they've lost Constantine. The AI reports that Sara had her put tracers in all of Constantine's undershorts, and gives them coordinates.

Constantine says that a demon named Neron was stalking him and Dez was collateral damage, and invites Laveau to curse him because he deserves it. She orders Constantine to save her kin, just as Charlie and Zari come in. Constantine tells them that they were just having a chat, and asks if she's sensed any other magic in new Orleans. Laveau says that she sensed a Dybbuk from another time, and Charlie explains that a Dybbuk is the dislocated spell of a dead person unable to pass on.

Ray determines that the man is looking for a bathroom, and hears a child crying. He follows the sound into a nursery, and finds a young girl holding a doll. She says that the doll is going to kill her mother. Ray takes the doll and asks Sara if the fugitive is a doll. Another doll dressed as a sailor clubs Ray unconscious and says that he had the wrong doll.

Constantine says that they'd better go to get the Dybbuk before the people blame Laveau of its killing. Laveau gives Dez's necklace back to Constantine.

Sara goes looking for Ray and finds the nursery, the girl, and the unconscious Ray. The sailor doll is hiding and motions the girl to be silent. Constantine realizes the Dybbuk is in the doll, and once he's alone with Charlie, he offers her help reversing the spell on her and leads her away

Ray wakes up and spots the doll as it comes at Sara with a knife. Mick and Ava arrive and Mick fries the doll. It's still moving, and Ava stops Mick from destroying it. They question the doll, and it says that it's their worst nightmare before Mick fries it for good.

Mona is feeding the captive fugitives, and the Kaupe notices the cut on her leg as she brings it food. She says that she shouldn't have to pay but doesn't want to lose the job. She tells the Kaupe that it's a good listener, and notices that it has a cut on its shoulder. Mona enters the cage and wonders what hurt it.

Constantine and Charlie take the jumpship to 2018 New Orleans, and Constantine figures that if he never meets Dez then Neron will never kill him. Then Constantine will never join the Legends and negate Charlie's powers. The plan is for Charlie to impersonate Amaya and approach Constantine. Charlie goes in and pretends to be Amaya, and offers to have wine with Constantine at a "better place". Constantine agrees and they leave just before Dez comes over.

Nate approaches Mona and asks how life is going on for her. As Gary watches them from down the hall, Mona talks about her feelings for the Kaupe and doesn't mention it by name. Nate assumes that she's talking about Gary ad says that he has a crush on her as well. She asks about the "man meat", and Nate tells her that it's 2018. Nate assures her that he'll protect her if she follows her heart, and Mona says that she'll let "him" know how she feels.

Ava and Sara take the doll to Waverider's medbay and lock it up, and Gideon confirms that the timeline is back on track. When Ava says that it's supposed to be a professional operation but Sara lets Mick do what he wants, Sara says that it's her team. They go to take a shower, while behind them the doll twitches.

Constantine and Charlie leave 2018 and Constantine warns that the time changes won't kick in right away. He still remembers meeting Dez but a few days later, and says that they have to go back. Zari calls them and says that she knows that they're up to something, and has Gideon bring them back to Waverider. Once aboard, Constantine tells Zari and Charlie that he loved Dez, and Dez accepted him for who he was. Then Neron showed up and wanted Constantine to help him usurp the triumvirate ruling Hell. Neron has the deed to Constantine's soul, and Constantine told him to piss off. He knew Neron would try to use Dez against him, so he told Dez to run.

Constantine watches as Dez is consumed in hellfire.

Constantine says that he hoped to use time travel to save Dez. He joined the Legends to outrun his guilt, but when they got in New Orleans the guilt was too much. Zari says that some points in history are fixed, and Constantine and Dez were supposed to meet. She tells Constantine that she'll try to find a loophole and keep history intact.

Mona visits the Kaupe and she goes into the cell with her. She uses a Hawaiian/English dictionary to introduce herself. The Kaupe gives his name--Konane-- strokes her hair, and then tells her to run and hide. Konane shoves her out of the cell and she runs as the alarms go off.

As Zari listens to music on her headphones, the Dybbuk leaves the doll and moves through the ship.

Charlies finds Constantine in the cargo hold, and figures that he was stalling. Constantine says that he has to go back in time to after he met Dez, stop him from falling for Constantine's past life, and save Dez's life. they leave, and the Dybbuk enters a crate.

Ava meets Sara in the mess hall preparing a roast, and is shocked to see Mick there. They both want to leave, but Sara asks them to get along and they stay. As Sara pours wine, she tries to find something that they have in common. They soon start insulting each other and Mick asks why Sara gets to have a fake clone girlfriend but he doesn't. As he leaves, a gloved hand secretly grabs the carving knife.

In the ship's study, Zari tells Constantine that she can't find a loophole. She understands the anger of frustration of being unable to save someone that they love, and then realizes that "John" is a partially-shapeshifted Charlie.

Constantine arrives in New Orleans 2018, avoids his past self as he leaves his apartment, and then goes inside.

Zari tells Charlie that the last time they tried to change history, they almost destroyed history. She realizes that Charlie told Constantine about the tracers so he's going commando, and asks why Charlie is going along with Constantine's plan. Charlie says that she's dying because she's stuck in one body and aging. Disgusted, Zari tells her that if Constantine fails she'll make sure Charlie spends the rest of her life in a Bureau prison cell.

Two black-suited man men enter Konane's cell, and taser and handcuff him. Mona is watching from hiding, and the Konane nods to her not to reveal herself as the men take her out.

Sara apologizes to Ava for trying to get her and Mick to get along, and Ava says that Mick was just stating facts and it's okay. Ava wishes that she could loosen up, and Sara notices a bag of flour with tiny footprints leading away.

Ray is shaving his mustache when the lights go out.

Ava goes to capture a serial killer while Sara fixes Gideon. They kiss before going their separate ways.

Present-Constantine enters the apartment and discovers that someone has texted telling him to pick up the phone. The phone rings and Constantine answers it. It's Zari, who warns that if Neron doesn't drag Dez to Hell then it will change history. Constantine says that he had to bind Dez to Neron and send them both to Hell.

Constantine watches as Dez is banished to Hell by the spell he cast.

Constantine tells Zari that Neron needs souls to take over Hell, and he's coming back to Earth to get them. He insists that he walks alone, hangs up, and tosses the phone over the balcony. Dez comes in from the shower and confirms that Constantine is there, and goes to get some clothes.

Ava finds the doll's remains, and Mick arrives and says that it's dead. A beaker breaks and Ava tells Mick to block the exit and goes to investigate. The Dybbuk cuts her leg and then steps out/ It's taken over the Snart psychiatric doll that looks like Martin, and attacks Ava. Mick knocks it away and helps ava up, and the Dybbuk runs off into the vents. Ava realizes that it's Mike the Spike after all.

Mona follows the men to the Bureau's parking garage where they're loading Konane into a van. She confronts them and tells them to let Konane go. Konane breaks free and attacks the men, and Mona tries to stop him. He slashes her stomach and renews his attack on the men, and Kona tells him that he has to go or they'll kill him. Konane stares at her wound for a moment and then runs.

Mick and Ava find Sara, who manages to turn Gideon back on. They explain that the killer is Mike the spike, just as Mike's laughter echoes through the vents.

Dez says that they can go out for breakfast, and Constantine finally tells him that Dez's feelings are a lie and he used a love spell on him. When Dez asks Constantine to be honest with him, Constantine says that their love isn't real and tells him to go. Dez agrees but says that what they had between them was real before walking out. Constantine looks at the necklace, and watches it disappear.

In the jumpship, Zari and Charlie call Sara and warn that Constantine has done something awful. A time warp opens between them and a wave of change sweeps through reality.

In the parking garage, the time wave sweeps through.

Ray runs to the others and says that he has a real emergency: he cut off half of his mustache by mistake. The puppet jumps down on Ray, and Mick and Sara attack it. As they knock it away, the time wave sweeps through Waverider.

In the jumpship, Charlie realizes that she can shift. There's a cat in the pilot's chair, and Charlie realizes that it's Zari.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 4, 2018

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