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The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus Recap

Khalil and Jennifer drive to Club 100 and Khalil says that he needs to make a stop to get money before they go on the run. He gets his gauntlets from the trunk and goes inside, where the club owners are counting money. Khalil says that he's there to collect for Tobias, but they inform Khalil that Tobias has put a bounty on his head and attack. Khalil takes them down, grabs the money, and runs out with the men firing at him. Jennifer hears the gunshots and runs over, and sees a man on a rooftop preparing to shoot Khalil from behind. she summons an energy ball and causes a nearby power line to burst into light. The shooter falls off the roof, and Jennifer brings the car over. Khalil gets in and she drives off.

Jeff, Lynn, and Anissa arrive at the sanctum and Lynn hugs Peter. Anissa complains that Peter put them through a lot, and Jeff says that they have to focus on Jennifer. Lynn says that she saw Jennifer later that night when she helped her with the pod kids, and Anissa realizes that Jennifer ran off with Khalil. Jeff is angry that she didn't tell him since Khalil attacked Garfield and tried to kill Black Lightning. He asks Lynn to have Bill put out an APB while Anissa talks to Jennifer's friend.

Lynn goes to the station and Bill says that he'll do what he can but the police are dealing with Green Light babies popping up. He agrees to file a missing persons report on Jennifer.

Black Lightning lands on a rooftop and remembers his time with Jennifer. He spots what looks like Khalil and Jennifer in a car, drops down, and blasts off the hood. When Black Lightning realizes that its two other teenagers, he tells them to drive off and they do so.

Khalil pulls over and Jennifer complains that they got caught in a shootout. He explains that Tobias put an award on his head and he tried to keep her out of it, and says that they need to get another car. Khalil suggest that they stay at one of Jennifer's friend's house or a motel, but she warns that they'll be spotted. He suggests that they go to his aunt and grab some supplies before leaving town. Jennifer agrees, and Khalil breaks into a railway parking lot and steals a truck. She wants to call her parents and make sure the call isn't traced, and insists that Tobias won't find Khalil. Khalil yells at her, saying that they can't.

Anissa returns to the sanctum and Peter shows her footage of the energy burst at the club. She tells Peter to call Jeff with the news and say that she'll meet her father there.

At the station, Bill tells the desk sergeant to put Anissa's photo up everywhere. Patrolman Hicks tells Bill that they have a dead body near Club 100. When Bill gets there, Inspector Simon tells him that it's a girl and she was beaten to death. Bill confirms that it's not Jennifer.

Nichelle returns home and finds Tobias waiting for her. He says that he won't kill her, but wants her to call Khalil and tell him to keep his mouth shut. When Nichelle says that she doesn't know where he is and Tobias would have to kill her before she said anything, Tobias says that he respects he as a strong-willed woman and wonders how she had such a weak-ass home.

Khalil takes Jennifer to his Aunt Yvette's house, and he says that Nichelle can't know where he is or they'll kill her. He promises that it'll only be one night, and Jennifer promises that she's okay. Yvette gets them in before someone sees them and goes to get a room together. Khalil apologies for yelling at her, and says that something came over him. He tells her that he snapped, and Jennifer warns him that if he snaps at her again she'll light his ass out. Khalil gives her a burner cell phone that he bought for her to call her parents, and goes to get the bags.

Black Lightning and Thunder enter the club and Black Lightning takes out the bounces. He demands answers, and Anissa tosses the manager around. Another man tells them where Khalil drove off to. as the vigilantes walk out, Jennifer calls Thunder and Black Lightning radios Peter to have him run a trace. Thunder tries to keep her sister on the line, but Jennifer hangs up before Peter can get a trace.

Anissa returns to the sanctum and reports that she can't find Khalil's car. Peter was unable to trace the call, and Anissa says that Jeff went home to check on Khalil. She says that she still can't believe Peter is alive, and Peter says that he was trying to protect the Pierces. Peter points out that he's lied to her before, and reminds her that she lied to Jeff about stealing from drug dealers to fund the clinic. Peter begs her to believe him, and before she goes Anissa thanks him for helping them in the woods. He assures her that he will always look out for them.

At home, Lynn is drinking and crying. She calls Jennifer's phone and gets her voice mail, and takes another drink. Something moves upstairs, and Lynn goes to Jennifer's room and checks her drawers. She tears the place apart searching, and Jeff comes in and pulls her away. He holds his crying wife and tries to reassure her.

Jennifer trims Khalil's hair to disguise him, and he tells her that he was going to leave Freeland and take Jennifer with him, but then he was shot and his spine shattered. Khalil says that he doesn't care if they're running as long as he's with her. Jennifer trims his hair and notices a lump behind his ear. She insists that she's not cutting he hair and goes back to work.

Tobias is playing chess against himself and talks to Tori's painting, saying that their plan failed. He figures that Khalil is weak and now Khalil is their enemy Tobias figures that he was stubborn for trying to give Khalil more chances, and says that he's going to change things when it doesn't work. He tells "Tori" that she was the best person in his life.

Jeff puts Lynn to bed and then goes to Jennifer's room. Anissa is there and Jeff tells her that Lynn tore up the room. She says that Peter was unable to trace the call, and Jeff tells her that she should have said something about Khalil. Anissa wonders if he's blaming it on her, and tells her father that Jennifer talked to Khalil because Jeff and Lynn treated her like a prisoner. It was too much, and Jeff drove Jennifer away just like he did Anissa.

The next morning, Nichelle comes to the Pierce house and tells Lynn that she didn't know Khalil and Jennifer ran off together. She says that it might not be too late for Jennifer, and suggests that Khalil took Jennifer to Yvette's place.

Black Lightning and Thunder return to the Sanctum, and Lynn calls to say that Jennifer is at Yvette's house. As the two heroes go, Peter gives Thunder a tribike as a present.

Tobias calls in a woman, Cutter, and she offers her condolences on Tori's death. He tells Cutter that he'd better get his money's worth, and Cutter says that she isn't impressed and wants to know who he wants found. Tobias gives her his tracker for Khalil's location and says that he wants him alive. He admits that his people tried and failed, and Cutter agrees to help before leaving.

At Yvette's house, someone knocks at the door. Yvette looks outside and sees Cutter, and tells Khalil and Jennifer to hide. Cutter says that she's with the police and is there to ask for information about Khalil. Yvette knows that she's lying, and Cutter draws a knife and attacks Yvette. Khalil shoots at her with his darts and just avoids Cutter's first knife throw. as they fight, Jennifer runs to Yvette and drags the stunned woman out. Cutter holds her own against Khalil and finally slams him to the dinner table. When Jennifer runs back, Cutter throws more knives, pinning her to the door.

Black Lightning arrives and snares Cutter's wrist with an electrical lasso and the blasts her across the room. Thunder is with Black Lightning and dodges Cutter's knife throws, while Jennifer frees Khalil and gets him out. They get out to the lawn as Black Lightning knocks Cutter through the side of the house. The killer runs off, while Peter tracks Jennifer and Khalil with a drone. Jennifer blasts the drone out of the sky and runs off with Khalil.

Peter drives up to the house and explains what happened. The trio split up to search for the two teenagers.

Jennifer realizes that the lump behind Khalil's ear is a tracker that Tobias put there. She touches it with her lips and there's an electrical surge, confirming her suspicion. Khalil doesn't want her cutting him, and suggests that she uses her powers to short it out. As she starts to do it, Khalil reminds her of what he said earlier. They kiss and then Jennifer uses her power on the tracker.

Black Lightning calls to Jennifer but gets no response. Once he leaves, Jennifer and Khalil emerge from hiding and run off.

Cutter calls Tobias and tells him that she'll have them soon. Tobias realizes that the tracker is dead, and Cutter complains that she had to fight meta without warning. When she says that Black Lightning, Tobias wonders if Black Lightning wanted Khalil or Jennifer, and notes that Black Lightning has helped Jennifer twice before.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 5, 2018

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