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Byzantium Recap

Jack wakes up and finds Dean, Sam, and Castiel there. He suggests that they shouldn't be sad because it might be how it's meant to be, but Dean disagrees. When Jack starts coughing, Dean walks out into the hallway and punches the wall in frustration. Jack asks Sam to tell Dean that it's okay, Sam says that he'll be back in a minute. When Jack asks what happens next for someone like him, Sam admits that he doesn't know and Jack figures that it will be an adventure.

Castiel joins Dean, and Dean says that it's not right. The angel agrees that it's not fair, but Jack needs Dean at his side. They go in and Sam tells them that Jack is dead. Castiel suggests that they think about next steps, and Dean says that they should give him a humeral Hunter style. Sam walks off and Dean tells Castiel that Sam needs his space.

Dean calls Mary and leaves a voice mail that Jack died and they couldn't fix it.

Castiel looks at the photo on Jack's night stand.

Sam packs his bag and leaves.

Dean asks Mary to call them back so he can hear her voice.

Castiel sees Sam leaving the bunker. The angel goes back and tells Dean that Sam left. The two of them drive after him and Dean wonders why Castiel let Sam go. They see Sam's car up ahead and pull over. Sam is sitting by it, and Dean asks if he made a deal. His brother says that he was trying to build a pyre for Jack's funeral.

Earlier, Sam cuts down trees until his axe breaks.

Sam says that he couldn't even do that for Jack, and figures that he should have tried harder. Dean tells Sam that at least he was right for Jack, and Castiel says that it doesn't feel right and Jack was taken before his time. After a moment, Dean says that they get loaded for now and say goodbye in the morning. The trio go back to the bunker and drink, toasting Jack and sharing memories. Sam and Castiel finally leave.


Jack is eating outside a diner with Sam, Dean, and Castiel. The sun flickers and Jack realizes that something is wrong. He finds himself in a white hallway, and black liquid oozes down the hallway and pursues Jack. Jack runs.

The next morning, a hungover Dean wakes up and hears Sam and Castiel talking to Lily Sunder. He finds them in the main room and Lily aged. She explains that she stopped using magic, and Sam admits that he called her. He tells Dean that they've never looked through Kevin's tablet translations. Lily suggests that she might be able to read them and bring Jack back home. Dean agrees and after a minute, Lily says that she can't read them but they can use her magic. She explains that her magic draws pour from the human soul, but it would use only a small part of his soul as long as he only uses it to sustain his body. Castiel figure that he could pull Jack's soul into his body for a few seconds, and then Lily could use her magic to save his life. Dean wonders what Lily will charge them, and she says that when she dies she's going to Hell because of the angels that she killed. If they want her help, they'll have to get her into Heaven.

The trio talk privately and Dean objects to the plan. He wonders how they'll get Lily ito Heaven if they agree, and Castiel says that Anubis is the one who decides who goes to Heaven and Hell. They agree to summon him.

A girl is playing with her dog Roosevelt and throws his ball into the woods. Jack walks out with Roosevelt and introduces himself, and explains that he's the girl's son. The girl becomes Kelly, who recognizes Jack and hugs him. Jack explains that she's in her best memories because she died, and she realizes that he's there because he died. He assures Kelly that Castiel and the others tried their best but things didn't go as planned, and Kelly wonders what's wrong.

Sam and Dean prepare for the ritual, and Dean warns that he doesn't trust Lily. Castiel comes in and says that angel radio is playing a distress signal and all of Heaven's gates are open. The angel doesn't know what it means, and Sam tells him to get Jack and they'll pray when they're ready.

Once the Winchesters paint the ritual circle, Sam goes to get one last thing. Dean apologizes to Lily but wonders why she stopped using her magic and let herself die. Lily says that she swore that she'd kill Ishim, but she still has a whisper of her soul and hopes she can be with her daughter May in Heaven.

Castiel enters Heaven and finds two angels, Zuriel and Duma, on the floor. Duma wakes up, gagging, and tells Castiel that she doesn't know what happened. She realizes that Zuriel is dead and explains that when the liquid touched her, everything went black. Duma begs Castiel not to leave her, and they leave together. They find the Impala and the restaurant. Naomi steps out and says that Jack left, and that Heaven is under the attack. The shadow, the thing that rules the Empty, attacked them and stopped all of their defenses. Naomi points out that Castiel is the only angel or demon that ever escaped, and figures that the shadow wants Jack because he's half-angel. Castiel refuses him to hand over, but Naomi warns that 46 billion human souls will be lost if they don't. Castiel refuses to help, and the shadow sweeps across Naomi, who tells him to run.

Sam casts the spell to summon Anubis, and he recognizes the Winchesters from the paperwork. Lily says that she needs to know where she's going when she dies, and Anubis takes his abacus out of his case and checks Lily. The abacus reveals that she's going to Hell, and Anubis says that he can't change it. The brothers point out that they've bound him, and Anubis says that he doesn't have the power to make an exception. Anubis says that each of them decides and no matter what they do to him, it won't change Lily's fate... but it might change them. After a moment, Sam releases Anubis and the god disappears.

Castiel and Duma go to Kelly's Heaven. In the house, Kelly tells Jack that she's not going anywhere. Castiel arrives and Jack lets him in. The angel hugs Jack and then Kelly, and apologizes to her for failing him. Kelly assures him that he didn't and says that Jack is wonderful. Castiel explains that they found a way to bring Jack home, but explains that the magic will draw on a small piece of Jack's soul. He says that the Empty has invaded Heaven to get Jack, but it will leave Heaven if Jack is alive.

"Duma" comes in, and the shadow covers her body.

Sam suggests that Lily could still do the spell, but she tells him that wasn't part of the deal. Dean says that when she burned all of her soul, she's not even human anymore. If she was, she'd never let anyone go through what she went through. Dean asks her not to do it to them.

The Empty in Duma's form tells Jack to come with her, and says that where it's taking him is worse than Hell because Hell is something. It says that it wants Castiel to hurt. He attacks it but it easily knocks him back.

Lily agrees to do the spell, and looks at a locket with her daughter's picture in it.

The Empty kicks Castiel repeatedly, and knocks Kelly back when she tries to intervene.

Dean prays to Castiel, who hears him. Lily begins the spell. The Empty grabs Jack by the throat, and Castiel tells it to take him. He reminds the Empty that he's the one who woke it up, and the Empty releases Jack and says that Castiel belongs to it. Castiel says that it won't have him for possibly millennia, but he'll go with it willingly. The Empty says that it will wait until Castiel is happy and then come for him to drag him to nothing.

Castiel accepts and Duma's body collapses. The Empty departs and Duma comes back to life. Jack asks Castiel why he did it, and Castiel says that he made a promise and they love him. He hopes that the Winchesters won't learn what happened because he's at peace with his choice, and Jack promises that he won't tell them. Jack tells Kelly that they didn't have enough time, but she tells him to have a great life and she'll be waiting.

In the bunker, Jack comes back to life. Sam has him cast the spell to use a part of his soul, and his health immediately improves. The brothers turn to Lily and thank her only, only to discover that she's passed away.

Lily comes to Anubis' office and wonders why she's there. Anubis uses his abacus and it reveals that the balance of her soul has shifted from evil to good because of what she did. The god wonders if she knew what casting the spell would do, but Lily remains quiet and Anubis tells her to say hello to her daughter for him.

Castiel leaves Kelly's Heaven and finds Naomi waiting. She thanks him for his sacrifice even though she knows he didn't do it for them. Naomi says that his sacrifice deserves a reward: Michael's location.

Later, Jack eats a hamburger and Sam, Dean, and Castiel watch. Dean says that thanks to Castiel they know where Michael is, and now they need to find Dark Kaia's spear so they can kill him. They toast to Michael's defeat.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 7, 2018

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