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Matty + Ethan + Fidelity Recap

In Lachmont Village, CA, Matty waits in a car. Dan Korbin gets in the car with her and says that the CIA isn't going to do anything, gives Matty a small present and denies giving it to her. Once Dan laves, Matty opens the box and finds a flashdrive inside.

Later at Phoenix, Matty calls the team to the war room. Once they're there, Matty tells them that a man named Samir Verma was arrested for smuggling heroin into Croatia. He's being held at Lepavina Prison, and was interrogated. In the video, Samir is clearly confident and smiling. Samir then says in English that he knows all about Ethan Reigns and will tell them everything about him if the CIA doesn't get him out in 48 hours. Matty explains that Ethan is her husband, and they worked at the CIA together. Eight years ago Ethan was indicated into S-Company, the largest criminal syndicate in Asia. His assignment was codenamed Dragonfly. Ethan was only supposed to be undercover for a year, but kept passing on more valuable information so the CIA kept extending his assignment. The CIA can't warn Ethan because two years ago, Ethan stopped communicating with his handler and nobody knows what happened to him but the CIA figured that he flipped. The U.S. is currently negotiating with the Croatian government, so they won't waste political capital trying to get Samir out. Mac realizes that Matty wants them to break Ethan out before Samir reveals what he knows.

12 Years Ago

A guard hears music playing from a phone. When he picks it up, Ethan shoots him ad continues killing guards that get in his way. He enters a room and frees a tied-up Matty, introduces himself, and takes her home.


On the plane, Matty sits alone while Jack tells the others how Ethan and Matty met. Jack explains that Ethan had a reputation for getting under the ASAC's skin, and Jack was one of the only ones that knew they were a couple since CIA policy forbid fraternization. They wonder if Ethan was exposed as a U.S. operative and killed. Mac goes over and says that he realized she's been living the nightmare with her husband that he was with his father. He wonders how she did her job without affecting it, and tells Matty that he is going to do everything he can to get her the answers that she deserves, just like she did with him.

The team arrive in Croatia and the team approach Lepavina. Riley hacks the prison computer and Wilt flies a drone in. Mac grabs it and goes in, and Wilt gets him just over the razor wire and down onto the ground. Wearing a guard's uniform, Mac goes in just as the emergency power kicks in. Riley locates where Samir is and prepares to wipe his records.

Mac makes his way to Samir's cell and gives him a pillow to swallow. Samir figures that it's a trap, but Mac says that if they wanted him dead he'd already be dead. A guard arrives and Mac walks off as Samir swallows the pill. As Mac runs, Samir goes into convulsions and the guards take him to the infirmary. They think that someone poisoned him, and Mac dodges the guards. Riley discovers that Samir made a phone call five hours ago. The prison medics reach out to the local hospital, and Jack, Leanna, and Wilt go in posing as ambulance drivers from the hospital to pick Samir up. Leanna administers the antidote to the poison that Mac gave Samir, and they drive off with Mac hanging onto the bottom of the ambulance.

At the Phoenix jet, Samir wakes up and riley plays back the call Samir made. He told the person that they have a CIA operative in S-Company. Matty notes that nobody knows that they broke Samir out, so they can kill him and he'd better answer her questions. Sami explains that Ethan recruited him to meet with his business associate. He learned that Ethan was CIA and kept the information as a bargaining chip. The CIA records confirm that Ethan used Samir as a CI, and S-Company sent Ethan to Cyprus to expand their business there. Matty walks away and the jet heads for Cyprus.

As they fly, Matty starts panicking. She tells the others that it's only a matter of time until S-Company connects Ethan to Samir. Jack assures her that they'll find her husband and helps her calm down.

In Nicosia, Cyprus, men are working out how to break Samir out of prison. Someone throws a cricket ball through the door, and explodes. George and Leanna come in shooting and Jack confirms one of them is Lutsky. Once he learns who Lutsky is, Jack grabs him and the others come in. The others come in and tell Lutsky that they already broke out Samir and tell Lutsky to write down everyone that he called after Samir called him.

Riley and Wilt use Samir's phone call to decrypt the S-Company communications network, and get 37 mentions of Ethan to one phone call. They can track Ethan's phone in real time, and figure that he's in a car. Riley and Wilt Ethan's coordinates to Matty, and Mac and Jack tell her that Ethan may be totally different from the man she fell in love with. Matty says that it doesn't matter and that they need to focus on saving his life.

The ground team follows the signal and spots Ethan getting out of a car.


On the Osa Peninsula, Matty and Ethan meet after getting married and discuss disco. He explains that his parents were fond of disco and listening to it reminds him of them. Matty wonders what they're going to tell the CIA, and they agree to only wear their wedding rings when they're not working.


Ethan is at the building with several other men with guns, and Matty figures they'll turn on Ethan as soon as S-Company realizes that Ethan is the mole. She tells her team to secure the asset.

Ethan and his men enter an office building, and Riley hacks the surveillance and confirms that it's a biotech firm. Mac figures that he'll separate Ethan from the guys upstairs while Jack takes out the men standing guard.

Inside an office, Ethan and his men start drilling into a safe. Wilt calls Ethan and says that he's won a free "Dragonfly cruise" and it's his chance to escape all of his troubles at the end of the hall. Ethan goes out into the hallway and Mac grabs him and says that Matty set him. He explains that S-company knows that he's a mole and will kill him no matter where his allegiances are.

Ethan agrees to go with Mac, and Jack confirms that he'll have the guards taken out by the time they get there. A janitor walks into the robbery and the others see it on the surveillance camera. Mac tells Ethan to go on while he goes back to save the janitor. He rolls in a water jar filled with a chemical, causing it to explode. Mac grabs the janitor and takes her to the elevator, and Ethan knocks out the robber preparing to shoot Mac. As the other robbers grab him, Ethan yells to Mac to tell Matty that he's sorry.

The robbers open fire on Jack as they come out with Ethan, and Jack apologizes to Matty. She says that they have to stop the escape or they'll kill Ethan. The ground team drives after the robbers' car and slams into it, and Leanna takes out one man. Ethan jumps another, while Jack shoots the others. Another man prepares to shoot Ethan in the back, and Mac takes him out just in time. Matty goes to Ethan and she tells her that there's no time. Ethan says her that he needs her help because S-Company is going to kill his family.

The team drives to Ethan's home in the countryside. S-Company beats them there and Mac, Jack, and Leanna go in with Ethan. They hear the S-Company mean cutting into the panic room, and Mac fights a man on guard. Jack shoots the man with the saw, and Mac takes out his opponent. The saw man is wearing a Kevlar vest and attacks Jack with his saw.

Leanna and Ethan encounter two more men guards and fight them.

Mac takes out his opponent and pulls out the cord on the saw. Jack takes out his opponent . Outside, Leanna knocks her opponent into the pool and Ethan's opponent grabs his gun and prepares to shoot Ethan. Matty arrives and kills him. they go to the safe room and Mac figures out a way to bypass the broken lock. He improves a spreader to open the door, while Ethan looks at the photos of Ethan, his wife Deena, and their daughter Mara. Mac gets the door open and Matty watches as Ethan hugs his family.

Later back in LA, the team waits for Matty. She finally comes out and asks to talk to Mac privately. She says that the only thing that makes all the sacrifices the job requires worthwhile is saving innocent lives. Matty thanks Mac for saving the janitor, and then goes into the war room where Ethan is waiting. She says that the information he stockpiled will help them stop S-Company and possibly placing another agent inside. Matty gives him a package with her wedding ring. Ethan tells Matty that he's proud of her, and she asks what happened. He says that things got complicated, and he met Deena and then their daughter was born the same time that he disappeared. It was too dangerous for Ethan to contact his handler so he stopped, and his role became his life. Ethan assures Matty that he never stopped loving her, and he's sorry for what happened. Matty tells him that he has nothing to apologize for, and it's as much her fault as his.

The Past

Matty wakes up and Ethan tells her that she's going undercover for twelve months. He says that four years ago he met Matty and doesn't want to put off having a family, so he's going to tell the CIA he's done with deep cover. Matty says that he isn't going to turn down the job and will do whatever it takes to come home to her and then they'll pick up where they left off. Ethan plays her "their" song and they kiss.


Matty tells Ethan to go because he belongs to his family. Ethan kisser her on the cheek and leaves, and Matty tells Jack what Ethan is doing. As she cries, Jack tells her that her family is right there and they hug.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 8, 2018

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