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Love's Young Dream Recap

Hey Boy is taking a meal up to Paladin's room and tells Paladin about his visitor: Skinner Monk. They go up and Monk tosses the food he doesn't eat on the floor. Monk explains that he snuck in ad Paladin starts to throw him out. The skinner draws an old gun on Paladin and says that he'd be glad to blow both of them up. Monk apologizes and says that he came to San Francisco to make up for the trouble he caused the last time they met. He explains that he came to see his Uncle Mort, but Mort died before Monk can get there. The skinner has a piece of paper with him from Mort, ad Paladin determines that Mort left Monk a half-interest in a club, Bordelli's. They wouldn't let Monk in, so Monk came to see Paladin. Paladin tells him that he can't stay there, and reluctantly goes to get Monk his inheritance to get rid of him.

Paladin and Monk go to Bordelli's and Monk warns that there's a bouncer, Power. Power refuses to let Monk in, saying that the co-owner Augusta doesn't want to see Monk. Paladin presents his card and they go in. Monk sees Augusta and howls with delight, and says that she's the prettiest woman he's ever seen. Augusta orders Monk out, and Paladin tells her that she should see mort because he owns a half-interest in the club. She says that she controlled the place when Mort was alive and will continue doing so, and tells Power to throw Mort out. Monk attacks Mort and fails miserably, and the bouncer tosses him out in the street.

Monk draws his gun and barges into the club, but his gun misfires. Power throws him out again, while Augusta assures Paladin that he's welcome anytime. Paladin leaves and Monk complains that Augusta is pretty but unreasonable. The gunfighter takes Monk to get a bath and a shave, then buys him a suit. They go back to Bordelli's and Paladin tells monk to imitate his manners. Power doesn't recognize the "new" Monk and lets him in.

Augusta joins them and is shocked when she realizes who Monk is. Power comes over with drinks and finally recognizes Monk, but Augusta dismisses him and admits that men are always trying to take the club away from her. She says that Mort was like an extra mortgage and she has no use for Monk, and Monk offers to help however he can.

Paladin asks why Augusta wants to tie the place up in a lawsuit. Monk grabs a lute and sings beautifully, When he's done, everyone applauds and Paladin gives Monk the deed and says that it's all his. Monk admits to Augusta that he was just aping a singer in a medicine show. She admits that he's good, and Power takes the deed and tears it up. When Monk tries to fight, Power and the other bouncers throw him out. Augusta goes after them, and Paladin draws a gun on Power. She tells power that he's fired, but Power says that he worked ten years there and has more coming. He goes back in with his fellow bouncers. Augusta realizes that Monk has slipped away, and Paladin sums a carriage back to the Carlton.

When they arrive, they find Monk looking for a gun in Paladin's suite so he can shoot Power. He insists that he has to deal with it himself, and says that he swore he'd die decent but wrecked the club. Monk figures that he's nothing but a trail scavenger and Augusta knows it. She tells him to put himself together, and Paladin says that he'll handle it. Augusta agrees to keep Monk there, and Paladin tells Hey Boy to get his gear.

Later, Paladin goes to Bordelli's and Power is ready for him with a gun. He steps out on the street and Paladin tells him to either leave peacefully or draw. Monk arrives with a gun, and Power goes for his gun. Paladin kills him, and Monk manages to shoot the other two bouncers. Augusta arrives and Paladin tells her that she has a man she can train from scratch. As they kiss, Paladin bids the "young lovers good night and walks off whistling.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 9, 2018

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